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AM / FM DX Ireland
Happy birthday USA . Thanks especially for Jerry Garcia and Robert Hunter. - AM / FM DX Ireland (3 days ago)
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David Rae Morris
Picture of the moment: happy 81st birthday to Robert Hunter. - David Rae Morris (1 week ago)
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Yano Harris
Happy Birthday Robert Hunter. You sure are missed! - Yano Harris (1 week ago)
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Johnny Karate
Happy birthday Robert Hunter - Johnny Karate (1 week ago)
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Phish are rising up like birds
Happy birthday, Robert Hunter. The world is a better place with you in it. - Phish are rising up like birds (1 week ago)
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Excessively Aristotelian
...and Robert Hunter shows at the small NYC and California venues/clubs were always fun, - Excessively Aristotelian (1 week ago)
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True Blue Liberal ☮️
Happy Birthday to lyricist Robert Hunter, who would have turned 81 today. Grateful Dead - Uncle John\'s Band (Winte - True Blue Liberal ☮️ (1 week ago)
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Pundit Review
Happy birthday Robert Hunter - Pundit Review (1 week ago)
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Happy birthday to Robert Hunter! I should just go home and listen to the dead. - Andrea (1 week ago)
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Celebrity Born
Happy Birthday to Robert Hunter (American Lyricist, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Translator, Poet, Scientologist & - Celebrity Born (1 week ago)
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Holly Ramble On Rose Myers
Happy birthday Robert Hunter! - Holly Ramble On Rose Myers (1 week ago)
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Rhino Records
Happy birthday in heaven to legendary lyricist ROBEHUNTER, seen here at the Grateful Dead\'s rehear - Rhino Records (1 week ago)
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TN Yeti
Happy Birthday Robert Hunter - TN Yeti (1 week ago)
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Happy Birthday Hunter Robert Hunter on Dark Star lyrics via - Joe (1 week ago)
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Greg Proffit
\"Let there be songs to fill the air.\" ~ Grateful Dead, Ripple And Happy Birthday in Heaven to Robert Hu - Greg Proffit (1 week ago)
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Michael Gigandet
Happy Birthday Robert Hunter: 2013 Americana Music Association Lifetime Achievement Award - Michael Gigandet (1 week ago)
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Ghost of the forest
I know it s late but happy birthday, Robert Hunter. Sing your lyrics every day especially on trail. We miss you. - Ghost of the forest (1 year ago)
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Toni Conte Francis
Happy Birthday Robert Hunter: 2013 Americana Music Association Lifetime Achievement Award - Toni Conte Francis (1 year ago)
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Quantum Economics
Happy Birthday Robert Hunter: Read His Take on the Grateful Dead\'s \"Greatest Hits\" - Quantum Economics (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday Robert Hunter: Read His Take on the Grateful Dead s Greatest Hits : - Steve... (1 year ago)
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Kevin Knebl, CMEC
Check out News Post! Happy Birthday Read His Take on the Grateful Dead s Greatest Hits : - Kevin Knebl, CMEC (1 year ago)
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dead and alive
Happy birthday robert hunter. hunter wrote the lyrics for saint stephen before the dead were even around. before - dead and alive (1 year ago)
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Bear\'s Choice
Happy Birthday Robert Hunter! Grateful Dead - Dire Wolf Lightnin\' Moon T-shirt on black < - Bear\'s Choice (1 year ago)
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- RoRo❤️ME (1 year ago)
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Sacramento\'s K-ZAP
Happy birthday to lyricist Robert Hunter born on this day in 1941. Hunter wrote many of the band\'s pi - Sacramento\'s K-ZAP (1 year ago)
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Vinyl Meister Redux
Happy Birthday Robert Hunter From day to day Just letting it ride You get so far away From how it feels inside You - Vinyl Meister Redux (1 year ago)
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Happy birthday to the legendary Robert Hunter. - Gary (1 year ago)
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Christian koste
Happy birthday to Robert hunter!! Thank you for reminding me! - Christian koste (1 year ago)
