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Paul Schwartz Stands With Ukraine
Spot frigging on D.Wright 703 G 2650 AB 464 R 819 H 183 2B 10 3B 130 HR 92 SB .309/.388/.524 OPS 27.7 b - Paul Schwartz Stands With Ukraine (3 weeks ago)
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The Twins Almanac
Happy 53rd birthday to 1995 AL Rookie of the Year Marty Cordova. Not even a month into his major league career, he - The Twins Almanac (1 month ago)
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Happy birthday to my favorite Oriole from last decade! The ageless Nelson Cruz! - \"Vince\" (1 month ago)
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Maluis javier lorenzo frias
Happy birthday nelson cruz - Maluis javier lorenzo frias (1 month ago)
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Shelia Byers
Happy birthday Nelson Cruz!!!!! - Shelia Byers (1 month ago)
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abortion is healthcare
Hey are we gonna play Happy Birthday for Nelson Cruz s walk up song tonight? - abortion is healthcare (1 month ago)
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Dave Jageler
Happy 42nd Birthday to Nelson Cruz. He has hit 3 of his 457 career HRs on his birthday...he homered on his 31st, 3 - Dave Jageler (1 month ago)
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Nats Muse
And also a Happy 42nd Birthday to Nelson Cruz! Crazy how good he is even at this age. We re thankful to have him! - Nats Muse (1 month ago)
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Happy 42nd Birthday to Nelson Cruz. A 7X All Star, 4X Silver Slugger and 1x ALCS MVP, he s played 18 seasons (2005- - Rob (1 month ago)
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Talk Nats ⚾
Happy birthday to Nelson Cruz! - Talk Nats ⚾ (1 month ago)
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Jim Miloch
Happy 42nd Birthday, Nelson Cruz: 7X All-Star 4X Sliver Slugger 2011 ALCS MVP (6 HRs, 13 RBIs) 1979 Hits 457 Home - Jim Miloch (1 month ago)
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Happy Birthday to Nelson Cruz. Born on this date in 1980. - BASEBALLIN (1 month ago)
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Texas Rangers Baseball History
Happy birthday to former Nelson Cruz. - Texas Rangers Baseball History (1 month ago)
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The Scott A. Carter Bobblehead Collection
July 1st is 7-time All-Star, 4-time Silver Slugger, 2013 World Baseball Classic gold medalist & 2021 Roberto Clemen - The Scott A. Carter Bobblehead Collection (1 month ago)
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Happy birthday Baseball Player Nelson Cruz! Have a fabulous birthday! - AllFamous.org (1 month ago)
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Timothy C. Kulla
Happy Birthday Nelson Cruz Ordered Dark Blue ... wish i could find baby Blue jersey card on ebay - Timothy C. Kulla (1 year ago)
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Uncle Iroh Picks
That s a lunchtime SWEEP! Happy birthday Nelson Cruz and for the record that s 7 straight Red Sox wins since I visi - Uncle Iroh Picks (1 year ago)
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Richard Kulaski
Nelson Cruz (happy bday, btw) begs to differ. - Richard Kulaski (1 year ago)
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Michelle M. Hoffman
I love it!!!!! Happy Birthday Nelson Cruz! May your Boomstick ever swing!!!!! - Michelle M. Hoffman (1 year ago)
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The Game Day MLB
Happy 41st birthday, Nelson Cruz This dude\'s gonna be driving in runs till he\'s 80, I swear (via - The Game Day MLB (1 year ago)
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I\'d like to wish a very happy birthday to two of my favorite people- my dad and Nelson Cruz! - Hillary (1 year ago)
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Babara Carlson
Cruz Birthday! - Babara Carlson (1 year ago)
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Kev (AndrelGOAT Simmons stan)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY NELSON CRUZ - Kev (AndrelGOAT Simmons stan) (1 year ago)
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Amador Montiel
Happy Birthday to Nelson Cruz. Hopefully he spends the next one chilling on a beach somewhere and far away from the AL Central. - Amador Montiel (1 year ago)
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Do-Hyoung Park
Nelson Cruz, who turns 41 years old today, just mashed a ball at 106.5 mph that appears to have gotten stuck in Yoá - Do-Hyoung Park (1 year ago)
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Anthony LaPanta
Attn: DID YOU KNOW it s Nellie s birthday today? Nothing better than sheet cake on Live. Hap - Anthony LaPanta (1 year ago)
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Marco Moreno
