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Lion\'s Teeth
Tailgate Tune of the Day for May 29 Artist: Happy Birthday to Pelle Almqvist of The Hives ( Song: \"Hate t - Lion\'s Teeth (9 months ago)
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Grsttis på födelsedagen! Happy Birthday to Howlin\' Pelle Almqvist! Hope your special day is as ama - mÅch↑ (9 months ago)
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Happy Birthday, Pelle Almqvist! - RACC (9 months ago)
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Musika Haus
Feliz Cumpleaños Howlin\' Pelle Almqvist! Happy Birthday Howlin\' Pelle Almqvist! - Musika Haus (9 months ago)
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Absaí Pérez
Happy birthday to the most handsome and talent and AMAZING and love of my life (even when he doesn\'t know it) PELLE - Absaí Pérez (9 months ago)
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Happy 40th Birthday Pelle Almqvist (Hives) via MAGNETmagazine - MediaMonarchy.com (1 year ago)
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Celebrity Birthdays
Happy Birthday Pelle Almqvist - Celebrity Birthdays (1 year ago)
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MAGNET Magazine
Happy 40th birthday ( Barely legal no longer. Read our cover story and see more g - MAGNET Magazine (1 year ago)
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stubborn & melodramatic
Happy birthday Howlin Pelle Almqvist, Sir, Master of the Whole Goddamn Universe - stubborn & melodramatic (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday to Howlin\' Pelle Almqvist! Thank you for being awesome. Have a wonderful year ahead - m∀ch↑ (1 year ago)
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Afri DeLarge
Hoy cumple años el fucking Master of the Universe, Howlin\' Pelle Almqvist. Happy birthday & see you soon, sir. - Afri DeLarge (1 year ago)
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Chris Neufeld
Happy Birthday to Pelle Almqvist of The Hives! - Chris Neufeld (2 years ago)
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Happy birthday to thehives frontman Howlin\' Pelle Almqvist. He looks like a mix of young Jake - Clownia (2 years ago)
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Aesthetic Magazine
Happy birthday to The Hives\' Pelle Almqvist! - Aesthetic Magazine (2 years ago)
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Ernest III
Happy Birthday Pelle Almqvist ( - Ernest III (2 years ago)
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The Griffin Passant
Happy Birthday Pelle Almqvist!!! - The Griffin Passant (2 years ago)
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Happy birthday Pelle Almqvist! - Hellomynameisethan (2 years ago)
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✨rebel scum✨
A very happy birthday to Howlin\' Pelle Almqvist, Sir, Master of the Whole Goddamn Universe. We miss you - ✨rebel scum✨ (2 years ago)
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Dean Lopata
Happy Birthday Pelle Almqvist via - Dean Lopata (2 years ago)
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Jamie Roxx
Happy Birthday. Today, May 29, 1978 Pelle Almqvist, Swedish singer-songwriter was born.... - Jamie Roxx (2 years ago)
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Romantic Revolution
Pelle Almqvist (V of The Hives) Happy 39th Birthday!!! 29 May 1978 Swedish GarageRevival / Punk Icon - Romantic Revolution (2 years ago)
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Radio Doble Nueve
Happy Birthday Noel Gallagher & Pelle Almqvist!!! May 29, 1967 / May 29, 1978 England / Swedish Oasis Noel... - Radio Doble Nueve (2 years ago)
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Happy 39th birthday to Pelle Almqvist! Musician known as the lead singer of The Hives. - Lemonbeats (2 years ago)
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Happy birthday, Howlin\' Pelle Almqvist Definitely the greatest frontman in rock ! Just for rock\'s sake - Baptiste (2 years ago)
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Milosmiles Merch.
Happy Birthday Pelle Almqvist - The Hives (290578) . - Milosmiles Merch. (2 years ago)
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Happy birthday Howlin Pelle Almqvist - Josefinabiologica (2 years ago)
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The Hives Colombia
Happy birthday to our king Howlin\' Pelle Almqvist - The Hives Colombia (2 years ago)
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Happy Birthday Pelle Almqvist - gännnn (2 years ago)

41 years old (Born on May 29, 1978)

Known as Howlin' Pelle Almqvist, he is a Swedish musician who was the lead vocalist of the garage rock band The Hives.

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Happy birthday to our king 
Howlin\ Pelle Almqvist
Happy Birthday Pelle Almqvist
Happy birthday to The Hives\ Pelle Almqvist!
Happy Birthday Pelle Almqvist
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