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Jessica Ferri
Happy 90th birthday Penelope Lively! - Jessica Ferri (2 months ago)
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The Examined Life
\"I have the great sustaining ballast of memory; we all do, and hope to hang on to it.\" Happy birthday to Dame Pene - The Examined Life (2 months ago)
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Sue Reynolds
Happy birthday to Penelope Lively! - Sue Reynolds (2 months ago)
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Fig Tree
\'We live differently and have had to learn to live differently more quickly than any before us, it seems to me. The - Fig Tree (2 months ago)
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Happy 90th Birthday, Penelope Lively - ACHUKA (2 months ago)
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Susannah Butter
Happy 90th birthday Penelope Lively - she s given us a present with this article about what she s seen over nearly - Susannah Butter (2 months ago)
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adele geras
Happy Birthday tomorrow to the wonderful Penelope Lively who will be 90. - adele geras (2 months ago)
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Zoe Antoniades
Happy 90th birthday for tomorrow dear Penelope Lively. I m always proud to share a special birthday with you. And N - Zoe Antoniades (2 months ago)
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Jon Appleton
Wishing Dame Penelope Lively a happy 89th birthday today. A wonderful writer who explores (like houses) - Jon Appleton (1 year ago)
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Dittons Library
Happy birthday Penelope Lively, British writer (Moon Tiger, The Ghost of Thomas Kempe), born in Cairo, Egypt 1 - Dittons Library (1 year ago)
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Friends of WHLibrary
Happy Birthday, Penelope Lively. A keen gardener she recalls her life in gardens: in Cairo, Somerset field, Oxfords - Friends of WHLibrary (1 year ago)
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North Trenton
Happy Birthday to Paul Horn (d. 2014), James Irwin (d. 1991), Patricia Breslin (d. 2011), David Peakall (d. 2001), - North Trenton (2 years ago)
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Phil Dyess-Nugent
Happy birthday, Penelope Lively - Phil Dyess-Nugent (2 years ago)
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St Anne\'s College
A very happy birthday to our alumna Penelope Lively! - St Anne\'s College (2 years ago)
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I, too, love her books. Happy Birthday, Penelope Lively! - Marmite: (2 years ago)
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Judy Krueger
Happy Birthday today to William Gibson, 73, and Penelope Lively, 88. Have you read either of these wonderful authors? - Judy Krueger (2 years ago)
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Web Design Relief
Happy Birthday to British Penelope Lively! She wrote \"Moon Tiger\" and several other books for children and - Web Design Relief (2 years ago)
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\"All I know for certain is that reading is of the most intense importance to me; if I were not able to read, to rev - WatermarkPress (2 years ago)
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Today is award winning author, Dame Penelope Lively s birthday. Am a huge fan of her books and my two favouri - [email protected] (2 years ago)
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Teewhy Nyema
Happy Birthday to Paul Horn (d. 2014), James Irwin (d. 1991), Patricia Breslin (d. 2011), David Peakall (d. 2001), - Teewhy Nyema (3 years ago)
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Diane Ackerman
Happy Happy birthday to grand lady of letters, and author of marvelous novels and memoirs. Her som - Diane Ackerman (3 years ago)
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PJ Braley
\"You learn a lot, writing fiction. - Penelope Lively \"Yes ma\'am, you do.\" - I Hap - PJ Braley (3 years ago)
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Herts Libraries
Happy Birthday today to Dame Penelope Lively author of over forty novels, short story collections and childrens fic - Herts Libraries (3 years ago)
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TutorMate UK
Wishing a very happy birthday to Penelope Lively who has given children much joy with her wonderful books like The - TutorMate UK (3 years ago)
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March 17, 1933: Happy birthday British author Penelope Lively - BullardCommLibrary (4 years ago)
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Happy Birthday to Penelope Lively. Lively became one of Britain s most popular and prolific twentieth century write - eNotes (5 years ago)
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Happy 85th birthday Penelope Lively, Won Booker Prize for book that did write, she. - D:Rhyme (5 years ago)
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Today we\'re wishing a HUGE happy birthday to the wonderful Penelope Lively, who turns 85 today. This is a quote f - BookTrust (5 years ago)
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Waterstones Leeds
Happy Birthday Penelope Lively (born 17 Mar 1933) winning novelist and author of children\'s fiction. - Waterstones Leeds (5 years ago)
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Infinite Gestation
Happy birthday to Booker Prize winner Penelope Lively! The author of \"Moon Tiger\" and many - Infinite Gestation (6 years ago)
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Writer\'s Relief
Happy Birthday to British Penelope Lively! - Writer\'s Relief (6 years ago)
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Happy birthday to Egyptian-born English writer Penelope Lively (March 17, 1933), author of \"Family Album\" (2009) and many, many other works. - Book_Addict (6 years ago)
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Jane Westwell
Happy 83rd birthday to Dame Penelope Lively, a prolific British author who won the Carnegie Medal in 1973 and the B - Jane Westwell (6 years ago)
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mad woman
Happy Birthday Kurt Russell, David Dilks, Penelope Lively,Eliza Bennett & Lydia Lloyd Henry - mad woman (6 years ago)
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happy bday authors♪♫
Happy birthday Penelope Lively! British novelist - happy bday authors♪♫ (6 years ago)
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Barbican Library
Happy birthday to Penelope Lively, born in 1933. We\'ve a large selection of her books for you to borrow. - Barbican Library (6 years ago)

90 years old (Born on March 17, 1933)

British author who won the Carnegie medal for her children's book The Ghost of Thomas Kempe in 1973. She has also written novels for adults like Moon Tiger, which won the 1987 Booker Prize.

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Happy 90th Birthday, Penelope Lively
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