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Darcy James Argue
Happy Birthday, May the Fourth Ron Carter - Darcy James Argue (1 week ago)
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wayne escoffery
Happy 84th birthday to my hero, mentor and friend Sir Ron Carter!!! Still not wearing those bunny slippers yet... - wayne escoffery (1 week ago)
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roberta donnay jazz
Happy Birthday, Ron Carter! - roberta donnay jazz (1 week ago)
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Aimee Nolte
I ve always thought that a bass player with a good skill level and harmonic concept - if they have the desire - ca - Aimee Nolte (1 week ago)
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Ron Carter - The Shadow Of Your Smile Happy 84th Birthday. bassist via - Dr.S (1 week ago)
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We are The Discovery
Happy birthday Ron Carter! - We are The Discovery (1 week ago)
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Travis Kemp, Podcaster-in-Training
Happy Birthday, Ron Carter! - Travis Kemp, Podcaster-in-Training (1 week ago)
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john pope
RON CARTER! Happy 84th Birthday, maestro. - john pope (1 week ago)
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Did you know that bassist Ron Carter recorded an album of Star Wars music? Celebrate his birthday (and May the Four - WBGO (1 week ago)
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Ron Carter - Happy Birthday Gift for My Fans - - Kae (1 week ago)
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Comunque oggi compie gli anni questi ragazzo. Happy Birthday Ron Carter! - signorina_maccabei (1 week ago)
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Nate Chinen
- Nate Chinen (1 week ago)
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Jeffrey McKinney
Miles Davis - Herbie Hancock - Wayne Shorter - Ron Carter - Tony Williams via Happ - Jeffrey McKinney (1 month ago)
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DJ schubert
Happy birthday to Miles Dewey Davis III, the man behind the greatest band of all time, his second quintet, featurin - DJ schubert (11 months ago)
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Jimmy Greene
Missing the beautiful & laughs on the road w maestro & his band Foursight, w & - Jimmy Greene (11 months ago)
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R. Almonte
Ron Carter givin me life right now. Happy (belated) birthday to this legendary jazz bassist. - R. Almonte (1 year ago)
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Paula Goddard
Much love and respect to the Ron Carter. Happy birthday - Paula Goddard (1 year ago)
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Martin Quibell
Happy birthday to one of my favourites, the upright bassist Ron Carter - Martin Quibell (1 year ago)
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TJ Gorton
Happy 83rd Birthday to legendary jazz bassist Ron Carter - TJ Gorton (1 year ago)
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Happy 83rd Birthday Ron Carter... Ron Carter - Wikipedia - MilesAnthonyWilliams (1 year ago)
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Ken Coleman
Happy Birthday, Ron Carter! Here you are on October 11, 1964 with the Miles Davis Quintet in Milan, Italy. WATC - Ken Coleman (1 year ago)
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Happy birthday, Ron Carter | - Ferran (1 year ago)
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Rialto Center
Mon.\'s jazz album is A Song for You by Ron Carter (happy bday, Ron!) One of the most prolific bassists of all time - Rialto Center (1 year ago)
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Micheline Maynard
Ron Carter appeared in an episode of Treme and seemed like a good sport. Happy birthday! - Micheline Maynard (1 year ago)
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Blue Note Collector
ModernJazzDaily: herbiehancock: Wishing Ron Carter a happy birthday and throwing it back to V.S.O.P. in 1978 - Blue Note Collector (1 year ago)
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The Jazz Session
Happy birthday Ron Carter! Here\'s an interview recorded in his dining room back in 2011 for The Session. - The Jazz Session (1 year ago)
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Karen Faye Taborn
Happy birthday Ron Carter, my former professor from CCNY. Wishing you many more - Karen Faye Taborn (1 year ago)
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Modern Jazz Daily
Herbiehancock: Wishing Ron Carter a happy birthday and throwing it back to V.S.O.P. in 1978 - Modern Jazz Daily (1 year ago)
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Happy birthday Ron Carter! - Everything-Bass (1 year ago)
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Herbie Hancock
Wishing Ron Carter a happy birthday and throwing it back to V.S.O.P. in 1978 - Herbie Hancock (1 year ago)
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Kleber Magalhaes
Happy Birthday Ron Carter - Kleber Magalhaes (1 year ago)
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brian taylor
Happy Birthday Ron Carter and wishing you many more. - brian taylor (1 year ago)
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Marvin Smitty Smith
Happy 83rd Birthday to the great Ron Carter!! - Marvin Smitty Smith (1 year ago)
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Ms Cat
Happy 83rd Birthday Mr Carter! The epitome of class & elegance without the stuffiness, Ron Carter has b - Ms Cat (1 year ago)
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Howard Franklin Jr
Happy birthday to the great Ron Carter! - Howard Franklin Jr (1 year ago)
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Buzz Poole
Happy Birthday to living legend Ron Carter. Piccolo is a plucky, soulful favorite. Scored this copy years ago - Buzz Poole (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday Ron Carter - SIZZ (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday to Legendary Jazz Master, Ron Carter! Pictured hear with Jazz Master Sheila Jordan @ NYC Winter Jaz - SociallySparkedNews (1 year ago)
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Tony McKenna
Happy birthday to the bass legend that is Ron Carter. - Tony McKenna (1 year ago)
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Tom Limbaugh
I never knew the great Ron Carter was from our home city Happy Birthday Ron! - Tom Limbaugh (1 year ago)
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Ron Carter is a legend! Happy Birthday, Mr. Bass! - don_br (1 year ago)
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Happy birthday to Mr. Ron Carter , hope you have a gr8 one sir. - JustinTJimenez98 (1 year ago)
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Mark Cathcart
Happy Birthday to Ron Carter. Since I made the mistake of declaring March 4th was Ron\'s birthday, I have two posts - Mark Cathcart (1 year ago)
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Happy birthday mr. ron carter* love the thick sounds of double bass always* - gugupassion (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday, Ron Carter! - Bassliner (1 year ago)
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Frank Malfitano
CLASSIC LP OF THE DAY: Happy 83rd Birthday to great Jazz bassist Ron Carter, best known for his years with Miles Da - Frank Malfitano (1 year ago)
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Jazz FM
Happy Birthday to \"Checkpoint Charlie\" - the incredible Ron Carter Ron is the most recorded jazz bassist in hist - Jazz FM (1 year ago)
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j scurry
Ron Carter - Bass Duet via Happy birthday legendar - j scurry (1 year ago)
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Alton Huntley
Happy 82nd Birthday tomorrow to Ron Carter, who played bass on hundreds of everyone\'s favorite songs & albums. Phot - Alton Huntley (1 year ago)
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Happy birthday - Iyánü (1 year ago)

