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ha your funny how bout no i will do it later
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To my forever idol I'm your forever fan ❤️ - Joy (1 week ago)
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c♡ncepci♡n, sam
Thought we had the best night already then here\'s an IG story for us. Mahal ka namin. Tandaan mo yan! Happy bi - c♡ncepci♡n, sam (1 week ago)
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Kasey ✨
Thank you so much for tonight HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! AND HAPPY 15TH ANNIVERSARY SAMSTERS!! - Kasey ✨ (1 week ago)
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Miriel Rodriguez
Happy Birthday my forever Love Keep on shining my love. I love you & I miss you so much Samuel - Miriel Rodriguez (2 weeks ago)
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Raejel Callejo
Happy birthday to my first love Grabe! High scholl memories - Raejel Callejo (2 weeks ago)
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Inigo Sim
Happy birthday to those who were born on October 17: Bea Alonzo Vina Morales Adolf Alix Jr. Paul Soriano Karen Rey - Inigo Sim (2 weeks ago)
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Happy Birthday - chanbaek (2 weeks ago)
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Andy Bellen
Happy birthday baby - Andy Bellen (2 weeks ago)
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HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Happy birthday Sam C! - MILLE (2 weeks ago)
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAM! - JanellaxMarkus (2 weeks ago)
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Marc Samson
Happy Birthday Saaaaaam Stay safe and well!!! God bless u moreeee!! - Marc Samson (2 weeks ago)
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Mr. No LimitationS
Happy birthday to my OG celebrity crush wishing you all the best & happiness. See you soonest! I - Mr. No LimitationS (2 weeks ago)
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nette income
Happy Birthday, - nette income (2 weeks ago)
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samster archive
Happy happy birthday to my fave guy since 05, Cheers to getting older and to becoming a better - samster archive (2 weeks ago)
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Birthday Remindeer
Happy Birthday Sam Concepcion! Famous Filipino musician and dancer Take the birthday quiz and qualif - Birthday Remindeer (2 weeks ago)
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Jhanica Datulayta
Hi Sam, ang tagal mo daw po sabi ni waiting po siya kanina pa sa zoom eme niyo hahaha btw happy birthday! - Jhanica Datulayta (2 weeks ago)
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Chloe Garcia
Happy birthday . Nakakatuwa ka na makita sa computer screen. - Chloe Garcia (2 weeks ago)
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Happy Birthday to my ultimate crushie since when I was 8 year old, Remembered the first time I\'ve - ᴮᴱjoy⁷ (2 weeks ago)
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As I always say is the epitome of versatility. A great singer, dancer, rapper, tv-movie-theater act - LoveKoSilaJKatKS (2 weeks ago)
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jaye.ps ツ
Happy birthday my forever crush - jaye.ps ツ (2 weeks ago)
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♡ k i t ♡
Happy birthday my love miss u na sobra - ♡ k i t ♡ (2 weeks ago)
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIL BRO - CjGarcia⚡ (2 weeks ago)
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Happy birthday :) - Cloudheart16 (2 weeks ago)
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Happy birthday Sam - GC (2 weeks ago)
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happy birthday loveee - メイシー (2 weeks ago)
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Mikhaela Louisse Altea ᴬᴰᴺ
happy birthday po. - Mikhaela Louisse Altea ᴬᴰᴺ (2 weeks ago)
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Gino Villanueva
Happy birthday broda ! - Gino Villanueva (2 weeks ago)
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Happy birthday love youuuu - CHLOE05 (2 weeks ago)
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Asia\'s Popstar Royalty & PhenomenalQueenSarahG
Happy Birthday, Sam Concepcion Wishing you a year filled with love, passion and joy. Warm greetings from your VAA - Asia\'s Popstar Royalty & PhenomenalQueenSarahG (2 weeks ago)
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Micay Odavar
A Solid Music Listener of the one and only \'The Absolute Performer\' wishing a happy birthday to - Micay Odavar (2 weeks ago)
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Wisnu J. Ranski
Happy birthday to the one and only - Wisnu J. Ranski (2 weeks ago)
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Sherry Maternal
Happy Birthday - Sherry Maternal (2 weeks ago)
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Happy birthday to my - Chyne (2 weeks ago)
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Alyanna Marie
Happy 28th birthday kuya!!! you deserve all the happiness in the world. from: - Alyanna Marie (2 weeks ago)
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❄️ WinterMyDay || SimpForSykkuno ❄
Happy Birthday sa long time boyfriend ko, pero di nya alam, ! Ngayon alam na nya, wala na kami char. Happy Birthday SAM! - ❄️ WinterMyDay || SimpForSykkuno ❄ (2 weeks ago)
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Please know that I will always stick around and will always support you in your endeavours. I believe in your artis - Trish (2 weeks ago)
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louise mendoza
Happy birthday - louise mendoza (2 weeks ago)
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Happy Birthday Samuel - gladysmariano (2 weeks ago)
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Happy birthday nadine igs - Freelancers_JaDine (1 year ago)
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jea ♡
belated happy birthday love - jea ♡ (1 year ago)
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Kyla Clarisse
Happy Birthday Po Mr. - Kyla Clarisse (1 year ago)
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Jens ✨
Happy Birthday, - Jens ✨ (1 year ago)
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Rain Dagala
IT BOY. Here is to wish my treasured a Happy Birthday. May you live long enough to show \'em how its - Rain Dagala (1 year ago)
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Belated happy birthday, Samuel! - Сհαʀ™ (1 year ago)
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Happy bday CRUSH. - jhanster05 (1 year ago)
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Belated happy birthday. - _KittyCruz_ (1 year ago)
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Belated happy birthday sam!!! - ♡ (1 year ago)
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Teejay Quiño
Belated happy birthday - Teejay Quiño (1 year ago)
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Belated happy birthday samko! - Marianne (1 year ago)
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Happy birthday king. Wish you all the best in this world. - NASIMAH (1 year ago)

