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Cindy Armor
Happy Birthday! So glad to meet you when you rocked New Haven, CT. - Cindy Armor (6 years ago)
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Happy Birthday Melissa Etheridge born on May 29, 1961. She is an American singer, songwriter, musici - BostonJeff60 (4 months ago)
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Gil Z Gonzales
Happy Blessed Birthday Melissa Etheridge and Greetings from Albuquerque, New Mexico. - Gil Z Gonzales (4 months ago)
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Happy Birthday to Melissa Etheridge! Here is a shot I was able to capture of her black Fender Strat with a XO from - LSJRockPhotos (4 months ago)
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Barbara’s Nostalgia
Happy 62nd Birthday to American singer, songwriter, musician, & guitarist, Melissa Etheridge! - Barbara’s Nostalgia (4 months ago)
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Joey Stuckey
Hey stuckeyverse wishing you a happy memorial day and blessings and love to all! also happens to be my birthday and - Joey Stuckey (4 months ago)
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Song of the Day
Happy Birthday Melissa Etheridge, May 29, 1961. - Song of the Day (4 months ago)
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cindy swift ☮️
My favorite part of the video clip is Melissa Etheridge holding the Grammy award! Happy heart felt Birt - cindy swift ☮️ (4 months ago)
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Happy Birthday to the GOAT of all time, Melissa Etheridge! - Tina (4 months ago)
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Totally Boomer
Happy Boomer Birthday (5.29) Annette Benning Anthony Geary Melissa Etheridge Danny Elfman - Totally Boomer (4 months ago)
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entertainally ✨️✨️✨️
Happy birthday! Melanie Brown Noel Gallagher Riley Keough La Toya Jackson Anette Bening - entertainally ✨️✨️✨️ (4 months ago)
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Happy Birthday to Melissa Etheridge credit: Getty Images January 29, 2010 Grammy Awards - Teri (4 months ago)
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Happy Birthday to Anders Holm, Annette Bening, Anthony Geary, Bob Hope, Danny Elfman, David Burtka, Gregg Sulkin, L - NotYourAverageMovieBuff (4 months ago)
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Happy birthday Rock Singer Melissa Etheridge! May all your dreams come incredibly true and only get better with tim - AllFamous.org (4 months ago)
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Solo Juan
Happy Birthday Melissa Etheridge - Solo Juan (4 months ago)
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Guitar Fantasista
Happy birthday, Melissa Etheridge - Guitar Fantasista (4 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Etheridge - Di (4 months ago)
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**THE ROCK SHOW** >> Melissa Etheridge >> - RVM_radio.video.music (4 months ago)
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Joe McCartney
Happy birthday to one of my favourite singers Melissa Etheridge. - Joe McCartney (4 months ago)
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Happy Birthday, Melissa Etheridge! Alles Gute zum 61. I m The Only One - Commander2410 (4 months ago)
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Suzanne Noa
Happy birthday, Melissa Etheridge - Suzanne Noa (4 months ago)
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Coping with Cancer
Happy Birthday to breast cancer survivor Here s a look at her story she shared with us several years b - Coping with Cancer (4 months ago)
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Catherine Taylor
Happy birthday Melissa Etheridge. . - Catherine Taylor (4 months ago)
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Jerry Lembo
Melissa Etheridge - I\'m The Only One (Music Video) via Happy Birthday, Melissa Etheridge (5/29/61). - Jerry Lembo (4 months ago)
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99.9 Waiting for the Comet
Happy 61st trip around the sun to Melissa Etheridge ( for her on 99.9 Waiting for the Comet. Y - 99.9 Waiting for the Comet (4 months ago)
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Robin Nelson
Happy Birthday your essential hemp oils Melissa Etheridge - Come To My Window - Robin Nelson (4 months ago)
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Christine Lee Mihalopoulos
Happy Birthday Melissa Etheridge, was an honor interviewing her back in 2010 - Christine Lee Mihalopoulos (4 months ago)
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john slotkin
Happy birthday Fais Vincent 84 Helmet Berger 78 Danny Elfman 69 Latoya Jackson 66 Annette Bening 64 Melissa Etheridge 61 - john slotkin (4 months ago)
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Doug Buckland
Melissa Etheridge - Bring Me Some Water (Live) via Happy Birthday - Doug Buckland (4 months ago)
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The Music Nation
Happy Birthday to Melissa Etheridge - - The Music Nation (4 months ago)
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Victor Field he/him
Like The Way I Do via Happy birthday Melissa Etheridge - Victor Field he/him (4 months ago)
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Happy Birthday! May 29th, 1961 - Melissa Etheridge (Singer) - Retro80sRadio (4 months ago)
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Scott Smith
Happy birthday to this iconic singer. Happy birthday to Melissa Etheridge - Scott Smith (4 months ago)
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レコード屋 だるまや
Happy birthday ! Melissa Etheridge , /CD - レコード屋 だるまや (4 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Melissa Etheridge - 帰ってきたパンク (4 months ago)
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Prestia’s Parkway Liquor
It s not the same but is listening to a Melissa Etheridge - Prestia’s Parkway Liquor (3 months ago)
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Bernie Fyr Searcy
Thank you everyone for the Birthday wishes! Thanks to All of the VIPs from Melissa Etheridge show for the birthday - Bernie Fyr Searcy (3 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Melissa Etheridge born on May 29, 1961. She is an American singer-songwriter, guitari - JeffJ1961 (4 months ago)
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cursed pocket pussy
Happy birthday Melissa Etheridge - cursed pocket pussy (4 months ago)
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Lynn Gleim
Happy Birthday and We had a blast. @ Ace Hotel Downtown Los Angeles - Lynn Gleim (4 months ago)
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Denise Lance
Happy 60th Birthdays to Kansas Rocker Melissa Etheridge and her wife Linda Wallem, who were both born May 29, 1961 - Denise Lance (4 months ago)
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Happy birthday JFK, Bob Hope, Melissa Etheridge and me. - pembroke529 (4 months ago)
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Karen Bennett
Happy Birthday to Melissa Etheridge born on this day in 1961. Feel the energy in one of her hits songs: - Karen Bennett (4 months ago)
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Dymond Bright
Happy birthday to the Rock-Women Melissa Etheridge! Thank you for giving us so much beautiful Music since the late - Dymond Bright (4 months ago)
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Primal Astrology (Official)
Happy Birthday to Melissa Etheridge whose Primal Astrology sign is the Coyote! - Primal Astrology (Official) (4 months ago)
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Linda Dezotelle
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MELISSA ETHERIDGE! via - Linda Dezotelle (4 months ago)
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Ashley - Undercover Indie ®
Please join us here at in wishing the one and only Melissa Etheridge (Guitarist/Singer/Songwriter) - Ashley - Undercover Indie ® (4 months ago)
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Undercover Indie ®
Please join us here at in wishing the one and only Melissa Etheridge (Guitarist/Singer/Songwriter) - Undercover Indie ® (4 months ago)
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lori johnson
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MELISSA ETHERIDGE...... - lori johnson (4 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Melissa Etheridge, Laverne Cox and Riley Keough. - TrendingETC (4 months ago)

