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ha your funny how bout no i will do it later
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Clear One Radio
R. Kelly - Happy Birthday - Clear One Radio (20 hours ago)
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Official A&O Radio
R Kelly - Happy Birthday (MMP Intro) (Clean) :: Tune In: - Official A&O Radio (1 day ago)
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I had a really bad day at work and really just wanted to be home. No Ludacris but R. Kelly Ignition came - Jill (10 months ago)
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Steven James
Happy Birthday, Killa! Nas tries out for Rico Killa tries out for Rico Dame goes w/ Cam Nas is already in Rico mo - Steven James (10 months ago)
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Nic Overkill
3 things the world should get rid of in 2019: R Kelly. Trump. The Happy birthday song. - Nic Overkill (10 months ago)
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Shon Hood
Happy Birthday to the greatest Uncle alive uncle Charlie, and one of the greatest to ever do it re - Shon Hood (10 months ago)
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Ed Wallace
I liked a video R. Kelly - Happy Birthday - Ed Wallace (10 months ago)
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Joey Coco
Happy Birthday To Rakim for coming up with the line that R.Kelly ruined for me... \"Thought I was a donut, you tried to glaze me\" - Joey Coco (10 months ago)
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Esteban De Sade
I liked a video R. Kelly - Happy Birthday - Esteban De Sade (10 months ago)
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Professor Finesser
Smh R Kelly tho?! Happy bday I guess - Professor Finesser (10 months ago)
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I liked a video R. Kelly - Happy Birthday - BLU CHEZ♎ (10 months ago)
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His Royal Blackness
Good day Wanna wish Mrs Enerstina Bilson & Sandra Bortey of Church of Pentecost Firestone Worship Ce - His Royal Blackness (10 months ago)
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R. Kelly - Happy Birthday via - Aaron (10 months ago)
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Joe Fallon
At a time people are going mad at others for listening to R Kelly people are still calling Xxxtentacion an \'icon\'. - Joe Fallon (10 months ago)
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Daryle Lamont Jenkins
Erykah Badu is defending R. Kelly Cardi B. is dragging the hell out of Tomi Lahren Mother of teen that harassed a N - Daryle Lamont Jenkins (10 months ago)
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Lynx Who?
It\'s odd that you\'re shocked by R.Kelly but wished Elvis happy bday lol. - Lynx Who? (10 months ago)
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Happy 25th Birthday(No R.Kelly- She s really 32) to my beautiful, smart, loving, caring wife and mother of my child - MJ (10 months ago)
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Annie Valentine
Happy birthday Aaliyah R.Kelly will go down for what he did to you - Annie Valentine (10 months ago)
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On ya R Kelly shit huh happy birthday fam - IATS (10 months ago)
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I am the Stamp
On ya R Kelly shit huh happy birthday fam - I am the Stamp (10 months ago)
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Conservatives call Michelle Obama a man but then get off to Melania Trump who looks like Caitlyn Jenner. *R. Kell - Markey (11 months ago)
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I hired R. Kelly to sing you happy birthday, but he had to cancel. Not sure why - BJC (11 months ago)
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Happy birthday aaliyah fuck r kelly - am (11 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Aaliyah Today this angel would ve turned 40...too old for R. Kelly Too soon? - #RapAddicts (11 months ago)
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Kaila Philo
In first grade I was an Aaliyah stan and wholeheartedly R Kelly killed her (still might) Anyway happy birthday - Kaila Philo (11 months ago)
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Smash Ketchum
Some of y all so freaking Faaaaake!! Same ones saying Aaliyah this and that with R. Kelly are the same ones singing - Smash Ketchum (11 months ago)
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That Mom Oversharer.
Happy Birthday Aaliyah. What is your favorite song? And listen and download all her non R. Kelly affiliated music. - That Mom Oversharer. (11 months ago)
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Sandro Payme
Some of yall only wishin Aaliyah a happy birthday cuz yall saw surviving r kelly the other day - Sandro Payme (11 months ago)
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Zach Kays
Happy Birthday pimpin make it a great one! Dont let Lebrons hairline hold you back or R. Kelly hold your crack - Zach Kays (11 months ago)
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Did R Kelly tell Aaliyah happy birthday - Leuqir (11 months ago)
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Everyone saying happy birthday Aaliyah while I m thinking of that R. Kelly documentary like .... - Rex (11 months ago)
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Happy birthday she would have been 40 today I swear I love this lady man you would have been a beast in - Chase (11 months ago)
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It s Aaliyah birthday and niggas said R. Kelly better not wish her a happy birthday - Caity (11 months ago)
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Happy birthday beautiful, i grew up listening to your music & it made me the strong black girl that i am today. i w - Tᴇᴇ (11 months ago)
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T. ♉
R Kelly better not wish my girl a happy birthday happy birthday Aaliyah - T. ♉ (11 months ago)
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Nicole Leckenby
Good morning to everyone except R.Kelly. Happy Birthday to Would ve been 40 today - Nicole Leckenby (11 months ago)
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Derrick Ashimwe
Happy birthday Queen.. And Fuck R Kelly! - Derrick Ashimwe (11 months ago)
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I hate that Aaliyahs involved In this R.kelly shit.... Happy 40th Birthday babygirl May she R.I.P - LockedSoulXO (11 months ago)
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Petty King
Today should be a Happy Birthday for Aaliyah ... But her family is coming out saying that R Kelly had 3somes with h - Petty King (11 months ago)
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Paulette Character R
Let me scroll and see how many of y\'all told one of the greatest man of ALL times Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Happy - Paulette Character R (11 months ago)
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Beat 94.7 FM
Beat 94.7 FM is now playing: R. Kelly - Happy Birthday TuneIn Player @ - Beat 94.7 FM (11 months ago)
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Inforistic Media
Fans Blast Jaywon For Wishing R. Kelly A Happy Birthday - Inforistic Media (11 months ago)
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Willie Emeka Obiozor (Dr. Will)
Happy Birthday R Kelly - Willie Emeka Obiozor (Dr. Will) (11 months ago)
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2019 and still clueless on message only to come on see some R Kelly drama Gaga involved body shaming stuff and oh y - الحناء (11 months ago)
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Tammi Alexander
Happy Belated Birthday...Stay in your lane when it comes to R. KELLY. These girls are groupies...you kn - Tammi Alexander (11 months ago)
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I liked a video R. Kelly - Happy Birthday - essexobrien (11 months ago)
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Cousin Missy
Happy Birthday Queen Enjoy!!! We gon need you to speak up on R Kelly cuz. You have a non profi - Cousin Missy (11 months ago)
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#DOAP™ NG #NerdGang
Oh! Oh! Po Po Checking Happy Birthday Kelz - #DOAP™ NG #NerdGang (11 months ago)
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Deborah J
Happy Birthday Queen be treated like one stay away from R.Kelly he got issue. - Deborah J (11 months ago)
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Nigerian singer, Jaywon is under heated fire and currently being dragged by Americans after he called R.Kelly a kin - UPTODATEZ MEDIA (11 months ago)

