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Happy Birthday Rosario Dawson ! - EVELYN CHAVEZ (9 months ago)
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LEGO Batman
Happy Birthday to the voice of Batgirl, Rosario Dawson! - LEGO Batman (9 months ago)
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Wishing a very Happy Birthday to Rosario Dawson! - HorrorHappeningsWithTheDeadGirl (9 months ago)
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Zach D Roberts
Happy Birthday to Rosario Dawson! An incredible activist, actress, and just a cool person. - Zach D Roberts (9 months ago)
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J Wells
Happy Birthday Rosario Dawson - J Wells (9 months ago)
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Jake with the Ob
Happy 41st Birthday to Rosario Dawson! - Jake with the Ob (9 months ago)
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Sending a happy birthday to Rosario Dawson - HazePress (9 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Rosario Dawson. - jeremiah (9 months ago)
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247 Live Culture
Happy birthday Rosario Dawson 41 - 247 Live Culture (9 months ago)
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I don t do happy birthday posts but I mean, come on. Happy birthday to my favorite wifey Rosario Dawson. This woman - Tara (9 months ago)
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Cristian Milla
Happy Birthday to Rosario Dawson who turns 41 today! - Cristian Milla (9 months ago)
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Anjaé St.
Happy Birthday to Rosario Dawson also. An actress with a wide range in her own lane. (Watch Briarpatch) - Anjaé St. (9 months ago)
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Happy 41st birthday to actress Rosario Dawson. - Fox5NY (9 months ago)
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Good Morning America
Happy 41st birthday - Good Morning America (9 months ago)
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Happy Birthday to the beautiful ! and during 10 CANE RUM and ALTER - CliftonCollinsJr.Fan (9 months ago)
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Mercy For Animals
Happy birthday to actress, singer, and social justice advocate We hope you get plenty of plant-bas - Mercy For Animals (9 months ago)
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Glenn Smith
Rosario Dawson - Out Tonight (From Rent musical) [HD] via Happy Birthday Rosario - Glenn Smith (9 months ago)
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Allan Margolin
If We Don\'t Take It\'ll Be A SIN. Happy Birthday Rosario Dawson / - Allan Margolin (9 months ago)
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happy birthday rosario dawson - Sidharthsharma (9 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Rosario Dawson! An incredibly sexy woman and natural actor. I met her once at a Tribeca Film Fest sc - paulspieceofmind (9 months ago)
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Dave (David) Olmann AKA Big Dave
Happy Birthday To Actress Rosario Dawson - Dave (David) Olmann AKA Big Dave (9 months ago)
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Scott Mair
Happy birthday to Rosario Dawson skilled actress beautiful women and Cory Booker\'s right hand lady. - Scott Mair (9 months ago)
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Harry James
Life without entertainment would be dull,keep entertainers busy book one today :) - Harry James (9 months ago)
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Voxy Talksy
Happy Birthday Rosario Dawson. - Voxy Talksy (9 months ago)
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Vishvajeet Singh
Happy Birthday Rosario Dawson is an American actress and singer. Picture credit - Facebook - Vishvajeet Singh (9 months ago)
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Micah Clark
Happy birthday to Billy Joel, Ghostface Killah, and Rosario Dawson - Micah Clark (9 months ago)
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Happiness In Darkness-The Superhero Movie Podcast
You have seen her as the badass leader of the girls of Old Town (Sin City) and Night Nurse, Claire Temple to the li - Happiness In Darkness-The Superhero Movie Podcast (9 months ago)
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Tourin Radio
Happy Birthday to a great American actress and singer, Rosario Dawson Buon Compleanno ad una grande attrice e cant - Tourin Radio (9 months ago)
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Kaidin Moonwood
Happy Birthday Rosario Dawson aka Ahsoka Tano. Born 9th July 1979. - Kaidin Moonwood (9 months ago)
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Happy Birthday to the gorgeous Rosario Dawson! The actress turns 41 today and is set to star in season 2 of \'The - Promipool.com (9 months ago)
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Healthy Celeb
Happy Birthday to Rosario Dawson ( May God bless you with all the happiness. - Healthy Celeb (9 months ago)
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Vicho Friedli
Mermay Day 9 - Today is Rosario Dawson\'s birthday, and the Mermay prompt was \"Best Buddy\". Not very happy with thi - Vicho Friedli (9 months ago)
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Happy Birthday to Candice Bergen, Amy Hill, Glenda Jackson, Rosario Dawson, and more! - Dlisted (9 months ago)
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Happy birthday Rosario Dawson - filmoljub (9 months ago)
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HBD Rosario Dawson May the joy that you have spread in the past come back to you on this day. Wishing you a very h - MKdaCritic (9 months ago)
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Melissa Lockard
Happy birthday to you (and also Rosario Dawson)! - Melissa Lockard (9 months ago)
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Tony Boy Bautista
Happy Birthday Bill de Blasio, Rosario Dawson, Mich Dulce, Mike Elgar, Melissa Gilbert, Adrian Lindayag, Candy Pang - Tony Boy Bautista (9 months ago)
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Movie Game Nostalgia
Happy Birthday, Colin Farrell. Born: May 31, 1976 in Castleknock, Dublin, Ireland. Alexander (Colin Farrell, Antho - Movie Game Nostalgia (1 year ago)
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Happy 40th birthday to one of our all time crushes, Rosario Dawson ( - HollywoodProgressive (1 year ago)
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Ali #WynonnaEarp #ODAAT
Happy Birthday Rosario Dawson! - Ali #WynonnaEarp #ODAAT (1 year ago)
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Mile High Horror FF
Happy Birthday to the effortlessly stylish Rosario Dawson, who played Abernathy in 2007\'s \'Death Proof\'! - Mile High Horror FF (1 year ago)
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Rosario Dawson Happy Birthday Rosario Dawson - Mr.Goodold (1 year ago)
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Esequiel Merkator Darknon-White
happy birthday Rosario Dawson . - Esequiel Merkator Darknon-White (1 year ago)
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Kristina #SaveDaredevil
A very happy birthday to the woman who brings Claire Temple to life, Rosario Dawson! - Kristina #SaveDaredevil (1 year ago)
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Juan Hernández
Happy birthday Rosario Dawson, whom I liked very much in my favorite Spike Lee film so far, 25th hour. - Juan Hernández (1 year ago)
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! Rosario Dawson and Alexandra Chaves - TheMovieDude (1 year ago)
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It s my wife s bday today. happy birthday rosario dawson x x - liana (1 year ago)
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Jacob Bunnell
Happy 40th Birthday to Rosario Dawson! The actress who played Maria in Sidewalks of New York, Laura in Men in Black - Jacob Bunnell (1 year ago)
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Njaja Sims
A 1 of 1 was born today...happy birthday Rosario Dawson I love her - Njaja Sims (1 year ago)

