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Happy birthday Nick best wishes to my favorite duran duran handsome man - Mayra (12 months ago)
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Oh man, where did they get if from? Would love to get one for my husband dude. Happy Birthday . - casnewyddbookworm (1 week ago)
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Happy birthday Nick! I m picking up Starsky vibes from the cardigan mate, and in the best possible way! - Skillsmcgill (1 week ago)
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Rehana Watkinson
Happy birthday Nick!!!! - Rehana Watkinson (1 week ago)
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James Felton
Happy birthday Nick! - James Felton (1 week ago)
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Happy Birthday!!! btw Nick Rhodes rules - TracyS (11 months ago)
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Embarrassingly late with this. Happy Belated Birthday Nick Rhodes. You are a galaxy in a universe of th - Reine (11 months ago)
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♕Katsandra Blossom Puff #TeamNoPants
Happy Birthday Nick Rhodes - ♕Katsandra Blossom Puff #TeamNoPants (12 months ago)
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Cassandra L
BTW Happy Birthday to my 80 s Crush Nick Rhodes! - Cassandra L (12 months ago)
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I had such a busy day, I almost forgot to wish Duran Duran keyboardist Nick Rhodes a Happy Birthday... - Amadeus (12 months ago)
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NP: New Wa - NewWaveRewind (12 months ago)
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Nick Rhodes Happy Birthday popfection - anotque❌ (12 months ago)
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The Flaky Bandit
Happy Birthday Nick Rhodes! Whether Nick is one fifth, one quarter or one third of one third or one ha - The Flaky Bandit (12 months ago)
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Granny Goodwitch
...a Happy 57th Birthday to <3 Nick Rhodes <3 of Duran Duran =D - Granny Goodwitch (12 months ago)
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Gretchen M. ⚗
Happy Birthday Nick Rhodes - Gretchen M. ⚗ (12 months ago)
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Lorraine Henshaw
Happy birthday to the one and only Mr Nick Rhodes - Lorraine Henshaw (12 months ago)
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Paula Aranha
Happy bday, Nick Rhodes - Paula Aranha (12 months ago)
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Pinky Lovejoy-Coogan
Happy happy birthday greetings to my very favorite Duran, Nick Rhodes! The only person whose autograph is tattooe - Pinky Lovejoy-Coogan (12 months ago)
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CD Buttek
Happy Birthday Nick Rhodes *57*! Duran Duran - Rio (EMI/1982) - CD Buttek (12 months ago)
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George A. Paul
Happy Birthday to Nick Rhodes of Here\'s my review of the band\'s special Unstaged gig with - George A. Paul (12 months ago)
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Lori Majewski
How good did that sound today?! Happy Birthday to our dear Nick Rhodes, btw!!! - Lori Majewski (12 months ago)
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david plastik
Happy Birthday Nick Rhodes. Keyboards for Duran Duran . I took this photo in 1986. - david plastik (12 months ago)
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Happy birthday to Nick Rhodes! - Autohypnosis (12 months ago)
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Happy 57th Birthday to Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran! - that80snewwave (12 months ago)
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Arcadia - Election Day (7\" Version)\" (Official Music Video) Happy Birthday Nick Rhodes - mitsuya (12 months ago)
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Natale Fabrizio
