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Bella | wwk
Nicole Kidman HAPPY BIRTHDAY LANA - Bella | wwk (6 months ago)
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nicole kidman HAPPY BIRTHDAY LANA - adri (6 months ago)
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aly ☽ | happy bday lana
nicole kidman HAPPY BIRTHDAY LANA - aly ☽ | happy bday lana (6 months ago)
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aly ☽ | wwk spoiler\'s
nicole kidman HAPPY BIRTHDAY LANA - aly ☽ | wwk spoiler\'s (6 months ago)
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aly ☽ | wwk spoilers
nicole kidman HAPPY BIRTHDAY LANA - aly ☽ | wwk spoilers (6 months ago)
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Today It\'s Tom Cruise Birthday, WisHing Tom A Happy Birthday with Nicole Kidman and Tom\'s 25-Year-old Daughter Is - Caroline (6 months ago)
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Leroy / Negromancer / I Reads You
NEGROMANCER 2.0: Happy B\'day, Nicole Kidman: The Others - Leroy / Negromancer / I Reads You (6 months ago)
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- Comelywomen.com (7 months ago)
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Happy Birthday To The Acting Industry\'s Credit - Ms Nicole Kidman: On June 18th, Paul heard from your Stadium Motiv - @Dailyusanews (7 months ago)
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Happy birthday,Nicole Kidman - AmarK (7 months ago)
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dandie Lynn layla
Happy belated bday Nicole Kidman, ur 54. Hope u have a great day, hope u have a great bday. Make it a good one, hop - dandie Lynn layla (7 months ago)
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Almost Famous
HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVELY, AMAZING NICOLE KIDMAN! You are so gorgeous and I out of the blue, I felt like channeling yo - Almost Famous (7 months ago)
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Happy Birthday to Nicole Kidman, who starred with Viggo Mortensen in \"The Portrait of a Lady\" © Polygram Entertain - KayGee (7 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Nicole Kidman! - syakirah (7 months ago)
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Happy belated birthday, Nicole Kidman! We love the love you two share. ( : - 98.1 THE BULL (7 months ago)
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Happy belated birthday, Nicole Kidman! We love the love you two share. | - iHeartCountry (7 months ago)
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Ananya Panday FC
Happy 54th Birthday to Nicole Kidman! - Ananya Panday FC (7 months ago)
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Actress RIDER
Happy Birthday Nicole ! The Iconic Nicole Kidman turns 54 Today - Actress RIDER (7 months ago)
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Lisa Tant
Happy birthday to one of my favourite actresses - frosty to vulnerable, glam to downtrodden - Nicole Kidman rarely - Lisa Tant (7 months ago)
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Kyler Kline
Happy birthday Nicole Kidman - Kyler Kline (7 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Nicole Kidman - DavidEvansakaDarthSpiderMaul (7 months ago)
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the black \"avril lavigne\"
Happy birthday Nicole Kidman - the black \"avril lavigne\" (7 months ago)
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Totally Good Time
Happy Birthday to the bestie, Nicole Kidman - Totally Good Time (7 months ago)
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broti gupta
happy birthday nicole kidman! - broti gupta (7 months ago)
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Anyways, happy birthday to nicole kidman, the mother i never had, the sister everybody would want, the friend tha - brittany (7 months ago)
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An Outlander from the Lowlands
Hey you share the same birthday as Nicole Kidman, happy birthday fellow boomer! - An Outlander from the Lowlands (7 months ago)
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maybe: diane
Anyway happy birthday to Nicole Kidman, my mother from down under. - maybe: diane (7 months ago)
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gemma’s side piece
Happy birthday nicole kidman! - gemma’s side piece (7 months ago)
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Pachu M. Torres
Happy Birthday, Nicole Kidman! - Pachu M. Torres (7 months ago)
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Sarah Hagi
Will never understand the impulse to wish a celeb a happy bday on message, how can so many people be wishing nicole - Sarah Hagi (7 months ago)
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The Super Network
Happy Birthday to one of the greatest Nicole Kidman! Can t even choose her favourite role, there s so many! - The Super Network (7 months ago)
