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Happy birthday! Naa nas Fb ang pciture - BRANDON(ブランドン) (6 months ago)
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- mengembang diiringi tawa dan suara Danas yang menyanyikan lagu kebangsaan kala orang-orang bertambah umurnya. \" - Regina (6 months ago)
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Niño Aranaido
Happy birthday pre!! tua nas ig akong greeting nimo hahahahaha - Niño Aranaido (6 months ago)
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Happy Birthday !! Thank u sa mga kabuang samot nas honti AHAHAHAHAHAH. Enjoy your day Gurllllll or whattevahhh - november (6 months ago)
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legrace plno
i i think a dal ích xy lidi na který si nevzpomenu, Lidi ky dneska - legrace plno (6 months ago)
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محمد الصادِق \'
Its my sweethearts birthday ya nas, happy birthday to the upcoming lawyer who\'s gonna set everything straight .. I - محمد الصادِق \' (6 months ago)
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Hi Nas. So, today\'s my birthday and I\'m a big fan of yours. I would appreciate a lot a happy birthday from you. - Ricardito (6 months ago)
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Happy birthday naa unta tay pic pero nas phone nimo hahahaha bitaw kay take care always te ker labyu! - Achuu (6 months ago)
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nas B. eil
HAPPY BIRTHDAY NARUTO - nas B. eil (6 months ago)
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lovely pipo
Aaaaaaa hoje eh o aniversário de alguem que realmente me ajudou quando eu precisei (msm sendo um 2d) alguem que me - lovely pipo (6 months ago)
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lovely paula
Aaaaaaa hoje eh o aniversário de alguem que realmente me ajudou quando eu precisei (msm sendo um 2d) alguem que me - lovely paula (6 months ago)
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Auwal Kiru
Happy Birthday to our Father, may Allah protect and promote him - Auwal Kiru (6 months ago)
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Is it something difficult? text him happy birthday daddy i wish you more life and prosperity.. get him - #ValverdeOut (6 months ago)
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Mikharla Faith
Happy birthday, biaaatch!! Porket bday nimo di naka mag school? Sulod2 panagsa dzae. Bye! Klase nas p6!!! - Mikharla Faith (6 months ago)
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Happy Birthday to one of my favorite poets of all time <3 love ya sis - brrrrttt (6 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Y A8la el\'nas - هاجر♥️ (6 months ago)
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dro(skie) don dada | imdrotep
Happy bday king and yes for the Nas reference!!! - dro(skie) don dada | imdrotep (6 months ago)
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Legends of Tomorrow BR
Feliz aniversário para o nosso átomo de e mais recentemente, nosso Super-Homem do crossover Cri - Legends of Tomorrow BR (6 months ago)
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Happy birthday More blessings and wisdom fall on you - Nasiba (6 months ago)
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Avoca CFR
AVOCA and Conary are 14 years live today responding to 999/112 calls with the National AmbulanceService - Happy Bir - Avoca CFR (6 months ago)
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HAPPY BDAY KIMMY!!! Unta happy ka saimo day!! Godbless always labi nas imo finals and mga requirements na sana mata - Pammy (6 months ago)
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RNAS Culdrose
- RNAS Culdrose (6 months ago)
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C o l a y
happy birthday dodong uli nas pinas. - C o l a y (6 months ago)
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James Vasquez
for people like my wife. The serious people. My wife will be thrilled if wish her happy birthday whic - James Vasquez (6 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Nas !! - Sagalimaani (6 months ago)
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Pranjul Sharma
Hello Kiara ji ! Today is my birthday please wishing me a Happy Birthday otherwise mein hath ki nas kaat lunga - Pranjul Sharma (6 months ago)
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Happy birthday! - AUNTIE MOTHAFUCKIN GAB (6 months ago)
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HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY NAS - asapA6HMED (6 months ago)
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Today is sarsoooryyy\'s birthdayy Happy birthday 2alby enty aktr hd lya memories m3ah w have benn through alot of ba - Rahmaa (6 months ago)
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b o o
Belated Happy Birthday Hud!!! Godbless everyday! Labi nas dula!!!! Tupad na gyd ang pa - b o o (6 months ago)
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Thalapathy hearts❤
Happy Happy birthday to you nanba - Thalapathy hearts❤ (6 months ago)
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morgan stark
Belated happy birthday to youuuu dearest cousin abi kog Oct. 6 pa ron saree. Keep safe sa La Salle tiguwang najud - morgan stark (6 months ago)
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i love you 3000
Belated happy birthday to youuuu dearest cousin abi kog Oct. 6 pa ron saree. Keep safe sa La Salle tiguwang najud - i love you 3000 (6 months ago)
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happy birthday nas have a nice day may Allah bless you - Bonononooooo (6 months ago)
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Peter Anghelides
Is that one of the NAs? There were so many of them, I get a bit lost. PS: Happy birthday to you. - Peter Anghelides (6 months ago)
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*nakig vc akong momster S: happy birthday nak, ni greet nas nathaniel nmo? A: ha? hangin samanis mudra oy di man - nech (6 months ago)
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‎ فاتن
HAPPY BIRTHDAY NASRUDIIINNNN!!!!! Enjoy ur dayy!! Take care always siszt HAHHAHAHA one call away lang ako - ‎ فاتن (6 months ago)
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James Jefferson
Happy pre birthday Kid! Can we rock with that triple mix?!? 1. Nas \"World is Yours\" 2. Jay Z \"Dead P - James Jefferson (6 months ago)
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17 aninhos nas costas Happy birthday to me - loirinha (6 months ago)
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- gene (6 months ago)
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Reality Check
Happy Birthday My Leader - Reality Check (6 months ago)
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Happy birthday grandma Thankyou kaayo sa tanan. bahalag strikta kaai ka, pero kasabot koo nga para rasad nas amoa - Leigh (6 months ago)
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Happy birthday grandma Thankyou kaayo sa tanan. bahalag strikta kaai ka, pero kasabot koo nga para rasad nas amoa - Krista (6 months ago)
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pat ☾
Happy birthday nas! - pat ☾ (6 months ago)
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Yesterday was amazinggg. unexpected things happened and i am very grateful and i appreciate each greeting u guys ga - pau (6 months ago)
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emmanuel offor
\'Flow like Jigga, but sound like Nas\' Nobody captures you like you, and it\'s not even narcissistic. Thank - emmanuel offor (6 months ago)
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Đorđe Jovanović
Dobri nas Partizane, srecan nam rodjendan! The Vandals - Happy Birthday to Me - Đorđe Jovanović (6 months ago)
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Maka happy mag bday nas Gideon kadalie da nan panahon - Blir (6 months ago)
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Happy Bday baby hope u enjoyed ur day u know uncle P wasnt gone let ur day go by without seeing u..love u Nas - VBoyP (6 months ago)

