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Paul M. Connell
Happy Birthday Phil Simms! - Paul M. Connell (2 months ago)
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SCREW PHIL SIMMS!!! JK Happy Birthday Many happy returns! - dohn121 (2 months ago)
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Dan Gallant
In 1986 I became a fan of the NFL and specifically the New York Football Giants, all because of Phil S - Dan Gallant (2 months ago)
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Jim Miloch
Happy Birthday, Phil Simms: Super Bowl XXI MVP (268 Yards, 3 TDs) 2X Pro Bowl 33,462 Passing Yards 199 TD Passes C - Jim Miloch (2 months ago)
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Guy C. Charbonneau
Have a great day Phil Simms happy birthday - Guy C. Charbonneau (2 months ago)
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⚾ J. Daniel ⚾
Happy Birthday to Phil Simms. - ⚾ J. Daniel ⚾ (2 months ago)
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Big Blue Avenue
Happy Birthday Phil Simms! - Big Blue Avenue (2 months ago)
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Teury Potter
HAPPY BIRTHDAY To One Of My Favorite Quarterback Of 1980\'s PHIL SIMMS (November 3, 1955) Super Bowl XXI MVP Wh - Teury Potter (2 months ago)
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Legend Happy Birthday to The Great Phil Simms - MJ (2 months ago)
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Richard cappuccio
A Man/ Player Worthy of Hall of Fame Consideration. Happy Birthday!!!!! To No 11- Phil Simms - Richard cappuccio (2 months ago)
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Giants Daily Trivia
Happy Birthday Phil Simms! Which Giants player caught Simms final regular season touchdown pass (number 199)? - Giants Daily Trivia (2 months ago)
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Dave Greiner
Happy Birthday I will say again,if Bob Griese and Len Dawson are in the HOF, then why isn\'t Phil Simms. - Dave Greiner (2 months ago)
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Sportskeeda Pro Football
Happy 67th Birthday to former New York Giants QB Phil Simms. 2X Super Bowl Champion 2X Pro Bowl Selections - Sportskeeda Pro Football (2 months ago)
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The Quarterback Project
Happy bday to You overcame brutal early-career injuries to make two Pro Bowl teams, earn two Super Bo - The Quarterback Project (2 months ago)
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Kal S. Majeed
Happy birthday to former 7-year world HW champ Larry Holmes & 2-time SB titlist Phil Simms. After Holmes loses his - Kal S. Majeed (2 months ago)
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john slotkin
Happy birthday Lois Smith 92 Michael Dukakis 89 Shadow Stevens 76 Lulu 74 Anna Wintour 73 Roseanne Barr 70 Kate Cap - john slotkin (2 months ago)
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Happy birthday Football Player Phil Simms! can t believe how lucky I am to have found a friend like you. You make e - AllFamous.org (2 months ago)
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Nicole Grant
Happy Birthday Colin Kaepernick, Phil Simms, and Larry Holmes - Nicole Grant (2 months ago)
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Brooke Sedrati-Caraballo
It was way back in time but I had the honor to see him play in person . Happy Birthday Phil Simms - Brooke Sedrati-Caraballo (1 year ago)
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Phil Morin
Happy birthday to the Great Phil Simms! - Phil Morin (1 year ago)
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Michael Grasso
Happy 66th Birthday to Phil Simms, the greatest NY Giants QB. My favorite player. - Michael Grasso (1 year ago)
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Don P
Happy Birthday Phil Simms! - Don P (1 year ago)
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NY Football
Today is Phil Simms birthday. Let s with him a happy birthday - NY Football (1 year ago)
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John Yost
Happy birthday Phil Simms - John Yost (1 year ago)
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everett butler
Happy Birthday Phil Simms - everett butler (1 year ago)
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Nicholas Francoletti
Happy Birthday to Kenny Golladay, Phil Simms, Tamba Hali, and LaMarr Woodley! - Nicholas Francoletti (1 year ago)
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Happy 66th Birthday to Phil Simms! (1979 1993) Games played = 164 TD INT = 199 157 Passing yd - JVAN (1 year ago)