The most sincere wishes for a happy birthday to the great Nick Rhodes, an icon of style, an artist of i - Natale Fabrizio (12 months ago)
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mimi stevens
Happy birthday to Nick Rhodes - mimi stevens (12 months ago)
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Happy birthday, Nick Rhodes! - Staci (12 months ago)
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Ocean 100
Happy Birthday to Simply Red\'s Mick Hucknall(59), Duran Duran\'s Nick Rhodes(57), Bonnie Tyler(68) & Keenan Ivory Wayans(61) - Ocean 100 (12 months ago)
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Capital Radio UAE
Happy Birthday to Nick Rhodes, keyboard player with Duran Duran, born on this day in 1963. One of the biggest UK ba - Capital Radio UAE (12 months ago)
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Emma Marsling
Happy birthday to Nick Rhodes from one of the most talented and graceful men that have ever graced the - Emma Marsling (12 months ago)
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Richard Hilton
I want to wish my friend Nick Rhodes a very happy birthday. - Richard Hilton (12 months ago)
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Andrew McGuire
john-taylor-daily: Happy Birthday Nick Rhodes! - Andrew McGuire (12 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Nick Rhodes - CHAN LILY (12 months ago)
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Janice Elément
Happy Birthday to the controller Nick Rhodes ! DD would not be DD without you ! I m happy - Janice Elément (12 months ago)
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OttO fm Radio Tv
08/06::::::Happy Birthday Nick Rhodes DURAN DURAN - OttO fm Radio Tv (12 months ago)
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Happy birthday, Mr Nick Rhodes from Portugal - fabri (12 months ago)
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Brand New Retro
8 June 1962. Happy Birthday Nick Rhodes, keyboard player with Duran Duran. - Brand New Retro (12 months ago)
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Classic Pop magazine
Happy birthday to Nick Rhodes from from all at - Classic Pop magazine (12 months ago)
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Happy birthday,!! Nick Rhodes I love - keisi_Oti_Duran (12 months ago)
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Melanie VaughanSmith
Happy birthday today to Jerry Stiller (92), Millicent Martin (85), Nancy Sinatra (79), Colin Baker (76), Julie Dris - Melanie VaughanSmith (12 months ago)
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Hatty Burpday
June 8 Happy birthday today to Sonia Braga (69) Bonnie Tyler (68) Tim Berners-Lee (64) Scott Adams (62) Mick Huckn - Hatty Burpday (12 months ago)
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imperatore urur
Happy Birthday Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran - imperatore urur (12 months ago)
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Rachel Mills
Happy Birthday Nick Rhodes . What a fabulous creative creature you are! - Rachel Mills (12 months ago)
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Eileen Ikuta
Happy Birthday Nick Rhodes!!!!! - Eileen Ikuta (12 months ago)
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Paca Whisperer aka Jayme
Happy Birthday, Nick Rhodes !! - Paca Whisperer aka Jayme (12 months ago)
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Angeles Ramirez
Nick Rhodes you are the one love kissesss for you happy happy birthday my lovely boy. - Angeles Ramirez (12 months ago)
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Motorcycling Peanut
Stuff I\'m Listening To - Special Birthday Edition - Happy Birthday Nick Rhodes: Arcadia Missing F - Motorcycling Peanut (12 months ago)
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Sherry Gahan
Happy Birthday Nick Rhodes - Sherry Gahan (12 months ago)
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Naomi (HAT-tee)
Happy Birthday Nick Rhodes!!!!!!!! - Naomi (HAT-tee) (12 months ago)