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Great Value™️ Freddy from iCarly
Happy birthday to Nicole Kidman thank you for making one of the best movies of al time - Great Value™️ Freddy from iCarly (7 months ago)
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Happy Birthday to our queen today...American-born Australian actress, producer and singer Nicole Kidman (54). She - gmrjr59 (7 months ago)
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Happy birthday nicole kidman - kaleigh (7 months ago)
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Happy birthday Nicole Kidman! - Shaima (7 months ago)
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Jamie Hendrix
Happy Birthday, Nicole Kidman! - Jamie Hendrix (7 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Nicole Kidman - Paul (7 months ago)
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Happy 54th birthday, Nicole Kidman. - [Carla] (7 months ago)
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Happy Birthday to Nicole Kidman, and me - ᎠᏌNᎬᎷYᎢᎻᎪNᏩ™️ IS FULLY VACCINATED‼️ (7 months ago)
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Happy Birthday to the one and only Nicole Kidman!!! - Tony (7 months ago)
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Fans wish Nicole Kidman a happy birthday. - MagicCityVampire (7 months ago)
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Masterworks Broadway
Happy Birthday to the zazz queen, Nicole Kidman! - Masterworks Broadway (7 months ago)
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val • sara’s day
Happy birthday to the wonderful nicole kidman - val • sara’s day (7 months ago)
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Happy birthday nicole kidman wasian queen - hyojin (7 months ago)
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Happy birthday nicole kidman - samaher (7 months ago)
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Homedance Film Festival Podcast
Happy Birthday to the incomparable Nicole Kidman! Her film STOKER debuted at the Sundance Film Festival in 2013. It - Homedance Film Festival Podcast (7 months ago)

54 years old (Born on June 20, 1967)

Australian actress; She is famous from Days of Thunder, Eyes Wide Shut, Moulin Rouge and The Hours.

She and Keith Urban honeymooned in Tahiti -- more precisely the St Regis in Bora Bora. Eva Longoria Parker and her boyfriend Tony Parker were also coincidentally staying there at the time. (So much for "getting away from it all".). Her second wedding ceremony lasted 35 minutes. Married Keith Urban in the St. Patrick's church in Manly, a suburb of Sydney. Attended the same high school attended by Catherine Martin (two time Oscar winner for costume design and direction on Moulin Rouge! (2001) and wife of Baz Luhrmann) and legendary Australian actress Ruth Cracknell. 2006: Accompanied her boyfriend Keith Urban to the Grammy Awards. It was their first public appearance together.

Nicole Kidman's Best Moments

 Happy Birthday to the living legend, Nicole Kidman
Happy 54th Birthday Nicole Kidman! I love her so much, she makes me so happy and I hope she has an amazing day!
Happy birthday to nicole kidman<3
Happy birthday nicole kidman my dancing queen
Happy birthday to sandra bullock\s forever witchy sister, Nicole kidman
Happy Birthday to Nicole Kidman
Happy birthday nicole kidman
Happy 70th birthday, Nicole Kidman!
Happy birthday to nicole kidman
Happy birthday nicole kidman
Happy birthday to Nicole kidman the queen of everything
Happy birthday nicole kidman ily miss talented
Happy birthday, Nicole Kidman
Happy Birthday Nicole Kidman!
Photo taken 1990.
Laura with Nicole when they worked together in Genius (2016) 

Happy birthday Nicole Kidman
Happy birthday to MILF cum target Nicole Kidman. Earning loads since the 90s
Happy birthday Nicole Kidman!
Happy birthday nicole kidman <3
HAPPY BIRTHDAY NICOLE  Here are eleven Nicole Kidman films that are gay nourishment:
Happy Birthday, Nicole Kidman!
          Happy Birthday, Nicole Kidman!
Happy birthday nicole kidman
Happy birthday Nicole Kidman
Happy Birthday to Nicole Kidman!
Happy Birthday to Dr Chase Meridian herself, Nicole Kidman!
Happy Birthday to the bestie, Nicole Kidman
Happy birthday to Nicole Kidman
Happy birthday to the STUNNING and TALENTED, one and only, NICOLE KIDMAN!!
Happy Birthday to our girl Nicole Kidman aka Nikki Kidz.
Happy Birthday, Nicole Kidman!
Happy 54th birthday, Nicole Kidman.
Happy Birthday Nicole Kidman
Happy birthday, Nicole Kidman. Keep shining, you beautiful unicorn.
Happy 50th birthday Nicole Kidman
Happy birthday to Lionel Richie, John Goodman, Nicole Kidman and moi
Watch Keith Urban sing \Happy Birthday\ to Nicole Kidman with a crowd of concertgoers
Happy Birthday to Walk of Famer Nicole Kidman!
Happy Birthday Nicole Kidman!!!
Happy Birthday to Nicole Kidman
Happy Birthday Nicole Kidman!
Happy birthday to icon nicole kidman. has any actor worked with as many amazing directors as nicole has?
