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Uma Silbey
Happy Birthday Ram Dass! For 47 years you were in my life. Together we shared the love of Baba, Hanuman and rebelle - Uma Silbey (1 week ago)
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Noila, MA
So, I was eagerly masturbating last night when i was interrupted by Ram Dass\' voice exclaming \"ahhhhhh, GROOVY!\" gl - Noila, MA (1 week ago)
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Nathan Pride
Happy 90th birthday to Ram Dass! My introduction to this magic man was through \"Be Here Now\" in my early 20s. The i - Nathan Pride (1 week ago)
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noah gamestop
Happy Birthday, Ram Dass. The world was a better place with you in it. - noah gamestop (1 week ago)
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Happy birthday ram dass ayo - e (1 week ago)
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Celebrating our beloved Ram Dass here in Soul Land today! happy birthday, - maddy (1 week ago)
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Happy would be 90th birthday to Baba Ram Dass!! Cracking open Be Here Now to relive his wisdom gems. - RelaxationProfessional (1 week ago)
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Charlie Dulac (They/Them)
Finished the \"final\" final underdrawing for the Ram Dass gouache portrait a few days ago. Now color comps and then - Charlie Dulac (They/Them) (1 week ago)
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Happy Birthday, Ram Dass! - Nachtschatten.Verlag (1 week ago)
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Bernd Schmidl
I spent the whole day at work listening to Ram Dass lectures! Didn\'t know it was his birthday! Happ - Bernd Schmidl (1 week ago)
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✨ann wolff✨
Thank you for supporting the Seva Foundation and celebrating Ram Dass on his birthday today! Ha - ✨ann wolff✨ (1 week ago)
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Matthew Dowd
Happy bday teacher Ram Dass, b 1931. We\'re all just walking each other home. The quieter you become, the more - Matthew Dowd (1 week ago)
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Happy Birthday (what would\'ve been your 90th Birthday) Ram Dass! - - AllenGinsbergEstate (1 week ago)
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Your problem is you re too busy holding onto your unworthiness. Ram Dass HAPPY BIRTHDAY LISA - Raïclone (3 weeks ago)
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Amy Luna - Voices
Happy Birthday Aries! Only that in you which is me can hear what I m saying. - Ram Dass Ame - Amy Luna - Voices (3 weeks ago)
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adjustable nozzle
Hey happy birthday! Thank you for The Midnight Gospel. Is that the voice of Baba Ram Dass in the trailer? - adjustable nozzle (12 months ago)
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The Dirtbag Dad (Eric Larson)
On his birthday, words of Ram Dass to heed during these times and in all times. . Hap - The Dirtbag Dad (Eric Larson) (1 year ago)
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Ricky the Butcher
Happy Birthday Ram Dass via - Ricky the Butcher (1 year ago)
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Happy birthday to Baba Ram Dass ( Richard Alpert) (Arril 6,1931), author of Be Here Now (1971) and many other works. - Book_Addict (1 year ago)
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Phyllis Davis
Bob. Happy Birthday. As Ram Dass said, \"We\'re all just walking each other home.\" I don\'t know you, but - Phyllis Davis (1 year ago)
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Brahmani Liebman भाई जी
Happy birthday dearest Baba Ram Dass. You were there at the befinning of my journey and continue to in - Brahmani Liebman भाई जी (1 year ago)
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Jianina Pagliarini
As Sri Ram said to his brother Bharat, upon returning victorious from the war... I can never repay the debt I owe - Jianina Pagliarini (2 years ago)
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DJ Mantra
Happy Birthday Blessings to Baba Ram Dass:)! May the Love you have sent out unto the world finds it way back to you - DJ Mantra (2 years ago)
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Eddie Markey
Happy birthday Ram Dass - Eddie Markey (2 years ago)
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Madlyn thompson
Happy Birthday Ram Dass. Thank you for your Light and Love - Madlyn thompson (2 years ago)
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Kristin Chase
Happy Birthday Baba Ram Dass. Thank you for coming here to teach me that we all just waking one another home. - Kristin Chase (2 years ago)
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Ivor Williams
Happy Birthday Ram Dass! - Ivor Williams (2 years ago)
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zoli osaze
Alexgreycosm Happy 88 Birthday to Ram Dass a pillar of wisdom, love and infinite good works who uplifts everyone. T - zoli osaze (2 years ago)
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Sharon Joy Ng
Baba Ram Dass. I told you in 2013 at your retreat, that you are my guru. Thank you for your love and w - Sharon Joy Ng (2 years ago)
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Robert A.F. Thurman
Happy Birthday to Ram Dass! - Robert A.F. Thurman (2 years ago)
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Happy bday Ram Dass ! - Claudie (2 years ago)
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new year new nic
Happy 88th Birthday to Baba Ram Dass!! - new year new nic (2 years ago)
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Ayasmantha Peiris
Happy birthday Ram Dass Baba. You have been a beacon of light in my life. May you have the best of health - Ayasmantha Peiris (2 years ago)
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Happy birthday to Ram Dass - Lilystella (2 years ago)
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Cindy Tatum
I ve read BE HERE NOW so many times. Happy Birthday Ram Dass and much love to you too Pete. Loved CRASHING - Cindy Tatum (2 years ago)
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Happy birthday, Ram Dass. Thanks for being one of the people who taught me how to Be Here Now. - Hyenathing (2 years ago)
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Jhovany Quiroz
Happy Birthday Ram Dass! - Jhovany Quiroz (2 years ago)
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Alex Grey
Happy 88 Birthday to Ram Dass a pillar of wisdom, love and infinite good works who uplifts everyone. Thank you grea - Alex Grey (2 years ago)
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Cali Dreaming NaphiSoc
Happy 88th birthday to Ram Dass, founder of Seva a Berkeley based Buddhist service organization dedicated to saving - Cali Dreaming NaphiSoc (2 years ago)
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Kerri Kendall
Happy 88th birthday to Ram Dass - Kerri Kendall (2 years ago)
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Happy Birthday Ram Dass - you are truly an infinite being and your words of wisdom are inspiring to all - - Thoth (2 years ago)
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Jack Meredith III
Happy birthday Ram Dass - Jack Meredith III (2 years ago)
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Happy 88th birthday to the sweet beautiful soul that is Baba Ram Dass! Sending so much love today to the teache - Dulac (2 years ago)
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Esther Peyron
Everybody you have ever loved is a part of the fabric of your being now. We\'re all just walking each other home. - Esther Peyron (2 years ago)
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Happy birthday, Ram Dass! Thank you for being with us and helping us with wisdom, joy and heart! - _dharmalog (2 years ago)
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Colin Frangicetto
Happy birthday to Paul Rudd, Baba Ram Dass and the one and only ! - Colin Frangicetto (2 years ago)
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Afshine Emrani MD FACC
Happy 88 bday. Born as Richard Alpert into a well-to-do Jewish family, Ram Dass is the youngest of three sons. His - Afshine Emrani MD FACC (2 years ago)
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Pete Holmes
Happy birthday to my dear Ram Dass, my great teacher and cosmic friend. If you ve ever wanted to give him a try, I - Pete Holmes (2 years ago)
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Gayle Poapst
Happy birthday Baba Ram Dass - Gayle Poapst (2 years ago)

90 years old (Born on April 06, 1931)

Author, yogi, and spiritual teacher whose famous book, Be Here Now, was published in 1971. Also a philanthropist, he established the Hanuman and Seva Foundations.

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Happy Birthday, Ram Dass!
Happy would be 90th birthday to Baba Ram Dass!! Cracking open Be Here Now to relive his wisdom gems.
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