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Zachary Lancaster
Late night exclusive practice update as the running backs had a really solid day at practice on Friday. - Zachary Lancaster (1 month ago)
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Happy Birthday to Mike Gundy who s a Man (+15yrs)! - RedditCFB (1 month ago)
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Action Network
Happy 55th birthday to Mike Gundy He\'s the most profitable coach in college football against the spread over th - Action Network (1 month ago)
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Ryan Hilliard
He\'s a man, he\'s 55! Happy Birthday, 1991 Oklahoma State Collegiate Collection Mike Gundy PSA 10 POP 1 - Ryan Hilliard (1 month ago)
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Tulsa World Sports
Happy birthday to Oklahoma State head football coach Mike Gundy, who turns 55 on Friday. - Tulsa World Sports (1 month ago)
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Nick Voll
You re a better man than Mike Gundy. Happy birthday! - Nick Voll (1 month ago)
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Bryant Crabtree
Happy Birthday to one of message s finest, and a guy I m proud to call a friend as well. is the big - Bryant Crabtree (1 month ago)
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Pokes Report
What happens when you have a birthday during Fall Camp? You get a cake and a rousing rendition of happy birthday fr - Pokes Report (1 month ago)
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Brett McMurphy
Happy Birthday to Oklahoma State\'s Mike Gundy, who turns 54 today. Gundy is the 3rd oldest Big 12 head coach behind - Brett McMurphy (1 month ago)
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Special Guest Villainess
Happy birthday, Mike Gundy. You re a man! You re 54! - Special Guest Villainess (1 month ago)
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Happy birthday Football Coach Mike Gundy! Don t get all weird about getting older! Our age is merely the number of - AllFamous.org (1 month ago)
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Benjamin Gaines
Happy birthday man. We re like very close to being exactly the same age. I hit Mike Gundy years old this past Sunday. - Benjamin Gaines (1 month ago)
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The Mike Gundy mini helmet . Happy Birthday Coach & Go Pokes. Big Oklahoma State fan from California. See everyone - eddiemo (1 month ago)
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Greg Guthrie
Happy Birthday Mike Gundy! - Greg Guthrie (1 month ago)
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OSU Sports Extra
Happy birthday to Oklahoma State head football coach Mike Gundy, who turned 53 on Wednesday. Take a look back at hi - OSU Sports Extra (1 month ago)
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An Ag
Happy Birthday to Mike Gundy s daddy. - An Ag (1 month ago)
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Bubba King
Happy Birthday, Big Dawg...I m 41 on the 5th...I can no longer use the Mike Gundy, I m a man....I - Bubba King (2 months ago)
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Ray Riesdorph Jr
Happy Birthday, Coach. Mike Gundy has some thoughts on turning 40: - Ray Riesdorph Jr (2 months ago)
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Dr. Ken
Jim didn t try to give you the Mike Gundy treatment? I am disappointed in that kid. Anyway, happy 34th birthday sir! - Dr. Ken (3 weeks ago)
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Me and Mike Gundy have the same birthday... happy birthday to the man - JT (1 month ago)
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Luke Slabaugh
Mike Gundy is here. It is his birthday. Happy birthday, ! - Luke Slabaugh (1 month ago)
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A Young Robert Stack
You gotta give Mike Gundy credit for one thing: his \"I\'m a man, I\'m 40\" rant guaranteed that he\'s gonna be on PTI\'s - A Young Robert Stack (1 month ago)
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Josh Dyer
Happy 52nd birthday to Oklahoma State football coach Mike Gundy. Who continues to have the worst haircut in college football - Josh Dyer (1 month ago)
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Brother Malcolm ✊
Tell mike gundy happy birthday - Brother Malcolm ✊ (1 month ago)
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Wally Vidal-E of Quetzalacatenango
I can t wait for 40 so I can quote Mike Gundy. I don t know you but happy pre birthday, Andrew. - Wally Vidal-E of Quetzalacatenango (2 months ago)
