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Drip Hamilton
Happy Birthday, Neil Young. After Norm Macdonald passed I had a conversation about \"best Canadians\" and Neil was li - Drip Hamilton (7 months ago)
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John Dunn 53
Even though I don t know anything about Courtney Thorne smith, other than being on conan with norm Macdonald, happy - John Dunn 53 (7 months ago)
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Happy birthday Jesus! Hope you like crap! -Norm Macdonald - Kevin (8 months ago)
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Ngl. At first i thought this was a pic of Ray and Norm Macdonald, then i read the caption, and i feel dumb. Happy birthday. - Just_A_Bit_Board (8 months ago)
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Robert Palmer
In the words of Norm Macdonald...\"Happy Birthday Jesus, hope you like crap!\". - Robert Palmer (8 months ago)
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Barry Johnson
Coincidentally saw revered \"comic\" Norm MacDonald be viciously cruel to a - Barry Johnson (8 months ago)
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Norm MacDonald s interesting view on God, Christianity, Atheism, people like R. Dawkins and other prominent atheist - Christian (8 months ago)
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Cassie Fowler
Celebrating Norm Macdonald s birthday with 10 of his greatest lines | Happy Heavenly Birthday Norm MacDonald!!! - Cassie Fowler (8 months ago)
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Rob Schneider
Happy Day after your birthday, Norm Macdonald. Thanks for EVERY laugh My lord, there were soooo many! Love, Rob - Rob Schneider (8 months ago)
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John Melendez
Happy belated Birthday Norm MacDonald, you were the funniest & nicest person I have ever met. You will be missed by all. - John Melendez (8 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Norm Macdonald! via - DeNiru (8 months ago)
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Happy birthday, Norm - Kat77 (8 months ago)
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the future is unwritten
Happy belated birthday to a hero of mine, Norm Macdonald. One of the smartest, funniest, transparent and wisest - the future is unwritten (8 months ago)
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Happy birthday anniversary Norm Macdonald. - J S (8 months ago)
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Rorbster #MoreTripleH
Happy Birthday to Norm MacDonald, wish you were here. - Rorbster #MoreTripleH (8 months ago)
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Nellie McClung (Canadian Suffragette)
Norm Macdonald and his mom - one of my favourite clips - shows his extraordinary, unique brilliance. Dear Norm, Hap - Nellie McClung (Canadian Suffragette) (8 months ago)
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Simo Sakari Aaltonen
Happy birthday, dear Norm Macdonald. You always were a diamond and continue to light our lives. Thank you for everything. - Simo Sakari Aaltonen (8 months ago)
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Chaz Kangas From the Black Lagoon
Happy Birthday Norm Macdonald. Loved getting to sit at his desk at the SNL 40 exhibit a few years back. - Chaz Kangas From the Black Lagoon (8 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Norm Macdonald! via - Johnny (8 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Norm Macdonald and Evel Knievel. RIP - CLE216 (8 months ago)
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Today is my birthday and one of my best friends posting about it being Norm Macdonald s birthday but not wishing me - Amanda (8 months ago)
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Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to Eminem, Norm MacDonald, Felicity Jones, Michael McKean, George Wendt, Mike Judge, and Evel Knieve - Happy Birthday (8 months ago)
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Melissa Jean Swenson
Happy Birthday to the late, great Norm Macdonald! He didn t have a car, he didn t get out much, but he was always i - Melissa Jean Swenson (8 months ago)
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Josh / Bravo (playing KH2)
Happy Birthday to the late, great Norm Macdonald. One of the greatest comedians period. - Josh / Bravo (playing KH2) (8 months ago)
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Jesus Cabada
When I was depressed, going on YouTube and looking at Norm Macdonald clips helped me out so much. There s not a vid - Jesus Cabada (8 months ago)
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Faces Magazine
Happy Birthday to the late, great Norm MacDonald, who would have turned 62 today - Faces Magazine (8 months ago)
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Happy birthday to my favorite comedian. A man who has given me endless laughs and joy, the late and greatest, Norm - Zid (8 months ago)
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Happy birthday Norm Macdonald - Snooby (8 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Norm Macdonald. - robby (8 months ago)
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Happy birthday: Wyclef Ziggy Marley Norm Macdonald Evil Knievel Eminem Mike Judge Bea Alonzo - COMANDANTE (8 months ago)
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The BlueBird
What if you thought so highly of someone, was such a fan of his, HAD to own a copy of his hit show, - The BlueBird (8 months ago)
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evan w. craig
Happy Birthday Norm Macdonald! via - evan w. craig (8 months ago)
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Fat Norm Cruise
Norm Macdonald would have been 62 today. Happy birthday, you old chunk of coal! - Fat Norm Cruise (8 months ago)
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Tara Charnow
Happy Birthday, Norm Macdonald. I still can t believe you re gone. - Tara Charnow (8 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Norm Macdonald. 1959-2021 - KUROKI黒木松 (8 months ago)
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Norm Macdonald would\'ve turned 62 today. Happy Birthday to the comedy legend & may he continue to rest in peace. - BROTHER (8 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Norm MacDonald Thinking of your family today. Miss you Norm. - DansNo1Fan (8 months ago)
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Happy 62nd birthday, Norm Macdonald. Gone too soon. - ThePeerless (8 months ago)
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Happy Birthday to the late Norm Macdonald. I\'m not sure I\'ll ever find anyone as funny as I found him. Its hard to - Yiannis (8 months ago)
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TIL that I share a birthday with Norm Macdonald. I hope I become good at something just as much as he was with his. - Adrian (8 months ago)
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Happy birthday to Norm MacDonald. We miss you. - BOBCAT FOR PRESIDENT 2024 (8 months ago)
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Fiddle Me This
Happy Birthday Norm Macdonald - Fiddle Me This (8 months ago)
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Daniel Stoddard
Happy birthday norm macdonald - Daniel Stoddard (8 months ago)
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Comedic Guru
Happy Birthday Norm Macdonald, it\'s going to be a perfect night for a seance. I believe Norm would want that. Boo. - Comedic Guru (8 months ago)
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Sister Celluloid
I just finished my tribute to Norm Macdonald. It\'s after two in the morning here so I need to look at it with clear - Sister Celluloid (8 months ago)
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olivia michele king
Your character defines you. Your money determines you. Happy Birthday Norm MacDonald! rest well & rest easy. - olivia michele king (8 months ago)
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Wesley Bevels
Happy Birthday to Norm Macdonald (RIP) and tonight\'s my aunt\'s birthday tonight also - Wesley Bevels (8 months ago)
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Teal Tomahawk
EXTREME NORM MACDONALD VOICE: \"Happy Birthday Trevor. Hope you like crap.\" - Teal Tomahawk (9 months ago)
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red circle army
Norm MacDonald wishing an Irish lad from Cork happy birthday on Cameo. - red circle army (9 months ago)
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\'Celeb\' on Cameo: \'Hello happy Birthday your friends tell me you\'re a big sausage ha ha goodbye\' Norm MacDonald on - redballoonluke (9 months ago)

