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Mark Kiyojima
Redman & Method Man ~ Happy Birthday iamtheresemarie1 @ On The Record LV - Mark Kiyojima (6 months ago)
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Happy Belated Birthday Method Man (Mar. 2nd) - Joshua (7 months ago)
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The Mighty Rhino
Happy birthday to the exceptionally dope In his honour, a truly great and long-overlooked Method Man - The Mighty Rhino (7 months ago)
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Richard Young
Teyana Taylor - Gonna Love Me (Remix) ft. Ghostface Killah, Method Man, ... via th - Richard Young (7 months ago)
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3 Flow
Happy Birthday Method Man - 3 Flow (7 months ago)
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Tony Randall
Happy Belated Birthday Shoutout . My New Original Artwork . Method Man . - Tony Randall (7 months ago)
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@Cartier Nino
Meth act like a pisces - @Cartier Nino (7 months ago)
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Happy Belated Birthday to rapper and actor Method Man!!! - MelaninMediaNetwork (7 months ago)
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Happy birthday to everyone except Method Man - TeejayTwoFace (7 months ago)
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AnP AKA Metabolic
Happy Birthday to Method Man. - AnP AKA Metabolic (7 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Method Man... - MsSnoopie (7 months ago)
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Brownstone Media
Happy Birthday Method Man!!! - Brownstone Media (7 months ago)
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Famous Birthdays Now
Rapper Method Man turns 48 today !!! to wish him a happy Birthday !!! - Famous Birthdays Now (7 months ago)
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Happy Birthday my dog Tical!! M-Dot - \'SHINE\' w/ Method Man, Dominique Larue & Katy Gunn (Official Mu... - IG: MDOTBOSTON (7 months ago)
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Happy birthday Method Man! - Funk (7 months ago)
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Ms. Chanel
Happy Birthday to the ever evolving Method Man. May God\'s blessing rain on you. - Ms. Chanel (7 months ago)
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Prolly listening to Method Man on those ear buds \"Excuse me as I kiss the sky!!!!\" Happy Birthday Meth! - Myron (7 months ago)
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Happy birthday method man! - M W S (7 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Method Man!!!! - Gypsey (7 months ago)
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The best version of this song. Happy birthday Method Man! - kayla. (7 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Method Man - BackNDaDay (7 months ago)
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StoneyD Reeves
Happy Birthday Method Man!! Hope you have a fantastic day!! - StoneyD Reeves (7 months ago)
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Heat Shade
- Heat Shade (7 months ago)
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DJ at my sister\'s wedding is batting 1.000 with song selection. Faith evens love like this followed by you\'re all I - MKRivera (7 months ago)
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gregg smith
HAPPY 48th BIRTHDAY Clifford Smith, known professionally as Method Man, rapper and actor. He is known as a member - gregg smith (7 months ago)
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Big Happy Birthday Shout out to one of the Greatest Emcees of all time! is 48 today!!! What are your F - DreamyTunez (7 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Method Man 3:33 - Kenyatta (7 months ago)
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Rob Torres
Happy birthday Method Man - Rob Torres (7 months ago)
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andivian martin
Happy Birthday to Method Man, Born March 2, 1971 - andivian martin (7 months ago)
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Awww this guy!!!! Happy Birthday Method Man!!! Season!! methodmanofficial @ Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - RockstarrNaturally (7 months ago)
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Papi Jabón De Cuaba
I got a love jones for your body and your skin tone, Five minutes alone and I m already on bone Happy Birthday to the Method Man - Papi Jabón De Cuaba (7 months ago)
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Kevin Watkins
Happy Birthday to my favorite rapper Method Man. - Kevin Watkins (7 months ago)
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Rhythm FM
Big Happy Birthday Shout out to one of the Greatest Emcees of all time! Method Man is 48 today!! The - Rhythm FM (7 months ago)
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bougie badazz
Happy Birthday to Method Man! - bougie badazz (7 months ago)
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Happy bday shout outs to Method Man! - Jimz (7 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Method Man! - COMEDIAN JEDIDIAH JAMES (7 months ago)
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- YOU OK SIS? (7 months ago)
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B. Waite
Happy Birthday to one of the greatest emcees of all time Method Man!!!! - B. Waite (7 months ago)
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Happy bday method man - Jaecalhellboi (7 months ago)
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Harriet Bronson
Happy Birthday to Method Man, Born March 2, 1971 - Harriet Bronson (7 months ago)
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Jase Rosendahl
Happy Birthday to Henrik Lundqvist, Method Man, Wyatt Rosendahl, and Jon Bon Jovi! - Jase Rosendahl (7 months ago)
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Happy Birthday to Method Man, Born March 2, 1971 - Devinicole1 (7 months ago)
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Tameka Skinner
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OYG Body Ru
Happy Birthday Method Man - OYG Body Ru (7 months ago)
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Molly Valentine
Happy birthday method man. - Molly Valentine (7 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Method Man - Charlie (7 months ago)
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Happy Birthday to Method Man, Born March 2, 1971 - Gonzodagod (7 months ago)
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Brian Farmer
Happy Birthday to Method Man, Born March 2, 1971 Albumism - Brian Farmer (7 months ago)
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First Klass Breakfast
March 2, 1971: On this day Clifford Smith is Born. Happy Birthday to the Ticalian Stallion aka Johnny Bla - First Klass Breakfast (7 months ago)
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY to born March 2, 1971! Revisit his musical legacy including audio & video highlights her - Albumism (7 months ago)

