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Welcome to Rob Ford's Birthday Celebration Page
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Hahshhshshshshshshshshshshshdhshshdhhehe happy - HAHAHAZODIAC (2 weeks ago)
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Happy birthday Rob Ford. RIP - Teresa (11 months ago)
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Miss him R.I.P God bless! He was one of the good ones...Happy 51st Birthday...Mr. Rob Ford... - JT (11 months ago)
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I loved Rob Ford. He gave the taxpayers who fund our city a voice. That voice was stilled too soon. Happy Heavenly Birthday. - heidi (11 months ago)
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North Trenton
And Happy Birthday to Mike DiFelice, Rob Ford (d. 2016) and Trever Keith. - North Trenton (11 months ago)
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Cathy Luisa Chiarenz
Happy Birthday Rob Ford you are missed - Cathy Luisa Chiarenz (11 months ago)
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Happy 51st birthday to the late Rob Ford. The best Mayor Toronto has ever had! 2014 ice bucket chal - SOCIAL KNOW HOW® (11 months ago)
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Happy birthday to a Toronto legend, Rob Ford. We miss you, king - JM (11 months ago)
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Jagmel Singh
Thinking of Lord Mayor Rob Ford of Toronto Canada today happy birthday big fella keep on dancing - Jagmel Singh (11 months ago)
birthday balloon

Robbie Strike
Happy Birthday Rob Ford . Also Subscribe to his you tube channel! I love this video he did! - Robbie Strike (11 months ago)
birthday balloon

Seriously? With everything going on in the world and you w - muddy_pond_skeet (11 months ago)
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Happy birthday angel Rob Ford - non (11 months ago)
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Happy birthday angel Rob Ford - TS (11 months ago)
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Rudy Limeback
happy birthday Rob Ford - Rudy Limeback (11 months ago)
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Carla Embleton
So Rob Ford and John Tory share a birthday? Didn t you wish Tory happy birthday from the podium today? - Carla Embleton (11 months ago)
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Happy birthday to Rob Ford one of the greatest human being RIP - Rehman (11 months ago)
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Kaya Kathir
Happy birthday Rob Ford. He was the best Mayor Toronto has. Shame on media for the bs they put him through. - Kaya Kathir (11 months ago)
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make sure you wish Rob Ford a Happy 51st birthday. He made you who you are....you dumpster diver - ManRocket (11 months ago)
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Here are a few of my favourite quotes by someone we were lucky and fortunate to have as our mayor. Happy birthday, - Lily (11 months ago)
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Kelly Harris
Happy birthday Rob Ford. Would have been his 51st. Sad what addiction can do to a person ... but when he was good h - Kelly Harris (11 months ago)
birthday balloon

Rob Ford would have been Toronto\'s greatest mayor in history if he wasnt sick and battling demons. Also - ymmoti (11 months ago)
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Today we remember Rob Ford who would have turned 51. You were always open for dialogue and meeting with our indust - ORHMA (11 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Rob Ford! Dance on! - MercuryMessenger (11 months ago)
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Happy Birthday and Rest In Peace to the late Rob Ford - a man who really loved my home province of Ontario - Jaipaul (11 months ago)
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John Addison
Those were some crazy times to be certain but it\'s hard to deny that Rob Ford deeply loved the city of - John Addison (11 months ago)
birthday balloon

Happy Birthday Rob Ford I miss you so much. - NorthBC-CitizenJournalist (11 months ago)
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Andy A_R
Happy birthday Rob! I\'m sure he\'d be very proud of you Mr. Premier. R.I.P Rob Ford - Andy A_R (11 months ago)
birthday balloon

Lou from Canada
Happy Birthday Rob Ford. - Lou from Canada (11 months ago)
birthday balloon

Happy Birthday Rob Ford. - KL² (1 year ago)
birthday balloon

Terry Demostenes
Happy Birthday John Tory and Rob Ford - Terry Demostenes (1 year ago)
birthday balloon

Web Design Museum
Happy 19th birthday The FWA! May 5 2000 Rob Ford established the Favorite Website Awards. The FWA website was origi - Web Design Museum (2 years ago)
birthday balloon

Happy Birthday As an Ontarian I want to thank you for speaking about Rob Ford! So - Kelly (2 years ago)
birthday balloon

Happy belated birthday to our Canadian brethren, former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford. You are missed, big guy.. - Skip (2 years ago)
birthday balloon

Lorrie Goldstein
Happy Birthday to John Tory, the 65th mayor of Toronto, who is 64 today, and to the late Rob Ford, the 64th mayor o - Lorrie Goldstein (2 years ago)
birthday balloon

Scott Mair
I want to wish a very happy birthday to the late Rob Ford, Mayor of Toronto. I hope he is having a wonderful day, w - Scott Mair (2 years ago)
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José Ongpin
Happy Birthday to and the late Rob Ford. May the future Premier of Ontario grant you prosperity and happi - José Ongpin (2 years ago)
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Happy birthday Rob Ford I hope you have an amazing birthday party sarrounded by family and friends - TuskenSith (2 years ago)
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I once called Rob Ford\'s office to ask him to call my friend to wish him - RD (3 years ago)
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King Toilet
Happy Bday Rob Ford !! - King Toilet (3 years ago)
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Celebrity Birthdays
Happy Birthday Rob Ford - Celebrity Birthdays (3 years ago)
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Dan Ryan
Happy almost birthday Rob Ford! Get ur coke tn - Dan Ryan (3 years ago)
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Happy birthday to Kylie Minogue. Tribute to Rob Ford, May Swenson, Jim Thorpe - Rajiv (3 years ago)

51 years old (Born on May 28, 1969)

The loud and colorful 64th Mayor of Toronto, Ontario who gained media attention in 2013 for drug use and aggressive language. In 2014, despite admitting to using crack cocaine he refused to resign, though many of his mayoral powers were removed by the Toronto City Council.

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Happy Birthday Rob Ford
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