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Love u Bobby :) Happy Birthday & wish you happy everyday♥ - Lia (11 months ago)
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Once Upon A Time & Happy Birthday Robert, best wishes! - SeraphExodus (2 years ago)
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Happy Birthday Bobby! I hope you have a wonderful day. Thank you for using your incredible acting skills for spreading awareness- for social inequality, child abuse, human trafficking, multiple sclerosis, poverty, racism - the list goes on and on. I feel like I’ve learned much through your movies but you especially inspired me to believe in myself and to work hard to achieve my dreams. Thank you! - Juliet (2 years ago)
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Andrea Morton
Happy birthday! I hope this makes you laugh a bit on your day! Love you! - Andrea Morton (3 years ago)
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I\'m late, but yesterday in the middle of birthday wishes to Robert Carlyle, I didn\'t get it - sister (11 months ago)
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Paul Greig
Also, happy birthday to Robert Carlyle. - Paul Greig (11 months ago)
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Jamie Smith
Happy Birthday to Robert Carlyle - Jamie Smith (11 months ago)
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Nicole Muench Seidel #KindleVella author
Happy Birthday, Robert Carlyle! - Nicole Muench Seidel #KindleVella author (11 months ago)
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Joanne Denney
Happy birthday Robert Carlyle! - Joanne Denney (11 months ago)
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Solo Juan
Happy Birthday Robert Carlyle - Solo Juan (11 months ago)
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Happy birthday to the legend Robert Carlyle. - Daniel (11 months ago)
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Happy birthday Robert Carlyle. My favorite film with Carlyle is The Full Monty. - jhpcine (11 months ago)
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Emilie de Ravin Fans
Happy Birthday to Robert Carlyle - the best Rumplestilskin we could have asked for, bc he\'s an outstanding actor & - Emilie de Ravin Fans (11 months ago)
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Happy birthday to my favorite scots, peter capaldi and robert carlyle - Снежана (11 months ago)
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Celebrity Born
Happy Birthday to Robert Carlyle (Scottish Film Actor, Television Actor & Voice Artist) - Celebrity Born (11 months ago)
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Matt Leib / #BLM / He/Him
Happy birthday, Begbie - Matt Leib / #BLM / He/Him (11 months ago)
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sari ✡︎
Happy birthday to the talented, amazing, legendary & super ICONIC - Robert Carlyle wishing you the best wishes in - sari ✡︎ (11 months ago)
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Estela ♿
Happy birthday, Peter Capaldi & Robert Carlyle! Two amazing people, two iconic actors, two unforgettable characters - Estela ♿ (11 months ago)
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Happy birthday to the great Robert Carlyle. His comedic timing is gold - MILLER™️ (11 months ago)
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Dakota Redditt
Happy Birthday Robert Carlyle - Dakota Redditt (11 months ago)
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David Tolmie
Happy 61st Birthday the popular Scottish actor Robert Carlyle, born in Maryhill, Glasgow April 14th 1961. Bobby - David Tolmie (11 months ago)
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eArtFilm.com: Original Movie Posters for Sale
Happy Birthday, Robert Carlyle! - eArtFilm.com: Original Movie Posters for Sale (11 months ago)
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Disney Wiki
Happy Birthday, Robert Carlyle For Disney, he portrayed Rumplestiltskin in the ABC fantasy drama series, - Disney Wiki (11 months ago)
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Mark Boreham
Happy Birthday to... Sarah Michelle Gellar Peter Capaldi Ritchie Blackmore Robert Carlyle Abraham Ortelius - Mark Boreham (11 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Robert Carlyle - NUZ (11 months ago)
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Dave Kitteridge
Happy Birthday to Robert Carlyle, 61 today - Dave Kitteridge (11 months ago)
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NadinFrog ✌️
Let\'s celebrate, dearies! Happy Birthday, Robert Carlyle!!! - NadinFrog ✌️ (11 months ago)
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Tony Lynch
Happy Birthday mate - you share with a few decent folks: Peter Capaldi, Robert Carlyle, Julie Christie, - Tony Lynch (11 months ago)
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Iain Dear
Happy birthday to actor Robert Carlyle who is 61 today, pictured as Trainspotting nutjob Begbie - Iain Dear (11 months ago)
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Chawton Wood films
Happy 61st Birthday Robert Carlyle Have a great day. - Chawton Wood films (11 months ago)
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Nostalgic Things
Happy birthday to Peter Capaldi and Robert Carlyle. No matter what some people say, it is just coincidental that th - Nostalgic Things (11 months ago)
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Robert Carlyle fan
Happy birthday! Robert Carlyle - Robert Carlyle fan (11 months ago)
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Nicole Grant
Happy Birthday Sarah Michelle Gellar, Adrien Brody, Abigail Breslin, Loretta Lynn, Julie Christie, Lita, Miriam Leo - Nicole Grant (11 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Peter Capaldi Robert Carlyle Ritchie Blackmore & Kirk Windstein He - BRMGradio (11 months ago)
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Maddison Quinn
Happy Birthday 2 (Once Upon A Time\'s) Robert Carlyle who turned 60 on the 14th. - Maddison Quinn (1 year ago)
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Lexus kellar
I didn t get to say this 2 days ago but Happy birthday Robert Carlyle you are my most favourite ac - Lexus kellar (1 year ago)
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Al G
I m bringing this back because I just found out they both have the same birthday??? This is too much for me to hand - Al G (1 year ago)
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Tina Mcgee
Happy birthday robert carlyle - Tina Mcgee (1 year ago)
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Michael Mills
Happy belated birthday to one of Britain\'s finest actors, never seen a bad movie with Robert carlyle All the best - Michael Mills (1 year ago)
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James Davey
Yes I do wish Robert Carlyle a happy birthday. I liked it that he was enthusiastic to be in a Bond film. - James Davey (1 year ago)
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Andrew Talavera
Happy Birthday Robert Carlyle my best wishes to you god bless you! - Andrew Talavera (1 year ago)
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Andrew Marco Diaz Talavera
Happy Birthday Robert Carlyle my best wishes to you god bless you! - Andrew Marco Diaz Talavera (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday Robert Carlyle <3 - Knowing_fabula (1 year ago)
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H-J FURL Story Writer
A Belated Happy Birthday to My Favourite, Male, Film Anti-Hero Robert Carlyle. Try as I might, I still can\'t get th - H-J FURL Story Writer (1 year ago)
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Angus Walsh
Happy birthday to Robert Carlyle who turns 60 today. To celebrate this occasion here are photographs of him with Li - Angus Walsh (1 year ago)
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Daily facts & news
Happy birthday On this day in 1961 Robert Carlyle, British actor (Trainspotting, The Full Monty, On - Daily facts & news (1 year ago)
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Joaquin Gloria IV
Co-là breith sona Mgr Raibeart Carlyle. Happy birthday Mr. Robert Carlyle. - Joaquin Gloria IV (1 year ago)
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Xenia Smeha
Dear Robert Carlyle, Happy Birthday! - Xenia Smeha (1 year ago)
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Imran Sheikh
Happy birthday to Robert Carlyle. With co star Pierce Brosnan in the film The World Is Not Enough. - Imran Sheikh (1 year ago)
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Hoy cumple años el actor Robert Carlyle (60) Happy birthday ! Aquí mi Ranking: - titorube (1 year ago)

