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Dr. Minnie Diaz
Happy birthday Senator Rick Scott. - Dr. Minnie Diaz (3 months ago)
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Carlene Tarasuk
Happy Birthday to Rick Scott - Carlene Tarasuk (3 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Sen Rick Scott. And THANK YOU for not approving abusive bill S386. But whe - AmericaFirst2020 (3 months ago)
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Christopher Carman
Happy Birthday Senator Rick Scott, thanks for all you do representing us in The Swamp. - Christopher Carman (3 months ago)
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Ian N Riley
Happy birthday RICK SCOTT FRAUD READ ALL ABOUT IT READ ALL ABOUT IT - Ian N Riley (3 months ago)
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Jake of LA
Rick Scott is a thief and an idiot! But Happy Birthday to him! - Jake of LA (3 months ago)
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carmen Uffner
Happy Birthday Sen Rick Scott - carmen Uffner (3 months ago)
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What has Rick Scott done for the 999,918 people who have had Covid 19 in Florida? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING - Nudnik (3 months ago)
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Happy Birthday to Sen Rick Scott - Avannia.C (3 months ago)
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Happy 68th Birthday to Politician Rick Scott! - TReese82 (3 months ago)
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ever had your ass kicked by a librarian
First Rick Scott and now Don Jr? Happy birthday to me, baby. (It is not my birthday) - ever had your ass kicked by a librarian (3 months ago)
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RIP Trayvon Martin
Romney Mr. President Rick Scott Geraldo Tucker Merrick Garland Edward Norton Andrew Giuliani Tran - RIP Trayvon Martin (3 months ago)
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Ridin with Biden
We can barely get one test and you get several? Eff off Rick Scott! But happier news Happy Birthday M - Ridin with Biden (3 months ago)
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ט Tetgren
Between Happy Birthday Mr. President, Rick Scott seeing the truth & Trump getting Trumped I feel a little empathy f - ט Tetgren (3 months ago)
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صحيفة النبأ الاسبوعية
Taysom Hill Jameis Norton Sean Payton Rick Scott Mr. President Ed Norton Autism Speaks Megan Happy Birthday Mr. Pre - صحيفة النبأ الاسبوعية (3 months ago)
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Carmi Karma
Happy Birthday Mr President! Trumped? Edward Norton, MI and MN, Lamar Alexander, Rick Scott, Mnuch - Carmi Karma (3 months ago)
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Christoper Michael
Good thing we elect Joe Biden as the Trump Vaccine. EVERYONE WISH Mr. President JOE BIDEN HAPPY BIRTHDAY Als - Christoper Michael (3 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Senator Rick Scott! - TuanMy (1 year ago)
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Hiro Hamakawa
Happy Birthday Senator Rick Scott! A very good Senator! Thank you! - Hiro Hamakawa (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday Senator Rick Scott! Hope your cake has 1.7 billion candles as a reminder of the $1 - DapperDon_Quixote (1 year ago)
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Steve Davenport
Happy Birthday Rick Scott ! - Steve Davenport (1 year ago)
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Diana L. Taub , SWBRO VP & Precinct Committeewoman
Happy Birthday to a special Senator...Rick Scott! Great to know you an - Diana L. Taub , SWBRO VP & Precinct Committeewoman (1 year ago)
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William E. Lewis, Jr
- Happy 67th Birthday to Senator Rick Scott. - William E. Lewis, Jr (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday Senator Rick Scott!! Best wishes from Hongkong - 香港人加油!反抗!報仇! (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday Senator Rick Scott! - HARRY WADE FULLER (1 year ago)
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Roy Alaimo
Happy Birthday Senator Rick Scott - Roy Alaimo (1 year ago)
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Cat Lady Anne
I read your beautiful comment to follow you and I all ready do. Totally support and agree - Cat Lady Anne (1 year ago)
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Hcaz Ayotnom
Happy 243rd Birthday to Fake News Business Saturday has no deal - but they ask me once. Rick Scott Wren, Wells - Hcaz Ayotnom (2 years ago)
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Brad Heinz Kessler
Happy birthday Governor Rick Scott! - Brad Heinz Kessler (2 years ago)
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Scott A Warner
Thank God you were elected to the Senate happy birthday Rick Scott. Florida is now - Scott A Warner (2 years ago)
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Sue Jones
Sir, Happy Birthday Senator Rick Scott! Thanks to both you and Ann for representing F - Sue Jones (2 years ago)
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thomas michaud
Happy birthday Rick Scott - thomas michaud (2 years ago)
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The Truth Gazette
Happy Birthday to Florida s Govenor and Senator-Elect, Rick Scott! I m excited to see what Senator Scott will accom - The Truth Gazette (2 years ago)
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Happy birthday Rick Scott - ATOM RECORDS (2 years ago)
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St. Johns Cty REC
Happy Birthday Governor Rick Scott - St. Johns Cty REC (2 years ago)
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Harriet Carter
Happy Birthday to one of the Sunshine State\'s best governors, and With warm regards, - Harriet Carter (2 years ago)
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Donny J. Chump
Happy 243rd Birthday to let you for the State of the sites being a vote getter campaigner. The Fake New - Donny J. Chump (2 years ago)
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Donald J Trump Randomizer
000 are fighting the Camp and Woolsey Fires in California that have burned over 170 Rick Scott was up by 50 Matthew - Donald J Trump Randomizer (2 years ago)
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Paul J Krupin
Happy birthday Scott. Go to hell Rick Scott. - Paul J Krupin (2 years ago)
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JamieJag Trumps Troop⭐️⭐️⭐️
And Florida loves you Senator Rick Scott. You have done so many great things especially dur - JamieJag Trumps Troop⭐️⭐️⭐️ (2 years ago)
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Happy birthday he\'s about as old as I have been suffering with my illnesses that have been - George (2 years ago)
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Happy birthday, Rick Scott! (PS: Stay off message) - DONNA BRYAN (3 years ago)
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The Buzz
One Florida candidate for governor sends some birthday wishes. Another? Not so much. - The Buzz (3 years ago)
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Ray Blacklidge
Happy Birthday Governor Rick Scott! Thank you for leading the charge on improving the Florida economy and job market! - Ray Blacklidge (3 years ago)
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Robert Steven Thomas
Van Sickler must have sadistically enjoyed writing this \'op-ed opinion hit\' for the TBT himself ... it gave him an. - Robert Steven Thomas (3 years ago)
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Happy birthday, Rick Scott! (PS: Stay off message) - - RickScottSucks.us (3 years ago)
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Happy Birthday 
Happy birthday, Rick Scott! (PS: Stay off message) - - Happy Birthday  (3 years ago)
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Happy Birthday to Florida\'s GOP Governor Rick Scott! - The RGA (3 years ago)
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Happy birthday, Rick Scott! (PS: Stay off message) - Tampabay - OPENN HQ NEWS ®™ (3 years ago)
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Happy birthday, Rick Scott! (PS: Stay off message) - TBO.com (3 years ago)

68 years old (Born on December 01, 1952)

Republican politician who became forty-fifth Governor of Florida in 2011 on a platform of fiscal discipline. He was formerly the Chief Executive of Columbia/HCA, a company which admitted to fourteen felonies involving their medicare billing practices and agreed to pay the federal government over $600 million, which was the largest fraud settlement in US history.

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Happy Birthday Senator Rick Scott
Happy birthday Governor Rick Scott!
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