Happy Birthday to my guy Nelson Cruz!! The man just keeps crushin it!! He still has 153 homers left in him!! Un abrazo!! - Marco Moreno (1 year ago)
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Birthday MVP
Happy Birthday to: COL Outfielder Charlie Blackmon MIN Outfielder Nelson Cruz SEA Pitcher Chris Flexen TB Pitcher M - Birthday MVP (1 year ago)
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Ender Wiggins
Happy 41st birthday to Nelson Cruz ( of the Minnesota Twins!!! - Ender Wiggins (1 year ago)
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Bally Sports North
Happy 41st birthday to the ageless Nelson Cruz! According to this newspaper from 2061, he still has many seasons a - Bally Sports North (1 year ago)
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Austin J. Eich
MLB hitters with at least 100 home runs and an OPS+ of 150 or greater from their age 37 season on: Babe Ruth - Austin J. Eich (1 year ago)
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Locked On Orioles
Happy 41st Birthday to Orioles legend Nelson Cruz - Locked On Orioles (1 year ago)
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Tom Galloway
Happy Birthday to the Great Nelson Cruz! What would we do without you!!! - Tom Galloway (1 year ago)
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Twinkie Town
Nelson Cruz turns 41 on July 1. Happy Birthday Nelson! Let s focus on this ageless man s success. - Twinkie Town (1 year ago)
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Kevin Glew
Happy 41st Birthday to former Vancouver Canadians outfielder and current Minnesota Twins slugger Nelson Cruz! Befo - Kevin Glew (1 year ago)
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Nicholas Francoletti
Happy Birthday to Nelson Cruz, Charlie Blackmon, Jarome Iginla, and Rod Gilbert! - Nicholas Francoletti (1 year ago)
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I\'m going through memories of Nelson Cruz on my timeline. Got a whole section to sing happy birthd - Nikki (1 year ago)
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michael Stratton
Way to go POPS. MVP DAD. ..the kid looks like a young Nelson Cruz. HAPPY BIRTHDAY - michael Stratton (2 years ago)
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The Baseball Samurai
Happy belated birthday to Nelson Cruz Nelson Cruz is a six-time MLB H - The Baseball Samurai (2 years ago)
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Susie Dockendorf
Happy Birthday Nelson Cruz!! - Susie Dockendorf (2 years ago)
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Pro Sports Outlook
Happy birthday Nelson Cruz! The only player in MLB history (out of 7000) to debut at age 25 or more and hit over 30 - Pro Sports Outlook (2 years ago)
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Erik the Peanut Guy
I love Nelson Cruz! Happy Birthday, Boomstick. - Erik the Peanut Guy (2 years ago)
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Nash Walker
Only one player in the A.L. had a higher OPS+ than Nelson Cruz in 2019. Mike Trout. Happy birthday, - Nash Walker (2 years ago)
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Jeremy oldenkamp
Happy 40 birthday Nelson Cruz go Twins. - Jeremy oldenkamp (2 years ago)
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Mellanie Pusateri
Happy birthday Nelson Cruz Izzie can t wait to see you play ball again. - Mellanie Pusateri (2 years ago)
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Happy birthday Nelson Cruz! The Twins would ve played the Tigers today, so Nelly definitely would ve hit 4 homers - Rena (2 years ago)
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Paul Law
Nelson Cruz could have ended the mariners playoff drought if Z had paid him instead of Corey Hart in 2014..fml..Hap - Paul Law (2 years ago)
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Matthew Taylor
Happy birthday, Let s all honor Nelson Cruz today on his 40th birthday by taking a mid-afternoon nap! - Matthew Taylor (2 years ago)
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Super Monicaco
Happy birthday to \"Boomstick\" Feliz cumpleaños para el pana, Nelson Cruz (+IMAGES) - Super Monicaco (2 years ago)
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Happy 40th birthday, Nelson Cruz! The Rangers outfielder (2007-2013) and 2011 ALCS MVP hit 157 home runs with Tex - DFWSportsPast (2 years ago)

42 years old (Born on July 01, 1980)

MLB right fielder known for his home runs swing; named ALCS MVP for the Texas Rangers in 2011, after setting the MLB record for most RBIs in a postseason series with 13.

Nelson Cruz's Best Moments

Happy birthday to former Nelson Cruz.
Happy birthday Nelson Cruz!!!!!
And also a Happy 42nd Birthday to Nelson Cruz! Crazy how good he is even at this age. We re thankful to have him!
Happy Birthday to Nelson Cruz. Born on this date in 1980.
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