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ha your funny how bout no i will do it later
Welcome to Sandra Pepa Denton's Birthday Celebration Page
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Tagz Media HipHop
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sandra Pepa Denton - Tagz Media HipHop (8 months ago)
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Aaron J.
Happy Birthday Salt n Pepa\'s Sandra \'Pepa\' Denton! - Aaron J. (8 months ago)
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Gen X Playbook
Happy to Gen Xer Sandra Pepa Denton (1969) who turns 50 years old today! - Gen X Playbook (8 months ago)
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HAPPY PA1: Phil May (75), Benny Mardones (73), Joe Bouchard (71), Dennis Stratton (65), Donnie McClur - Pauseandplay.com (8 months ago)
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HAPPY MUSICAL BIRTHDAY! Peter, Paul, & Mary vocalist Mary Travers (1936-2009) Susan Tedeschi (1970) Salt N Pepa rap - Eric (8 months ago)
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Regal Rebel
Speaking of Iconic Groups, Happy 53rd Birthday to the legendary Sandra Pepa Denton - Regal Rebel (8 months ago)
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Today In History
November 9 - Happy bday: Joe Bouchard[Blue Oyster Cult] 71, Lou Ferrigno 68, Tony Slattery 60, Sandra (Pepa) Denton - Today In History (8 months ago)
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Ocean 100
Happy Birthday to LouFerrigno (68), Salt n Pepa\'s Sandra \'Pepa\' Denton(55), Roxanne Shante\'(50), Benny Mardones(73) & Whitey Herzog(88) - Ocean 100 (8 months ago)
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Teewhy Nyema
Happy Birthday to Andreas Brehme, Demetra Plakas, Sarah Franklin, Jill Dando (d. 1999), Robert Duncan McNeill, Sand - Teewhy Nyema (8 months ago)
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Happy Birthday to Sandra Pepa Denton, born Sandra Jacqueline Denton, on November 9, 1966 in Kingston, Jamaica Know - maxxmyrick (8 months ago)
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107.5 WBLS FM
Happy 49th Birthday to Sandra \'Pepa\' Denton!! Show her some birthday love!! - 107.5 WBLS FM (1 year ago)
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Grown Folks Music
Happy Birthday to Sandra \"Pepa\" Denton of the famed Grammy Award winning female group Salt N Pepa! - Grown Folks Music (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday Sandra \"Pepa\" Denton (Photo Credit : Denise Truscello-Getty) - FoxyNc.Com (1 year ago)
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Island Peeps
Happy Birthday Sandra \" \" Denton! American Hip Hop Artist and Actress, best known for her work - Island Peeps (1 year ago)
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Jerry Lembo
11.9.18 Happy Birthday to Angela Perelli Ebbott, Brett Vargason, (our daughter) Dawn Lembo, Heather Buchanan, Jill - Jerry Lembo (1 year ago)
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Dammit Tees
Get up on This! Happy birthday 1969 Sandra Pepa Denton Salt-n-Pepa Ahhhh Push It! - Dammit Tees (1 year ago)
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uDiscover Music
You can\'t have Salt without \'Pepa\', Happy Birthday Sandra \"Pepa\" Denton of Salt-N-Pepa - uDiscover Music (2 years ago)
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Honey Staxx
Happy to Sandra \"Pepa\" Denton! - Honey Staxx (2 years ago)
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North Trenton
Happy Birthday to Andreas Brehme, Demetra Plakas, Sarah Franklin, Jill Dando (d. 1999), Robert Duncan McNeill, Sand - North Trenton (2 years ago)
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Remi Shop
Happy birthday to Sandra \"Pepa\" Denton from Salt N Pepa! Happy birthday to Sandra \"Pepa\" De - Remi Shop (2 years ago)
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Happy Birthday Sandra \"Pepa\" Denton - Salt-N-Pepa - Shoop via - ShugsMom2 (2 years ago)
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Dish Nation
Happy to Sandra \"Pepa\" Denton! - Dish Nation (2 years ago)
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Old School 80s
Happy Birthday to Lou Ferigno(66), Benny Mardones(71), Sandra \'Pepa\' Denton(53), Roxanne Shante\'(48) & Whitey Herzog(86) - Old School 80s (2 years ago)
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY... SANDRA \'PEPA\' DENTON (Salt-n-Pepa)! \"WHATTA MAN, ft. EnVogue. - WBSS (2 years ago)
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Hot Sauce
Happy Birthday to Sandra \'Pepa\' Denton(left) who turns 48 today! - Hot Sauce (2 years ago)
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Tony Brown
Happy Birthday to hip hop artist and actress Sandra \"Pepa\" Denton (born November 9, 1969)...best known for her work - Tony Brown (2 years ago)

55 years old (Born on November 09, 1964)

American, Rapper; She is famous from the hotter half of Salt-n-Pepa.

Sandra Pepa Denton's Best Moments

Happy Birthday to Sandra \Pepa\ Denton(left) who turns 48 today!
Happy to Sandra \"Pepa\" Denton!
  Happy Birthday Salt n Pepa\s Sandra \Pepa\ Denton!
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