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Happy Birthday my white prince, hope you have the bestest of days. - Sin (3 months ago)
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Fatima Ibraheem Njie
Happy birthday Prince Ahmad dundal njaring ndey ak baye - Fatima Ibraheem Njie (3 months ago)
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Ndey king
MashaAllah happy birthday Prince May You grow to a responsible, loving young man full of iman - Ndey king (3 months ago)
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Happy birthday dear.... Nurse wa.... wullnp - Bodex (3 months ago)
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Calvin Lutendo Meriri
Well done champ Lerato . Happy Birthday to your Prince - Calvin Lutendo Meriri (3 months ago)
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prince muna
Happy birthday - prince muna (3 months ago)
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PranavMohanlal Fans Kerala
Just 7 Days To Go For Our Prince PRANAV MOHANLAL Birthday....! Advance Happy Birthday Appu - PranavMohanlal Fans Kerala (3 months ago)
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Happy birthday to the prince and the princess - Siyoyo (3 months ago)
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Happy bday prince Ahmad - BassBassBass (3 months ago)
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Happy birthday to you dear..... I pray for you long life and prosperity.... I still b ur senior - @Olamiii (3 months ago)
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Happy birthday to prince zayn, God bless and keep him always. - saeraj (3 months ago)
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Bucie Wendz
Happy birthday prince - Bucie Wendz (3 months ago)
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Happy birthday to the charming musical prince dear brother have a blast one :))) - GK (3 months ago)
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Gusto Sports Management Ltd
Happy Birthday to Gusto client we hope you have a great day celebrating - Gusto Sports Management Ltd (3 months ago)
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Keziah Sibong\'le Hadebe
Some one turns 2years old today Happy birthday to my Lil Prince Ethan... Proud mummy of two Handsome Boys - Keziah Sibong\'le Hadebe (3 months ago)
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The Theme Park Geek
On this day, in 1987, his Royal Highness, Prince Edward transformed Chessington from a safari to a theme park in th - The Theme Park Geek (3 months ago)
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princess happy birthday prince - 구구 (3 months ago)
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VNL time #2022season
Happy birthday to prince masa - VNL time #2022season (3 months ago)
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MJ in #VNLManila
Happy Birthday to the Prince of Japanese Volleyball, Masahiro Yanagida - MJ in #VNLManila (3 months ago)
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Caitlyn Putt
Happy Birthday Sweet Prince! Thank you for bringing joy into the lives of so many people. You are adored! - Caitlyn Putt (3 months ago)
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To the prettiest and most handsome person, the prince volleyball, the man whom I wish to be my husband ( ), h - nid (3 months ago)
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- AnimeKnight1992 (3 months ago)
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Vikrant Joshi
Happy Birthday prince - Vikrant Joshi (3 months ago)
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Happy birthday - Dboi_Witha_BigGod (3 months ago)
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chu ♡
Happy birthday to one of my favorite players of all time the prince of japanese volleyball - chu ♡ (3 months ago)
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magi yanagida-ishikawa
To one of the bravest person I know, Happy 30th Birthday Prince Masa !! I wish nothing but the best the world has t - magi yanagida-ishikawa (3 months ago)
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D.P (NiGHTS BDAY!!) ♦️✨
Gonna give this one more bump! Thank you all for making this a banger, and happy birthday, my prince of dreams - D.P (NiGHTS BDAY!!) ♦️✨ (3 months ago)
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Kimberly Swinney
Did I just order Noodle and the No Bones Day for my office so my college students know it s okay to have a no bon - Kimberly Swinney (3 months ago)
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Nerdswag Apparel
I can honestly say. I really enjoyed myself these past few days. Thank you all for the birthday love. I greatly app - Nerdswag Apparel (3 months ago)
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Emma Koory
happy birthday sweet prince! - Emma Koory (3 months ago)
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Happy birthday to the one and only Prince Masahiro Yanagida! - 云 (3 months ago)
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Happy birthday prince charming - ping! (3 months ago)
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Kevin M Callihan Sr, BBA JD MPA
Look sharp, be sharp, and you look sharp. Happy Birthday WM Prince Michael of Kent. - Kevin M Callihan Sr, BBA JD MPA (3 months ago)
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boat ღ
happy bday prince Lurth - boat ღ (3 months ago)
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boat ღ
happy bday prince Lurth - boat ღ (3 months ago)
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Susan Stepney
Happy Birthday Gerald Many Congratulations From Prince Edward Island Canada - Susan Stepney (3 months ago)
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Susan Stepney
Happy Birthday Gerald Many Congratulations From Prince Edward Island Canada - Susan Stepney (3 months ago)
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Roni Ragone
Happy (late) birthday sweet prince - Roni Ragone (3 months ago)
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Roni Ragone
Happy (late) birthday sweet prince - Roni Ragone (3 months ago)
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قلبِ مومن
Happy Birthday - قلبِ مومن (3 months ago)
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ᗷᖇETT ᗯIᒪᒪIᗩᗰ TᗩᒪᗷOT (Slowed replies/DM)
Happy Birthday to my handsome and glory prince! - ᗷᖇETT ᗯIᒪᒪIᗩᗰ TᗩᒪᗷOT (Slowed replies/DM) (3 months ago)
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Union Mark Lodge No.124
Happy Birthday to the Most Worshipful, the Grand Master HRH Prince Michael of Kent. We hope you have a fantastic 80 - Union Mark Lodge No.124 (3 months ago)
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Happy birthday Ranveer Singh. Wish you good health,love, happiness and positivity Prince - Worthy (3 months ago)
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Rough Night
Happy birthday! - Rough Night (3 months ago)
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Secretário Rochinha
Happy Birthday little prince - Secretário Rochinha (3 months ago)
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Happy birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day! - ✰Charlie✰ (3 months ago)
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Happy Birthday - wcpw (3 months ago)
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Happy birthday little Prince - nikhi (3 months ago)
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Theresa Tekenah
Happy birthday to Prince. - Theresa Tekenah (3 months ago)

