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Scinto Official ©
Happy Birthday to the one and only Michèle Mouton! - Scinto Official © (7 months ago)
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Paul Ireson
Happy Birthday to Michele Mouton, absolute superstar and a true racer. - Paul Ireson (7 months ago)
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John Redfern
Happy Birthday to Michele Mouton. Arguably the greatest female racing driver of all time, seen here taking the Audi - John Redfern (7 months ago)
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Happy Birthday to Michèle Mouton - Zdravko (7 months ago)
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michael taylor
Happy Birthday to the First Lady of Speed, Michele born on this day in 1951. The first woman to win a - michael taylor (7 months ago)
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World Rally Championship
Happy Birthday to the one and only Michèle Mouton! - World Rally Championship (7 months ago)
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The FIA Women in Motorsport Team wishes our former Commission President and Rally legend, Michèle Mouton a happy bi - fiawim (7 months ago)
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Aiman Amshah
Happy Birthday to Michèle Mouton \'The First Lady of Rallying\' a.k.a the Black Volcano. Mouton is the most succes - Aiman Amshah (7 months ago)
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Roberto C.
Happy Birthday Ms. Michèle Mouton - Roberto C. (7 months ago)
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Jim Bamber Cartoons
A Happy Birthday card for Michele Mouton. 2001 - Jim Bamber Cartoons (8 months ago)
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Before the day ends, happy birthday Michele Mouton - ☿ (1 year ago)
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Ira Sidorkova
birthday balloon

Happy Birthday Michéle Mouton. President - orinoco72 (1 year ago)
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Sean Cardovillis
Happy birthday to rally legend Michele Mouton! Welcome to Kenya! - Sean Cardovillis (1 year ago)
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Michèle Bourbon
Happy birthday to the icon Michèle Mouton!! - Michèle Bourbon (1 year ago)
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Tosh Mbaya
A Big Happy Birthday to Iron Lady an Rally Legend Michèle Mouton. - Tosh Mbaya (1 year ago)
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My definition of a role model! Happy birthday Michèle Mouton - Philine (1 year ago)
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Motorsport Images
Happy birthday to rallying legend and trailblazer Michèle Mouton Here she is in sweltering conditions on the 1983 - Motorsport Images (1 year ago)
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Stam Pittas
Happy birthday Michèle Mouton!! - Stam Pittas (1 year ago)
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Race Of Champions
A very happy birthday to our co-founder Michèle Mouton! - Race Of Champions (1 year ago)
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Happy birthday to the Group B legend Michele Mouton - BUM CHILLUPS AKA SPENCER HALL (1 year ago)
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Colonneh C. Grackle
Happy birthday to Michèle Mouton, one of the greatest rally drivers - Colonneh C. Grackle (1 year ago)
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Marc Evans
I ask again, why hasn\'t there been a movie on this legend? It\'s way overdue. Happy Birthday Michèle Mouton. - Marc Evans (1 year ago)
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Ann Dee
Sharing my birthday with this badass woman. Amazing rally driver and driving force behind bringing more diversity a - Ann Dee (1 year ago)
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Females in Motorsport
Happy birthday to a pioneer and inspiration, Michèle Mouton, the president of the commission She was the - Females in Motorsport (1 year ago)
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Bruno Costas
Happy Birthday, Michele Mouton! - Bruno Costas (1 year ago)
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WRC - FIA World Rally Championship
Happy birthday Michèle Mouton, who is celebrating at Hear from Michèle this weekend on - WRC - FIA World Rally Championship (1 year ago)
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John Sjöstrand
I wish you a very happy birthday, Michèle Mouton, President of the Commission! - John Sjöstrand (1 year ago)
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Yazeed Racing
Happy Birthday Michèle Mouton - Yazeed Racing (1 year ago)
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Jean Todt
The entire family wishes Michèle Mouton, President of the Commission and Rally legend, a happy birthday - Jean Todt (1 year ago)
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FIA Rally Star
Happy birthday to Michele Mouton! The first (and so far only) woman to win a World Rally Championshi - FIA Rally Star (1 year ago)
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The Hard Compound
Wishing The Queen of Rallying Michele Mouton a very Happy Birthday today. The 1st woman to win a major - The Hard Compound (1 year ago)
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The Motorsport Hub
Happy Birthday Michèle Mouton! - The Motorsport Hub (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday Michèle Mouton! - Silodrome (2 years ago)
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North Trenton
Happy Birthday to Angelo Falcon, Michele Mouton,Raj Babbar, Pierre Corbeil, Glenn Danzig, Jean Tigana, Daniel J. Dr - North Trenton (2 years ago)
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Chicas Racing
We can´t end the day without wishing Michèle Mouton a happy birthday!! - Chicas Racing (2 years ago)
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Happy birthday to Michèle Mouton. The only woman to have won a rally. 4 actually - OversteerTV (2 years ago)
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Nathalia Cruz Ortiz
Happy birthday Michèle Mouton! - Nathalia Cruz Ortiz (2 years ago)
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Chris Bloom
Happy birthday to her. When I was first discovering rallying in 1982 I never realised Michèle Mouton - Chris Bloom (2 years ago)
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Happy birthday Michèle Mouton - rinoire (2 years ago)
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For Race Fans Only
Happy Birthday Michele Mouton - For Race Fans Only (2 years ago)
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Antwnis Selekos
Happy birthday Mrs. Michèle Mouton - Antwnis Selekos (2 years ago)
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Racers - Behind the Helmet
Icon. Legend. Leader. Happy Birthday Michéle Mouton, one of the most successful women in our sport\'s history and Pr - Racers - Behind the Helmet (2 years ago)
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nikos alexiou
23 / 6 Happy birthday Michèle Mouton - nikos alexiou (2 years ago)
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Happy birthday Michele Mouton - Flatspotted (2 years ago)
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Ducati rider
Happy Birthday to the one and only - Michèle Mouton! The queen of Group B rally cars! - Ducati rider (2 years ago)
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Un joyeux anniversaire à la grande Michèle Mouton !! A happy birthday to the great Michèle Mouton !! - Learch (2 years ago)
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RallySport Magazine
Happy Birthday to Michele Mouton - the world\'s fastest woman! Interview: - RallySport Magazine (2 years ago)
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Tommy Autosport Blog
Happy Birthday Michele Mouton, - Tommy Autosport Blog (2 years ago)
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Liana Toma
Happy birthday, Michele Mouton! - Liana Toma (2 years ago)

71 years old (Born on June 23, 1951)

She raced in the World Rally Championship, most notably for Audi, from 1974-1986, where she won four races.

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Happy Birthday to the one and only Michèle Mouton!
The entire family wishes Michèle Mouton, President of the Commission and Rally legend, a happy birthday
Happy Birthday, Michele Mouton!
Happy birthday to Michèle Mouton, one of the greatest rally drivers
     Happy Birthday  Ms. Michèle Mouton
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