41 years old (Born on May 09, 1979)

American actress, singer; She is famous from Josie and the Pussycats, Alexander and Sin City..

2006 - Co-created the comic book "Occult Crimes Taskforce.". Rosario's character from Rent (2005), Mimi, is modeled after the character Mimi in Giacomo Puccini's "La Boheme.". Discovered sitting on her front porch in New York City and asked if she wanted to be in a movie. That movie was Kids (1995). Biological father never acknowledged her. (wikipedia.com) She is a huge fan of the Star Trek franchise, and even speaks broken Klingon language.

Rosario Dawson's Best Moments

Happy Birthday to the voice of Batgirl, Rosario Dawson!
Happy Birthday Rosario Dawson
Happy 39th birthday to one of my favs Rosario Dawson.
Happy 41st birthday to actress Rosario Dawson.
Happy 40th birthday Rosario Dawson, one of my faves
Happy birthday rosario dawson thank u for everything miss legend
   Happy birthday to the gorgeous Rosario Dawson! ¡Feliz cumpleaños
Happy birthday to the fierce, beautiful, and talented Rosario Dawson!
Happy Birthday to Rosario Dawson! An incredible activist, actress, and just a cool person.
Happy birthday to my beautiful wife, Rosario Dawson
Happy birthday Rosario Dawson!
Happy 40th Birthday to Rosario Dawson
Happy birthday!  Rosario Dawson
Happy Birthday, Rosario Dawson!
Happy Birthday Rosario Dawson
Rosario Dawson is enjoying the hell out of her birthday. Happy birthday for real lol
Happy Birthday to the one and only
Didn t realize I shared a birthday with her Happy 40th Birthday to Rosario Dawson
Happy Birthday Check out these 10 photos of her looking her flyest.
Happy birthday Rosario Dawson
Happy birthday, Here\s a look at the actress through the years
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Fun Facts About Rosario Dawson

Raised by mother Isabel and step-father. (wikipedia.com)
Has her own production company called Trybe.
Originally had a small part as a nurse in the film The Devil's Rejects (2005). Her character was cut out of the theatrical release after director Rob Zombie decided to remove the character Dr. Satan. Her character was to be killed off within forty seconds of her entrance.
Her uncle is comic book artist Gustavo Vazquez.
Has a younger brother named Clay
Her uncle is a teacher known as Uncle Frank or Mr. Jump
Has one brother named Clay. (wikipedia.com)
Attended an alternative school in downtown Manhattan, where she harbored aspirations of one day becoming a marine biologist.
Is an alumna of the Lee Strasberg Institute, along with such actors as Frank Miranda, Mickey Rourke, Scarlett Johansson, Dennis Hopper, and Julia Roberts.
Lives with Jason Lewis (who plays Jerry "Smith" Jerrod in "Sex and the City" (1998)) [November 2005].
Was raised in Manhattan by her mother, a professional vocalist, and her father, who worked in construction.
Is of Puerto Rican, Cuban, African American, Irish, and Native American descent.
Broke up with Jason Lewis [November 9, 2006].

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