57 years old (Born on June 08, 1962)

Keyboardist; He is famous from Duran Duran.

Daughter: Tatjana Leigh Orchid (August 23, 1986) Nick became a vegetarian in 1988, following an incident where he was cutting into a rare steak and blood spurted onto his shirt.
(wikipedia.org) He is a member of Duran Duran, who had a lot of successful hits in the 80s. Duran Duran`s first North American TV appearance was on Dancing On Air which was filmed in Philadelphia, Pa. (L.L.) Duran`s Wild Boyz Video cost over 1 Million to make beating out Michael Jackson`s Thriller Video (L.L.)

Nick Rhodes's Best Moments

Midnight in the UK. Happy happy birthday Nick Rhodes!
A huge happy 55th birthday to the brilliant Nick Rhodes of  Here\s to many many more!
A very Happy Birthday to the incomparable John Taylor! We at Nick Rhodes Day tip our collective hats to you!
Happy Birthday to the BOY Nick Rhodes!
Happy BDay to synth-lord Nick Rhodes of
 Happy Birthday  NICK  RHODES, Argentina  we love you !!!
Happy Birthday to my lifetime idol, The Controller, Nick Rhodes!!!
Happy birthday to Nick Rhodes from from all at
 Happy birthday Nick Rhodes!
Happy 54th Birthday to Duran Duran\s Nick Rhodes. What\s he going to do do do do do do do dodo dododo dodo today?
Born on this day in 1962 in Moseley, UK, keyboard player Nick Rhodes. Happy 55th birthday!
Happy birthday to the one and only Nick Rhodes of I took this photo earlier this year.
Happy Birthday to Nick Rhodes!
Happy Birthday Nick Rhodes           Mestre
Happy Birthday to Nick Rhodes from all of us in Duranada!
Happy Birthday Nick Rhodes. My hair hero and inspiration for 35 years....
Happy Birthday Nick Rhodes Duran Duran will kick off lunch today at noon
Happy Birthday to Nick Rhodes!
Thanks for the music & for letting me give you a travel tip.
Happy Birthday to the wonderfully talented Nick Rhodes  Cake and wine for everyone!!
Happy 55th Birthday to Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran!!
Happy Birthday Nick Rhodes , legend and founding member of Duran Duran .
Happy Birthday to The Controller, Nick Rhodes! Who is turning 57 today! We love you!
Happy Birthday Nick Rhodes
Happy Birthday, Nick Rhodes !!
 Happy birthday,!! 
Nick Rhodes I love
 8 June 1962. Happy Birthday Nick Rhodes, keyboard player with Duran Duran.
Happy Birthday Nick Rhodes
 Happy Birthday Rhodes

Happy birthday Nick Rhodes, who turns 55 today
Happy Birthday Richard Fleeshman, Mickey Bushell, Jamie Spencer, Doris Pearson, Nick Rhodes, Mary King & Kathy Baker
   Happy birthday to Nick Rhodes, 55 today :-)
Happy birthday! Nick Rhodes!
Happy Birthday to my first love!! Nick Rhodes!!
Much love and a very happy birthday to Nick Rhodes x x
Happy Birthday dear Nick Rhodes!
Happy birthday to my imaginary husband, Nick Rhodes
Nick Rhodes Interview With Paula Yates. Happy Birthday Nick!
 Happy Birthday Nick Rhodes!!!
Happy Birthday Nick Rhodes!  Thanks for your music
Happy Birthday Nick Rhodes
 Happy birthday dearest         with lots of
Happy birthday from NZ to Controller Nick Rhodes!
Happy birthday Nick Rhodes
Happy birthday to the legend Nick Rhodes. Still cringe about what I said the one time I met him
 Happy Birthday Nick Rhodes!
Happy Birthday Nick Rhodes, I will always remember seeing you in the 80\s and thinking, \"hmmm.\"
Happy Birthday to the fabulous Nick Rhodes
Have a good Friday everyone and also happy birthday Nick Rhodes!
  Wishing Nick Rhodes a very Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday dear Nick Rhodes from
Happy Birthday to the epic talent that is Nick Rhodes!
Happy Birthday to the one and only Nick Rhodes of
Dear Nick Rhodes, Happy Birthday! signed, a
Happy birthday Nick Rhodes!
Yes, back in 1984 I was 8 years old and obsessed with Happy Birthday Nick Rhodes!
Happy 56th birthday to Duran Duran\s inimitable keyboardist Nick Rhodes
 Happy birthday Nick Rhodes!
Happy birthday to Nick Rhodes
Happy birthday to Nick Rhodes!
Happy Birthday Nick Rhodes *57*! Duran Duran - Rio (EMI/1982)
 Happy bday, Nick Rhodes
Happy Birthday Nick Rhodes
nick rhodes 80s 0
nick rhodes 2013 1
nick rhodes 1980 s 2
nick rhodes 80s 3

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