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David O. Bond
Happy Birthday!!! - David O. Bond (3 months ago)
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Harvey Fierstein
Happy birthday, beautiful Ryan. - Harvey Fierstein (3 months ago)
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Jim Kirkwood Jr
Happy birthday Ryan Spahn, born June 18, 1980 - Jim Kirkwood Jr (1 year ago)
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Jamie Palmatier
Happy birthday - Jamie Palmatier (1 year ago)
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Vivian Neuwirth
Happy Birthday Ryan!!! - Vivian Neuwirth (1 year ago)
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Hunter Keith
Happy birthday Ryan! Hooe it\'s a good one! - Hunter Keith (1 year ago)
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Sci-Fi Fantasy Fans
Happy Birthday Ryan Spahn, who played young Borg drone First in StarTrek: & more! - Sci-Fi Fantasy Fans (1 year ago)
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Happy birthday wishing you many, many more!! - Alicia (3 years ago)
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(((Stephen Trask)))
Happy birthday, Ryan. - (((Stephen Trask))) (3 years ago)
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Bonnie Civico
Happy Birthday to your \"best guy\" Wishing you both many more shared birthdays. - Bonnie Civico (3 years ago)
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San Marzano
Happy birthday Ryan... Okay Michael... Go give Ryan a kiss for me... More is better but that is on you! - San Marzano (3 years ago)
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Happy Birthday to Ryan, so glad he makes you happy, you guys are an adorable couple - rafaappleman (3 years ago)
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Today In Star Trek History
18 June: Happy Birthday 1980: RYAN SPAHN, First, (Collective, VOY) 1942: NICK TATE, Captain Dirgo (TNG) - Today In Star Trek History (3 years ago)
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Trinton Saul
Happy Birthday man! - Trinton Saul (4 years ago)
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Lisa Beley
Happy Birthday Ryan! - Lisa Beley (4 years ago)
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Lou Liberatore
Once more around the moon Happy Birthday You don\'t look that old - Lou Liberatore (5 years ago)
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Scott Smith
Happy Birthday!!! - Scott Smith (5 years ago)
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Ryan Spahn
Someone forgot to wish me a happy birthday too :/ - Ryan Spahn (5 years ago)
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IMDb. June 18th. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! HAPPY FATHER\'S DAY! Paul Eddington, Nedra Volz, Ryan Spahn, Ian Carmichael, Maggie McNamara. - GSmith (5 years ago)
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kathy searle
Happy happy happy birthday Love the poop outta you enjoy your day!! - kathy searle (5 years ago)
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Michael Urie
Happy birthday Luv, me. Happy Father\'s Day, Daddy Luv, Kinley & Dawson - Michael Urie (5 years ago)

42 years old (Born on June 18, 1980)

American, Actor; He is famous from Your Name Here.

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  Happy birthday, beautiful Ryan.
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