62 years old (Born on May 29, 1961)


Made headlines when she gave a noteworthy performance at the 2005 Grammy Awards for the first time since being diagnosed with cancer; showing up bald from her chemotherapy treatments. A close friend of Brad Pitt, two of his former girlfriends and his ex-wife appeared in her music videos: Juliette Lewis in "Come To My Window", Gwyneth Paltrow in "I Want To Come Over" and Jennifer Aniston in "I Want To Be In Love". Born in Leavenworth, Kansas, USA Sang at Brad Pitt`s and Jennifer Aniston`s wedding Her partner Tammy Lynn Michaels gave birth to a girl, Johnnie Rose, and a boy, Miller Steven, on 17 October 2006.

Melissa Etheridge's Best Moments

Happy birthday, Melissa Etheridge
Happy birthday to this iconic singer. Happy birthday to Melissa Etheridge
Happy birthday to one of my favourite singers Melissa Etheridge.
Happy 58th Birthday Melissa Etheridge
Happy 59th Birthday to the fabulous Melissa Etheridge, who was born on this day in 1961 in Leavenworth, Kansas..
Happy Birthday  Melissa Etheridge
Happy Birthday to Melissa Etheridge -
 Happy Birthday Melissa Etheridge
Happy 62nd Birthday to American singer, songwriter, musician, & guitarist, Melissa Etheridge!
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Melissa Etheridge young 6
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Melissa Etheridge sexy 8
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Fun Facts About Melissa Etheridge

Ranked #49 on VH1`s 100 Greatest Women of Rock N Roll
Announced that her longtime partner Tammy Lynn Michaels is pregnant and expecting twins (2006).
Her father John died from cancer in 1992.
She and her girlfriend Tammy Lynn Michaels considers themselves as married since they exchanged vows in a secret ceremony in September 2003. Their marriage is not legally confirmed, because gay weddings are not legally binding in their home state California.
As of (July 2008) On the road with the Revival Tour
Announced in late 2005 that she is cancer-free and that she and partner Tammy Lynn Michaels are planning to have a child.
Ex-lover Julie Cypher left Lou Diamond Phillips to be with her.
Gay rights and environmental activist.
Publicly revealed that David Crosby is the biological father of her two children with partner Julie Cypher, who gave birth to their children conceived through artificial insemination (January 2000).
Although being famous for her smoky voice, she has never smoked and doesn`t like whiskey.
Won two Grammy Awards for "Best Female Rock Performance" in 1992 and 1994.
Announced she is separating from long-time partner Julie Cypher (19 September 2000).
Close friends with Brad Pitt.
Is a fan of Bruce Springsteen and the Dave Matthews Band.
Was diagnosed with br**st cancer (October 2004).
Her partner Julie Cypher gave birth to two children, Bailey Jean (born in 1997) and Beckett (born in November 1998), which were adopted by Melissa.

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