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Happy birthday Abe kejri saale jinke naam se aage badha unko wish toh kar - Aj (4 weeks ago)
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Happy Birthday Sir - DURGA (4 weeks ago)
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Vitthal Wagh
Happy birthday Dada - Vitthal Wagh (4 weeks ago)
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Anand Mundra
Happy birthday to you sir - Anand Mundra (4 weeks ago)
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Nayandeep Bhattacharjee
Happy birthday sir - Nayandeep Bhattacharjee (4 weeks ago)
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Kumar Bhanu
Happy Birthday, Sir - Kumar Bhanu (4 weeks ago)
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Er S Ramachandran
Happy Birthday Ji.. - Er S Ramachandran (4 weeks ago)
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kasturi Varahalarao
Happy birthday to reddy - kasturi Varahalarao (4 weeks ago)
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Globetrotter ✈️
You guys keep wishing each other Happy Birthday Please do something about Internati - Globetrotter ✈️ (4 weeks ago)
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Pankaj Falle
Happy birthday anna - Pankaj Falle (4 weeks ago)
birthday balloon

Rajtilak Singh Hajari
Happy birthday Anna - Rajtilak Singh Hajari (4 weeks ago)
birthday balloon

Lokesh Khandelwal
Happy Birthday - Lokesh Khandelwal (4 weeks ago)
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श्रीराम सिंह चौहान बीजेपी
Happy Birthday - श्रीराम सिंह चौहान बीजेपी (4 weeks ago)
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Happy Birthday Kishan Reddy garu - K€[email protected]|\\| (4 weeks ago)
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What Killed Sushant Singh Rajput
Happy Birthday Kishan Reddy garu - What Killed Sushant Singh Rajput (4 weeks ago)
birthday balloon

Balaji Vanshette
Happy birthday Saheb - Balaji Vanshette (4 weeks ago)
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Harish chandra dubey
Wish u a very happy birthday sir... @ Raj Thackeray sir - Harish chandra dubey (4 weeks ago)
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Heeralal Narang
Wish u good health and all happiness on ur happy birthday Rajsaheb Thare - Heeralal Narang (4 weeks ago)
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chandrakiran sharnagat
Happy Birthday sir - chandrakiran sharnagat (4 weeks ago)
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Manohar Mori
Happy birthday - Manohar Mori (4 weeks ago)
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Chetan Tantla
Happy birthday Piyush Sir - Chetan Tantla (4 weeks ago)
birthday balloon

D Sathish Kumar
Happy birthday Ji - D Sathish Kumar (4 weeks ago)
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Vineet Kumar Tiwari
Happy birthday The RAJ Saheb... - Vineet Kumar Tiwari (4 weeks ago)
birthday balloon

Roshan Lal Gadri
Happy birthday sir - Roshan Lal Gadri (4 weeks ago)
birthday balloon

Jatin Padalkar
Happy Birthday Piyushji - Jatin Padalkar (4 weeks ago)
birthday balloon

omprakash gared
Many many happy returns of the day.. Happy birthday sir - omprakash gared (4 weeks ago)
birthday balloon

Bhupander Bajpay
Happy birthday to you Jay Sri ram - Bhupander Bajpay (4 weeks ago)
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Abhishek Madke
Happy Birthday - Abhishek Madke (4 weeks ago)
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Surender Dogra
Happy Birthday to you sir - Surender Dogra (4 weeks ago)
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Happy birthday sir - Rajubhaibharvad (4 weeks ago)
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Chandar Sharma
A very very Happy Birthday to Shri Raj Thackeray Ji - Chandar Sharma (4 weeks ago)
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Lahu Chavan
Happy Birthday sir - Lahu Chavan (4 weeks ago)
birthday balloon

Md Asif Siddiqui
Happy Birthday - Md Asif Siddiqui (4 weeks ago)
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Many many happy returns of the day Happy birthday goyal ji - pankajjangir (4 weeks ago)
birthday balloon

Pravin Rathod
A true visionary leadership... wish you very happy birthday sir....we are proud of as a viderbhiyan.... - Pravin Rathod (4 weeks ago)
birthday balloon

Advocate Manoj sharma
Happy birthday - Advocate Manoj sharma (4 weeks ago)
birthday balloon

Harshita Chaturvedi
Happy birthday sir - Harshita Chaturvedi (4 weeks ago)
birthday balloon

Amit Kumar Chaudhary
Happy birthday piyush goyal Gei - Amit Kumar Chaudhary (4 weeks ago)
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Rakesh Sikerwal
Happy Birthday Sir - Rakesh Sikerwal (4 weeks ago)
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krishna pandey
Wish - krishna pandey (1 month ago)
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Bhanu Tiwari
Happy birthday sir - Bhanu Tiwari (1 month ago)
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Happy birthday Dada.. - LALIN KUMAR MAHATO (1 month ago)
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vikky koli
Happy Birthday sir - vikky koli (1 month ago)
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Anuradha Sinha
Happy birthday sir ji - Anuradha Sinha (1 month ago)
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Ramanuj vishwakarma
Happy Birthday PiyushGoyal Sir. But you will get more wish when you fulfilled the unemp - Ramanuj vishwakarma (1 month ago)
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sagar Birajdar
Happy Birthday sir - sagar Birajdar (1 month ago)
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Happy birthday piyush sir - [email protected] (1 month ago)
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Tilak Pareek
Wish you avery very happy birthday Piyush ji sir. - Tilak Pareek (1 month ago)
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Happy Birthday Too You sir.. - manojpatel4u (1 month ago)
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Vinod Sharma
Happy birthday sir. - Vinod Sharma (1 month ago)

