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ha your funny how bout no i will do it later
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First time i saw Sam was Outlander....He's the only Jamie there could ever be. Sending kisses, hugs and wishes for a fantastic birthday with the ones you love! - Nancy (1 year ago)
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Christie J
Happy birthday Sam! I only know you from outlander, and the Hallmark movie you made oh and the spy who dumped me. I hope you have a wonderful birthday. Can’t wait for you to make some beautiful babies with somebody so I could see how cute those pictures would be - Christie J (1 year ago)
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Martha $
Nothing but the best is what you dederve! - Martha $ (1 year ago)
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Outlander. Happy Birthday Sam. I hope your day is all you want it to be! - Kim (1 year ago)
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Happy birthday hope you have a lovely day! - Madeleine (1 year ago)
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In Outlander. Have a great 39th birthday. Be always our Jamie Fraser... Love you. - Daniela (1 year ago)
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Patti Montgomery
Not only are you gorgeous and sexy, but a real fine human , and a lovely man. Happiest of Natal Days to ye Laddie, and may ye have many many more. You are a great Jamie too! - Patti Montgomery (2 years ago)
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McDuffee Girl
From Outlander...Have a very happy 38th Sam!!! My son will be 38 in October and daughter will be 39 this coming Tuesday! I think of you as almost another son....You are a very talented actor and you and Cait together are simply breathtaking!!! Love and hugs to a great guy! - McDuffee Girl (2 years ago)
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ellen christine colon-lugo
Outlander! Tartan Parade 5th Avenue! Have a happy, happy day. and thank you. truly. - ellen christine colon-lugo (3 years ago)
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Happy birthday Sam! Hope you have a wonderful day. - Laura (3 years ago)
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Stephanie DeMarco
Fantastic and talented actor from Outlander..It's your day .. Thanks for always making my Day... - Stephanie DeMarco (3 years ago)
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Cara Molloy
Happy Birthday! Hope you have a fantastic day! - Cara Molloy (3 years ago)
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Sammy the Cat
My Mommy thinks he's cute! Me do too!!! - Sammy the Cat (3 years ago)
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Lynne Dennison
Island at War Oulander Happy Birthday Sam enjoy x - Lynne Dennison (3 years ago)
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Chrissi K.
Dear Sam, Have a Great B-day❣ Much Love from Germay - Chrissi K. (3 years ago)
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Jody Fraser
Happy Birthday Sam! Hope you're having a great birthday! - Jody Fraser (3 years ago)
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You & your talent are a gift to us; thank you. - Sharon (3 years ago)
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Nancy Ross McDuffee
Outlander, of course!! Happy Birthday to Sam HugeOne...Hope it's full of Love, laughter and cake!!! - Nancy Ross McDuffee (3 years ago)
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Anastasia Dawn
Love your work, your generosity and Love you too. - Anastasia Dawn (3 years ago)
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Sarah @meowzilla
Have the happiest of birthdays, Sam! Wish you all the happiness in the world and all your dreams to come true! XOXO - Sarah @meowzilla (3 years ago)
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Kathy Tait
May your day be filled with love and good wishes! - Kathy Tait (3 years ago)
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Anne Papworth
Happy Birthday Sam & Thank you for being you. Thank You for Jamie, for MPC, for your charity work, for the joy you bring to all your fans. Love from me x - Anne Papworth (3 years ago)
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Wishing you a Happy Birthday Sam. And all the best for the future. - Lee (3 years ago)
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You change so many lives to something special- Thank you Sam- Happy Birthday! - Bini1202 (3 years ago)
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Mic... just Mic
Have the best b-day in Africa, the MotherLand! Lots of whiskey, cake and love! - Mic... just Mic (3 years ago)
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Donna of Salem Oregon
You have helped me believe in me again. Thanks!!! I hope you have to great day!!! !!!!!!! - Donna of Salem Oregon (3 years ago)
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Best wishes, Sam! Looking forward to season 3! Andy P - Andy (3 years ago)