Happy Birthday Nicole Kidman!!!
Happy 52nd Birthday to actress and producer, Nicole Kidman!
Happy birthday Nicole Kidman: Relive her best style moments
Long Live The Queen .. Happy Birthday, Nicole Kidman!
Happy 220th Mercurian Birthday Nicole Kidman! Remessage
Happy birthday to the ever-so-stunning Nicole Kidman!
Happy Birthday Nicole Kidman!!!
Happy Birthday to American (born Australian) actress, producer and singer, Nicole Kidman (20 June 1967).
Meanwhile, Happy Birthday Nicole Kidman! Lucas Hedges wore special boots just for the occasion!
Happy Birthday a Nicole Kidman. Referente internacional de belleza, elegancia y buen gusto.
Happy Birthday, Nicole Kidman! 
What\s your favorite film?
Happy birthday queen Nicole kidman
Happy Birthday to the one and only Nicole Kidman!!!
Happy birthday Nicole Kidman
Happy birthday Nicole Kidman
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Fun Facts About Nicole Kidman

Was considered for the role of Catwoman (2004).
1/13/03: Received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
Has appeared in My Life (1993/I) with Michael Keaton, Batman Forever (1995) with Val Kilmer, The Peacemaker (1997) with George Clooney and The Portrait of a Lady (1996) with Christian Bale. All four actors have played Batman in a movie.
She asked her wedding guests not to buy any presents for her and Keith Urban but to donate the money instead to some humanitarian organization.
2003: Ranked #31 in Premiere's annual Power 100 List. Had ranked #83 in 2002.
Stepmother of her children Isabella and Connor is Katie Holmes.
Wore a wedding gown at her wedding to Keith Urban by the label Balenciaga.
Wrote the introduction to the book "Truth: Personas, Needs, and Flaws in the Art of Building Actors and Creating Characters" by her friend and acting consultant Susan Batson.
Measurements: 34B-23-36 (Source: Celebrity Sleuth magazine).
2004: Topped The Hollywood Reporter's list of the highest-paid actresses in Hollywood .
Although naturally left-handed, she taught herself to write right-handed for her role in The Hours (2002), where she played the right-handed author v*rginia Woolf.
Frequently does her own nude scenes, declining to use body doubles.
Keith Urban's brother Shane Urban was best man at their wedding.
She likes playing tennis
Jim Carrey is her best male friend.
8/04: Australian business magazine Business Review Weekly listed Kidman as the richest Australian woman under age 40, estimated at a worth of $155 million (Australian).
Her sister, Antonia Kidman, was a bridesmaid at her wedding to Keith Urban.
Keith Urban's brother Marlon Holden was best man at their wedding.
First Australian actress to win the Best Actress Academy Award.
She and her daughter are chocohalics
2004: One of People Magazine's 50 Most Beautiful People for most wanted skin.
Wore a corset while filming The Portrait of a Lady (1996) to take her waist down to 19".
Listed in "People Weekly"s "Most Intriguing People" list. (December 25 1995/January 1 1996 issue)
Scored an IQ of 132+
8/02: Voted the 5th Sexiest Female Movie Star in the Australian Empire Magazine.
In addition to having worked with all four of the most recent Batmans, she has also worked with both of the most recent actors to play Alfred Pennyworth. In Batman Forever (1995), she appears with Michael Gough. In Bewitched (2005), her father is played by Michael Caine.
Is a fan of actress Aishwarya Rai, and her film Bride & Prejudice (2004). Nicole got to meet Aishwarya for the first time at the 2005 Time Magazine's 100 most influential people in the world dinner held in New York City.
In honor of her June 2006 wedding to singer Keith Urban, Australian TV presenters Simon Reeve and Nelson Aspen teamed up to sing Nicole a live rendition of the theme song "Bewitched" on the morning news program "Sunrise" (2003).
Three star performers sang at her wedding reception to Keith Urban. Hugh Jackman sang "Tenterfield Saddler", a favorite of Urban's. Keith Urban sang his hit song "Making Memories of Us" to her. Neil Finn sang "Fall At Your Feet".
Was listed as a potential nominee on both the 2006 and 2008 Razzie Award nominating ballots. She was suggested in the Worst Actress category on the 2006 ballot for her performance in Bewitched (2005). And she was suggested again two years later on the 2007 ballot in the Worst Actress category again for her performances in the films The Golden Compass (2007) and The Invasion (2007). She failed to receive either nomination.
Was cast in Baz Luhrmann's doomed Alexander the Great-project.
