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A very Happy Birthday to Santino Marella - buckeyeguy1977 (4 weeks ago)
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Happy Birthday to Santino Marella a legendary Canadian legend wrestler who we all grew up on and made - JOFO IN THE RING (4 weeks ago)
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Leo Gros
Happy Birthday santino Marella! - Leo Gros (4 weeks ago)
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Sportskeeda Wrestling
He is one of the greatest entertainers in History. He also is a former United States, Intercontinental & Tag T - Sportskeeda Wrestling (4 weeks ago)
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Taylor Apodaca
Happy 49th Birthday to The Milan Miracle & NEW Director of Authority in IMPACT Wrestling... Santino Marella!!! Can\' - Taylor Apodaca (4 weeks ago)
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Santino Marella is 49 today! Did you know that Marella is now the authority figure in Impact Wrestling? Happy bi - infowrestling (4 weeks ago)
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Eric | Pro Wrestling Enthusiast
Happy Birthday Santino Marella!! - Eric | Pro Wrestling Enthusiast (1 month ago)
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Amanda Silverstrom
Happy Birthday Gail. Hoping IMPACT Wrestling and NJPW merge into WWE after Disney bu - Amanda Silverstrom (1 month ago)
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARCH 14th; Ex-Astronaut Frank Borman,94; Actor Frain,54; Musician Taylor Hanson ,39; Actress Season - BRONX POET (3 weeks ago)
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Rasslin With Aaron
Happy Birthday To former Intercontinental, U.S & Tag Team Champion, The Santino Marella - Rasslin With Aaron (4 weeks ago)
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Today is Santino Marella\'s Birthday! Of course Happy Birthday to Him! But Santino\' WWE character represents the - Rompiballe (1 month ago)
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Happy birthday Wrestler Santino Marella! Wishing you a birthday that s just as wonderful as you are! - AllFamous.org (1 month ago)
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Those are real bottomlines, because Santino Marella say it be so! - Happy Birthday - Brij (1 month ago)
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Happy Birthday to Santino Marella! - Chupacabra (4 weeks ago)
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Happy birthday to my boy Santino Marella - AYEO (4 weeks ago)
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I Have A Nerdy Mind #Blacklivesmatter
Happy birthday to former OVW Television Champion, former DDT Pro-Wrestling Ironman Heavymetalweight Champion and fo - I Have A Nerdy Mind #Blacklivesmatter (4 weeks ago)
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Happy Birthday Santino Marella - 帰ってきたパンク (1 month ago)
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Mark Darren Chetcuti
On behalf of everyone at Canoe\'s SLAM!Wrestling, a very happy birthday goes out to wrestler, Anthony Carelli w - Mark Darren Chetcuti (4 weeks ago)
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Cruz M Santoyo
Happy Birthday Santino Marella and - Cruz M Santoyo (4 weeks ago)
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Teewhy Nyema
Happy Birthday to Kristian Bush, Charlie Elphicke, Yasuyuki Kase, Irom Chanu Sharmila, Rohit Shetty, Ben Kennedy, G - Teewhy Nyema (4 weeks ago)
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Chupacabra チュパカブラ
Happy Birthday to Santino Marella! - Chupacabra チュパカブラ (4 weeks ago)
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Mark World Order Wolfpac
Happy Birthday Santino Marella!! - Mark World Order Wolfpac (4 weeks ago)
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Kyle winter
Happy birthday Santino Marella hope you have a great day!!!! - Kyle winter (4 weeks ago)
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Cobra Rambo
Happy Birthday Senior Santino Marella I wish U the Best in your Life, Future, and for yo - Cobra Rambo (4 weeks ago)
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Happy birthday to Santino Marella from all of us at EHOWB. A very talented, versatile and entertaining performer - EHOWB2018 (4 weeks ago)
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Happy birthday Santino Marella - ATOM RECORDS (4 weeks ago)
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Pro Wrestling Roundup
Happy Birthday to former WWE Superstar Santino Marella who turns 45 today! - Pro Wrestling Roundup (4 weeks ago)
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The Collector
A big happy birthday to Santino Marella and his lovely twin sister, Miss Wrestlemania, Santina! - The Collector (4 weeks ago)
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WWE All Results Page
Happy 45th Birthday to Santino Marella - WWE All Results Page (4 weeks ago)
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The Darkness And The Lightness
Happy Birthday Santino Marella - The Darkness And The Lightness (4 weeks ago)
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WWE Critics
Happy 45th birthday to former Intercontinental Champion Santino Marella. - WWE Critics (4 weeks ago)
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The Average Marks (AMP)
The AMP Crew would like to wish a Happy 45th Birthday to aka Santino Marella! - The Average Marks (AMP) (4 weeks ago)
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!!!! Have a great day !!! Check out some Santino s greatest moments!!! - PayPerReView (4 weeks ago)
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Did That Guy Just Say?
Happy Birthday Santino Marella! - Did That Guy Just Say? (4 weeks ago)
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All Wrestling Results
Happy 44th Birthday to Santino Marella - All Wrestling Results (4 weeks ago)
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Happy 44th Birthday to Santino Marella. - bigmatt198 (4 weeks ago)
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Christy Van Dyke
Happy birthday today to stephen curry and kailyn lowry and quincy jones and sammy giancola and santino marella - Christy Van Dyke (1 month ago)
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Rev Dr Edgar Mihas
Today in 1879, Albert Einstein was born in Ulm (Germany). The 14th of March is Mother Tongue Day in Estonia, Consti - Rev Dr Edgar Mihas (1 month ago)
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Wrestlemania History
Happy Birthday to Santino Marella, seen here readying himself for the 8-man tag match at 27 at Georgi - Wrestlemania History (4 weeks ago)
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Celebrity Birthdays
Happy Birthday Santino Marella - Celebrity Birthdays (4 weeks ago)
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North Trenton
Happy Birthday to Larry Johnson, Grace Park, Santino Marella, Brian Quinn, Daniel Gillies, Phil Vickery, Chris Klein and James Jordan. - North Trenton (4 weeks ago)
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Kimi Martinez #JB17
Happy Birthday to one of the most charismatic and entertaining Superstars in WWE\'s recent history, Santino Marella!! - Kimi Martinez #JB17 (4 weeks ago)
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Happy 43rd Birthday to Former Wwe Santino Marella - jd91233 (4 weeks ago)
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Roy N\'Coma
Hoy cumple 38 años el carismático luchador Santino Marella Happy Birthday - Roy N\'Coma (4 weeks ago)
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ProWrestling Roundup
Happy Birthday to former WWE Superstar Santino Marella who turns 38 today! - ProWrestling Roundup (4 weeks ago)
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Happy birthday Santino Marella! - sirxtoz (4 weeks ago)
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Happy 43rd birthday Santino Marella - wrestling_fan5 (4 weeks ago)
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Daniel Reeks
Happy 43rd birthday Santino Marella - Daniel Reeks (4 weeks ago)
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Deutsche WWE News
+++ HAPPY BIRTHDAY +++ -Am heutigen Dienstag, den 14. März feiert der ehemalige WWE Superstar Santino Marella... - Deutsche WWE News (4 weeks ago)

45 years old (Born on March 14, 1979)

Born Anthony Carelli, he is a Canadian wrestler who made his WWE debut in 2005.

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Happy 41st Birthday to WWE Superstar Santino Marella.
Happy birthday Santino Marella today!  Does anyone miss this guy?
Happy Birthday to former WWE Superstar Santino Marella who turns 45 today!
Happy 36th Birthday to Santino Marella
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