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Mo D
Happy Birthday to the great Aaron Sorkin. I don\'t think even HE could have dreamt up the political insanity in this - Mo D (5 months ago)
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Happy birthday All-Father Thank you for your amazing talent in M - L_Rich (5 months ago)
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Happy Birthday, All-Father! Wishing a day full of Odin\'s blessings - Bladesonfire (5 months ago)
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Gunpreet Singh
Happy Birthday to Dr Glassman - Gunpreet Singh (5 months ago)
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Julius Solos
Happy birthday all-fucker - Julius Solos (6 months ago)
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Happy birthday, All-Father! your contribution to is phenomenal. - F.W (6 months ago)
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Happy Birthday !!!! May yo u have many,many more !!!! - PATRICIA BROUSSARD (6 months ago)
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Paul Maxwell
Happy birthday - Paul Maxwell (6 months ago)
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Cassie Quinlan
Happy Birthday! Feel like we a - Cassie Quinlan (6 months ago)
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rosana silva
Happy Birthday to !! - rosana silva (6 months ago)
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Happy birthday - Ethanmckeegs21 (6 months ago)
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Lee Mccormick
Did the All-father plan on that?? I doubt it very much lol happy birthday mr Schiff - Lee Mccormick (6 months ago)
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Ace Miles
Happy Birthday Mr.Schiff - Ace Miles (6 months ago)
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\"Happy birthday all-fucker\" (Mimir) - LMS (6 months ago)
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Happy birthday one of my all time favorite actors - Chicago (6 months ago)
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The Good Doctor Squad/TGDsquad2/TGDsquad
Please join in wishing a very Happy Birthday to Richard from moderators and all of - The Good Doctor Squad/TGDsquad2/TGDsquad (6 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Odin! Also, fix the Hilt of Angrvadall bug for NewGame+ - ΩYaelΩ (6 months ago)
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Josue ✺ Twitch Partner
Happy birthday to the All-Father himself, Have an amazing day filled with excitement and happiness - Josue ✺ Twitch Partner (6 months ago)
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Pete Thompson
Oh, and happy birthday to you Richard...!!! - Pete Thompson (6 months ago)
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Happy birthday Richard - lucifer-chaotic (6 months ago)
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Happy birthday one of my favorite people and actors ! - Coco (6 months ago)
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Happy birthday! - Joseph (6 months ago)
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Kate Ramunni
Happy Birthday from my Toby. - Kate Ramunni (6 months ago)
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Deb McCabe
Happy Birthday! - Deb McCabe (6 months ago)
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John Gordon Hamill IV
Happy Birthday!! - John Gordon Hamill IV (6 months ago)
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Happy birthday Richard! - Holly (6 months ago)
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Happy birthday - kito (6 months ago)
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Happy birthday Alföðr Thank you for being a part of the awesomeness that is God of war! - I.O (6 months ago)
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Video Game Enjoyer
Happy birthday - Video Game Enjoyer (6 months ago)
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Happy birthday Richard schiff you re the coolest - lys (6 months ago)
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Sheila Kelley ❌
Happy birthday LOML! Ain t no one I d rather do this with - Sheila Kelley ❌ (6 months ago)
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Mazi ⚡️
That boss fight could ve been harder tho but happy birthday - Mazi ⚡️ (6 months ago)
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Elizabeth McFadden
Happy birthday, Gonna stream some favorite Toby scenes in your honor (though ther - Elizabeth McFadden (6 months ago)
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Your performance as the All Father amazed me showing that a old m - Yahirfoxy25 (6 months ago)
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Happy birthday! And he did an outstanding performance For the All-Father! - ϟVictorΦAmbrizϟ (6 months ago)
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Roy Scott
Happy birthday - Roy Scott (6 months ago)
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Happy Birthday All fucker! - digi (6 months ago)