Is highly conscious of avoiding excessive sun exposure, and is rarely seen during her downtime without a hat, sunglasses and wearing sunscreen. In fact, best friend Naomi Watts has said that "Nicole won't cross the street without a hat."
12/22/92: Isabella Jane (adopted daughter) born.
Baz Luhrmann read a love Psalm by New Zealand writer Joy Cowley (a nod to Urban's birth place) at her wedding to Keith Urban.
Good friends with Russell Crowe.
Is a pianist, and did her own piano-playing in Cold Mountain (2003).
Suffered a broken rib while rehearsing a dance routine for the movie Moulin Rouge! (2001). Production was halted while she recovered.
Ex-girlfriend of Lenny Kravitz.
In Moulin Rouge! (2001) Kidman sang alongside Ewan McGregor.
Family: sister, Antonia Kidman, brother-in-law, Angus Hawley, father, Dr. Anthony David Kidman, mother, Janelle Ann MacNeille Kidman, son, Connor Antony, daughter, Isabella Jane.
Played a young girl named Grace on a sketch on "Saturday Night Live" (1975) with Mike Myers, the next time she played a character named Grace was her 2001 movie, The Others (2001). She played a character named Grace for the third time in Dogville (2003).
A very tall woman at nearly 5' 11", she actually stood about 4 inches taller than ex-husband Tom Cruise, and rarely wore heels when seen publicly with him so that they could appear similar in height. Since their divorce, she is rarely seen on the red carpet without high heels, and she often meets 6' 4" actors in the eye.
1/17/95: Conor Antony (adopted son) born.
4/13/07: She was awarded the Companion of the Order of Australia, which is Australia's top civil honor, at a ceremony in Canberra. She was honored for her contribution to cinema as well as her charity work with women, children and cancer research.
She was nominated for a Laurence Olivier Theatre Award in 1999 (1998 season) for Best Actress for her performance in "The Blue Room".
Shares her birthday with Brian Wilson, Josh Lucas, Tina Sinatra, Lionel Richie, Olympia Dukakis, Martin Landauand Errol Flynn.
10/99: Crusader against child abuse. "Children should be allowed to grow up without fear of cruelty.".
Spent two weeks in bed after filming of The Portrait of a Lady (1996) - diagnosed as suffering from "emotional stress".
Sang alongside Robbie Williams in a remake of the duet "Something Stupid", originally sang by Frank Sinatra and Nancy Sinatra.
Is in the 50th-anniversary edition of the Guinness Book Of Records as the highest-paid actress in a commercial. She netted $3.71 million for her part in a four-minute Baz Luhrmann-directed Chanel No. 5 movie ad. The ad, costing $11 million a minute, is a short film titled "No 5: The Film". Guinness book editors noted the actress earned $928,800 per minute. Costumes designed by Karl Lagerfeld and score by Debussy.
2001: Named Entertainment Weekly's Entertainer of The Year.
2005: Premiere Magazine ranked her as #48 on a list of the Greatest Movie Stars of All Time in their Stars in Our Constellation feature.
Keith Urban gifted Nicole a first edition of Emily Brontu00eb's novel, "Wuthering Heights", purchased from Sotherby's for $200,000 as a wedding present.
1999: Chosen by People Magazine as one of the 50 Most Beautiful People in the World.
She somkes cigaretts (hollyscoop.com)
In recent polls, she was elected alongside fellow Aussie Hugh Jackman as one of the favorite upcoming romantic couples on screen.
Writes short stories in her free time and hopes to publish them one day.
Wore a red wig for her role in Moulin Rouge! (2001).
2/5/01: Separated from husband Tom Cruise.
Is left-handed.
Nicole and her husband, Keith Urban, are expecting their first child, together [January 7, 2008]. Because of the pregnancy, she had to drop out of her role as Hanna Schmitz in the film The Reader (2008).
Sister of Australian television personality Antonia Kidman.
Named goodwill ambassador for the United Nations Development Fund for Women.
Scared of butterflies.
2001: Named one of People Magazine's 25 Most Intriguing People of 2001.
Is allergic to strawberries.
She and husband Keith Urban, purchased a farm near Leipers Fork, Tennessee, which they are now renovating. (November 2007).
2006: Lives in an apartment in Sydney, with her husband, country music singer Keith Urban. (2006).
Was cast as Ulla in The Producers (2005), but backed out due to scheduling conflicts.
While she usually commands $10 million+ for a movie, she is willing to receive only $500,000 for her role in "Eucalyptus (2006)". Produced by Fox Searchlight, its financing guideline shows that each actor signed on to the project can receive no more than $500,000, to keep costs low. This movie will be produced in Australia, another reason she decided to accept it.