64 years old (Born on June 07, 1958)

Purple Rain

Prince's Best Moments

Happy Birthday, Prince William
Happy Birthday to Prince, the one person who could drop in on show for the full hour.
Happy birthday Prince Nilan
Happy 6th birthday my son,
No words can describe my love for you..
Time goes too fast
Love you my young prince
Happy birthday to one of my favorite players of all time the prince of japanese volleyball
Happy 75th birthday to our jewish  prince larry david
Happy Birthday Prince STELLytale MagicalBDay
(06/02) happy birthday, my prince
Happy Birthday to the Icy Prince$$
Happy birthday to the fresh prince of radio, To more years of Loving Life and Loving Music
Happy Birthday to our dear diligent prince and knight in dark armour, Silver!!
Happy 19th birthday to His Royal Highness Crown Prince Moulay El Hassan
Wishing dynamic prince a very happy Birthday :)
Happy Birthday to Diana Prince seen here with the Freak from Full Moon\s \"Castle Freak\"
Happy 9th Anniversary to my LOVE and Happy 3rd Birthday to son HDV(Prince) July 6th is a SPECIAL DAY in my household
Happy birthday Miss you
Happy birthday to the purple one  what\s your favorite prince song?
Royals wish Prince Harry, Meghan Markle\s daughter Lilibet a happy 1st birthday
Happy birthday our handsome handsome prince <333
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday to my favorite Padded Prince,
Our littles princess and prince are really turning 4!