46 years old (Born on September 14, 1973)

Hip-hop artist; He is famous from Illmatic.

Sampled Michael Jackson's "Human Nature" in his hit song "It ain't hard to tell". Son of jazz musician Olu Dara and the late Fannie Ann Jones. His mom died of br**st cancer. At the hospital, he held her in his arms until she passed on. Grew up with MCs such as Cormega, Nature, The Notorious B.I.G., and Jay-Z. Has a song dedicated to his mother titled "Dance," which can be heard on his latest album, "God's Son."

Nas's Best Moments

Happy Birthday,   love you nas. Miss you and
Happy 44th birthday to
Happy Birthday Nas
Happy Birthday,
Happy Birthday to Nas
Happy Birthday,
Happy Birthday  What\s your favorite track from the NY rapper?
Happy birthday
Emocje nas ponosz jednak nie mo emy zapomnie o wielkim dniu naszego trenera!

Happy Birthday
Happy birthday,
Happy Birthday to the Greatest Rapper Of ALL Times Nas
He s tired of people saying happy birthday malaysia instead of happy independence day
Happy birthday to hip-hop legend Nas!
Where do you rank him among the best rappers ever: Top 10, 5 or 3?
Happy 44th birthday to hip-hop legend
Happy Birthday to One of the Greatest Lyricists of Hip-Hop History: Nas
Happy birthday legend
Happy birthday to two of music s greatest artists, Nas and Amy Winehouse.
. wishing Amy Winehouse a happy birthday
Happy Birthday mga gwapa!    Smile gihapon bisan naglisod nas NAT.hahaha
Happy Birthday Nas
Happy 15th birthday. Salute to all involved. We\re ready for Part 2 when you\re ready,
Happy Birthday, Nas.
Happy Birthday to Nas
Happy Birthday to our very own
Tô ficando mais velha hoje! 2.5 nas costas. Happy bday pra mim!
Happy Birthday to this young king, The Hottest in the city!!!
Kanye s choir sings  Happy Birthday last night in Dayton, Ohio. : IG
Happy 44th birthday to Nas!
Nije svaki dan, divan dan!
Na pred kolac!
Nicki with friends & family singing Nas Happy Birthday  A COUPLE!
Happy Birthday,
Happy birthday to QB\s finest Drop your favorite Nas bars.
Happy birthday to the GOAT Nas 46
September 14, 1973

what s your favorite work from him ?
Happy birthday The World is Yours!
What s your favorite Nas track of all time? 