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Carol Sue Haag
Happy birthday! Enjoy your day! Hope they give you a break from work to enjoy yourself - Carol Sue Haag (3 years ago)
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Patti Montgomery
Hope your Natal Day is spectacularly joyful. You are an amazing human who has brought so much joy into so many lives, for which we all are so grateful. Aloha and Mahalo Nui Loa from Maui. - Patti Montgomery (3 years ago)
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#Outlander #MyPeakChallenge Wishing you the best birthday yet - AdelaideKapetaneas (3 years ago)
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Happiest of Birthdays Sam! Hope your day is fantastic! - Cindy (3 years ago)
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Juanita Courtney Paull
Happy Birthday - thanks to your Mom as well. - Juanita Courtney Paull (3 years ago)
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Jennifer Pollard
Happy birthday Sam, love Outlander and can't wait for September. Have a wonderful day. - Jennifer Pollard (3 years ago)
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Pam H.
I am a HUGE fan!!!! Happy Birthday to the nicest guy I have had the pleasure to know (if only from afar). - Pam H. (3 years ago)
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Diana Rogers
Love you as Jamie in Outlander - Happy Birthday! - Diana Rogers (3 years ago)
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Tracie Kroenert
Happy Birthday, Sam! I hope you have the best birthday ever! Thank you for all you do...you are THE best. Love always, Tracie. Xo - Tracie Kroenert (3 years ago)
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Happy birthday, Sam! All the best to you for your special day! And thanks for everything you do! - MaLena (3 years ago)
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I wish you good luck for the next year Hold on to your way - Christa (3 years ago)
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Cynthia NY
Happy birthday!! Wishing you all the LOVE,PEACE and HAPPINESS in the WORLD !!! - Cynthia NY (3 years ago)
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Outlander star... it's still rising! Best wishes on your special day! - Loretta (3 years ago)
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Happy Birthday! Wishing for all Your dreams come true. Your a great guy and wonderful to your fans. We can't ask for more. - Mags (3 years ago)
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Happy Birthday to you, Sam! Hope it's stellar! - Anonymous (3 years ago)
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Happy birthday to one of the most talented, kind, caring and hard working actor ever!! Hope your day is awesome, because you are! - Melinda (3 years ago)
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Happy Birthday, Sam! Have a great day! Eat lots of cake! - Linda (3 years ago)
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I'm his biggest fan and share same b'day week. Happy birthday Sam wishing yippy everlasting health, love and happiness always. - Mati (3 years ago)
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Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day. - Starlite (3 years ago)
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Been following his career with Outlander and am a devoted fan in North Carolina - Janet (3 years ago)
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Health, Love and Success are my presents for You! @nanda67826511 Portugal - Nanda (3 years ago)
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I wish you an amazing birthday and may all your wishes come true - Sandra (3 years ago)
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Susan Smith
Happy Birthday, Sam! Have a Healthy and Great Day! - Susan Smith (3 years ago)

40 years old (Born on April 30, 1980)

Actor; He is famous from Ashton Prince of Castlebury in the cinema A Princess for Christmas.

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And a great big Happy Birthday to the one and only Sam Heughan.
 ... Happy Birthday Dear Sam Heughan
Happy Birthday to Outlander\s Sam Heughan!!
Happy Birthday, SAM HEUGHAN
Happy birthday to this amazing men and actor, sam heughan my love.
Happy Birthday Sam Heughan!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Sam Heughan!!!             (*^^*)
Happy Birthday to Sam Heughan Your ,1, fan.Thank you for beening Jamie Fraser on Outlander,
Happy 37th Birthday to Sam Heughan ! You are so talented!
Happy Birthday To Sam Heughan!
   Happy birthday to a wonderful Sam Heughan. Here\s to you
 Happy Birthday, Sam Heughan! Slàinte!
Happy Birthday to the gorgeous Sam Heughan
 Happy Birthday Sam Heughan!!! Hope you have the best birthday ever!
Happy Birthday  Sam Heughan Stay healthy and fit!
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sam heughan a princess for christmas 2
sam heughan a princess for christmas 3

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