Happy birthday Prince, also thanks the for patronage.
Happy Birthday to the Prince of Japanese Volleyball, Masahiro Yanagida
 Happy birthday my prince
Happy birthday Gh message Prince Charming   Bless up bro
Happy 51th Birthday Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark!
Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge.
Happy 40th Birthday for tomorrow
Happy 62nd birthday to the voice of Prince Charming, Rupert Everett! (May 29th, 1959)
Happy birthday to our favorite mechanical player:  Our little Prince turns 19 today.
Royals wish Prince Harry, Meghan Markle\s daughter Lilibet a happy 1st birthday
Happy Birthday to my Prince,RINU
Many happy returns to the future King, Prince William, on his 40th birthday!
Happy birthday to my prince - Jadon. 
Happy 11th birthday
Wishing Prince Louis good friend Lena Tindall a happy 4th birthday!
    happy birthday My prince   24
Happy birthday my sweet prince
A very Happy Birthday to HRH Prince William, The Duke of Cambridge who turned 39 today.
Happy Birthday
June 25, 1984   Happy Birthday Purple Rain
Today, we celebrate one of our favorite royals.   Happy birthday, Prince William!  Cheers to another great year.
Wishing Dynamic Prince Our  A Very Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to our handsome Prince Jinyoung!
Happy birthday to the prince of our hearts, prince junior   the ruler of all cats in the world
Forget Father\s Day. Happy 37th (!) birthday, sweet prince.
Happy Birthday dear King & Prince
June 7 will ALWAYS be day. Happy Birthday to the greatest musician to ever walk on a stage
Happy birthday my sweet summer prince
Happy Birthday Our Little Prince  |
Happy 96th Birthday to our Shining Black Prince!
Robert Pattinson\s birthday is it? Happy Birthday, Batman One day I will finish this piece, my sweet prince.
Happy 2nd birthday our prince
Happy Birthday I know you\re keeping it funky and sexy up in heaven. You were too cool for this world.
Happy Birthday, Courtney Prince!!
Happy Heavenly Birthday to the G.O.A.T.!
Happy Birthday Crown Prince Hussein of Jordan!
Happy Birthday A King to many
Happy 7th birthday to le petit prince himself, Little Boss
Happy Birthday to the cutest Lil Prince   Have \Blast\ Bday
 Happy Birthday Figaro Southern Country
Happy birthday to the GOAT, the legend, his royal badness - Prince.

Nobody did it quite like the kid
June 9 is the birthday of Kaoru Kurusu from Uta no Prince-sama!
Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday to our prince
HAPPY  BIRTHDAY Amatsuki!!! 
Peace sign prince!!!
I hope your future is full of happiness!!
 She would be so proud of Prince Harry Happy heavenly birthday, Princess Diana!
Great Monday Morning! Happy Birthday Prince! Start your goals right now! Don t forget to have fun! Let s get it!
Happy birthday Abram Prince of the Khan Kingdom
Prince Radu of Romania celebrates today his 62nd birthday. Happy birthday to HRH!
Happy Birthday To The Prince
Happy birthday Prince.
Happy Birthday   |  |
Happy birthday to our Noble Prince Minsoo Lots of love thru IG ads. Nakakatuwa
Happy birthday my Prince
Happy birthday, Prince
Happy birthday sweet prince, miss your red Yokozuna pants
Happy birthday, my sunny Prince
Our prince happy birthday countdown.
Happy Birthday Kazama!!!!
Happy birthday to our prince!
Happy Birthday -
Happy birthday, Prince Clemente! Carlos San Juan
Hi  Happy Birthday Prince Clemente    Family © Prince/Carlo IGS
 performing Bitches Brew in 1970 Happy birthday to the Prince of Darkness
HAPPY BIRTHDAY               & Prince
     6                   Happy Birthday 
Happy happy birthday gorgeous Helen!
Happy Birthday to our own black shining prince ... He still watching our backs.
Happy birthday, Prince
Advance happy birthday prince
Happy Birthday to my nephew, the Prince of Darkness, Ozzy  He just wants cake and nothing else.
Happy Birthday to Crown Prince Moulay Hassan
Happy Birthday to former Prince Fielder.
Happy birthday to our prince
Happy Birthday my Prince.  I love you
Happy Birthday to HRH Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark
Happy (late ass) third birthday to this failed prince of Hell! he deserves a good one, and he better get it as well.
Happy Birthday Prince
 Happy Birthday, Prince
Happy birthday to an icon. The best to ever step on stage.
Happy birthday Prince
Happy Birthday Prince ki Princess Teju
Happy birthday Prince William  The Duke of Cambridge turns 40 on Tuesday!
Happy birthday my beautiful girl.
Prince (Prince Rogers Nelson)
Birth 1958.6.7 ~ 2016.4.21
Happy Birthday
\"By the bridge of graffiti there live a band who\s soul belongs to God.\"
Happy Birthday (
Happy birthday to our prince!
Happy birthday prince want to see you sooner :(
Happy Birthday to
Happy Birthday to the Warzone prince
Happy birthday Prince William! Wishing you a year of happiness and joy.
Happy birthday chlm my prince
Happy Birthday to my prince charming
                              Happy Birthday to our Crown Prince
Happy Birthday to Prince(ss) Shinsou
Happy birthday to Prince Moulay El Hassan
Happy birthday to this great singer.  Happy birthday to Prince Royce
Happy birthday sweet prince x
Happy birthday to my one and only Ozzy Pawzbourne the prince of Barkness!

