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ha your funny how bout no i will do it later
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Alia Croley
Happy Birthday! You and your wife aged beautifully. Lovely couple - Alia Croley (7 months ago)
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Catherine Penelope Corrigan
I like A Beautiful Mind too Paul Bettany is in it. Lee Min Ho: When The King: Eternal Monarch star REVEALED his fav - Catherine Penelope Corrigan (7 months ago)
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Samuel Romero
Happy Birthday my famous Geminis, - Samuel Romero (7 months ago)
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Not me hoping paul bettany is gonna wish me happy birthday bc i commented him in ig lmao - jess²⁸ (7 months ago)
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Simon Dodd
Happy birthday you absolute ledge. - Simon Dodd (7 months ago)
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Tim Stafford
Happy Birthday - Tim Stafford (7 months ago)
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Andrei Bondoc
Happy birthday to Buddhadasa, Vincent Price, Bob Godfrey, Christopher Lee, Sumner Redstone, Harlan Ellison, - Andrei Bondoc (7 months ago)
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Christiana Cecilia Di
Chris & Chris wish Chris Happy Birthday with a selfie together. Paul Bettany wish Tom luck posting a selfie in fron - Christiana Cecilia Di (7 months ago)
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look at you in this cake ur so pretyy wish my bff happy birthday while ur here too - charlotte⧗४ (7 months ago)
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kim hingston
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Paul!!! - kim hingston (7 months ago)
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Mandy Cossaboom
Mine too. Got to love There s this Netflix show with Paul in it...he s amazing as the - Mandy Cossaboom (7 months ago)
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@luz80000575. Luz De Maria
Do not forget me. I got the wrong month but happy birthday !!Paul Bettany - @luz80000575. Luz De Maria (7 months ago)
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happy belated birthday pookie - </3 (7 months ago)
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happy belated birthday pookie - <3 (7 months ago)
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Morganne MacDonald
Happy Birthday. - Morganne MacDonald (7 months ago)
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Kate Kane
Happy belated birthday. Wait a minute! I didn t know about this cheaper insurance but. - Kate Kane (7 months ago)
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Chevy Dh
Happy Belated Birthday, Paul! - Chevy Dh (7 months ago)
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Trisha M
Happy Belated Birthday to my dream man - Trisha M (7 months ago)
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Mark Rouse
And a few more pains, kinks, and cracks. Happy birthday! - Mark Rouse (7 months ago)
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Beverly Deich
Happy birthday - Beverly Deich (7 months ago)
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suzy n.locks
Happy Birthday - suzy n.locks (8 months ago)
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Happy 50th birthday I watched Infinity War that day. - AaronKimetheEntertainmentGuy (8 months ago)
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Micah Flagg
I will be 50 next year let me know how it feels LOL Happy Belated Birthday hugs - Micah Flagg (8 months ago)
birthday balloon

Terry Selby
Happy Birthday! - Terry Selby (8 months ago)
birthday balloon

A.J. Bruner
Happy birthday, Paul! Hope you have some fun! Be well, man! - A.J. Bruner (8 months ago)
birthday balloon

Ken Spassione Jr.
Happy birthday I\'m looking forward to cheaper insurance next year although within 18 ye - Ken Spassione Jr. (8 months ago)
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Sarah hamed
Happy birthday to our Vision - Sarah hamed (8 months ago)
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HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY - iloveyou3000 (8 months ago)
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Happy belated birthday! I hope it included epic cake. How does 50 feel? Mine is just around the corner. - Kim (8 months ago)
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Happy Birthday - TSant71 (8 months ago)
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Anna Louise
Happy birthday - Anna Louise (8 months ago)
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Happy birthday! - Poppygbaker (8 months ago)
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Kirbien Gregorio
Happy Birthday Paul I hope wanda will find you and your kids in all dimensions - Kirbien Gregorio (8 months ago)
birthday balloon

Tatum Salem
Happy birthday love - Tatum Salem (8 months ago)
birthday balloon

Grayson Thorne Kilpatrick
Happy Birthday - Grayson Thorne Kilpatrick (8 months ago)
birthday balloon

Tara C.
Happy birthday - Tara C. (8 months ago)
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Happy birthday vision!! - Saera (8 months ago)
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Happy late birthday - Jake (8 months ago)
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dandie Lynn layla
Today is Paul Bettany s last day of being 49, bc he turned 50!! Happy belated bday Paul Bettany, ur 50. Hope u have - dandie Lynn layla (8 months ago)
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Nerdy Birdie Reads
Happy birthday! - Nerdy Birdie Reads (8 months ago)
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Paula Irwin
Happy birthday, sir. And many, many more. - Paula Irwin (8 months ago)
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connie teal
Happy Birthday Mr Bettany!! - connie teal (8 months ago)
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A Nem-ssential (?)
Happy Birthday Sir! - A Nem-ssential (?) (8 months ago)
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Happy 50th Birthday Paul hope it was a great one. - BELLE (8 months ago)
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laura ground
Happy birthday - laura ground (8 months ago)
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wendy solórzano
Happy birthday - wendy solórzano (8 months ago)
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Maria ⚾️ Slam Diego
Happy Birthday to the best! Paul Bettany - Maria ⚾️ Slam Diego (8 months ago)
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Fiona Mikiel
Wow, still looking goooood!! Happy birthday xxx - Fiona Mikiel (8 months ago)
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Tyler Payne
Happy birthday - Tyler Payne (8 months ago)
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Happy Birthday - Lee (8 months ago)

50 years old (Born on May 27, 1971)

Actor; He is famous from A Knights Tale.