2000: She and her husband Tom Cruise donated to Hillary Rodham Clinton's campaign for a seat in the U.S. Senate representing New York state.
1996: Chosen by People (USA) magazine as one of the 50 Most Beautiful People in the World.
Was considered for the lead role in The Painted Veil (2006), which eventually went to her best friend Naomi Watts.
Godmother of Harry (b. 19 September 2001), the son of Simon Baker and Rebecca Riggs. Riggs and Kidman are close friends.
Is a childhood friend of Peter Overton, a reporter for the Australian "60 Minutes" (1979) program. Both lived in the same suburb of Sydney when they were children.
Best friends with Naomi Watts.
Had played a witch twice. Once in Practical Magic (1998) and again in Bewitched (2005).
Her father is renowned Sydney psychologist Dr. Antony Kidman, famous in his own right for work done with br**st cancer patients, among other things.
Was slated to star alongside Russell Crowe in the movie adaptation of Murray Ball's novel "Eucalyptus," but the project was dropped.
2002: Was named one of the 50 Most Beautiful People by People Magazine.
2004: Presented her The Interpreter (2005) co-star Sean Penn his Best Actor Oscar.
Originally cast as Mrs. Smith in Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005).
2001: Named E!'s Celebrity of the Year.
Dropped out of the role of Katharine Hepburn in The Aviator (2004) due to scheduling conflicts.
In 2007, Forbes Magazine estimated her earnings for the year to be $28 million.
5/17/06: Engaged to country musician Keith Urban.
Turned down the lead role of "Roxie Hart" in Chicago (2002) because she had just completed Moulin Rouge! (2001) and did not want to do two musicals in a row. Her friend, Renu00e9e Zellweger, won the role of Roxie and an Oscar nomination for her efforts.
1998: She was awarded the Special Award at the London Evening Standard Theatre Awards for her special and significant contributions to London Theatre for her performance in "The Blue Room".
She and ex-husband Tom Cruise made 3 movies together: Days of Thunder (1990), Eyes Wide Shut (1999) and Far and Away (1992). They met on the set of Days of Thunder (1990).
230 guests attended her wedding to Keith Urban. Among them were her best friend Naomi Watts, Russell Crowe, Baz Luhrmann, Hugh Jackman and Nicole's two children Isabella and Conor. Jim Carrey was invited and greatly wanted to come, in fact he booked plane tickets to Australia, but last minute scheduling conflicts stopped him from going.
Four Oscar winners were at her wedding to Keith Urban: Russell Crowe, Jane Campion, Catherine Martin and Kidman, herself.
9/01: Attended the Royal Premiere of Moulin Rouge! (2001) alongside Kylie Minogue, Prince Charles and Ewan McGregor.
Found out about her first Academy Award nomination, for Moulin Rouge! (2001), while shooting Dogville (2003) in Sweden.
Earns $4 million per year endorsing Chanel No. 5 perfume. Her three year contract is up for renewal in 2007.
2006: Her performance as Suzanne Stone Maretto in To Die For (1995) is ranked #40 on Premiere Magazine's 100 Greatest Performances of All Time.
Likes the poetry of Anne Carson and the writing of Phillip Larkin.
2005: Ranked as #69 in FHM's "100 Sexiest Women in the World 2005" special supplement.
Is highly conscious of avoiding excessive sun exposure, and is rarely seen during her downtime without a hat, sunglasses and wearing sunscreen.
Replaced Rene Russo as Dr. Chase Meridian in Batman Forever (1995) when Val Kilmer replaced Michael Keaton.
December 2007: According to Forbes, her movies averaged $8 of gross income for every dollar the actress got paid.
Friends with Renu00e9e Zellweger and Jim Carrey.
Has Irish ancestry.
Studied ballet and drama in Australia.
The bridesmaids at her wedding were her daughter Isabella Jane Cruise, her sister Antonia Kidman and her niece Lucia.
She was supposed to be the star of Panic Room (2002), but she hurt herself in a stunt for Moulin Rouge! (2001). So, she played the voice of Jodie Foster's divorced husband's wife.
Author Philip Pullman requested her specifically to play the role of Marisa Coulter in the movie adaptation of his book "His Dark Materials: The Golden Compass".
2006: Presented her The Peacemaker (1997) co-star George Clooney his Best Supporting Actor Oscar.
Has one niece: Lucia (b. 1999) and two nephews: Hamish (b. 2001), James (b. 2003).

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