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Happy birthday! - Barbara (6 months ago)
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Happy birthday AllFather - SYBTIGER (6 months ago)
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Jennifer Long ☮️
Happy Birthday to Joseph Fiennes, Peri Gilpin, Lee Meriwether, Jack McBrayer, - Jennifer Long ☮️ (6 months ago)
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ᴜʟᴛʀᴀ ᴠɪᴏʟᴇᴛʀᴀ
God of War Ragnarok: Happy Birthday to the best Odin Ever - ᴜʟᴛʀᴀ ᴠɪᴏʟᴇᴛʀᴀ (6 months ago)
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Ratbibi ラットビビ・ザ・ウォーロード
Happy Birthday! - Ratbibi ラットビビ・ザ・ウォーロード (6 months ago)
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Happy birthday Richard. You did great acting as Odin - VORTEN (6 months ago)
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John Yost
Happy birthday Odin - John Yost (6 months ago)
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karen mctiernan
Happy Birthday - karen mctiernan (6 months ago)
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Old warrior
Happy birthday for The best villain in the game - Old warrior (6 months ago)
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Allfather grant yourself the strength and happy life you seek in your name.happy birthday Mr Richar - ALEX MUTUMA (6 months ago)
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Joshua Ledesma Segovia
Happy Birthday Richard Schiff known as the Voice and motion capture of Odin The Al - Joshua Ledesma Segovia (6 months ago)
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Happy birthday Richard Schiff, allfather of sms and all the games of PlayStation, - danielboy (6 months ago)
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ALI Jk79
Happy birthday All fucker. - ALI Jk79 (6 months ago)

68 years old (Born on May 27, 1955)

The West Wing

Richard Schiff's Best Moments

Happy Birthday to our dear friend we love you and we miss you
Happy birthday,
Happy birthday to
Happy birthday Sending you lots of love from all the fans of
Happy birthday,
  Happy birthday!
Happy birthday to of The Lost World! We all love Eddie Carr!
  happy birthday my dog , trixie, says hi!!
Happy Birthday Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!
Happy birthday, You are forever one of my faves.  I hope your day is wonderful.
  Happy birthday Odin!
Happy birthday one of my favorite people and actors !
Happy birthday
Happy birthday from one of my favorite tobys to another!
Happy birthday Richard Schiff!
  Happy birthday! This is one of my favorite gifs ever.
God of War Ragnarok: Happy Birthday to the best Odin Ever
Happy birthday
Little late, but, Happy Birthday
 Happy Birthday, King Richard! May it be ever festive!
  Happy Birthday Richard Have a Great One..Hurry Back to the Good Dr, we miss you
  Watching my fav programme... happy birthday mr schiff
  Happy Birthday
Happy birthday to this great actor.  Happy birthday to Richard Schiff
Happy birthday,
 The highest complement you can pay someone is to call them your pal. Happy Birthday, pal.
Happy Birthday Richard Schiff
 Happy Birthday sir. If you re ever passing Brum I ll be in the chair.
Happy Birthday to star of the Tales from the Crypt episode Korman s Kalamity !
 Happy birthday, Mr. Schiff! I hope you have a joyous day.
 happy birthday, sir!
 Happy birthday to you sir.
Happy birthday to my favorite dino-chow
 Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday Hope they gave you your favourite pancakes today - was fun sharing these ones.
  Happy Birthday!
Richard Schiff was born on this day 64 years ago. Happy Birthday! What\s the movie? 5 min to answer!
 Happy Birthday! Time to celebrate
  To one of my favorite actors, happy birthday and many, many more!
  Happy Birthday
Happy birthday to Richard Schiff, who brought to life my favourite TV character.
Aw turns out my nibling Callum shares a birthday with Happy birthday, both!
  Happy birthday! I hope it\s wonderful.
  Happy birthday.
  (If too many people wish Richard a happy birthday)
Best part of turning 37 today? Sharing my birthday with this guy! Happy birthday
  Happy Birthday!
  Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday to the great
Happy Birthday to the most wonderfully kind and epically talented individual
   Happy birthday Kim! You were so much fun at the !
  Did you get him a carving fork to go with that knife? Happy birthday Dule !
   Happy birthday, Dule!        I love you both .
Happy birthday may your day be awesome!
  Happy birthday, !
Happy Birthday to the one and only,
Happy birthday, !!!!!
 I assumed this was your over the moon face Happy Birthday!
 Happy Birthday to one of my all-time favorites
  Happy birthday Allfather
 Happy Birthday from my Toby.
Happy Birthday (part 1)  (fabulous!)  Joseph!
Happy Birthday, Richard Schiff!
 WOO HOO! Happy Birthday! Hope it\s as awesome as you are!
 happy birthday!!!! I hope its entertaining and popcorn filled!
  Happy Birthday! Somebody get this guy some pie!!!
 Happy Birthday my friend!
 Happy birthday!