64 years old (Born on May 27, 1956)

This Indian Bharatiya Janata Party leader began serving in 2014 as Minister of Transport and Rural Development and also represented the Nagpur constituency in the lower house (Lok Sabha) of the Indian Parliament. Previously, he had held numerous positions within the Maharashtra State government.

Nitin Gadkari's Best Moments

Happy birthday ji I pray that the year ahead brings with it lots of happiness health & success
Wishing super human in Modi cabinet Shri Nitin Gadkari ji a very happy birthday i.
Wishing Union Minister of Shri ji a very happy birthday.
Former National president & Now transport Minister Hon\ble Saheb wish u happy birthday...
Happy birthday to my beloved leader central Minister Ji
Happy birthday sir ji   My real hero
Wish u a very Happy Birthday ji  @
Wishing my Guru in Politics Nitinji Gadkari a very Happy Birthday
Wishes Happy Birthday To Shri Ji. You are Really a Inspiration For Us.
Wishing a very Happy Birthday to Sri ji.
Wish you a very happy birthday dear sir
Happy birthday sir, ,,, many many happpy returns of the day!!
Happy Birthday Shri ji
A very Happy & Healthy Birthday to Shri ji. Thanks for giving \"                -             \"
 wishes shri ji a very happy birthday. V wish u good health. May u continue to inspire us.
Wish H ble Ji a very happy birthday
 Happy birthday to you sir
Happy birthday to the man with a great vision Hon. Minister ji
Happy Birthday to ji Gadkari Ji is the Man of India
Wishing ji A Very Happy Birthday & Pray For His Good Health..
 wish you a very very happy Birthday sir .
 Happy birthday
Wishing you  a very happy Birthday Gadkari ji. May you live long and healthy life.
Belated Happy birthday g..  Kaam Bolta hai...
  Happy Birthday to you sar ji
Happy Birthday Sir  Highway Man!
Happy Birthday sir
                                                          Happy birthday Shri Sir Ji
 Sir Happy Birthday....
  Happy birthday
  Wishing a happy bday to champa
Happy Birthday to our visionary Leader
 Happy birthday Sir, Stay blessed
Happy Birthday Ji... We proud of You...
  Happy & Wonderful birthday!!!!!
Wishing Union Minister of Shri ji a very happy birthday.
Happy birthday to you sir ji
Wishing sir a very happy birthday... Wishing u a long life & good health sir
    Congratulations    &   Happy birthday to you
 Happy Birthday Sair
  Happy birthday
Happy Birthday sir!!
Happy birthday minister Shri ji 