Happy Birthday

kurw prawie z nas bli niaki, by o si urodzi dzie pó niej
Happy birthday to my favorite person in the world   i love you sooooooo much
Happy Birthday,  What\s your favorite beat ever rapped on?
Happy birthday Nas 46
Happy birthday to the GOAT !
Happy birthday JKs  Picture by
Happy 46th Birthday to one of Hip Hop\s most important and iconic lyricists,
Happy Birthday to the very talented American rapper and songwriter
Happy Birthday to the most influential voice I ever heard Thank You For Everything
  Happy Birthday from Pensacola NAS! The birthplace of Naval Aviation!
Happy birthday to
Happy Birthday to one of the greatest hip-hop artists of all time
Happy birthday balik nas cebu kay mingaw nako nimo  lablabyo
Wishing Hip-Hop legend a happy birthday! His pen game has always been
Happy Bday Seed Al nas
Happy Birthday,
Happy Birthday Nas!
Happy Birthday Mother Earth , mismo ikaw ma nakalimot nas imo birthday hahaha we love youuuu
Happy Birthday to the Great.
Happy birthday      finest
Happy birthday nas
HAPPY BIRTHDAY G BAYOT    (pasensya nas mga extra nga nawng sa uban)
Posting this to wish Nas and the late Amy Winehouse a happy birthday. RIP to Amy.
Happy bday baby  love u!
Wishing legend a happy Birthday!
Celebrating the undisputed champ today. Happy Birthday,
Happy birthday, What\s your favorite Nas album  or
Happy Birthday to the King . One of my Favorite
Tb to nas and also HAPPY BDAY GOD
Happy Birthday \"Nas\" of the Little Coozies
Happy 45th birthday to the GOAT Nas. Greatest lyricist of all time Escobar.
Happy Birthday
I miss u every day. happy birthday
Happy Birthday, Pag activate nas Fb hahaha.
Happy Birthday y all favorite project below!
Happy birthday to My mate have a good 1 xx
Happy birthday! Nasir Jones
Happy birthday to one of the finest to ever touch the microphone for Hip-Hop
Happy Birthday Legend
The only picture I have of me and the greatest rapper of all time. Happy birthday
Issa real nigga Birthday... HBD   Happy Belated Swizzy!!!
Happy Birthday Dad!!!
Happy birthday to rapper Spend the day like
Happy Birthday to the one and only
Happy Birthday, Nas!

He Nasty
She Nasty
Happy birthday to Nas and Amy Winehouse. Legends.
Daaammnn Rolling through LA bumping the Happy Birthday mix!!
Happy birthday
 playing now! Tune into on the iCraft channel! Virgo Season! Happy Belated Birthday
Happy Happy Birthday sam ilu
 Happy Birthday Nas!!! Wish u all the best!may ur wishes come true
Nas just wished me (and everybody else) Happy Birthday!        Then he put up MJ.
Happy birthday jimin
(1994) Happy birthday to Nas.
Wishing a Happy 45th Birthday to
Happy birthday Nas.
At we would like to wish a Happy 45th Birthday to Rap Royalty 347-637-3859.
Happy bday to my guy
Before I forget: Happy birthday to one of the best to ever bless the mic,
 beli 1 boleh gak balon nya? Btw happy birthday nas, sehat terus panjang umur ya
 Happy birthday Bro
Happy birthday
Big Happy Birthday Wishes to (46), 
THE Best of the Best!
Babygirl won t you  come and hold my hand, won t you come and chill out with the Virgo, happy bday king
Living Legend -
Happy Birthday !
Happy birthday from
 Happy Birthday
Happy birthday nas!!!!!!! love you lots dude
Happy birthday to one of the greatest to ever do it
Happy Birthday Duda nas Happy Supernatural Day!
Happy Birthday to one of the greatest emcees in the game, NAS!
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday to one of the greatest rappers of all time !!
Happy birthday
Happy 44th birthday to nas! chimodu

