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ha your funny how bout no i will do it later
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Hi! Today is my birthday and it would make my entire year if I got a happy birthday from you. I love you all - aline (1 week ago)
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- MarySchwabel (1 week ago)
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Robbie Stephens
hi sir! My wife Blayne and I are huge SN fans.she introduced me to it when we began dating 10 years - Robbie Stephens (2 weeks ago)
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Sierra Brunner
Watching on my birthday. - Sierra Brunner (2 weeks ago)
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Brie Bridges
My birthday was 5 days ago. Can I get a happy birthday from the Spn family please please - Brie Bridges (2 weeks ago)
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Jimmy Snow
It\'s not my birthday and so don\'t wish me a happy one . LMAO - Jimmy Snow (2 weeks ago)
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For my 16th birthday all i ask for is for one of these people to say happy birthday lol - Miranda (2 weeks ago)
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Brittanie Rummel
Happy Birthday - Brittanie Rummel (2 weeks ago)
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Chrissy Roshak
Happy birthday! still hoping Crowley makes a comeback in the fin - Chrissy Roshak (3 weeks ago)
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Happy Birthday! - Keith (3 weeks ago)
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Lynn Driscoll
Happy Birthday to another Wayward Fan - Lynn Driscoll (3 weeks ago)
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Are we still having problems with our Feelings? Now say happy birt - Holly-Sapientia (3 weeks ago)
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Hey you guys played my two very favorite SPN characters and that will never change - BillieLynne (3 weeks ago)
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Magik and Mayhem
Happy birthday Kim! - Magik and Mayhem (3 weeks ago)
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Lololol happy birthday !!! - ❤ (3 weeks ago)
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Happy Birthday, Kim - anaïs (3 weeks ago)
birthday balloon

Pam Suzanne Reich
Happy Birthday, - Pam Suzanne Reich (3 weeks ago)
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Happy birthday sheriff - 二逼青年 (3 weeks ago)
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Rob Gorski
Happy Birthday Kim.. - Rob Gorski (3 weeks ago)
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Happy happy Birthday - -rachelanor- (1 month ago)
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Esmeralda Soares G
Happy birthday - Esmeralda Soares G (1 month ago)
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Stephanie Fadkisson
Happy birthday! - Stephanie Fadkisson (1 month ago)
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Katie Lily
Happy Birthday - Katie Lily (1 month ago)
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Christine Hayes
Happy birthday! - Christine Hayes (1 month ago)
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Prachi Mannikar
Oh yes! Happy Belated Birthday! - Prachi Mannikar (1 month ago)
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Becky Sales
Happy late birthday - Becky Sales (1 month ago)
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Happy Birthday Mark! Hope you had an amazing birthday! - GeekPositiveeh (1 month ago)
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HAPPY HAPPY birthday Dear Mr. Mark!! I could see that you had a lovely day - makiss (1 month ago)
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Happy Birthday! - Mandee (1 month ago)
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Maria Lamping
Happy Birthday!! - Maria Lamping (1 month ago)
birthday balloon

Happy birthday! - Bobbie (1 month ago)
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Breanna Harrel
Happy birthday! - Breanna Harrel (1 month ago)
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Morgan Hayes
Happy Birthday!! May all your wishes, dreams and fantasies become reality - Morgan Hayes (1 month ago)
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Happy birthday mark s - Andi1919 (1 month ago)
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Julie Santanna
Happy birthday Mark. Have a great one! - Julie Santanna (1 month ago)
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Lyn Jagger
Happy Birthday Mark - Lyn Jagger (1 month ago)
birthday balloon

Jenny Winchester
Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you Happy birthday Crawley Happy birthday to you - Jenny Winchester (1 month ago)
birthday balloon

Julie Barnes
Happy birthday to the best king of hell ever xx - Julie Barnes (1 month ago)
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betty ann burgett
Happy Birthday Mark Sheppard !!!!!!!! - betty ann burgett (1 month ago)
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Late but happy birthday!!! Ha en bra dag! - Raab (1 month ago)
birthday balloon

Lisa Hernandz
Happy Birthday to my fave - Lisa Hernandz (1 month ago)
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isa ツ
Happy birthday! all the best to you and may god bless you a lot eternal crowley - isa ツ (1 month ago)
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Lou Ann Vitolo
Happy Birthday - Lou Ann Vitolo (1 month ago)
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Erin Bridges
Happy Birthday Mark!! - Erin Bridges (1 month ago)
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Tim Mateycak
Happy birthday Couldn t miss the opportunity to say it - Tim Mateycak (1 month ago)
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Happy belated birthday - Azazaza (1 month ago)
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Jenn Roberts
Happy Birthday Mark!! Hope you have a beautiful and an amazing day! - Jenn Roberts (1 month ago)
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A very happy belated Birthday to the one and only Hope you had an amazing day! <3 - Bel_Inda (1 month ago)
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Kellie Goad
- Kellie Goad (1 month ago)
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Erin Drache
Happy birthday! - Erin Drache (1 month ago)

56 years old (Born on May 30, 1964)

British actor; He is famous from Supernatural.