Happy birthday Good love minister Shri Nitin Gadkari jj
Happy birthday    Nitin Gadkary... Blessings for bright future:
Happy birthday sir
Wishing Shri Nitin Gadkari ji a very very happy birthday.
Wish you aar happy birthday ji.
  happy birthday
Wish u a very happy birthday ji...may you live a long, healthy and prosperous life...God bless
Happy birthday the real hero ji saheb
 happy birthday to ji from 2.5 cr people of Chhattisgarh.
Happy Birthday to one of the Innovative leader of INDIA Gadkari ji.
Wishing a very happy birthday to Sh Ji. Wishing you long, healthy n successful life.
Happy birthday Nitin Gadkari g.
May God bless you happy healthy long life.
Happy birthday sir
My one of the favorite politician
  Wish u many many returns of the day & Happy Birthday to u Nitin Sir
 Happy Birthday sir
Happy Birthday Boss
 Wish you a very happy bday ji.
            ,,,,Happy birthday
  Happy Birthday to you sir
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday dear Sir
 One of the most honest and sincere union minister of India..
Happy Birthday sir ....
A very Happy Birthday ji..!!
Happy birthday to you Ji, have a good health and Long Live ahead.
Happy birthday Shri. ji sir
Happy Birthday Sir!!!
Happy birthday sir ji Gadkari
  Happy Birthday
 happy birthday sir
Happy birthday sir
Such a inspirational personal
One of the most visionary minister of government
Happy Birthday to ji. Wishing You Good Health, Happiness & Success in coming years .
Happy birthday sir  hon\ble minister
Happy birthday jiii 
May u live long and God bless   u
Happy Birthday To Central Minister ji
 Happy Birthday sir
 Happy Birthday Sirji your work speaks for you..! Hope to ride on the Chamba tunnel soon t
Wishing you a very Happy Birthday ji
Happy Birthday Sir Vikash Purush
 happy birthday sir
Happy Birthday sir , stay blessed
Happy Bday to the Dynamic Leader Hon\ble Min Sh. Ji.
 Happy birthday saheb
God bless you
Happy happy birthday too u
 Happy birthday to you!
 happy birthday sir
 sir gr8 work by your department  for assam arunachal bridge. Happy birthday keep it up
Wishing u a very happy birthday sir. God bless you with good health & long life.
Celebrating birthday.with Grandson\s Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to our visionary Leader and Minister of Road transport & highway shri ji
Happy birthday
 Happy Birthday Sir.
 happy birthday sir
 Happy birthday Hon Gadkari sir wish you great years ahead stay blessed always....
Happy Birthday ji, May god bless you with long and Healthy life, you are inspiration to many
  Happy birthday Nitin Gadkari ji
 happy birthday sir stay blessed wish u success all the way
 , Happy Birthday to you Nitin Sir Ji. Many many happy returns......
 Happy Birthday Sir ji
I wish the man behind the development of modern Indian roads, Sh. ji, a very Happy Birthday!
Wish u very happy birthday stay blessed
A very happy bday to our Fav leader and rockstar minister of Modi Cabinet Shri ji.
 Wish you a happy birthday
 Happy Birthday  Many many  returns of the day
Wishing Shri ji a very happy birthday.. May you be blessed with long and healthy life!!
 Happy Birthday sir
  Happy birthday !!!!!
Happy birthday respected ji. We need more visionary leaders like you.
 wiah you a very happy birthday nitin ji
 Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to you Shri Ji..
 Happy Birthday Sir
 Happy birthday sir from  abc chauk opp-jogeshwari temple pune-411002...
Wish u happy birthday .God bless you .
Happy Birthday sirji
 Happy Birthday Sir
  Wish you all greetings on your happy birthday
Happy Birthday to Hon\ble shri.
 happy birthday to you
Happy Birthday to Transport Minister Shri ji, May God bless you with long, healthy & happy life.
 Happy birthday dear Nitin ji
 happy birthday to you
A very happy birthday to a performer ND one of my favourite leader
    Happy Birthday friend
Happy Birthday to shri Ji best wishes from
 \"\"\"HAPPY BIRTHDAY \"\"\"\"Sirji
  Happy birthday to you sir g
 sir Wishing you a very Happy Birthday  saheb
Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Shri ji..... I pray for your long and healthy life.
Happy Birthday Sir Ji
 Happy Birthday Sir
  Happy birthday  sir
 Happy birthday Sir Thank you sir for Good work
Happy birthday.....Sir ji.
 Happy Birthday Shri Nitin Ji.
Happy birthday Sir ji
 Dear sir Ji I wish you a happy birthday to you sir ji
 happy birthday day to our honourable  gadkariji
 Sir wish you very Happy Birthday.
 Very Happy Birthday Sir from Team
Wishing you a very happy birthday ji
                                   Happy Birthday to You..
Happy Birthday ji
Wishing Shri ji a very Happy Birthday
Wish you happy birthday nitin ji God bless u with all his blessings..
Happy Birthday Shri Ji
 happy bday sirji...
 wish you Many Many Kulometers of life. Happy birthday.
Happy birthday shri nitin gadkari ji...
Happy Birthday Bhaisab
Happy birthday sir ji
 happy birthday sir
  Happy Birthday Saheb
Happy Birthday  To You Sir.
You Done Good Job.
    Happy Birthday Nitin Gadkari ji.
  Happy birthday Sir
  Very very Happy birthday
 \"Happy Birthday To You.....Sir\"
                                                               happy birthday ji
    sir , happy birthday to you.
Happy Birthday Hon\ble Shri ji! Best Wishes!
Wish you a very happy and healthy birthday sir
 Happy Birthday Sir
 Happy birthday to u sir my NGO
 Sir you deserve . Happy birthday
 Happy birthday bhai sahab
  Happy Birthday.
 Wishing a Very Happy Birthday to honorable Gadakari Saheb..
 Happy Birthday sir
Happy Birthday sir ... God Bless You
 Belated Happy birthday.  Please keep your below promise made recently.
 Happy birthday to Dabang minister of Namo cabinet. ..
 Many happy returns of the day , Sir . Happy Birthday .
 Wish U Happy Birthday Saheb
  56 inch wale 
Modi ji..
Suprb calculation Happy bday ji
 happy Birthday
Happy birthday , , ,
We Wish You a Very Happy Birthday Sir
 ji.. Happy birthday day.... your strong conviction should get more power and stay healthy ...
Happy birthday sir....

May God give you a long life
 Happy birthday Sir
    wish you a happy birthday sir..
 happy birthday sir aap jiyo 1000 Sal Sal ke din ho unlimited
God bless you
Happy Birthday Most successful & hard working Minister in present Era.
Happy birthday
  Happy birthday nitin g
 happy birthday Nitin Gadkari sir ji
  Happy birthday gadkari saheb
Wishing Very Very Happy Birthday to,
Honourable ji
Happy birthday Nitin Gadkari ji
Wishing your good Health.
  Happy Birthday Sir
  Happy birthday... Sir
Happy Birthday to one of my Favorite Ministers Sir. You are Awesome.
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