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Oklahoma State Univ.
Happy 100th Birthday Olinda! and surprised this lifetime fan at her OSU-themed - Oklahoma State Univ. (2 months ago)
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Kelly Tarr Wright
In the words of Mike Gundy, I m 40! I m a man! Happy Birthday, old man. 40 never looked so good - Kelly Tarr Wright (2 months ago)
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Happy birthday, Mike Gundy. - KV (1 month ago)
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Woke Cowperson
Happy Birthday to Mike Gundy of the House Pokes, First of His Name, the Unshaved, King of the Snakes and the First - Woke Cowperson (1 month ago)
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Cheyenne Smith
I was today years old when I found out that Mike Gundy and I share the same birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY COACH - Cheyenne Smith (1 month ago)
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Cowboys Ride For Free
In honor of coach Gundy\'s birthday, here\'s a throwback to 50 reasons why we love him. Happy Birthday coach! - Cowboys Ride For Free (1 month ago)
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Owassoisms Owasso Ok
Happy 51st Birthday Mike Gundy. It seems like only yesterday you were 40 - Owassoisms Owasso Ok (1 month ago)
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Tulsa World
Happy birthday to Mike Gundy (he turns 51 on Sunday). Here\'s a game-by-game look back at his 114 career - Tulsa World (1 month ago)
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Dr. Matthew Morrison
Happy birthday / Mike Gundy day! - Dr. Matthew Morrison (2 months ago)
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Todd Gray
You\'re 40, huh? Happy Birthday, Tom, from me and Mike Gundy! ...and Mitch, I guess. - Todd Gray (2 months ago)
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John-Paul Hunt
I liked a video Happy birthday, Mike Gundy! You\'re a man, you\'re 50! ESPN Special - John-Paul Hunt (4 weeks ago)
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Stephen Hawkins
GM Jon Daniels is now `A MAN\' (per Mike Gundy rant 10 years ago). Happy 40th birthday JD, in 12th season as GM. - Stephen Hawkins (1 month ago)
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Matt Bishop
Happy birthday, Mike Gundy: You\'re a man, you\'re 50! - Matt Bishop (1 month ago)
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Jason Ciccone
Happy birthday, Mike Gundy: You\'re a man, you\'re 50! - Jason Ciccone (1 month ago)
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Michael Infante
This is in response to that sweet Defenders clip. Happy birthday, Mike Gundy: You\'re a man, you\'re 50! - Michael Infante (1 month ago)
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Cullen Black
Still an awesome display of Coach fighting 4 his player birthday, Mike Gundy: You\'re a man, you\'re 50! - Cullen Black (1 month ago)
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James Woods
OK St. football coach Mike Gundy is no longer 40. Happy birthday Mike! - James Woods (1 month ago)
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Happy 50th Birthday, Coach Mike Gundy! (pls ) - KnowYourLeaker (1 month ago)
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Oklahoma City Now
Happy 50th birthday, coach Mike Gundy! - Oklahoma City Now (1 month ago)
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KOCO-5 Oklahoma City
Happy 50th birthday, coach Mike Gundy! - KOCO-5 Oklahoma City (1 month ago)
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Big Mike Gundy fan. Happy birthday, Mullet - UlreyIII (1 month ago)
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Craig Gordon
You go find Mike Gundy\'s mullet? Or tell him happy bday - Craig Gordon (1 month ago)
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I love you Happy birthday - Southwell (1 month ago)
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Drunk Corps Int.
Happy birthday to Mike Gundy, still a man and now 50. - Drunk Corps Int. (1 month ago)
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Coach Kav
Happy birthday, Mike Gundy: You\'re a man, you\'re 50! - Coach Kav (1 month ago)

56 years old (Born on August 12, 1967)

Former football player turned coach of Oklahoma State University.

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Happy Birthday to Mike Gundy who s a Man (+15yrs)!
Happy birthday, Mike Gundy -- You\re a man, you\re 50!
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