Mark Sheppard's Best Moments

Happy Birthday Everyone\s favourite pug cuddler
Happy birthday to my little petal sausage cake    There s your face beside mines etc Rx
Happy birthday to Mark Sheppard, aka Canton Everett Delaware III!
Happy birthday
Happy birthday Wishing you lots of love, laughter and birthday cake. You\ll always be our king.
  happy birthday!
 Let\s get this party started for Crowley. Happy Birthday,
A very Happy Birthday to !!
Happy Birthday !! Hope you have a great day and an even greater year ahead of you
Happy birthday to the most talented and good looking demon ! Big hugs from Mexico!
Happy birthday to the King of Hell
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to the amazing !! Have a brilliant day
Happy Birthday You ll always be King of Hell in my eyes!
Happy birthday to uncle Mark
Happy Birthday  Wish you a fantastic day with your family and loved ones
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARK! i love you a lot. thanks for all you do. i\m proud.
Happy birthday to the one and only king of Hell Hope you\ve a wonderful day
Happy birthday may your day be filled with happiness and love
Happy Birthday! Mark Sheppard !
Your acted crowley was awesome XD
Finished portraid of with a 3 headed hellcat (also: a belated happy birthday to Mark!!).
Happy birthday king of hell
Happy birthday
Happy birthday, I hope you have a wonderful day!     Lots of love!
Happy Birthday, Mark Sheppard!
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday to the one and only King of Hell
Happy birthday
Happy bday king !!! We love you so much
Happy birthday, I hope you are able to enjoy the day with your family!!
Happy Birthday to Mark Sheppard
   Happy Birthday
Happy birthday
Happy bday king, we luv & miss u
   Happy Birthday to another Wayward Fan
Happy Birthday to Mark Sheppard    About:
Happy Birthday to the wonderful We hope you have an amazing time here in NZ this weekend!
 Sending it a day early, but,  \"*      .  Happy Birthday!  .      *\"
Happy birthday
  Happy birthday   King
  Happy birthday mark xxxx
Please join us in wishing Happy Birthday. A king of talent and a king of our hearts.
Happy Birthday, !! Hope it is a day truly fit for a king!
 Wishing you a very happy birthday!!!
Happy birthday to the one and only King of hell
 happy bday
Happy birthday We love you
Happy Birthday
 Happy Birthday
Happy birthday to my favorite king of hell. 
Mr Crowley, 
Mr Mark Sheppard.
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday Mark!!
Happy birthday to the one and only true
  Happy Birthday,
                  Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to who played Canton Delaware in The Impossible Astronaut & Day of the Moon
Happy birthday
Happy birthday, . For his birthday, get a shirt. It\s for a good cause.
Happy Birthday Mark!!
Happy Birthday to the amazing Hope it\s a great one!
Happy Birthday       Have a wonderful day!! always has your back!
  Happy Birthday
Happy birthday to the King of Hell, We will always love and support you
Happy Birthday so glad I was able to meet you at SPNPitt last year. Hope you have a wonderful day!
Happy birthday Hope you have an amazing birthday!!!
Happy Birthday from all the and
Happy birthday You are wonderful, talented person. Wish you all the best
Happy Birthday .... Cheers to many more
Aujourd\hui 30 mai, souhaitons un très bon anniversaire à Happy Birthday Mark !
Happy birthday to !!!
Happy Birthday Mark from Polish fans
Happy Birthday the one and only king of hell 
The Wish you the best ever. All the love x
Happy Birthday to
Happy birthday rockstar  i love you
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to Mark Sheppard   About:
Happy Birthday King of Hell
Happy bday, king
Hello birthday!! Hope your having a nice one, lots of love from Paris
  Oooo la la!  happy birthday!!
Happy Birthday to our true King of Hell!
Happy birthday to my favorite \"Hey, it\s that guy!\"
HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!! Me and sang you a Happy Birthday song
Happy birthday to my king!!! cheers to you, sir!
Happy birthday to the one and only King of Hell,
Happy Birthday to my king of hell
Happy Birthday hope you ve had a wonderful day sir xx
 Happy birthday to our most favorite little
 happy birthday I hope you had a good day
Happy birthday   ! Cant wait to see you at New York Comic Con!
Wishing a king-sized happy birthday to everyone s favourite demon
Happy birthday
 I think I\m late, so here\s a big Happy Belated Birthday hug to you!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARK SHEPPARD - 30. May 1964.  London, England, UK
A very Happy Birthday to both and JJ Ackles. Only the best for your Future.
Happy Birthday  the spnfamily loves you! you\re amazing!
Happy Birthday to my favorite king of Hell! Hope your day is as amazing as you are
Happy Birthday !!
 happy birthday! Have a great day
Happy birthday Mark Sheppard!
  Happy birthday...hail to the king
 Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday I hope it s an amazing day filled with love and fun!
 Happy birthday! You were my birthday gift this year!!
Happy Birthday, Mark Sheppard!
 And a very happy birthday to you!!
 happy birthday!
      Happy birthday!
Happy birthday
Happy birthday     I love you
 Happy Birthday  to my favorite King of Hell!!
My birthday presents. Happy 25th to me!
 Happy Birthday! Poland loves you!
 I wish you a Happy Birthday !!!
 brazil loves u  happy bday mark, from all of us
 Happy birthday. I hope you have a great day with the family and friends.
Happy Birthday Thank you for the wonderful King of Hell
Happy bday my king!!!! I hope you enjoy your day :) thanks for everything!!!! I LOVE U SO MUCH
 Happy Birthday you wonderfully mad man!!
Happy Birthday Have an amazing day with family and friends.
 happy birthday
If you love Crowley, or even if you just love to hate him :). Happy Birthday
 Happy Birthday. I wish you all the best. Thank you for the role of your beloved demon.
Happy Birthday
 happy birthday mark....xx
Happy Birthday !!!  Thanks for all the memories!  You are a very sweet man!
Happy Birthday Wish you all the best!
Happy Birthday <3 All praise the king, for he will live forever in our hearts! <3
Your\s Austrian Whovians of whoniverse.at
 Happy birthday
Happy birthday to (I didn\t know this from heart I saw someone else post it and then looked it up)
Happy Birthday !!
Happy birthday !!
 Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday ... I hope you have a wonderful birthday!!
Happy Birthday Mark Sheppard
Wishing a Very Happy Birthday !! Have an amazing day Mark      xx
 Happy Birthday
Happy BDAY to this rock star You are awesome
 Bla bla bla love you and happy birthday!CIAO
 Happy Birthday cousin
Happy Birthday  may have taught me your name, but I\ve known your face for years.
*Happy Birthday*, Keep up the good work, and may all your gift boxes be bigger on the inside...!
Pyro. Agent. Con-man. King. 