Happy birthday forever will I be greatful for this guy you played so well. Have a great day x
Happy birthday to the incomparable you made my year with this! Hope you have a great day
 Happy birthday, have a brilliant day and a very large slice of pie
 wishing you a Happy Long Island (Ice Tea) Birthday
Over the moon that I share a birthday with the brilliant Happy birthday from
Happy birthday !
Aaah  Happy Birthday - this is what I imagine you look like today
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Someone get the man some pie!
 happy birthday love
 Celebrating your birthday with a little west wing. Happy birthday
Happy Birthday
 Happy Birthday!
  Happy birthday Rebecca!!!!
 Happy Belated Birthday!! Hope you had a great day
 Darn it, I missed it, too! Happy bielated birthday !
Happy birthday, - thank you for one of my favorite TV moments ever
 Happy bday, Mr. Schiff!  Your work and poise continue to inspire.
Happy Birthday to AKA Dr. Aaron Glassman from
 Happy birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day with your family and friends.
 Happy, Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday
 Happy Birthday. Enjoy all the Gifs!!!!
Happy birthday !!! I love you on the West Wing have a spectacular day!!
Happy birthday !
 Happy Birthday sir
Happy birthday to our nation s favorite WH Communication Director,
Happy birthday, A great reason for me to post this photo again! Have a great day, sláinte!
Happy birthday
 Happy Birthday Sir. You will always be of the !
. Happy birthday, sir.
Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!
Happy happy birthday
Happy Birthday, Thank you for sharing your talent with this world.
 Happy Birthday!
  Happy birthday
Wishing a very happy birthday
 Happy birthday
. happy birthday. I hope someone got you a nice Spalding (spall-deen)
Happy Birthday
 happy birthday! Many happy returns and of course some pie!
 Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday,
 happy birthday
 Wishing you a very happy birthday.
 Happy belated birthday!
 Happy Birthday to a great actor
 I miss Toby and Josh
Happy birthday to whose work brings us so much joy. May your day be filled with love and...pie
 Happy Birthday!
 Happy Birthday Big Guy!
Happy birthday to the talented
 Happy Birthday!   Hope you\ve had a great day Love from Denmark.
 Happy Birthday x
 Happy birthday. I hope you have had a wonderful day.
 Happy birthday sir!
  Enjoy! Happy Birthday   !!!!
  Happy delayed birthday!
    Happy Birthday Richard
Happy Birthday Toby You ll always be our Toby
  Happy Birthday to a great actor
  Happy Birthday Kim. How about you and Richard have some pie?
Happy 65th Birthday to           
  Happy Birthday, sir!
  Happy birthday! Toby is such a gift to us all. Thank you!
  Happy Birthday Richard! Hopefully we all don t bother you today
Happy birthday to
Happy Birthday
 Happy Birthday Mr. Schiff. One of my favorite West Wing memories
   Happy birthday! Love all the work you do, so please have many more!
  Happy Birthday Richard!
   Happy Birthday !!!
  Happy Birthday! Hope you are healthy and loved you on The West Wing
 Happy Birthday sir
 Happy Birthday!!
Happy Birthday Toby
  Happy Birthday! Love you on MOM! Thanks for the laughter doing this time!
Happy Birthday
 Happy Birthday!  It\s my Birthday today too!  (54 for me)
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday it\s my birthday too. got this for my birthday! thank you.
Watching on Showtime just now and look who it is - Happy birthday
  Hot dudes alert! Thanks for sharing this beautiful picture.  Happy Birthday, Dule!
   Happy birthday
  Happy Birthday, Dule!
Happy birthday I hope you get some pie
Happy Birthday to the best mailroom clerk in The Hudsucker Proxy.
 a very happy birthday to a wonderful actor - my Toby is resting up for celebration later
  Happy birthday!
Hoy cumple años el actor Richard Schiff (66) Happy birthday ! Aquí mi Ranking:
 Happy birthday from Bobby!
Happy birthday,
 Happy birthday legend!
  Happy birthday RS, have a monster-awesome day!
The finest muffins in all the land today and every day!!
  Happy birthday!   !
 Happy birthday!!
  Happy birthday to you Richard Schiff
  We also have a dog named after the man, ours is a Ziegler! Happy birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
  Happy Birthday!?!?!?
 Happy Birthday Richard Schiff
Happy birthday to the amazing and the super talented
Happy Birthday
  happy birthday
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