58 years old (Born on October 17, 1963)

comedian; He is famous from Weekend Update on SNL, Dirty Work.

During an interview on the "Late Show with David Letterman" (1993) a few days after he was fired from SNL, he told Dave that the NBC execs fired him because they thought he wasn`t funny. NBC received two complaints after he used a curse word live on "Saturday Night Live" (1975). Father of Dylan Attended Algonquin College in Ottawa, Ontario where he took the Broadcasting-Television program, and eventually dropped out. During his time there, he became good friends with Randy Dash, who shot, edited and produced a stand-up act Norm had done in the city. The resulting tape was what helped Norm land his gig with SNL. Attended Dollard-des-Ormeaux School on the Valcartier Military Base near Shannon, Quebec, Canada.

Norm Macdonald's Best Moments

Happy Day after your birthday, Norm Macdonald.
Thanks for EVERY laugh My lord, there were soooo many! 
Happy Birthday to the late, great Norm MacDonald, who would have turned 62 today
Happy Birthday Norm Macdonald. Loved getting to sit at his desk at the SNL 40 exhibit a few years back.
Happy birthday anniversary 
Norm Macdonald.
Happy Birthday Norm Macdonald
Happy Birthday Norm Macdonald.

Norm Macdonald would have been 62 today. Happy birthday, you old chunk of coal!
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norm macdonald 2013 3
Norm Macdonald new pic 4

Fun Facts About Norm Macdonald

He won $500,000 for his charity on the celebrity edition of "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" (1999/I). He guessed the right answer to the million dollar question but was talked out of answering in case he got it wrong.
Middle child of three boys; younger brother Leslie and older brother Neil. Neil is a broadcaster for the Canadian Broadcast Corporation.
In early 2002, he and Jon Lovitz were slated to play mismatched roommates for a proposed NBC sitcom entitled "Leave Me Alone," which was to have been produced by Adam Sandler`s production company. However, because of a dispute between the network and the producers, the pilot went unfilmed, and the series never came into fruition.
Dropped out of high school when he was 15.
Although he is not a U.S. citizen, he has publicly stated his support for Republican politicians George W. Bush and John McCain and has said that he considers Ronald Reagan to be the best President in U.S. history.
Celebrity impersonations include Burt Reynolds, Bob Dole, Quentin Tarantino, David Letterman, and Larry King.
Father of Dylan.
Is good friends with Adam Sandler.
Spouse: Connie (? - ?) (divorced) 1 child
Despite being fired from "Saturday Night Live" (1975), he was asked to host the show a year later.
His father was in the Canadian Military.
Born in Quu00e9bec City, Quu00e9bec, Canada
Chevy Chase has stated that since he left SNL, the only person who he believes has done Weekend Update "right", is Norm Macdonald.

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