53 years old (Born on January 08, 1966)

American, Musician; He is famous from Singing.

Two daughters Jaya and Joann and a son Robert Jr. R.Kelly out on $750,000 bail after being charged with 21 counts of producing child pornography. Writes, arranges, and produces all of his own songs. Shares a birthday with Sean Paul, WWE star Chris Masters(The Masterpiece), and David Bowie. R. Kelly has recorded a song about his court battle and released it exclusively to his local radio station.

R Kelly's Best Moments

Happy birthday R.Kelly
Happy birthday R Kelly
Happy birthday bb girl. (And also fuck R. Kelly)
Happy 50th Birthday! 20 R. Kelly Songs That Made You a Fan
Happy birthday to the king of R&B R Kelly. He turns 50 years old today
On this cold Sunday, we have another birthday to S/O... R Kelly   turns 50!! Happy Birthday to the Pidepiper of R&B
Happy Birthday to R. Kelly    About:
Happy birthday bitch actually kinda miss ya have a great day
Dear R. Kelly,  

Happy Birthday
Happy birthday To Robert   Have A Bless Birthday To R.Kelly
Happy 50th Birthday to the King Of R&B Robert Sylvester Kelly aka R. Kelly (January 8, 1967)
Happy Birthday to R.Kelly
Happy Birthday Mr R Kelly.. The Greatest
Happy Birthday   R. Kelly                 We\ll be \"STEPPIN\ IN THE NAME OF LOVE\"
    pls join me to wish R kelly a happy birthday
Happy Birthday to the King Of R&B R. Kelly!
Everyone saying happy birthday Aaliyah while I m thinking of that R. Kelly documentary like ....
Good morning to everyone except R.Kelly.  Happy Birthday to Would ve been 40 today
 Happy Birthday by R. Kelly on
Christmas Day I had to rock my shirt!!! R.kelly please sing me happy birthday
Happy birthday to Robert S. Kelly (R. Kelly).
 Born: Jan 08, 1967 (age 49) · Chicago, IL
Happy Birthday to the King of R&B - R. Kelly
Happy Birthday to R. Kelly (born January 8, 1967)
Happy Birthday R Kelly
This video sucked lol Happy Birthday, R. Kelly!

Too big to take an L so...
   Happy Birthday, R.Kelly!
       Reached a milestone today...50 years old 
                         HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
Happy birthday to the legend, R. Kelly
Happy 50th Birthday! 20 R. Kelly Songs That Made You a Fan
 Happy Birthday R. Kelly my son is 18 today and yes Legends are Birn
  Happy Birthday R Kelly who wrote the song for Michael Jackson,  YOU\RE NOT ALONE
Happy bday to the man that taught me everything! How to pee, talk to women, all that!! R kelly you the man!
Happy Birthday R.Kelly ! Do You Prefer the Braids or Bald?
Happy bday r kelly
Happy birthday to R. Kelly!
Happy birthday R. Kelly.
Happy Birthday R. Kelly may you continue to step in the name of love
Happy 50th Birthday R.Kelly
 Happy Birthday by R. Kelly on  listen now and win!
Happy Birthday to R. Kelly (born January 8, 1967)
Wish a happy birthday to   and more!
Happy Birthday to R. Kelly - photographed backstage by Raymond Boyd in 1992.
Happy Birthday to the Pied Piper and   King of R&B R. Kelly. May God Coninute to Bless You.
So who s going to wish R. Kelly a happy birthday tomorrow.
Happy Birthday R. Kelly
1967 1 8             52
 just wished R Kelly happy birthday
Y\all Gonna Say Happy Birthday To R Kelly Or No
Happy Birthday R. Kelly
Happy Birthday R. Kelly
So yall just gon be rude and not wish R Kelly a happy birthday huh
Happy Birthday, R. Kelly!
Today is R. Kelly\s 52nd birthday do anyone care to wish him a happy birthday?
My co-worker did not just ask me was anybody gonna say Happy Birthday to R.Kelly....I am weak
Happy birthday R. Kelly.
There are actual people wishing happy birthday to R Kelly?
  Happy Birthday Queen be treated like one stay away from R.Kelly he got issue.
R Kelly sexy 0
R Kelly body 1
r kelly albums 2
r kelly mask 3

Fun Facts About R Kelly

Used to be the producer for Changing Faces, Sparkle and Kelly Price.
R. Kelly began his music career as the front man of r&b singing group Public Announcement.

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