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Happy birthday - Robyn (1 week ago)
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John Burns
While we are at it, belated Happy Birthday, Reece. - John Burns (1 week ago)
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Maria Cole
A great shot! You certainly don t look 63. Happy Birthday! - Maria Cole (1 week ago)
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Sarah Tsang
Happy belated birthday. - Sarah Tsang (1 week ago)
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Carolyne Harding
Happy Belated Birthday Reece hope you\'d a fab day!! - Carolyne Harding (1 week ago)
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Valerie M
Happy birthday my lovely - Valerie M (1 week ago)
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Paul Hickman
Great pic. Happy Birthday - Paul Hickman (1 week ago)
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William loves Pegging
Happy belated birthday mate - William loves Pegging (1 week ago)
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Tracy Julian
Happy birthday - Tracy Julian (1 week ago)
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Flatpack builders
happy birthday pal hope you ve had a great day, - Flatpack builders (1 week ago)
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B. Conniss (Official)
Happy belated birthday Reece, sorry I didn t see it yesterday, wishing you many more to come x - B. Conniss (Official) (1 week ago)
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Steve Morris
Happy Birthday young man - Steve Morris (1 week ago)
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Christopher Sykes
Happy birthday Reece. All the very best .. - Christopher Sykes (1 week ago)
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Julie Lockey
Dear happy bloody birthday you ledge bag, hope you had a lovely belated knees you and ta muchly for - Julie Lockey (1 week ago)
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jo Barker
Big thankyou to and for a Brill workshop today in York,great relaxed atmosphere r - jo Barker (1 week ago)
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Christine Blaney
Belated Happy Birthday, hope it was a fab one - Christine Blaney (1 week ago)
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Clint Lee
Fingers crossed Town give you a belated birthday gift this Tuesday. Happy birthday and UTT - Clint Lee (1 week ago)
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Shane Ashford (pronoun he/his/him)
Happy birthday. - Shane Ashford (pronoun he/his/him) (1 week ago)
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Lisa Thornton
Happy Birthday! It could be worse, I found out last week that I share my birthday with Liz Truss - - Lisa Thornton (1 week ago)
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Happy birthday Reece! Hope you ve had a good day today mate ! Love to your mum - PAUL GATER (1 week ago)
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claire beharrell
But with Oliver Tobias too makes it more okay! happy birthday - claire beharrell (1 week ago)
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Calvin Eld-Weaver
Happy Birthday Reece, you are the one on the left aren\'t you? if you\'re not you\'ve had a tough life... - Calvin Eld-Weaver (1 week ago)
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Happy Birthday Sweetie. You were my favourite actor in the 80s and loved Home to Roost! Look at those amazing eyes! Fab - milliemum (1 week ago)
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Shaun Evans Online
Happy Birthday Reece!! Have a fab day!! Home to Roost was fantastic, it was good Fr - Shaun Evans Online (1 week ago)
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michael barbato
Happy birthday, Reece, all the very best ! - michael barbato (1 week ago)
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Happy birthday Reece - GAZZA P (1 week ago)
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Ms Gail louise To Be danns
Happy belated birthday mr dinsdale still lookin young and extremely handsome - Ms Gail louise To Be danns (1 week ago)
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Mark H
Happy birthday for yesterday Reece, hope you had a great day - You look mid 50 s! Also, maybe have - Mark H (1 week ago)
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Mark H Truenorth
Happy birthday for yesterday Reece, hope you had a great day - You look mid 50 s! Also, maybe have - Mark H Truenorth (1 week ago)
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paula connolly
Happy belated birthday - paula connolly (1 week ago)
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christopher callow
Happy birthday - christopher callow (1 week ago)
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Rob Porter
Happy belated Birthday - Rob Porter (1 week ago)
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Michelle Faulkner
Wishing you a very happy birthday Reece. Have a wonderful day and enjoy the next chapter of your life. xx - Michelle Faulkner (1 week ago)
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Dawn Wolfe
Happy birthday Reece - Dawn Wolfe (1 week ago)
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kim tweedy
Happy belated birthday Reece!!! Hope you enjoyed your day Xx - kim tweedy (1 week ago)
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La petite chat.
Wishing you a happy birthday,( loved Home to Roost, have the complete series now on DVD ) x - La petite chat. (1 week ago)
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Matt Zieler (CheekyKash)
Mate just seen this! Happy belated birthday - Matt Zieler (CheekyKash) (1 week ago)
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Matt Zee T.I
Mate just seen this! Happy belated birthday - Matt Zee T.I (1 week ago)
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Caoimhin MacEochaidh
Bit late, but happy birthday! - Caoimhin MacEochaidh (1 week ago)
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Tomas Baggott
Happy birthday mate have a good one - Tomas Baggott (1 week ago)
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Andy S
Weird feeling too I surpassed the age my father was when we lost him, given he was fit and healthy - Andy S (1 week ago)
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Home to Roost. What a show that was. John Thaw out of his hard man image and straight into comedy - Nevergone (1 week ago)
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Ken Smith #GTTO
Belated Happy Birthday Reece! Hope it was a great one! - Ken Smith #GTTO (1 week ago)
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Di Pav it
Happy Birthday - Di Pav it (1 week ago)
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Christian Miners
Singer-songwriter? Actress? Way to streeeetch a definition there, Geri. Happy birthday to you, Mr Dinsdale. - Christian Miners (1 week ago)
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Johannes Henrikson
Your best line for me was are you not having that banana Mrs Metcalf . Belated happy birthday. Keep on keeping on. - Johannes Henrikson (1 week ago)
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Maz Higgs
Aww. Mr Thaws birthday is the same day as me. Happy birthday to you too even though I may be a day - Maz Higgs (1 week ago)
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Susan Foulkes
Happy Birthday Reece! Hope you have a great day - Susan Foulkes (1 week ago)
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Stuart Wilson
You have my deepest sympathies, and happy birthday! - Stuart Wilson (1 week ago)
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Margaret Okell
Happy birthday to you - Margaret Okell (1 week ago)

