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Happy birthday to Meena Kumari Anyway, have you heard the song? It - RAM AKBAL DUBEY (6 days ago)
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The Great Bollywood Party
She epitomised every emotion onscreen with flare and grace! Her eyes could convey the very emotions her heart felt. - The Great Bollywood Party (6 days ago)
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Rumy Banik
My favorite MEENA KUMARI JI Birthday to u - Rumy Banik (6 days ago)
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Anshul Gautam
Happy birthday to the legend Meena Kumari ji. - Anshul Gautam (6 days ago)
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सिनेमा आजकल
Meena/Mehjabeen Banu birth anniversary. What a great & wonderful human being she was even before she - सिनेमा आजकल (6 days ago)
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Girish Tanna
Happy birthday to you meena kumari God give you haven and happiness where you are - Girish Tanna (6 days ago)
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Vintage Cuties and Beauties
Happy Birthday Meena Kumari - Born OTD, August 1, 1933 Meena Kumari (1933 1972) Indian actress and poet - Vintage Cuties and Beauties (6 days ago)
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Happy Birthday, Om shanti Meena ji Her voice is so beautiful, like everything she says is poetry - Bubbles (6 days ago)
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Happy Birthday Kajol! and over the years together. PS: Are all the grea - Sridevi (1 year ago)
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Kakoli Roy
Mausam hai Aashiqana ... The legends are never dies Happy Birthday to the Tragedy Q - Kakoli Roy (1 year ago)
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88 years ago one of the best actresses of all time was born. happy birthday to meena kumari <3 - Saif. (1 year ago)
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Shama hun, phool hun ya rait pe kadmo ka nishaan Aap ko haq hai mujhe jo bhi chahe keh lein... Happy Birthday, Mee - Kamla (1 year ago)
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Vinod Yadav
Wish you a very happy birthday greatest legendary actress in bollywood late Meena Kumari ji and ap bollywood ki - Vinod Yadav (1 year ago)
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Ratnakar R Bharati
Happy Birthday Tragedy Queen Meena Kumari - Ratnakar R Bharati (1 year ago)
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Join us in wishing a very happy birthday to the talented actress Have a great year ahead. Check - Ragalahari (1 year ago)
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North Trenton
Happy Birthday to Lionel Bart (d. 1999), Pierre Bourdieu (d. 2002), Julie Bovasso (d. 1991), Lawrence Eagleburger ( - North Trenton (2 years ago)
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Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji\'un Happy birthday Meena Kumari - Shakti245 (2 years ago)
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Bappy Basak
Happy birthday Indian film actress Happy birthday to gorgeous & multi talented actress - Bappy Basak (2 years ago)
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shekh maksud
Happy Birthday tregedy queen Meena Kumari (mahjabeen bano) - shekh maksud (2 years ago)
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Happy bday to the QUEEN This song is beauty in all forms. Piya Aiso Jiya Mein - Meena Kumari, Geeta Dutt, Sah - M (2 years ago)
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ruchi kokcha
\"She ended life with a broken fiddle, With a broken song, With a broken heart, But not a single regret.\" (Meena Ku - ruchi kokcha (2 years ago)
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Happy birthday, Meena Kumari. The nazakat and beauty you gave to the world is unmatched. - A (2 years ago)
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main heroine hoon
Meena Kumari in Pakeezah (Hindi, 1972) Happy Birthday Meena Kumari - main heroine hoon (2 years ago)
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Amol Sarade
Wish you all happy birthday of the hindustan\'s great old film actress, Singer Meena Kumari . - Amol Sarade (2 years ago)
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mohua chinappa
To be dead while you live was the life of tragedy queen Meena Kumari aka Mahajabeen Bano. Alcohol was her companion - mohua chinappa (2 years ago)
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Gordon Snowden
Pakeezah (Pure) with the much loved Meena Kumari playing her last part dying shortly after the Bombay p - Gordon Snowden (2 years ago)
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Meena Kumari_fc
Rawail took 3 years sabbatical and returned in 1959 with a comedy film Shararat, starring Meena Kumari,Raaj Kumar, - Meena Kumari_fc (2 years ago)
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Akshat Sharma
Happy Birthday, Meena Kumari. - Akshat Sharma (3 years ago)
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September 3rd
Happy Birthday to Lionel Bart (d. 1999), Pierre Bourdieu (d. 2002), Julie Bovasso (d. 1991), Lawrence Eagleburger ( - September 3rd (3 years ago)
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Paras Maalde
Happy birthday to the legendary Meena Kumari (aka Mahjabeen Bano), born 1 August 1933. - Paras Maalde (3 years ago)
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g katyan misra
1 august happy birthday Meena Kumari ji - g katyan misra (3 years ago)
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Here\'s a post dedicated to the evergreen beauty - Meena Kumari Happy Birthday Queen - Sheen (3 years ago)
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Samar Raeesuzzaman समर ثمر
Happy birthday Meena Kumari. From the LP record \'I Write I Recite\', music by Khaiyyaam. - Samar Raeesuzzaman समर ثمر (3 years ago)
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आर्या न्यूज
Happy Birthday Meena Kumari : , - आर्या न्यूज (3 years ago)
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Meena kumari Happy birthday to her! - Mina (3 years ago)
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HS News
Happy birthday : . - HS News (3 years ago)
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wishes the legendary actress Meena Kumari ji a very Happy Birthday - MCCC (3 years ago)
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Happy Birthday Meena Kumari: DI - instafeed (3 years ago)
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Hindi Khabar
Happy Birthday Meena Kumari: , - (Dain - Hindi Khabar (3 years ago)
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rashmi agarwal
Happy birthday A short video about my tribute to on her birth anniversary last year at - rashmi agarwal (3 years ago)
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Pikul Behera
Happy Birthday Meena Kumari: , - Pikul Behera (3 years ago)
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- InKhabar (3 years ago)
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Sudhir Kulkarni
Another write up excerpt from same marathi review that combines today\'s and yesterday\'s birthday girls. Happy birt - Sudhir Kulkarni (3 years ago)
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कविता और हम
Happy birthday meena kumari - कविता और हम (3 years ago)
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Happy Birthday Meena Kumari! Your Life, Part 1: Your Childhood - dontcallitbollywood (3 years ago)
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Golden Heroines
Aj humari pyaari ji ka janamdin hai. She started her career with Nargis ji in 1947 & even portrayed - Golden Heroines (3 years ago)
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Tony Tien
Tôi ã thích video Meena Kumari || Very Happy Birthday || Whatsapp Status || Greetings || Quotes || Wishes - Tony Tien (4 years ago)
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Puneet Sharma ❄
Happy Birthday Meena Kumari love u most after ma\'am Both superstars now become Real STARS - Puneet Sharma ❄ (4 years ago)
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Geneva Wheel
We rarely mention this song when we remember late Meena Kumari Ji. yet another amazing side of her acting brillianc - Geneva Wheel (4 years ago)

90 years old (Born on August 01, 1932)

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