84 years old (Born on May 04, 1937)

Jazz double-bassist who has recorded more than 2,500 times and was inducted into the Down Beat Jazz Hall of Fame.

Ron Carter's Best Moments

A very happy 80th birthday to a king, Mr. Ron Carter. He\s a musical hero to so many of us. Enjoy your day, sir!
 1937, the most-recorded jazz bassist in history: Ron Carter. He\s 81: Happy birthday!
Ron Carter ! Happy birthday maestro 84 years young We all love you soooooo much.
Happy birthday Ron Carter.
Happy 80th birthday to Ron Carter, the most prolific jazz bassist of all time.
Happy birthday Ron Carter
Happy birthday Ron Carter 
1937 5 4                81
Comunque oggi compie gli anni questi ragazzo. 
Happy Birthday Ron Carter!
Happy Birthday to BASS GOD Mr. Ron Carter! 84 years young today.
Happy Birthday, Mr. Ron carter!!. From Punto Fijo, Venezuela.
Happy 84th birthday to my man Ron Carter, on the bass.
Happy birthday Ron Carter!
Happy Birthday to Jackie Jackson & jazz bassist Ron Carter
Ron Carter - Happy Birthday Gift for My Fans -
Happy birthday Ron Carter!!!!!!!
Happy Birthday to Ron Carter one of the great bass player ever; today 80!!!
Happy birthday, Ron Carter
Happy Birthday, Ron Carter!
Happy 84th birthday to legendary jazz double bassist Ron Carter from all of us at 899 Jazz & More!
 I have one too, Happy Birthday Ron Carter!!
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Ron Carter new pic 1
Ron Carter dating 2
Ron Carter sexy 3

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