48 years old (Born on March 02, 1971)

American music producer and actor; He is famous from Wu-Tang Clan, `How High`.

Considers his third solo album "Tical 0: The Prequel" to be his weakest album. Joined the Nation of Gods & Earths (also known as the Five Percent Nation of Islam) and changed his name to Shaquan God Allah. Announced he and Redman were recording the sequel to their 1999 collaboration album "Blackout". The album is due early 2007.(2006) Often works with rapper Redman. Grew up in Staten Island's Park Hill projects. Has two sisters, Terri and Missy. Is a Comic Book Fanatic.

Method Man's Best Moments

Happy Birthday to the MC with the Mighty Iron Lung: Method Man!
Today in 1971, Method Man was born. Happy birthday to a legend.
Happy Birthday to Method Man
It\s the Method Man, for short Mr. Meth...Join us in wishing a happy birthday!
Today in 1971, Method Man was born. Happy birthday to a legend.
Happy birthday Method Man!
We can\t wait \till you light up that stage!
Happy Birthday To The MC With The Mighty Iron Lung: Method Man
Happy Birthday, Method Man!

Arguably the best KRS verse
Arguably the best Mef verse
RIP Prodigy!
Happy Birthday to rapper and Wu-Tang Clan member Method Man. He turns 46 today.
Happy 46th birthday to real hip hop rapper called Method Man (:
I had a ball at the Method Man & Redman show!! Happy Birthday Andrea Long!!
Happy Birthday Reggie Bush, Dr. Seuss and Method Man from !!
Happy Birthday Method Man!
Happy Birthday to my favorite rapper Method Man.
 Happy Belated Birthday Method Man (Mar. 2nd)
Happy 46th Birthday salutes to my fave Wu member Method Man.  Here he is with his partner
Happy Birthday Method Man
 Happy Birthday Method Man, born March 2, 1971 in Long Island!
   Happy birthday Method Man
Happy Birthday to Method Man (born March 2, 1971)
Happy Birthday shouts to our boy Method Man from the Group Home who turns 46 to
Happy Birthday Method Man a true rap icon and legend much love.
Happy Birthday to you Method Man I wish you Health Love Peace and Joy blessings to you
  Happy Birthday Method Man, may God continue to be you. A true Soldier
Happy Birthday to Method Man (born March 2, 1971)
Happy Birthday Method Man!
The Walker Collective - A Law Firm For Creatives
Happy birthday Method man
Happy Birthday To The MC With The Mighty Iron Lung: Method Man
Happy Bday Method Man
Today in Hip Hop History: Method Man was born March 2, 1971. Happy Birthday M-E-T-H-O-D MAN!
Happy birthday to the legend Method Man
Happy 47th birthday to the Method Man
Happy Birthday to the one and only Method Man!!!
Happy 47th birthday to a man who is aging like a fine wine, Method Man.
Happy birthday to Method Man.
  Happy Birthday Method Man!
Happy Birthday to Method Man!
  Happy Birthday to the ever evolving Method Man. May God\s blessing rain on you.
Happy Birthday Method Man...
Happy Birthday Method Man!!!
Rapper Method Man turns 48 today !!!    to wish him a happy Birthday !!!
Happy Birthday to Method Man.
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method man and redman 1
method man 2013 2
method man how high 3

Fun Facts About Method Man

Was an avid lacrosse player growing up.
Has two children: a son (b. 1997) and a daughter (b. 1998).
Member of the rap group Wu-Tang Clan.
Used to live in Hempstead, Long Island, before he moved to Staten Island in the late 1980s. He gives a shout-out to his old town on his "Judgement Day" album.
Announced he will star in the sequel to How High alongside Redman.
He is a big fan of actor Eric Bana.
Often shops with his children at Best Buy and Pathmark on Richmond Ave.
Was considered for the role of Jango Fett in Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones (2002).
Was named Method Man by Wu-Tang producer RZA after the film Xiao zi ming da (1979). The word "Method" was also slang for weed in their neighborhood.

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