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Tia Peter
Happy belated Birthday to Rita Moreno. She looks great for any age! - Tia Peter (11 months ago)
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WATCH: Puerto Rican born and raised icon, Rita Moreno ushering in her 87th birthday dancing mambo! Happy bir - Welcome2theBronx™ (11 months ago)
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Women in Film Seattle
Happy 87th birthday to the incredibly talented Rita Moreno! - Women in Film Seattle (11 months ago)
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Happy Birthday, Rita Moreno! - DjBlaster (11 months ago)
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Bradley Whitford
I met her in the lobby of a hotel last year and my knees shook. She is STUNNING. Happy Birthday Rita Moreno. Keep g - Bradley Whitford (11 months ago)
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Khaled Guerrero
Happy Birthday Rita Moreno. - Khaled Guerrero (11 months ago)
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Janessa Bennett
Let\'s celebrate a truly legendary individual today . Loved you in West Side Story Happy Birthday Rita ! - Janessa Bennett (11 months ago)
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Michelle M. Meacham
Happy Birthday Rita Moreno - Michelle M. Meacham (11 months ago)
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Scott Mair
Happy birthday to Rita Moreno. I hope you have a wonderful day. Thanks for - Scott Mair (11 months ago)
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BJ Sulik
Happy Birthday Rita Moreno Sings \"I Want To Live In America. 1961 HD via - BJ Sulik (11 months ago)
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Valerie Hawkins
My book review of \"Rita Moreno: A Memoir\" - Happy birthday - - Valerie Hawkins (11 months ago)
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Lara Gabrielle Fowler
Happy birthday Rita Moreno--fabulous actress and human, snappy dresser, inspiration to Latino youth and Bay A - Lara Gabrielle Fowler (11 months ago)
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James thentir
Happy Birthday Rita Moreno Hope ur having a very lovely Happy Special Birthday tod - James thentir (11 months ago)
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Johnnie Walker Beige
Happy Birthday to American Legend & winner, Rita Moreno Brazil - Johnnie Walker Beige (11 months ago)
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mike nauer
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Lady Bird II
I love Rita Moreno and I wish her a happy birthday. - Lady Bird II (11 months ago)
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Maria Carolina Maza
Happy Birthday Rita Moreno - Maria Carolina Maza (11 months ago)
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Happy 87th Birthday to the queen, icon, legend & fellow Sagittarius. My idol & god please lemme meet her soon the - DatsViceyVice (11 months ago)
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I really do love rita moreno so happy birthday rita - ليلى (11 months ago)
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Happy birthday to Rita Moreno! The actress was born on this day in 1931. - AmericanCinematheque (11 months ago)
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Genny Wren •
Happy Birthday, Rita Moreno! - Genny Wren • (11 months ago)
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Dr. Linda Tribuzio
Honest to goodness, Rita, I was just thinking today that I want to be like Rita Moreno - healthy, fi - Dr. Linda Tribuzio (11 months ago)
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Happy Birthday, Rita Moreno (11th December 1931) Sound advise by & eternal \"Anita\" in - MomentumActingStudio (11 months ago)
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Rohan Crawford
Happy Birthday to the amazingly talented Rita Moreno ( who turns 87 today. I remember watching West - Rohan Crawford (11 months ago)
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Happy birthday to my ultimate latina queen Rita Moreno - Fernanda (11 months ago)
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Bernard Herrmann
Happy 87th birthday to Rita Moreno! Here she is in a publicity still for Henry Hathaway\'s GARDEN OF EVIL (1954). Th - Bernard Herrmann (11 months ago)
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GU Library
Happy Birthday to EGOT winner Rita Moreno! Film & Television Literature Index is a great place to search for articl - GU Library (11 months ago)
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Johnson J
Happy birthday Rita Moreno. - Johnson J (11 months ago)
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The Loft Cinema
Happy birthday Rita Moreno, seen here rehearsing for the film West Side Story in 1961. We were honored to present h - The Loft Cinema (11 months ago)
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Happy 87th to living legend What s your favorite role? - getTV (11 months ago)
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\"I\'m a person who perseveres. You know, you fall down, you get up.\" Happy Birthday to Queen, Legend, Icon, Rita - Diana (11 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Rita Moreno!!! Thank you for giving us the best of yourself in your performances-fr - LECFro (11 months ago)
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Leonard Bernstein
Happy 87th Birthday to Rita Moreno! Rita won a Best Supporting Actress for her role as Anita in the 1961 fi - Leonard Bernstein (11 months ago)
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Happy birthday Rita Moreno!! - ClassicActorsOfHollywood (11 months ago)
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Happy birthday, - Glamour (11 months ago)
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Giphy Identity
Happy Birthday You\'re a LEGEND. - Giphy Identity (11 months ago)
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Tony Bravo
Happy birthday Rita stole the Oscars last year in a 56 year old dress because some things DO get bet - Tony Bravo (11 months ago)
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Danielle DeCrette
Happy Birthday to the many lovely women celebrating today - actresses Teri Garr, Bess Armstrong, Singer Brenda Lee - Danielle DeCrette (11 months ago)
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richard kuppersmith
The Magnificent Rita Moreno !!! Happy Birthday !! - richard kuppersmith (11 months ago)
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NJ Fdn for Aging
Happy Birthday Rita Moreno! A very happy 87th birthday to the extremely talented, award-winning actress, dancer, a - NJ Fdn for Aging (11 months ago)
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Otus scops
. Happy Birthday! Rita Moreno - Otus scops (11 months ago)
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azcentral - things to do
Happy Birthday to Rita Moreno! - azcentral - things to do (11 months ago)
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Yasmine Gil
Happy Birthday Rita Moreno, from Israel. I\'m a BIG fan you are amazing - Yasmine Gil (11 months ago)
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Cinema Sanctum
Happy birthday to Rita Moreno! - Cinema Sanctum (11 months ago)
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Judy Garland
Happy 87th Birthday, Rita Moreno! - Judy Garland (11 months ago)
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Reina Sewell
Happy Birthday Rita Moreno. - Reina Sewell (11 months ago)
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ted mills
[Spicy pepper emoji] Happy birthday Rita Moreno! - ted mills (11 months ago)
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Lefty\'s Records
Happy Birthday to David Gates of Bread & Rita Moreno who was in Westside Story - Lefty\'s Records (11 months ago)
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Cultura Colectiva
Happy 87th birthday to Not only did she manage to win all the entertainment awards in America, sh - Cultura Colectiva (11 months ago)
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Don\'s Tunes
Rita Moreno was born 85 years ago today, December 11, 1931. She is pictured here in an outtake from her 1954 LIFE - Don\'s Tunes (11 months ago)