28 years old (Born on October 17, 1992)

Filipino, Singer; He is famous from Winner for the Big Division of Little Big Star's Season 1 in April 2006.

Sam Concepcion's Best Moments

Happy birthday to the total performer  Much love from your VAA family!
Happy Birthday,
Happy birthday sam concepcion
Happy Happy Birthday Sam Concepcion! Enjoy your day!( : )
Belated Happy Birthday Baby Boy! Busy lang ako. Love you!
Happy birthday to the multi-talented Sam Concepcion! :
Happy birthday to the first artist i stan on message,
Belated Happy Birthday kay lodi hahahaha... pilit na pilit ung piktyur. Hahahah..
Happy Birthday Luis! More plantations to come.
Sending our birthday greetings to World Vision Ambassador Happy birthday, Sam!
Happy birthday to the one and only
 Happy birthday Samuel.
Happy birthday  napaka gwapo mo since birth Happy27th Sam Concepcion
Happy Birthday sa kumanta na ng dati at mahal na mahal na na LSS ako talaga..
Happy birthday .
Nakakatuwa ka na makita sa computer screen.
DO THIS Happy Birthday
Happy birthday
Total girl days.  Happy birthday, loves
Happy birthday,
Happy happy birthday You deserve all the love and support. More blessings to come. God bless
Happy 26th Birthday from your Samsters Family! We love you
Happy Birthday,   Your fam is always here for you.
Happy Birthday to my Brother from another mother
Thank you for simply existing. Happy birthday, Samuel!
Happy birthday love ! Hoping to make it up to you next year! More blessings to come!
Happy Birthday
 Happy Birthday Sammy (Sam) always be happy More Blessings to come
 HAPPY BIRTHDAY   Say Hi to this little Sam
Happy Birthday to my forever boyfie    Wish you all the best. See you soon.
Happy Happy Birthday !    Love you to the moon and back!
Happy birthday Here\s a throwback to your first album
 happy birthday lodi more awesam songs to come! (photo taken 6yrs ago lol hahahaha)
Happy birthday greetings from Qatar. sana mapansin mo na ako please. God bless you always sam.
Happy Birthday !!!
Happy birthday love. Mahal na mahal kita since 2012.
Happy birthday to my first love
Happy Birthday Sam Concepcion! 
Wishing you a spectacular birthday and a blessed year ahead!
Happy birthday kay Alex/Dan na nagpaiyak sa atin Happy27th Sam Concepcion
To our cover boy Sam Concepcion, Happy birthday!!!!
Happy 32nd Birthday Bea Alonzo      Happy 27th Birthday Sam Concepcion
Happy birthday nadine igs
sam concepcion 2013 0
sam concepcion and jasmine curtis 1
sam concepcion bench 2
Sam Concepcion new pic 3

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