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HAPPY BIRTHDAY - レガリス (4 months ago)
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Happy birthday mate - Flynn193Brown (4 months ago)
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Happy Birthday - カペ (5 months ago)
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A day late but happy birthday - インプ (5 months ago)
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happy birthday! - Lyra (5 months ago)
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Happy Birthday - ひかりは西へ (5 months ago)
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George A
Happy Birthday I hope you had a good one - George A (5 months ago)
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Motorsport GOAT Ranking
Happy Birthday Petter Solberg who is number 150 in our all-time ranking. He\'s the g - Motorsport GOAT Ranking (5 months ago)
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Chris Evans
Happy Birthday - Chris Evans (5 months ago)
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Taygun Çelen
Happy birthday - Taygun Çelen (5 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Petter x - Becks (5 months ago)
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Donna Ettles
A very Happy Birthday to you Petter! - Donna Ettles (5 months ago)
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Chris Farrow
- Chris Farrow (5 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Peter! - M.I (5 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Peter! - navI (5 months ago)
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The Hard Compound
Wishing 2003 Champion, 3-time WRC runner up & double champion a very Happy - The Hard Compound (5 months ago)
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El jazz latino
Happy birthday champ!! Hope you have an amazing day with friends and family - El jazz latino (5 months ago)
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Unreal Taco
OMG I forgot happy birthday !! - Unreal Taco (5 months ago)
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Andrew Whitcombe
Happy Birthday Petter, hope you have a good one - Andrew Whitcombe (5 months ago)
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Piotr Gancewski
Happy birthday - Piotr Gancewski (5 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Petter - crowey (5 months ago)
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Happy birthday !! (*´ *) - 麻婆豆腐@555 (5 months ago)
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Yusuke Masuda
Happy birthday Petter!! - Yusuke Masuda (5 months ago)
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juha mäkkeli
Happy birthday Petter Solberg Enjoy your day - juha mäkkeli (5 months ago)
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car guy
happy birthday to the man who made what it is today. when rally was rally! - car guy (5 months ago)
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Happy Birthday to Mr. Hollywood himself, the one and only - EA SPORTS Rally (5 months ago)
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Happy birthday Petter Solberg In January 18, 1974 (48 years ago today) born Petter Solberg in Askim. - Rallypedia_com (5 months ago)
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Happy birthday to a legend of the sport. My father took this picture on the Cyprus ral - Jack (5 months ago)
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Scinto Official ©
Happy Birthday to our 2003 champion, | - Scinto Official © (5 months ago)
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Riondy | Rein\'s Stash
Happy birthday - Riondy | Rein\'s Stash (5 months ago)
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Happy birthday Petter! I\'d like to see your and your son\'s best success again! - たっきー (5 months ago)
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Luis Albert
Happy birthday, Peter champion!! - Luis Albert (5 months ago)
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m a s a k o
Happy birthday, our sunshine!! - m a s a k o (5 months ago)
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Happy Birthday - FlatOutWR.JP (5 months ago)
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Happy Birthday!!! - IMANOL (5 months ago)
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Janet the Jazz
Happy Birthday Hollywood! - Janet the Jazz (5 months ago)
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Oh yes! Happy Birthday dear !! - Solido (5 months ago)
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Happy birthday to nephew, (47) & my son (23)!! - Gleds (5 months ago)
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Mark Smyth
Happy birthday champ. Hope you have a awesome day and enjoy this weekends rally - Mark Smyth (5 months ago)
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Happy birthday - KATRI TARIQ (5 months ago)
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Happy birthday Race Car Driver Petter Solberg! You re not older you re just more distinguished. - AllFamous.org (5 months ago)
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Tom Hooley
Happy Birthday . - Tom Hooley (5 months ago)
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Happy Birthday to \"Mr Hollywood\" ! Happy Birthday to the 2003 WRC Champion! Happy Birthday to ! - OttOmobile (5 months ago)
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Happy bday !!! - Laur (5 months ago)
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Happy birthday to the one and only A legend of both rally and rallycross, it\'s always a joy to r - DIRT (5 months ago)
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, Happy Birthday - Хаканоненавистник (5 months ago)
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Хаканоненавистник | #GrazieVale
, Happy Birthday - Хаканоненавистник | #GrazieVale (5 months ago)
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Krystian Tworzydlo
Happy birthday ! - Krystian Tworzydlo (5 months ago)
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Happy Birthday my hero! - Go (5 months ago)
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darren hayes
Happy Birthday - darren hayes (5 months ago)

49 years old (Born on November 18, 1974)

Norwegian rally driver; He is famous from Professional Rally Driver.

Became the world champion in WRC in 2003. Is a member of the Norwegian TV show named "Autofil" Nicknamed "Mr. Hollywood" by his competitors in the World Rally Championship circus because of his outgoing personality (he is known for always giving much of himself, and is never afraid to show emotions or give honest answers to reporters). In 2004, when he heard that the elderly at the nursing home in his native village wished for schnaps and a dance-band on Christmas Eve, he gave them 50,000 Norwegian Kroners (about 8000 US dollars) to get just that.