Happy birthday to the clown prince of
  4,688 international runs 11 centuries Top score of 162* 

Happy Birthday, Ashwell Prince!
Happy Birthday to Prince R.I.P  .
Happy Birthday my prince & my heart.....
  Yes Happy Heavenly Birthday HRH Prince Phillip.
Happy Birthday To Prince William.
You make the world a better place
Happy Birthday My Little Prince!
 happy birthday Julie
Happy 75th birthday to HRH Prince Michael of Kent. (Photo:
Happy birthday Prince Ameya Pratap Singh
Happy birthday with best wishes dear prince sister May Allah bless nd give you long life
Happy Birthday Prince
Happy Birthday Prince! Steve misses you.
Happy 56th birthday to former NWA member, Arabian Prince
Happy Birthday to our Crown Prince, Kim Sunoo .
Happy 38th birthday to Prince Fielder!

Baby I m a Star
Happy birthday Prince
Happy 100th birthday to the Prince of the Undead, Christopher Lee
 happy Early Birthday Prince! June 7
 Happy birthday Prince
Happy birthday to one of the greatest musicians to have ever lived, Prince.
Happy birthday to the prince of Milan
Happy birthday nae
Supportive and friendly person  have a great year ahead nae
Happy 40th Birthday to His Royal Highness Prince William, Duke of Cambridge.
Happy Birthday Prince William!
 Happy birthday our warmhearted, jind and precious sunoo, you\re our prince
Wishing Latté a very Happy 7th Birthday!
Happy birthday to this little prince
Happy Birthday Thank U 4 the endless tracks you left behind!
Happy Birthday to Prince!
The best who ever did it.
Art by me w and color by
Happy Birthday Jun 07, 1958 - Apr 21, 2016
Happy bday lil man love you prince
Happy birthday to my precious prince of slytherin! ily
Have a really happy birthday Roman, the best, most handsome, most imaginative prince around!
Happy 50th Birthday Pictured teeing off at Prince\s in 2003.
Happy Birthday to Eto Koki-san~ 
Always be the pretty prince
Happy 3rd Birthday Prince!
Happy birthday in heaven Prince.
Happy birthday Prince
Happy Birthday to my two favorite demons  Prince is 8 and Jazzy is 1!
Happy Birthday Rahul Gandhi Prince of India .

Launched and Relaunched So Many Times Since 2004
                    Happy Birthday to HRH Crown Prince
Happy birthday to our own , May Allah bless you more and more to secure a champions league medal.
My Big Brother Passed In February 21 , Today Is His Birthday!

Happy Heavenly Birthday, Cory!
My Prince
Happy belated birthday to my prince
 Prince Jack says happy birthday
Best Birthday My prince<3 Achieve your entire goal n luv ya HAPPY DANIEL DAY
Happy Birthday to our Shining Black Prince.

El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz

Malcolm X

May 19, 1925 February 21, 1965
Happy birthday prince Junmyeon
 Happy belated birthday! Here is Momo, the prince of laundry
Happy real birthday to my sweet prince Presley  no one will ever love u the way I do
Happy heavenly birthday, Sweet Prince.
 Happy Birthday!!!
 Happy birthday to you
Happy 1st Birthday Prince!
Happy birthday sweet prince
I always wanted a prince to come save me. And then I meant you and knew he had come. 

Happy birthday,
Wishing Prince Harry and Meghan s daughter Lilibet Diana a very happy 1  st birthday
Happy birthday
 Prince Roman of Sander sides
Royals wish Prince Harry, Meghan Markle s daughter Lilibet a happy 1st birthday
Happy Birthday Prince
Happy Birthday Prince Rogers Nelson!   7 juin 1958, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Happy birthday Prince! here he is sporting my Parkway Hotel font on his custom jacket on stage with NPG.
And happy birthday to Prince. Could I have been an 80s teen? Maybe.
  happy birthday my llittle prince
The Littlest Prince had his birthday this week. Happy Big 4 buddy.
 Happy Birthday Prince Charmont
Wishing HRH Prince William a very happy 40th birthday.
Happy Birthday Prince William!
Happy Birthday to our Geek State Babies
Prince exclusive 0
Prince sexy 1
prince george christmas 2
Prince full body 3

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