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Cindy Armor
Happy Birthday! So glad to meet you when you rocked New Haven, CT. - Cindy Armor (2 years ago)
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Linda Giles - I’ll just wait at the bar...
That s so great. You re a good husband. Love Melissa Etheridge Don t get sunburned, and win lots o - Linda Giles - I’ll just wait at the bar... (8 months ago)
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Melissa Etheridge - Happy Birthday !!! - buffydracfan (9 months ago)
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Happy birthday to singer Melissa Etheridge! - keyn1037 (9 months ago)
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spacewoman reporter
HAPPY 58th BIRTHDAY to MELISSA ETHERIDGE!! American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and activist. Her self-titled - spacewoman reporter (9 months ago)
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Happy birthday, to our girl Melissa Etheridge! - InstantKarmaAsheville (9 months ago)
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Ryan Creed
Happy Birthday to me and May 29th gay icons Latoya Jackson, Rebbie Jackson, Melissa Etheridge, Annette Bening, Mel B, and Laverne Cox. - Ryan Creed (9 months ago)
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Indian Ranch
Wishing a very happy birthday to We can\'t wait to have her at Indian Ranch on June 29th. Don\'t miss - Indian Ranch (9 months ago)
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alina pleskova
Coworker just popped their head into my office & said \"HAPPY 58TH BIRTHDAY TO MELISSA ETHERIDGE, PREZ OF THE LEZ! G - alina pleskova (9 months ago)
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I feel old
Melissa Etheridge was born 58 years ago today, exactly 58 years after Bob Hope was born. Happy birthday - I feel old (9 months ago)
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Otus scops
. - 29.05.2019. - Happy Birthday! Melissa Etheridge - Otus scops (9 months ago)
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Vinyl Bay 777
Happy Birthday to & These singers turn 58, 44 & 52, r - Vinyl Bay 777 (9 months ago)
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Happy Birthday, Melissa Etheridge! - RACC (9 months ago)
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Lamont Tonelli
Happy Birthday to - Lamont Tonelli (9 months ago)
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Wolf Trap
Happy Birthday Melissa Etheridge ( - Wolf Trap (9 months ago)
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Broadly Entertaining
Happy birthday to rockstar, activist & cancer survivor Melissa Etheridge, She\'s a two-time Grammy winn - Broadly Entertaining (9 months ago)
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Merf Radio
Let\'s all wish Melissa Etheridge (pic, prphotos) a happy birthday! - Merf Radio (9 months ago)
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MyRockworld memorabilia: Melissa Etheridge - Album Melissa Etheridge - 1988 - Vinyl - signed by Melissa Etheridge i - myRockworld (9 months ago)
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Alison Davie
Happy Birthday Melissa Etheridge and Linda Wallem via and - Alison Davie (9 months ago)
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Scott Miller Show
Happy 58th Birthday Melissa Etheridge - Scott Miller Show (9 months ago)
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Kracker Jones
Happy birthday Bob Hope (1903-2003) JFK(1917-1963)Annette Bening(61)Latoya Jackson(63)Melissa Etheridge(58)Riley Ke - Kracker Jones (9 months ago)
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David Hiller
Happy Birthday Melissa Etheridge! - David Hiller (9 months ago)
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Erin O\'Riordan
Pagan Spirits: Happy Birthday, Melissa Etheridge! - Erin O\'Riordan (9 months ago)
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Happy birthday Today in LGBTQ+ history. 1961 -MELISSA ETHERIDGE, American musician, born; Acade - LEGATO Choirs (9 months ago)
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Melanie VaughanSmith
Happy birthday today to Peter Higgs (90), Nanette Newman (85), Gary Brooker (74), Francis Rossi (70), Danny Elfman - Melanie VaughanSmith (9 months ago)
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Steve Villanueva
Happy Birthday Melissa Etheridge! You re 58 Years Old Now! - Steve Villanueva (9 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Melissa Etheridge! - spauley (9 months ago)
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Maria Byrne
Happy birthday, Melissa Etheridge - Maria Byrne (9 months ago)
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Tony Boy Bautista
Happy Birthday Noel Comia Jr., Danny Elfman, Melissa Etheridge, Althea Guanzon, La Toya Jackson, Raymond Lara, Joaq - Tony Boy Bautista (9 months ago)
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Dear Melissa Etheridge, how are you? I like to wish you a very happy birthday. All the very best for the day. God bless. - Gesina (9 months ago)
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Steve Vitale
Tasty Tune of the Day ... Happy Birthday, Jewel Kilcher. Here she is with another fine singer songwriter, Melissa E - Steve Vitale (9 months ago)
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Lesbian Club UK
Wishing You A Very Happy Birthday - Famous include: - Lesbian Club UK (1 year ago)
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Micah st.george
can you wish my mom A happy birthday. She is a Melissa Etheridge freak. This would make her go insane. Her name is Shivonne - Micah st.george (1 year ago)
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Well that happy day has come when the wonderful Melissa Etheridge whom we love and admire has wished me a happy bir - Janica (1 year ago)
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LiL\'Silver Jackson
Happy Birthday Melissa Etheridge! via - LiL\'Silver Jackson (1 year ago)
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Victoria Blazers
BLAZERS WIN! Details tomorrow. Also, happy birthday Melissa Etheridge! - Victoria Blazers (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday, Melissa Etheridge! 90s Karaoke ALL NIGHT at or choose from thousands of songs! SMOKING - SingYourLifeKaraoke (1 year ago)
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Happy 57th Birthday to Melissa Etheridge! - WHUM RADIO (1 year ago)
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Melissa Etheridge, 2 Jackson sisters, Annette Benning, Mel B, JFK, Laverne Cox, Ted Levine, Danny - LT (1 year ago)
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY! John F. Kennedy born May 29, 1917 Noel Gallagher born May 29 , 1967 Annette Bening born May 29, 19 - Andre (1 year ago)
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Gen McGarvey
Happy birthday Laverne! By the way, it s also Melissa Etheridge s birthday today And her wife Linda s bday too - Gen McGarvey (1 year ago)
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Vinnie Giangiulio
Happy Birthday Love listening to this acoustic version of Come to My Window Live on - Vinnie Giangiulio (1 year ago)
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Ed Goist
Happy Birthday to Melissa Etheridge, one of America\'s most grossly underrated songwriters. - Ed Goist (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday Melissa Etheridge and wife! Have a great day! - Anthony (1 year ago)
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The Gay Almanac
to legendary rocker and activist Melissa Etheridge ( She is a fighter! She fo - The Gay Almanac (1 year ago)
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Scott Holleran
Happy Birthday Melissa Etheridge! - Scott Holleran (1 year ago)
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Brighton & Hove LGBT
Happy Birthday Melissa Etheridge, bore today. American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and Lesbian activist. Etheridg - Brighton & Hove LGBT (1 year ago)
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lebeau\'s Le Blog
May 28 & 29: Happy Birthday John Fogerty and Melissa Etheridge - lebeau\'s Le Blog (1 year ago)
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Dustin Fitzharris
Happy birthday Etheridge! Good memories from my interview w/ her. - Dustin Fitzharris (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday to Melissa Etheridge ( ) Born May 29th. Looking forward to seeing Melissa liv - TheBluesBlogger (1 year ago)

