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ha your funny how bout no i will do it later
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Russell Cook
Happy birthday DJ Doughboy! Thank you for changing my life for the bet - Russell Cook (9 months ago)
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Shanggar Ganesh
Happy birthday, Richard Linklater and Christopher Nolan!!! - Shanggar Ganesh (9 months ago)
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The Weekdei
Happy birthday, Richard Linklater and Christopher Nolan!!! - The Weekdei (9 months ago)
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Happy birthday to richard linklater - sam (9 months ago)
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Cole Weinstein
Every day should be Richard Linklater appreciation day. No filmmaker has had a bigger impact on how I view the worl - Cole Weinstein (9 months ago)
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maneater pixie dream girl
Happy birthday bestie richard linklater thank you for this contribution to humankind - maneater pixie dream girl (9 months ago)
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Before Sunrise (1995) Happy Birthday Richard Linklater - filmeia (9 months ago)
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the bitch from ipanema
Happy birthday richard linklater. thank you for creating this scene that makes me both weak at the knees and sick t - the bitch from ipanema (9 months ago)
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Happy birthday to one of my favorite storyteller, Richard Linklater - Hacene (9 months ago)
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Happy birthday richard linklater thanks for ruining my life - granola (9 months ago)
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That Geek With The Clip-Ons
Richard Linklater Happy 61st Birthday to Academy Award Nominated and Golden Globe Winning filmmaker Richard Linklat - That Geek With The Clip-Ons (9 months ago)
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Also Happy Birthday to Richard Linklater. An incredible director who has had an immense impact on me. Multiple mast - filmbo (9 months ago)
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«\"If cinema was a painting, time would be the paint itself.\"» Happy Birthday Richard Linklater. Thank you for Befo - अमित (9 months ago)
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Hansi Oppenheimer
\"I think I got really lucky with Slacker. That was a film that probably shouldn\'t have been seen.\" Happy birthday, - Hansi Oppenheimer (9 months ago)
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directed by
Dazed and Confused (1993) Written and directed by Richard Linklater Happy birthday to Richard Linklater, one of th - directed by (9 months ago)
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Danilo Castro
Happy birthday to Richard Linklater, a supremely chill director and the guy responsible for everyone s favorite rom - Danilo Castro (9 months ago)
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Of course Richard Linklater and Christopher Nolan were born on the same day happy birthday kings - JAIMEBATULA (9 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Richard Linklater! - Posteritati (9 months ago)
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Happy birthday to my birthday twins! Richard Linklater & Christopher Nolan, can t wait to hang out with you both la - Laci (9 months ago)
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Dvd Daddy
Happy Birthday to director Richard Linklater. He is best known for films like Dazed and Confused, Slacker, SubUrbia - Dvd Daddy (9 months ago)
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Ty Pierce
Happy Birthday Richard Linklater, thanks for making life seem really rad - Ty Pierce (9 months ago)
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Happy birthday to my goat and favourite director Richard Linklater! - TheBeanBandit (9 months ago)
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Happy Birthday to Richard Linklater!!! You ruined love for a whole generation with the Before Trilogy!! Why the fuc - ☭ (9 months ago)
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Black Danzig
Happy Birthday to Richard Linklater! I ve spent a lot of time with/on this guys films the last few months. Thankful - Black Danzig (9 months ago)
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Jacob John
Happy Birthday Richard Linklater ! - Jacob John (9 months ago)
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Hit Factory Podcast
Happy Birthday to the great Richard Linklater! Celebrate by revisiting his brilliant 1991 indie SLACKER, and then t - Hit Factory Podcast (9 months ago)
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Happy birthday Richard Linklater I will never forgive you for the damage you ve done to me from the Before trilogy . - Lila (9 months ago)
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As for how Mason grew up while making \'Boyhood\', I grew up the way Mason did. Learning a life lesson through your c - Ajit (9 months ago)
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Happy Richard Linklater. - VIMOOZ (9 months ago)
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Bitch ksaddy
Control panikren... But nee Richard Linklater ku oru happy birthday post podu. - Bitch ksaddy (9 months ago)
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Everyone just wants to appreciate time as it\'s passing to be in the moment. It\'s the hardest thing to do. You\'re e - ‎‎‎nakul. (9 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Richard Linklater - AnimotionFilmFest (9 months ago)
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Park Circus
Happy Birthday to Richard Linklater, seen here during the making of BEFORE SUNRISE in the summer of 1994. - Park Circus (9 months ago)
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David Michael Lopez
Happy Birthday to (22), CHRISTOPHER NOLAN (51), (57), RICHARD LINKLATER (60), and DELTA BURKE (65). - David Michael Lopez (9 months ago)
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July 30 Happy Birthday part 1: Reva Rose, Arnold William Atherton, Frank - WmsbgNostalgiaFest (9 months ago)
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Sritama Panda
You know how everyone\'s always saying, \'Seize the moment\'? I don\'t know, I\'m kinda thinkin\' it\'s the other way aro - Sritama Panda (9 months ago)
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Travis Woods
Because there was once a god who walked the Earth named Warren Oates.\" Richard Linklater Happy birthday to the - Travis Woods (10 months ago)
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Rose Marie
Happy Birthday to Jack Black! As schools begin the term, the Meet the Teacher scene in School of Rock (2003) - Rose Marie (1 year ago)
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Dilara Yuksel
Happy birthday Richard Linklater!!! - Dilara Yuksel (1 year ago)
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Alan Morlock
Happy 60th birthday Richard Linklater! Officially 5 Boyhoods old! - Alan Morlock (1 year ago)
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sel ⁷
Happy Birthday Richard Linklater!! Today is a good day to watch Slacker again - sel ⁷ (1 year ago)
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Andrew L
Happy birthday Richard Linklater, writer and director of some incredible films like Dazed and Confused and Boyhood . - Andrew L (1 year ago)
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✨ Ian ✨
Happy birthday to Richard Linklater - ✨ Ian ✨ (1 year ago)
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Clayton Davis
Happy birthday Richard Linklater! Thanks for BOYHOOD and the BEFORE series, among others Keep killing it! - Clayton Davis (1 year ago)
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Noah en femme
Happy birthday richard linklater, a great director. - Noah en femme (1 year ago)
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Ted | BLM
Richard Linklater is i think the best director for distinctly human stories, all of his movies feel so personal and - Ted | BLM (1 year ago)
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Drpd ngucapin ultah ke helm, aku mending pilih dia aja...Happy Birthday Richard Linklater - Kiky (1 year ago)
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You know what? The only time I have time to think now is when I take a shit at the office. I m starting to associa - FullyOperational (1 year ago)
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jack mcloughlin
Happy Birthday to the legend Richard Linklater - jack mcloughlin (1 year ago)
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Patrick Crumlish
Happy birthday Richard Linklater - Patrick Crumlish (1 year ago)