What are your top 3 songs of all time?
Happy Birthday to Nas
Happy birthday to a legend
Happy Birthday to the king of Rap
 Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday One Of The Greatest MC\s Ever.
One Of My Biggest Influences To Be A Hip-Hop Artist. 
God Bless.
Happy 44th Birthday to Hip Hop Legend The greatest rapper of all time?
Big Happy Birthday shoutout to
Happy birthday to the
Gotta make sure I get in a happy birthday to the god The greatest to ever do it.
Happy bday to Nas and Amywinehouse
 Happy Birthday ( )
Happy 45th Birthday Hip Hop! Nas & Dave East verraten ihren Top 5 HipHop Tunes aller Zeiten
Happy 45th Birthday Hip-Hop! verrät seine Top 5 alltime classics:  THANK YOU
   Happy birthday YSE YGYT
Happy birthday jai
Happy birthday nga nas salamat sa painmom
Happy birthday
Shoutout to the creative rapper, our    HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY!!!
 happy birthday king.
Beyond the walls of intelligence, life is defined. 
Happy birthday,
Happy 45th birthday to a living legend
Nas_somebody greet your_music 
without a rap legend like you 
I don\t know_anywhere happy birthday Queensbrigde kid
Happy birthday To the greatest Lyricist  My favorite eMCee
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to  what s your favorite Nas song?
Happy 45th Birthday 2 One Of The Greatest To Ever Do It NAS. What Do You Think Is Nas Most Underrated Song?
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday to the one and only,  See him LIVE at on Sunday, October 7th:
Happy Bday God  .
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday to the greatest of all time
  happy birthday, i love you always  (Long message naa nas fb)
 ILY Nas! Happy birthday my guy
Happy birthday ya aghla il nas i love youuu
 Happy birthday leigh nas, didn t forget this year, have a gooden pal see you soon
Happy Birthday to this Mkaka Mstaarabu out of Me.
Happy 46th Birthday To
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to the real GOD MC. Nasty Nas
Happy birthday to the GOAT 46
September 14, 1973

what s your favorite work from him ?
Happy Birthday, !
Happy birthday Nas
Happy Birthday to the Greatest to ever do it. Happy Birthday to Nasir Bin Oludara Jones.
Happy Birthday
 Happy Birthday
Happy birthday to the best MC alive
Happy Birthday to one of the greatest to ever do it
Join us in wishing a Happy 46th Birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday To My Favorite Rapper Nas!!!!
It s my favorite rapper s birthday! Happy birthday to the illest to ever do it, Nasir Jones!
Happy Birthday Goat
Happy birthday     Nas!
Happy birthday bro!
Happy Birthday to one of my favorite  lyricist wishing you many more!
It Ain t Hard to Tell - Happy Birthday to a legend!
Happy birthday to the illest lyricist alive .From Ghana
 Happy birthday
 happy birthday dodong uli nas pinas.
 Happy Birthday Nas!
 happy birthday icone q eu conheço a décadas, vem mais pisões nas ratanizers
Happy Birthday to my fellow NAS aka Favorita Problemática!
 Happy early birthday Nasty Nas Escobar! You stay being 1 of my favorites & you always gonna be
Happy birthday faves
Happy 44th Birthday to my life partner & legend
Happy birthday   \I existed in a womb, just like an abyss
Came from behind the sun, my hands balled in a fist\
Happy Birthday Nas!
Nas is the most handsome 44 yr old I\ve ever seen!!!! Happy Birthday to him and my girlfriend\s fav Amy!!!
God\s Son what up?? 
Happy Birthday Legend
Happy bday to the legend
Happy birthday Nas and Swizz
Happy birthday!
Happy birthday Nas    via -  Jalen way back
Happy birthday bae
Happy birthday to &
Wishing A Happy Birthday From ! What\s Your Top Album From The MC? JS
Happy birthday Esco. My all time fave 3 of those pics u have Patek Phillipe, Rolex & AP on your wrist. Damn
Happy birthday Nas
 happy bday
  Happy birthday
 happy birthday
Happy birthday G, To this day..nobody touches Illmatic or It Was Written
Happy 44th Birthday to !
Happy 44th birthday to the Legendary The last real nigga alive
nas album 0
Nas celebrity 1
nas rapper 2
nas 2013 4

Fun Facts About Nas

Recorded a hip-hop-blues collaboration with his father called "Bridging the Gap."
Met his wife, Kelis, for the first time during an after-party at Sean 'P. Diddy' Combs's bacchanal at the luxurious Cipriani restaurant.
Proposed to Kelis in her mom's house on Christmas Eve, 2002.
Daughter named Destiny. Her mother is Carmen.
Has recorded eight albums and one EP: "Illmatic," "It Was Written," "I Am...," "Nastradamus," "Stillmatic," "From Illmatic to Stillmatic," "The Lost Tapes Vol. 1," "God's Son," and "Street's Disciple."

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