Petter Solberg's Best Moments

Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday  We can\t wait for you to ignite the fight in Cape Town next weekend
   Join us in wishing  winner in 2003, a happy 43rd birthday!
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday to Mr Hollywood himself
Happy birthday See you at loheac Mr Hollywood
                                               Happy Birthday
Happy bday to our fav
Happy birthday
Happy 41st Birthday to 2003 Champion, !
Happy Birthday (40)
Happy Birthday to   (Photo:
A huge happy birthday to the 2014 champion -
Yank the handbrake! It\s birthday! Happy birthday mate! Can\t remember if you\re 31 or 51...
Happy 40th Birthday to 2003 champion
Happy 40th birthday
Great Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Legend........Hope you are having a day of celebrations!
 ,                               Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday 21 again? Have a great day. Would be great to see you on in the near future.
 Petter, Happy Birthday mate - you dont look a day over 39! See you for some lomo & Malbec next week.
Feliz cumpleaños a Petter Solberg. 41 primaveras! Por muchos más años de espectáculo! Happy birthday!!!!
Happy birthday !
Happy Birthday to winner of 2003! Joyeux Anniversaire Petter Solberg !
Happy birthday
Happy birthday to one of my favourite pilot
Feliz Cumpleaños Happy Birthday Petter Solberg!
Wishing a very Happy 40th Birthday today! Lots to celebrate this year!
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday !!! In ten days we wait for you Champion, to a big celebration!
Happy bday    good luck at Race of Champions
Happy birthday
Happy birthday Mister  and Champion
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday, ! Great seeing you last week and best of luck at the
Happy birthday from Enjoy your day!
Happy birthday al grande de Petter Solberg!
Happy birthday, champ !
Happy birthday !
Happy birthday Petter Solberg
Happy to my beloved and driver
 Gratulerer med dagen Petter !!! Happy Birthday Champion
Happy Birthday ! Enjoy it   (In Argentina is still Nov 18th)
Happy birthday ! Wishing you many more slides and fun!
Happy Birthday .
Happy Birthday to Mr. Hollywood himself, the one and only
Happy birthday Petter Solberg  Enjoy your day
 Happy birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to the man himself, Mr Hollywood,   you dont look a day over 39!
Worlds best Rallycross Driver is 40 years old today! Happy Birthday You are a legend !
Happy Birthday Norwegians king of WRC and RX!
Happy birthday to our competitor 40? Seriously?! And still blitzing the
 Happy birthday Mr. Hollywood
  Happy Birthday . All the best from
The Ice Driver Team wish a very Happy 40th Birthday today!
 Happy Birthday Petter Solberg!
Happy Birthday  !! Youve 2 World Championship titles but youre also the best dancer ever!
Happy Birthday, Petter Solberg!
Happy Birthday Petter Solberg !!!
 Happy 40th Birthday Petter, hope you had a great day!
And once again, congrats to your title :)
Join us in wishing the first World Rallycross Champion, a very happy birthday!
Happy 40th birthday champion and former champion
  Happy Birthday [VIDEO]
   Happy birthday Petter, hope youve had a great day! Great past memories!!
Happy birthday    il saw you in France
18.11 Happy Birthday to Petter Solberg.
A big Happy Birthday to our 2014 Champion !!
Hope you have a great day!
Happy birthday   world champ
our wish: next week one more title
Happy birthday to
Happy Birthday Wishes today to Petter Solberg 18/11/74
Happy Birthday to a childhood hero, Never a dull moment!
A very Happy Birthday to - a gentleman of the paddock! Looking forward to
Happy Birthday Take a read of his exciting new blog - right here:
Happy birthday !!!!
Happy birthday, Petter Solberg!!
Wishing the legendary a massive Happy Birthday :-)
 Happy Birthday to the 2003 World Rally Champion Petter Solberg!!

Subaru\s last World Rally Champion
Never to late to wish a very Happy Birthday to
  Happy birthday Hollywood :)
 happy birthday champ. I am a big fan of you and your driving
Happy birthday Petter Solberg
 Congratulations happy Birthday
 Happy Birthday
Happy birthday Mr.     grettings from Chile
El auto de mis amores y uno de mis grandes ídolos Happy birthday champ!
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday to from all at CADS.
    Happy Birthday
 happy birthday!!
 penblwydd hapus,  happy birthday..hope you\re having a great time celebrating
Happy Birthday Petter Solberg.
Happy birthday
Happy birthday All the best! :)
 Happy birthday Petter!!!?
Happy birthday
Happy birthday
  Oh yes! Happy Birthday dear !!
Happy Birthday to our 2003 champion,   |
 Happy Birthday
petter solberg subaru 0
petter solberg ford 1
petter solberg crash 2
Petter Solberg exclusive hot pic 3

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