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will reilly
Happy birthday Robert Hunter. - will reilly (1 year ago)
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Rob Duncanson
Happy Birthday Robert Hunter - Rob Duncanson (1 year ago)
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Marshal Pizzi
Happy birthday Robert Hunter ! Went walking all morning, went walking all night, can\'t see much difference between the dark and the light - Marshal Pizzi (1 year ago)
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Happy birthday, robert hunter - leah (1 year ago)
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Happy birthday to Robert Hunter. I will be forever grateful. Grateful Dead - China Cat Sunflower / I Know You R - meredith (1 year ago)
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Happy birthday to Robert Hunter - johnfauxremus (1 year ago)
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Moggywood Psycheteche
Happy Birthday to my muse, the visionary and consummate lyrical poet Robert Hunter! Sad that I never got to meet yo - Moggywood Psycheteche (1 year ago)
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Greensky Bluegrass
Happy Birthday to the late, great Robert Hunter. Thank you giving us songs to fill the air! - Greensky Bluegrass (1 year ago)
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Happy 80th birthday, Robert Hunter. The synchrony in writing the lyrics (Hunter) and music (Garcia) for the - PSIrv (1 year ago)
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Terry \"Joilet Jake\" Blues
Happy Heavenly Birthday Robert Hunter! C]B) - Terry \"Joilet Jake\" Blues (1 year ago)
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The Sound Podcast with Ira Haberman
Happy Birthday Robert Hunter: Read His Take on the Grateful Dead s Greatest Hits from - The Sound Podcast with Ira Haberman (1 year ago)
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Nom DePlume
Happy Birthday 2013 Americana Music Association Lifetime Achievement Award Today would have been t - Nom DePlume (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday Robert Hunter. Thank you for all the beautiful songs that heal our hearts - MountainGirlClothing (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday to my Favorite wordsmith and lyricist - Robert Hunter. - GRATEFUL DEAD BOOKS (1 year ago)
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Brooklyn Bowl Nashville
Happy 80th Birthday, Robert Hunter! To the man behind the beloved lyrics that have inspired us for decades and wi - Brooklyn Bowl Nashville (1 year ago)
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da Flower Punk
Happy birthday, Robert Hunter! - da Flower Punk (1 year ago)
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In the early years of my life, I was told that it was Barry Manilow who wrote the songs. Years later I learned that - SoCaDeadHead (1 year ago)
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Jerry Grillo
Happy birthday, Robert Hunter. Your words still glow. - Jerry Grillo (1 year ago)
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HAPPY MUSICAL BIRTHDAY! June Carter Cash (1929 2003) Composer Robert Hunter (1941-2019) April Wine vocalist-guitar - Eric (1 year ago)
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Happy 80th birthday to one of rock and roll\'s best lyricist, Robert Hunter, seen here with Mickey Hart - Jimijams (1 year ago)
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Words from The Grateful Dead
Listen to the river sing sweet songs, to rock my soul.. happy birthday Robert Hunter. You have changed all of our l - Words from The Grateful Dead (1 year ago)
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Happy birthday and rest in peace to Robert Hunter, the most legendary songwriter of all time. Thanks for writing Ri - amy (1 year ago)

81 years old (Born on June 23, 1941)

Guitarist and lyricist best known for his longtime collaboration with jam band The Grateful Dead. Though he does not normally perform live with the band, he has co-written many of their most famous songs, including "Dark Star".

Robert Hunter's Best Moments

\"When there was no ear to hear, you sang to me...\"

Happy Birthday, Robert Hunter.
Happy birthday Robert Hunter
Happy Birthday To Robert Hunter an icon and talent we are all for.
Happy birthday, Robert Hunter.
Happy Birthday Robert Hunter - here\s a letter he wrote me after Jerry died
Happy Birthday to grate 
Robert Hunter!
Happy birthday Robert Hunter 

\"All the years combine, they melt into a dream ...\"

(photo by David Saddler)
Happy birthday Robert Hunter!
 WE LOVE ROBEHUNTER  Happy Birthday & Thank You
pictured, Robert\s guitars
Happy birthday Robert Hunter
Happy Birthday Robert Hunter. You sure are missed!
Robert Hunter sexy 0
Robert Hunter new pic 1
Robert Hunter dating 2
Robert Hunter full body 3

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