Happy Birthday, Thank you for giving us so many amazing characters.
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday to I hope that you have a wonderful day.
You know today is special when it\s the King of Hell\s birthday!!!! Happy birthday!!!
Happy birthday to the king of hell himself, Mark Sheppard.
  Happy Birthday Mark  Have a wonderful day..love you!
 Happy Birthday. No matter what, you\ll always be our KING OF HELL
Happy birthday to my little pug love u <3
Happy Birthday I love you and hope u have an amazing day
Happy birthday Mark all the best from Germany have a great day
Happy Birthday Hope it is filled with love, laughter and fun.
 Happy Birthday! May your day be blessed!
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday I can\t wait to see you at
Happy birthday can\t wait to see you in NJ con!
Happy Birthday thank you for giving us Crowley! You will be missed
 Happy Birthday
Happy birthday , you will always be our king and part of the
Long live the King! Happy Bday
A very happy birthday to my king!
Happy birthday to the king! I hope you have an amazing day today. I do love and adore you kind sir!
  Happy Birthday JJ Ackles ( &  and  love you!
Happy Birthday You\re an amazing actor, and a top bloke.
We love you
 Happy birthday to you, mr. Sheppard! The best wishes to you and your amazing family!
 Happy Birthday I wish you all the best
 Happy birthday you sexy thing.
Happy Birthday 53 & 43 Enjoy uyour special day!
Happy birthday to this amazing man, Mr.
 Happy Birthday thanks for making such a great show and please don\t go have a great fun day
Happy Birthday to the only true king of hell
 time to celebrate and cheer up. Happy birthday, have a nice day. 
Greets from Germany
Happy birthday
 Happy Birthday, my King! You\re an Amazing actor!!!
 News_Doctor_Who: Happy Birthday to Mark_Sheppard who played Canton Everett Delaware III!
Happy birthday Mark Sheppard!
Happy Birthday Mark!!! Hope it\s a good one!!
  Happy birthday Mr. Sheppard!!! Big hugs from Russia!
Happy Birthday ! XO
Happy Birthday Baby
Happy Birthday, It was a  honor getting to see you play at the Troubadour.
 happy Birthday!!!! Hope it is a great one!!!
 Happy Birthday and I hope the king of Hell gets the day off.
 Happy Birthday to the best King of Hell!
Happy Birthday, MILLIONS MORE!  Thank you for you!
 Happy Birthday
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