Lists his favourite foods as cheese and broccoli; and his favourite drink is whisky. Developed laryngitis after filming A Knight's Tale (2001) because of all the yelling he had to do as Geoffrey Chaucer. Was invited to join the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) in June 2004. Apparently turned down the role of the Tooth Fairy in Red Dragon (2002) (most probably offered to him after his frightening appearance as psycho gangster in Gangster No. 1 (2000)) in favour of a much more poorly paid role in Lars von Trier's Dogville (2003). Has appeared in many theatre productions, debuting in Stephen Daldry's production of "An Inspectors Calls," grabbing the American film industry's attention in Joe Penhall's "Love and Understanding." He also appeared in "One More Waster Year" and "Stranger's House."

Paul Bettany's Best Moments

Happy Birthday, Dad!  You\re much more than a toaster to me
Happy Birthday Paul Bettany
Happy birthday to the icon, the legend and the VISION that is Paul Bettany!
A very Happy Birthday today to the actor Paul Bettany
Happy 49th birthday Paul Bettany!
Happy 50th birthday Paul Bettany!
Happy birthday paul bettany
Happy birthday to our vision, paul bettany!!!
Happy birthday can t wait to see you return in
Happy Birthday, This is where I got my crush.
Happy Birthday to aka Vison from
Happy Birthday Paul Bettany!
  Happy Bday to aka Vision!!
Happy birthday,
Happy birthday paul bettany
 Have a very happy birthday!
Happy birthday paul bettany!!
Happy Birthday to
Happy Birthday to himself,
Happy Birthday Dryden Vos... I mean
Happy Birthday to Andre 3000 and Paul Bettany... I m shook I have the same b day as both these dudes...
Happy Birthday to    and
  Jarvis is James D Arcy But happy bday to Bettany
  Happy Birthday to
Happy birthday to Paul Bettany!
Happy birthday Paul Bettany I love you so much you make me so happy
Happy birthday,
 happy birthday !!
 Happy Birthday!!
 Happy birthday Paul
Happy birthday to my fav love u bestie <3
 Happy birthday...welcome to the AARP club.
 Happy Birthday to Paul Bettany, a.k.a. Vision
 Happy Birthday
 happy birthday bestie
Happy 50th Birthday to Paul Bettany
 Happy birthday Paul!
 Happy birthday! From what I can gather you own us all a drink
Happy Birthday
 happy birthday!!!!
 Happy Birthday! Love watching you as Vision!
Happy birthday, Vision! (Paul Bettany)
Happy Birthday Paul Bettany
Happy birthday Paul Bettany we all love you so much and I hope you have an a amazing day
 Happy birthday mate , welcome to the club
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paul bettany da vinci code 2
Paul Bettany exclusive hot pic 3

Fun Facts About Paul Bettany

Also plays the guitar, and used to busk on Westminster Bridge in London.
Son's name is Stellan, named after the actor Stellan Skarsgu00e5rd who acted with him in Kiss Kiss (Bang Bang) (2000) and Dogville (2003).
Writer/director Brian Helgeland wrote the role of Chaucer in A Knight's Tale (2001) specifically for Paul. He "refused" to do the movie without him. The production companies did not think Bettany was known well enough, Helgeland thought that if he backed down on his choice of Bettany, he would have to back down on everything else.
Nominated for Best Actor for his role in Gangster No1 by London Film Critics Circle Awards.
Quit smoking in 2005.
Gave up smoking in 2005 after seeing his 2 year-old son, Stellan, imitating him with a pen.
When he was 16, his younger brother Matthew, who was 8, died in a fall. Consequently, he claimed to be obsessed with having lots of children.
Won Evening Standard Film Award 2001 for Best Supporting Actor for his role as Geoffrey Chaucer in A Knight's Tale (2001).
Acted for a year with the Royal Shakespeare Company.
Son of Thane Bettany. Has one older sister named Sarah, who lives in Cornwall (England) with her daughter Emaly.
He had to wear a wig for The Da Vinci Code because when they bleached his hair the bleach burned bleeding holes in his head.
Paul's "acting heroes" are Humphrey Bogart, Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, Peter O'Toole and Vincent Cassel.
August 5, 2003 - his wife, Jennifer Connelly, gave birth to their first child, a boy.
Dated Laura Fraser.
Has a stepson named Kai Dugan (mother is Jennifer Connelly).

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