63 years old (Born on August 06, 1959)

Joe McIntyre in Coronation Street

Reece Dinsdale's Best Moments

A Happy Birthday to Reece Dinsdale who is celebrating his 63rd birthday, today.
  Happy birthday
 Happy birthday Nelly Love from Bella      (and Mummy trying to sleep )
Happy birthday Reece!
 Happy birthday Nelly
 Happy  plus it s my  Yorkshire Lass xx
 Jelly & icecream... coz were a big kids at heart happy bday young man
 Happy birthday Reece
 Stan wishes you a happy birthday Nelly!
 Happy birthday Nellie was mine at the weekend
 happy birthday have a great day. Have a few beers I know I will tonight
 Happy Birthday Reece
 Happy belated birthday
 Happy Belated Birthday Reece hope you\d a fab day!!
  Happy Birthday Lisa hope you have the best day ever
Happy Birthday to . I hope you have a great day and that the family spoils you. Make it a good one,
 Happy birthday , many happy returns , From all eh us .
 Hey. Happy Birthday
 Happy Birthday Mr Dinsdsle sir. Have a wonderful day.
 Happy birthday Reece have a lovely day
 Happy Birthday Reece, keep fighting the good fight!!
 Happy birthday reece. Have a great day.
 Happy Birthday Reece, have a wonderful day xx
Happy birthday
 Happy birthday
 Happy Birthday Reece.
 Happy birthday reece
 Happy birthday Reece   hope you have a truly special day xxx
 Happy Birthday, Reece!
 Anyway happy birthday!
 Happy birthday.
 I\ll send u some of mine from 2day. Happy birthday
 Still there! Happy Birthday
Happy birthday to this lovely actor and the kindest man ever!!! x
 happy birthday!!
 Happy Birthday.
 Happy Birthday and Many Happy Returns! xx
 Happy birthday
 Happy Birthday Reece
 Happy birthday
 Happy Birthday to you Reece! Xxx
 Happy Birthday, I hope you ve had a great day :)
 Happy Birthday Mr Dinsdale hope you ve had a cracking birthday with your family and loved ones.
 Happy Birthday x
 Happy birthday gorgeous
 Wishing you a happy birthday, and very best wishes.
 Happy Birthday sir hope you had a great day
 Happy Birthday ! You great man.
 Happy birthday Reece
 Happy Birthday Reece.
 Happy birthday Nelly have a lovely day Reece stay safe take care x
 Happy birthday
  Happy birthday  Barb. How you have a jolly day with lots of cake.xx
 Happy Birthday.
 happy birthday Reece have a great day
 Happy birthday Reece! X
 Happy Birthday! Hope it s as much fun as this party from a few years ago
 Happy birthday Fella!!
 Happy Birthday Reece from us all at The Stay Inn
 A very Happy Birthday Reece! Have an amazing day!
 Happy Birthday! Hope you have a fab day.
 Happy 609th birthday Reece, or is it Highlander?
 Reece Happy you happiest birthday
 Happy Birthday     !!
 Happy birthday, sweets. Hope you\ve had a lovely day xxx
 Happy Birthday. I hope you have had a fabulous day
 Still a great film! Happy birthday
 Happy Birthday from Germany\s best children\s programme, \"Die Sendung mit der Maus\", Reece!
 Happy Birthday, I was assistan dubbing editor on this episode of Bergerac , Happy Days
  Happy birthday Reece you were a legend in this film
 Happy birthday mate. Hope you had a cracker of a day. Lots of love. xx
 Happy belated birthday mr dinsdale still lookin young and extremely handsome
 But with Oliver Tobias too makes it more okay!  happy birthday
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