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sucked his dick in a toys'r'us parking lot - Jake (3 years ago)
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Hello, Happy Birthday Mr Naru and I hope you have a good 19th Birthday. You have been quite helpful and nice to me and everybody, I just want to thank you for all and wish you the best as 19 year old is.... ahhhhh let’s see, still quite young NVM. You’re a very Nice and Humble person and stay you because you’re great, again Happy Birthday Mr Naru. - Someone (3 years ago)
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Happy birthday baby love you so much here is a selfie - Val (3 years ago)
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I know Naru from discord and think he's an amazing person. He's super understandable and fun. He can be really nice and I appreciate him a bunch. He probably doesn't realize how amazing he is and that's sad but I guess as one of his friends I can do my best to remind him of that everyday. You're a great dude who totally needs to sleep more but is dedicated to discord and all it's members and you're the fucking best. I'm glad to have met you and wish you the best. Happy Birthday Naru! - Lucifah (3 years ago)
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You already know who I am, ya weirdo. But you should also know that you're absolutely amazing <3. You're one of my best friends. You're such an amazing guy, who is funny, smart and oh so strong. I hope your birthday is great. You deserve it dude. - Caytee (3 years ago)
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The "Fascinating Guy"/Wonnie
Hey dude, it's been a long time. I'm not sure if you remember me but I was on Syrex a long time ago. It was always awesome seeing you, monkey, and Jake hang out. Hope you guys still are playing games together. Have a fascinating birthday mate!! - The "Fascinating Guy"/Wonnie (3 years ago)
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Naruto ur amazing hope we can vibe more - Pain (3 years ago)
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Had fun with the league tournament we had lol - DraccoX (3 years ago)
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Forgot. And hum... Hb l m a o - Gabu (3 years ago)
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Happy birthday brother! I hope you are having an awesome day, and that you celebrate an unforgettable birthday. Let it be full of nice memories and fun You're an awesome friend and an epic bartendah. Stay cool habibi! - Zignis (3 years ago)
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Happy Birthday Hayder enjoy your day and make sure you have a blast! - Scar (3 years ago)
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OwO what's this? A birthday? Apparently it is, so happy birthday! Have a great day and birthday celebration and give something back to the people that thought about you by slicing a Yasuo for each ballon. Really, do it. Your effort will be honored. Sincerely, the cat. Meow. - Felu (3 years ago)
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Kanekipie (yin)
I met naruto in the discord when I was in the color events. Uhm tbh we don’t talk that much but I wish all the best for you Shinobi! “Everything seems impossible, until it’s done.” This is my quote for you. Its up to you to understand it. Enjoy ur day! - Kanekipie (yin) (3 years ago)
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I met Hayder a while ago last year. I really love him and how he has helped me through all of my problems. He is a really close homie of mine, and I never want to lose him. I hope to see you soon big boy! - Mary (3 years ago)
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Naru is one of the sweetest homies in CB. I remember just chatting with you in chillout most of the time when I first joined, you were always so nice, funny and wholesome. You are also one of the best readers in book club! Definitely a fan fave, truly appreciate you for who you are. You better believe it! I hope you have a blessed, safe yet fun celebration despite the current situation. Take a shot for me, or I will. - ely (3 years ago)
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dear naruto, HAPPY 19TH BIRTHDAY !! I know we haven’t known each other much but you are truly are an amazing person and you have made so many peoples day so much brighter. You’re the most important thing in so many people’s lives including mine and I admire how strong you are ! wish you a best day and year ahead.. remember to stay happy and ure loved by everyone around you and if anyone doesn’t just HNN uwu think they are and a magic thing will make them love u uwu <3 please stay safe with the virus around and keep staying wholesome and adorable ! Take good care, Jelly :O - jelly (3 years ago)
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Happy birthday toe! Stay gay and safe (bruh this website is shitty asf, i cant put my emojis) - Belle (3 years ago)
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Naruto habibi i hope you enjoy the best birthday of you're life you are one of the greatest shinobi who helped everyone and made them happy and smilie in you're eyes we love you and always be you hbd 19 ^-^!!1 - Riku (3 years ago)
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I knew naruto from the server Chillbar and he's been such a nice person to talk to ever since i first met him. He's great at what he does and is such a funny guy. i love him to bits and he's a amazing friend <3 - Crimson (3 years ago)
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Happy birthday to you my br0, Thank you for always being such a nice friend you deserve all the love. bababooey (Enjoy the gifts ehehe) - Wither (3 years ago)
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Monkey UwU
Happy birthday nerd xD Here is to hope towards 2021. Much love and stay safe. - Monkey UwU (3 years ago)

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https://happybday.to/Naruto-19 Made another page, send balloons here too!

To Naruto, You are the best friend anyone could ever have. I know this is kind of ripping off what Ori did last year >.> BUT, it's one of the only things that could come to mind xD. ANYWAYS, happy birthday my guy, you are now 19 and moving on with adulthood and Uni. This is to all the fun times and memories that have been made with you. Without you, Chillbar wouldn't be where it is today. You are always there for anyone and try enforce the rules whilst still remaining friendly towards everyone, the perfect Hokage, kind of like Naruto HMMM. But ye, enjoy your day fam and this is to hopefully a better year than your last. UwU 

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