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Talkin’ Giants
Happy birthday Phil Simms! - Talkin’ Giants (1 year ago)
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Gridiron Guru (Mark)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY PHIL SIMMS!!!! 2x SuperBowl CHAMPION XXI & XXV....SuperBowl MVP XXI NY GIANTS LEG - Gridiron Guru (Mark) (1 year ago)
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY NOVEMBER 3rd; Singer Courtney Barnett,34; Author Vyvyan Holland(son of Oscar Wilde)(1886-1967)\"135\"; - BRONX POET (1 year ago)
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Rocco Johnson
Happy Birthday Phil Simms! - Rocco Johnson (1 year ago)
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North Trenton
Happy Birthday to Massimo Mongai, Joe Queenan, Dwight Evans, Ed Murawinski, Andre Wetzel, David Ho, Jim Cummings, R - North Trenton (2 years ago)
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Gene Adamusik
Happy bday to Phil Simms from Morehead State to a Giant Legend!! - Gene Adamusik (2 years ago)
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John Hines
Happy Birthday to former Giant Super Bowl Champion QB Phil Simms. Morehead State Eagles!!! - John Hines (2 years ago)
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Ron Sybert
Happy Birthday Phil Simms!! - Ron Sybert (2 years ago)
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Bigelow Tea
Happy birthday to our friend, Phil Simms! Wishing you all the best - Bigelow Tea (2 years ago)
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Happy Birthday Phil Simms! - TheGiantsBoard (2 years ago)
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St. Louis Football Cardinals
Happy birthday to old NFC East nemesis Phil Simms who threw 5 TD passes in the 41-35 opening day win over - St. Louis Football Cardinals (2 years ago)
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Sam Neher
Happy Birthday Phil Simms!! U see dis?? - Sam Neher (2 years ago)
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steve giubeleo
Happy Birthday Phil Simms - steve giubeleo (2 years ago)
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We have (3) former players celebrating birthdays today: 2x Super Bowl Champ and Super Bowl XXI MVP - SBlueman (2 years ago)
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Happy Birthday Phil Simms - George (2 years ago)
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Louisville Sports
Please join us in wishing a very happy birthday to Phil Simms - Class of 1997 - Louisville Sports (2 years ago)
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Bob Brittain
Happy Birthday Phil! We needed a throwback Phil Simms in those throwback uni\'s last night! - Bob Brittain (2 years ago)
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Val Tsoutsouris
Happy 65th Birthday, Phil Simms! 3-time Pro Bowler, 2-time Super Bowl champ, Super Bowl XXI MVP, Chris Simms\' dad, NFL Today on CBS! - Val Tsoutsouris (2 years ago)
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Teewhy Nyema
Happy Birthday to Massimo Mongai, Joe Queenan, Dwight Evans, Ed Murawinski, Andre Wetzel, David Ho, Jim Cummings, R - Teewhy Nyema (3 years ago)
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Suzanne Noa
Happy Birthday football great Phil Simms - Suzanne Noa (3 years ago)
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Timothy C. Kulla
Happy Birthday Phil Simms - Timothy C. Kulla (3 years ago)
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Jeff Pearson
Phil Simms birthday today as well I read and happy birthday enjoy some - Jeff Pearson (3 years ago)
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Al Sussman
Happy 65th Birthday to Super Bowl-winning quarterback turned longtime NFL football analyst Phil Simms: - Al Sussman (3 years ago)

68 years old (Born on November 03, 1954)

Former Pro-Bowl quarterback for the New York Giants who led the team to victory in Super Bowls XXI and XXV. After retirement, he found success as a sports broadcaster.

Phil Simms's Best Moments

Happy Birthday to Phil Simms.
Happy Birthday Phil Simms!
Happy Birthday to Kenny Golladay, Phil Simms, Tamba Hali, and LaMarr Woodley!
Today is Phil Simms birthday. Let s with him a happy birthday
 Happy birthday to the Great Phil Simms!
Happy Birthday Colin Kaepernick, Phil Simms, and Larry Holmes
Happy Birthday I will say again,if Bob Griese and Len Dawson are in the HOF, then why isn\t Phil Simms.
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