61 years old (Born on July 30, 1960)

Film director; He is famous from Slacker, Dazed and Confused, Waking Life.

7 October 2004: Three former friends of Linklater--Bobby Wooderson, Andy Slater, and Richard "Pink" Floyd--sued him for the unauthorized use of their names and images in the film Dazed and Confused (1993) and for their representation as stoners, which they say has damaged their reputation. Has been a vegetarian since his early 20s. Kevin Smith said that it was Linklater's Slacker (1991) that made him want to be a director. Inducted into the Texas Film Hall of Fame on March 9, 2007 in Austin, Texas. Was member of the dramatic jury at the Sundance Film Festival in 1999.

Richard Linklater's Best Moments

Before Sunrise (1995)

Happy Birthday Richard Linklater
Happy Birthday again to two of the most innovative directors working today, Christopher Nolan and Richard Linklater!
Happy birthday richard linklater
Happy Richard Linklater.
Happy birthday to my goat and favourite director Richard Linklater!
Everybody Wants Some!! (2016) dir. Richard Linklater

i m like 2 hours late but happy birthday richard linklater!!
Happy Birthday Richard Linklater !
Happy Birthday Richard Linklater, thanks for making life seem really rad
Happy birthday to one of my favorite storyteller, Richard Linklater
richard linklater slacker 0
richard linklater dazed and confused 1
richard linklater 2013 2
Richard Linklater dating 3

Fun Facts About Richard Linklater

Richard Linklater cut his directoral teeth on a $3,000 Super8 feature
Father of Lorelei Linklater.
Frequently writes and/or directs movies starring children or teens, e.g., Dazed and Confused (1993), The School of Rock (2003), and Bad News Bears (2005).

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