58 years old (Born on May 29, 1961)


Made headlines when she gave a noteworthy performance at the 2005 Grammy Awards for the first time since being diagnosed with cancer; showing up bald from her chemotherapy treatments. A close friend of Brad Pitt, two of his former girlfriends and his ex-wife appeared in her music videos: Juliette Lewis in "Come To My Window", Gwyneth Paltrow in "I Want To Come Over" and Jennifer Aniston in "I Want To Be In Love". Born in Leavenworth, Kansas, USA Sang at Brad Pitt`s and Jennifer Aniston`s wedding Her partner Tammy Lynn Michaels gave birth to a girl, Johnnie Rose, and a boy, Miller Steven, on 17 October 2006.

Melissa Etheridge's Best Moments

Happy birthday Melissa Etheridge! Look back at our 1997 interview with the singer/songwriter
Happy Birthday to the incredible Melissa Etheridge!
Happy Birthday to Melissa Etheridge who turns 56 today!
Happy Birthday Melissa Etheridge (
 MT: \"Happy Birthday to singer Melissa Etheridge who turns 56 today.
Happy Birthday Melissa Etheridge !!!
Happy birthday Melissa etheridge
May 28 & 29: Happy Birthday John Fogerty and Melissa Etheridge
Happy Birthday 
Melissa Etheridge!
Happy 58th Birthday Melissa Etheridge
Let\s all wish Melissa Etheridge (pic, prphotos) a happy birthday!
Melissa Etheridge was born 58 years ago today, exactly 58 years after Bob Hope was born. Happy birthday
Happy birthday, to our girl Melissa Etheridge!
Happy Birthday, Melissa Etheridge!
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Fun Facts About Melissa Etheridge

Ranked #49 on VH1`s 100 Greatest Women of Rock N Roll
Announced that her longtime partner Tammy Lynn Michaels is pregnant and expecting twins (2006).
Her father John died from cancer in 1992.
She and her girlfriend Tammy Lynn Michaels considers themselves as married since they exchanged vows in a secret ceremony in September 2003. Their marriage is not legally confirmed, because gay weddings are not legally binding in their home state California.
As of (July 2008) On the road with the Revival Tour
Announced in late 2005 that she is cancer-free and that she and partner Tammy Lynn Michaels are planning to have a child.
Ex-lover Julie Cypher left Lou Diamond Phillips to be with her.
Gay rights and environmental activist.
Publicly revealed that David Crosby is the biological father of her two children with partner Julie Cypher, who gave birth to their children conceived through artificial insemination (January 2000).
Although being famous for her smoky voice, she has never smoked and doesn`t like whiskey.
Won two Grammy Awards for "Best Female Rock Performance" in 1992 and 1994.
Announced she is separating from long-time partner Julie Cypher (19 September 2000).
Close friends with Brad Pitt.
Is a fan of Bruce Springsteen and the Dave Matthews Band.
Was diagnosed with br**st cancer (October 2004).
Her partner Julie Cypher gave birth to two children, Bailey Jean (born in 1997) and Beckett (born in November 1998), which were adopted by Melissa.

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