61 years old (Born on April 14, 1961)

Scottish actor; He is famous from Trainspotting, The Full Monty.

Founded a theater company in 1991. Has not seen his estranged mother, Liz McDonald, since he was four years old. A partner in the British film production company 4 Ways along with Antonia Bird, Irvine Welsh and Mark Cousins. Awarded an OBE in the 1999 New Years honours list. In 2002, his wife gave birth to a daughter, Ava.

Robert Carlyle's Best Moments

Happy birthday to actor Robert Carlyle who is 61 today, pictured as Trainspotting nutjob Begbie
Happy birthday to the brilliant Robert Carlyle        x
Happy Birthday, Robert Carlyle!
Let\s celebrate, dearies! 
Happy Birthday, Robert Carlyle!!!
Happy Birthday to Robert Carlyle, 61 today
Happy Birthday to...

Sarah Michelle Gellar
Peter Capaldi
Ritchie Blackmore
Robert Carlyle
Abraham Ortelius
Happy birthday Robert Carlyle!
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robert carlyle rumpelstiltskin 1
robert carlyle wife 2
robert carlyle wife 3

Fun Facts About Robert Carlyle

Son Harvey born March 2004.
Ranked seventh in the 2001 Orange Film Survey of greatest British actors.
Son, Pearce Joseph, born April 2006 at Queen Mother's Hospital in Glasgow, Scotland.
Owns the Rain Dog Theatre Company, named after the album "Rain Dogs" by Tom Waits.
Turned down a role in 28 Days Later... (2002) before taking a role in 28 Weeks Later (2007).
His father, Joe, died at age 76 on January 7, 2006, and was buried in Maryhill, Glasgow, on January 14th.
Trained at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama and formed his own theatre company, Rain Dog, in 1991.
At age 17 he once worked as a butcher.

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