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Texas Rangers Baseball History
Happy Birthday to former pitcher Scott Baker. Baker pitched in 25 games for the Rangers in 2014. March 2 - Texas Rangers Baseball History (2 months ago)
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Happy birthday to former Scott Baker, Red Barkley, Joe Ferguson, Charlie Haeger, Sadie McMahon, and Jack R - Dodgers-LowDown (2 months ago)
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Ex Twins News
Happy 39th birthday to Ex Twins pitcher Scott Baker! Appeared in 163 games with the Twins, 159 starts. He would mak - Ex Twins News (2 months ago)
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Twins Birthdays
Happy 38th Birthday to former RHP Scott Baker! He was the Twins 2nd round pick in 2003 out of Oklahoma Sta - Twins Birthdays (2 months ago)
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Scott F
Happy 38th bday Scott Baker! Baker was 46-28 with a 3.92 ERA for the Twins from 2008-2011, before injuries set in a - Scott F (2 months ago)
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Cubs Birthdays
Happy birthday to ex- Scott Baker (37), Randy Myers (56), Phil Stephenson (58), and Buddy Schultz (68). - Cubs Birthdays (2 months ago)
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MTP Drivetrain
Happy Belated Birthday to Scott Baker on Sept. 13th of an Thanks for all you do! - MTP Drivetrain (1 month ago)
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emily aka mom
Happy 18th birthday nathaniel scott baker i love you so much - emily aka mom (1 month ago)
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Buchanan Hauling inc
Happy Birthday Scott Baker! Have a wonderful day! - Buchanan Hauling inc (1 month ago)
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Dennis Koch
Charles-Henri Avelange Scott Baker Happy Birthday Scott! Just pledged. Cheers! - Dennis Koch (1 month ago)
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Happy Birthday Scott Baker. - Jasun (2 months ago)

42 years old (Born on September 19, 1981)

Right-handed starting pitcher who made his MLB debut in 2005 for the Minnesota Twins and won 15 games while hurling 200 innings in 2009.

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Happy Belated Birthday to Scott Baker on Sept. 13th of an Thanks for all you do!
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