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ha your funny how bout no i will do it later
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Happy BirthDay to the 1 and only Love King!!! - Krista (2 years ago)
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♡ ♡
Omg! How I love u! Musically, and a beautiful soul. Oh and obviously good tast is food I m so upse - ♡ ♡ (1 day ago)
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Happy birthday - nah. (4 days ago)
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Natushyia Britton team member @rnbsouleffecttv
Happy happy birthday handsome love be blessed with many wonderful awesome amazing years of awesome - Natushyia Britton team member @rnbsouleffecttv (6 days ago)
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That’s a Key Tweet
Happy BDay! He looking right in this pic - That’s a Key Tweet (6 days ago)
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The Chicken Bacon Lady
Happy BDay! He looking right in this pic - The Chicken Bacon Lady (6 days ago)
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Happy Birthday Raheem! - bosslady_millini (6 days ago)
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Happy Birthday!!!! - Shea (6 days ago)
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Tyra G.
Happy Birthday to YOU!!! - Tyra G. (6 days ago)
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BrownPark Productions, LLC
Happy Belated Birthday to Chris Brown, Raheem DeVaughn, Craig David, and Tahiry Jose! - BrownPark Productions, LLC (6 days ago)
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Chelle B
Happy Happy Belated Birthday (May 5th) to The Love King , - Chelle B (6 days ago)
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Gary Lover
Happy Birthday Champ - Gary Lover (6 days ago)
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Gabby WJ
Happy Birthday - Gabby WJ (6 days ago)
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Joseph (They/Them)
Wanted to wait until Quiet Storm Hours but still don\'t want this day to end without wishing The Love King with the - Joseph (They/Them) (6 days ago)
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Happy Birthday my dude more life man - Jason (6 days ago)
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Chyna Doll
Happy Birthday! - Chyna Doll (6 days ago)
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Davida Shawalli Duckett
Happy birthday - Davida Shawalli Duckett (6 days ago)
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Kristina Reppucci aka Dimples Devaughn
Happy Birthday, Raheem I hope you have a great birthday my love. - Kristina Reppucci aka Dimples Devaughn (1 week ago)
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viola nicholson
Happy Birthday - viola nicholson (1 week ago)
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Happy birthday - Nadiedawg (1 week ago)
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Protector of the Realm
Happy birthday my baby daddy (in my head) - Protector of the Realm (1 week ago)
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Jeffrey McKinney
Raheem DeVaughn - Just Right via Happy Birthday - Jeffrey McKinney (1 week ago)
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Happy birthday to you Raheem DeVaughn !Wishing you a wonderful & blessed day . - Rana (1 week ago)
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Black Celebrity Birthdays
Happy 46th Birthday to Young & hungry for success, DeVaughn took a job at Tower Records taggi - Black Celebrity Birthdays (1 week ago)
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Happy My favorite RnB , Neo Soul artist !!! I have every album of yours !! You are my fa - tiffanyjanishia (1 week ago)
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RnB Souleffect Tv™
Happy Soul Artist Birthday - RnB Souleffect Tv™ (1 week ago)
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HAPPY 46th BIRTHDAY Raheem DeVaughn, singer and songwriter. His debut album, The Love Experience, reached No. 46 on - Space-reporter-news (1 week ago)
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Mary L Robinson
Happy Birthday Raheem!! - Mary L Robinson (1 week ago)
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Enjoy your beautiful day of life. Happy Birthday! - ALIVeAgain (1 week ago)
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Max Cyrus
Happy birthday blessings to you brother - Max Cyrus (1 week ago)
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dewayne Perkins
Happy Birthday King!! - dewayne Perkins (1 week ago)
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Happy Birthday - Synlass (1 week ago)
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On the Basis of I’m Black Everyday!!
Happy Birthday King!!! - On the Basis of I’m Black Everyday!! (1 week ago)
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Lady Gemini
Happy birthday! Believe Marathon Ask Yourself I know I\'m missing something but these are a great start. - Lady Gemini (1 week ago)
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Stephanie Jackson
Happy Birthday hope you have a fabulous celebration enjoy your special day may God continue to ble - Stephanie Jackson (1 week ago)
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Tavares Goode
Happy birthday. - Tavares Goode (1 week ago)
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Dj Infamous aka Da Missin Link
Happy birthday my brother - Dj Infamous aka Da Missin Link (1 week ago)
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Hamaad Jennings
HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRO - Hamaad Jennings (1 week ago)
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Cookii Baskin-Greenleaf
Happy Birthday - Cookii Baskin-Greenleaf (1 week ago)
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Saint Chris
Happy Birthday King - Saint Chris (1 week ago)
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Happy Birthday to you - BeeJay (1 week ago)
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Happy Birthday - Queenie (1 week ago)
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DJ Flexx
Happy Birthday Home\"Team! - DJ Flexx (1 week ago)
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❤️ Nesh ❤️
Happy Birthday Love King - ❤️ Nesh ❤️ (1 week ago)
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L. D. Spellman
Happy Birthday - L. D. Spellman (1 week ago)
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Happy Birthday Raheem!! - RoJay (1 week ago)
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Killa Cal
Happy Bday to the May 5th ers: Chris Brown Dermarr Johnson (DJ) Big G from BYB Raheem Devaughn Big Tony from Troub - Killa Cal (1 week ago)
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j scurry
Raheem DeVaughn - Customer via Happy birthday - j scurry (1 week ago)
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D. Layne
Happy Birthday , Fam. - D. Layne (1 week ago)
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Happy Birthday - Driz (1 week ago)

46 years old (Born on May 05, 1975)

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Happy Birthday
Happy Belated Birthday to Chris Brown, Raheem DeVaughn, Craig David, and Tahiry Jose!
Happy Happy Belated Birthday (May 5th) to The Love King ,
 Singing \"Happy Birthday King Raheem\" You rock my brotha.
Happy birthday
 Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to the juiciest pair of lips in R&B
Happy Soul Singer Birthday
 Happy Birthday
  Happy Birthday
 Happy Birthday to You!!!
 Happy birthday Raheem, wishing you many more to come in happiness and good health! Ashe
 Happy Birthday Zaddy!
 Happy birthday!!
Happy Soul Artist Birthday
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