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Gregton Edward The Great One
Happy Birthday! Saku Koivu. - Gregton Edward The Great One (1 week ago)
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Vintage Hockey Showcase
Happy birthday to former NHLers born ON THIS DAY in hockey history (November 23rd) Part 2: John Craighead (51) Sak - Vintage Hockey Showcase (1 week ago)
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Jean-Michel Mercier
So today us the day I find out we share something in common with Saku Koivu....happy (belated) birthd - Jean-Michel Mercier (1 year ago)
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Spector\'s Hockey
Happy birthday, Saku Koivu. - Spector\'s Hockey (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday to former captain Saku Koivu Great memories! - In_Over_Time (1 year ago)
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Saku Koivu is the coolest captain ever. He was my first favourite Hab. He holds a very special place in my heart. H - Koivuhabs (1 year ago)
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Ryan Skilton #GoHabsGo
Happy Birthday, Tony! Long-time listener. I was showing my family this clip of you from a couple year - Ryan Skilton #GoHabsGo (1 year ago)
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Rene Mauthe vacciné x 2
Happy birthday to a great captain Saku Koivu - Rene Mauthe vacciné x 2 (1 year ago)
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Love NHL
Happy birthday to former Habs captain Saku Koivu, who turns 47 today - Love NHL (1 year ago)
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Amanda Stein
Happy birthday to my favorite player growing up! Saku Koivu! And I\'m just reposting this because this is an amazing - Amanda Stein (1 year ago)
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nate kobland
HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAKU KOIVU!!! this moment still gives me chills - nate kobland (1 year ago)
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Happy 47th birthday to captain and hero Saku Koivu! Show some for one of the most inspirational - Bodog (1 year ago)
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Celebrity Born
Happy Birthday to Saku Koivu (Finnish former Ice Hockey Player) - Brother of Ice Hockey Player Mikko Koivu - Celebrity Born (1 year ago)
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Nicholas DG
Happy birthday to my childhood hero I think if you ask any Habs fan of my generation who their favourite player - Nicholas DG (1 year ago)
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Happy birthday to Saku Koivu. My heroe. My first ever favorite player. That\'s also the first jersey I got! - HowYouDrouin92 (1 year ago)
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Happy birthday Hockey Player Saku Koivu! A wish for you on your birthday, whatever you ask may you receive, whateve - AllFamous.org (1 year ago)
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Steven Haizy
Saku Koivu happy birthday! - Steven Haizy (2 years ago)
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Justin Connelly
Happy Birthday to Saku Koivu. My favourite player growing up and my hero! - Justin Connelly (2 years ago)
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Happy 46th birthday (Nov 23) to Saku Koivu. To date, he sits 7th all-time in career assists (450) & 10th in career - StatsCentre (2 years ago)
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Happy 46th Birthday to Saku Koivu who was always friendly & gracious with hockey fans especially those in Montreal - Duane (2 years ago)
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Happy Birthday to the best person around, Saku Koivu. - Mike (2 years ago)
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4...there were 4 of them that he embarrassed. Happy birthday Saku Koivu - Rich (2 years ago)
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Mike Thibeau
Happy 46th Birthday to my favourite hockey player Saku Koivu! - Mike Thibeau (2 years ago)
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Mitch Gallo
Happy birthday Saku Koivu! Who are the greatest players in sports to not be surrounded with enough talent to win? - Mitch Gallo (2 years ago)
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Miska Kanervo
Happy birthday Saku Koivu! - Miska Kanervo (2 years ago)
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Melissa Boyd
I am jealous that you share a birthday with Saku Koivu ;) Happy birthday, have a great day! - Melissa Boyd (2 years ago)
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\"a classic Koivu move\" Everyone wish Saku Koivu a happy birthday and tell him what a beautiful goal this is! - NHL (2 years ago)
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He won four Olympic medals and beat cancer! Happy Birthday to Finnish Ice Hockey legend Saku Koivu . - Olympics (2 years ago)
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Patrik Bexell
The first podcast/interview I ever recorded was with none other than Saku Koivu. If you want to hear it, you find i - Patrik Bexell (3 years ago)
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Happy Birthday to my main man Saku Koivu. - denny (3 years ago)
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Harri Väyrynen
Happy birthday from Finland, Turku. Home city of Saku Koivu. - Harri Väyrynen (3 years ago)
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Bianka Tremblay
Happy Birthday to my idol, my first fav hockey player, the reason why i started watching hockey and my forever captain! Saku Koivu - Bianka Tremblay (4 years ago)
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Stephanie Hakim.
Happy Birthday to the true Captain of the Saku Koivu! - Stephanie Hakim. (4 years ago)
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Happy birthday to retired NBA forward Vin Baker, former NHL centre Saku Koivu, and Dodgers 3B Justin Turner! - DustValleySports (4 years ago)
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Dave Stubbs
Happy 44th birthday to Saku Koivu. Here, photographed by the great Bob Fisher on the cover of a 1999 - Dave Stubbs (4 years ago)
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Celebrity Birthdays
Happy Birthday Saku Koivu - Celebrity Birthdays (5 years ago)
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North Trenton
Happy Birthday to Hiroshi Matsuyama, Zoe Ball, Oded Fehr, Danny Hoch, Karsten Muller, Khaled Al-Muwallid, Lisa Arch - North Trenton (5 years ago)
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Happy birthday to Saku Koivu!! - Mel (5 years ago)
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steven croucher
Happy birthday Saku Koivu !!!!!!!:) - steven croucher (5 years ago)
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Happy bday Saku Koivu! 43 ans aujourd\'hui. Quel est votre plus beau souvenir de l\'ancien capitaine du - 25stanley (5 years ago)
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Blain Potvin
Wishing a Happy Birthday to former Captain Saku Koivu. Now there\'s a name that would look great with the Tit - Blain Potvin (5 years ago)
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Happy birthday to former captain Saku Koivu - MiniP (5 years ago)
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Stu Cowan
Happy birthday to former captain Saku Koivu, who turns 43 today - Stu Cowan (5 years ago)

48 years old (Born on November 23, 1974)

Ice hockey player.

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