87 years old (Born on December 11, 1931)

The King and I, West Side Story

Rita Moreno's Best Moments

Happy 87th Birthday to Rita Moreno! (December 11, 1931)
Happy 86th Birthday to Rita Moreno!
Happy birthday to Rita Moreno! The actress was born on this day in 1931.
Happy Birthday Puerto Rican Rita Moreno. That makes her, yes, a US Citizen!
Happy birthday, Rita Moreno
Happy Birthday to Rita Moreno who was born in 1931 and turns 87 today!
Photographed here by Loomis Dean, 1954.
Happy birthday Rita Moreno
A great shot by Phil Stern of Moreno during a rehearsal for West Side Story, 1961
Happy birthday Rita Moreno!
Happy Birthday to the sensational Rita Moreno
Happy Birthday to Rita Moreno, who turns 87 today!
Happy birthday Rita Moreno!!
Happy 87th birthday to the incredibly talented Rita Moreno!
Happy Birthday to Rita Moreno who turns 86 today!
Happy Rita Moreno\s birthday
Happy Birthday dear Rita Moreno!
Happy Birthday Rita Moreno !
Happy Birthday Rita Moreno co-star of West Side Story
Happy Birthday Rita Moreno
Today in History 
December 11th
Happy 86th Birthday 
1931 - Rita Moreno
Happy Birthday Rita Moreno
Happy 86th Birthday to the beautiful, age defying and super talented Rita Moreno
Happy Birthday to this Beautiful lady, Rita Moreno, still amazing
Happy Birthday to Rita Moreno!
 happy birthday to my heroine, Ms. Rita Moreno. I wanna be her when I grow up
 We wish Rita Moreno a wonderful 87th Birthday! Many happy returns!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY RITA MORENO - 11. December 1931.  Humacao, Puerto Rico
Happy birthday to me, Rita Moreno, and PJ Ligouri
Olé to oh no! Happy Birthday  Watch more here:
Happy 87th birthday to Rita Moreno the personification of fabulousness!!!
HAPPY 87th BIRTHDAY to Rita Moreno!!!
Happy Birthday to David Gates of Bread & Rita Moreno who was in Westside Story
Happy Birthday to Rita Moreno who\s now 87 years old. Do you remember this movie? 5 min to answer!
Happy birthday to Rita Moreno!
Happy Birthday You\re a LEGEND.
Happy birthday to my ultimate latina queen Rita Moreno
My book review of \"Rita Moreno: A Memoir\" - Happy birthday -
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