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If it Reagan\'s birthday, happy anniversary to Scott Walker. - WandaVision (4 months ago)
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Today AfroMation goes out to Thee Larry Scott-Walker. Larry is one of the founders of Thrive SS, and a gate keeper - Heisvaluable (4 months ago)
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Michael Smith
Happy birthday, Scott Walker, wherever you are: - Michael Smith (4 months ago)
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It is also Scott Walker s birthday- so I listened to Tilt and that touching Happy Birthday message S - Kate (4 months ago)
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Teewhy Nyema
Happy Birthday to Barbara Buczek (d. 1993), Al Downing (d. 2005), Ruth Dreifuss, Joan Baez, Roy Head, Gilles Vailla - Teewhy Nyema (4 months ago)
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Marshall of Rock
Happy Birthday - Jan. 9 Joan Baez 79 Scott Walker (Walker Brothers, solo) b. 1943 - d. 3/22/19 Jimmy Page (The - Marshall of Rock (4 months ago)
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Libby Furr
Happy Birthday to the late, great Scott Walker. The singer. Not the former Wisconsin governor. Here s some eerie de - Libby Furr (4 months ago)
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Jonathan Lea
Even though I never met him, Scott Walker had an impact on my life. Happy Birthday Scott and thank you for writing - Jonathan Lea (4 months ago)
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Ashley Norris
Happy birthday Scott Walker. Still can\'t really believe he has left us - Ashley Norris (4 months ago)
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Fergal O\' Reilly
Happy Birthday Scott Walker! You re very much missed via - Fergal O\' Reilly (4 months ago)
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(((Tim Horrigan)))
Happy Birthday, Scott Walker, born 9 Jan 1943. (Or maybe not so happy, since he died just last year on 22 Mar 2019 - (((Tim Horrigan))) (4 months ago)
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Rainer Rohrmoser
Happy Birthday in Heaven Scott Walker 9. Januar 1943 - 22. März 2019 R.I.P. The Sun Ain\'t - Rainer Rohrmoser (4 months ago)
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Janine Bennett
The Walker Brothers - Make It Easy On Yourself via Happy 77th Birthday in Heaven S - Janine Bennett (4 months ago)
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Rick Lewis
Scott Walker\'s birthday today. Anyone got that clip of him wishing Bowie a happy birthday? - Rick Lewis (4 months ago)
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Scott Walker\'s birthday today. Anyone got that clip of him wishing Bowie a happy birthday? - Mwng (4 months ago)
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Paul Meagher
Happy Birthday to one of our biggest influences Scott Walker - - Paul Meagher (4 months ago)
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Trevor Bailey
- Trevor Bailey (4 months ago)
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Wiel Maassen, opa Bowie
Happy birthday Scott Walker - Wiel Maassen, opa Bowie (4 months ago)
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Neale Holmes
Scott Walker - My Death via happy birthday Scott,rip. great version of a great song. - Neale Holmes (4 months ago)
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Repeater Books
Happy Birthday Listen to this wonderful clip of Scott Walker wishing Bowie happy birthday on his 50th - Repeater Books (5 months ago)
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Lauren Hitt
Happy birthday to the only congressional candidate cool enough to wear also, fuck Scott Walker on a lapel pin. Ho - Lauren Hitt (5 months ago)
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Amy Celeste Youngbeard McKinzie
I used Shazam to discover Plastic Palace People by Scott Walker. happy birthday Scott!!!! - Amy Celeste Youngbeard McKinzie (1 year ago)
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Adam Grimord-Isham
Happy birthday Scott Walker. I knew his early work but missed this album until I heard Farmer in the City on a m - Adam Grimord-Isham (1 year ago)
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Dr G
Happy Birthday Scott Walker! - Dr G (1 year ago)
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Happy birthday to the only Scott Walker I recognize - Winston (1 year ago)
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Elliot Chapman
Happy birthday greatest living recording artist and Voice of God, Scott Walker. - Elliot Chapman (1 year ago)
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Anthony Hansen // Vivi Hahn // HANSA
(*ominous, droning strings*) haaaaappy biiiiiirthday to you... haaaaappy biiiiiirthday to you... haaaaappy bi - Anthony Hansen // Vivi Hahn // HANSA (1 year ago)
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Dog In The Snow
Happy Birthday Scott Walker - Dog In The Snow (1 year ago)
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Peripheral Sounds
Happy Birthday Scott Walker! (the musician, not the politician) - Peripheral Sounds (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday Scott Walker you demented gentleman. - ItsOwnInfiniteFlower (1 year ago)
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ghostspace killa
Happy 76th birthday to the only scott walker that matters - ghostspace killa (1 year ago)
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Lefty\'s Records
Happy Birthday to Scott Walker & Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin - Lefty\'s Records (1 year ago)
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Spring Chicken
Happy Birthday to Scott Walker (Engel) born this day back in 1943. One of the very successful Walker Brothers trio - Spring Chicken (1 year ago)
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Happy birthday Scott Walker! - connect_icut (1 year ago)
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Arthur David Spota
Scott Walker, 1966 Happy Birthday Scott - Arthur David Spota (1 year ago)
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BiBi Virtue
Happy Birthday James Acaster. You share it with Jimmy Page, Scott Walker, Joan Baez, & AJ McLean from the Backstreet Boys. - BiBi Virtue (1 year ago)
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Sebastian Gorgui Dieng
Happy birthday to the cool scott walker - Sebastian Gorgui Dieng (1 year ago)
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Richard Byatt
A good day for music - Happy Birthday Joan Baez, Jimmy Page and Scott Walker! - Richard Byatt (1 year ago)
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The Flowerthief
Happy Birthday to Noel Scott Engel aka Scott Walker, the most left-field crooner turned experimental music writer. - The Flowerthief (1 year ago)
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Jeff Tidwell
Happy Birthday Scott Walker! - Jeff Tidwell (1 year ago)
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franz liszticle
Happy birthday to Scott Walker - franz liszticle (1 year ago)
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Patrick Tape Fleming
Happy bday Scott Walker.. thanks for this mind blower - Patrick Tape Fleming (1 year ago)
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Jim Hinks
Happy Birthday Scott Walker, purveyor of wonderfully melancholic and overwrought songs. All of his first four album - Jim Hinks (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday to Scott Walker. Pic from Fab 208, Dec 1967 - Kelly (1 year ago)
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Scott Owens
Happy Birthday to: Richard Nixon, 1913 (d. 1994); Bob Denver (Gilligan), 1935 (d. 2005); Joan Baez, 1941; Jerry Yes - Scott Owens (1 year ago)
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Psychedelic Jukebox
Happy 76th Birthday Scott Walker (born Noel Scott Engel) Jan 9, 1943) singer-songwriter, composer and record produc - Psychedelic Jukebox (1 year ago)
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Matt Pinfield
The Walker Brothers The Sun Ain t Gonna Shine Anymore Happy Birthday to the ever elusive Scott Walker. The man wh - Matt Pinfield (1 year ago)
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kayden damage
Happy Birthday to the genius known as Scott Walker love ya - kayden damage (1 year ago)
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bbq everything
Happy Birthday to the genius known as Scott Walker love ya - bbq everything (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday Scott Walker. - ChrisPBacon (1 year ago)

77 years old (Born on January 09, 1943)

Scott Walker's Best Moments

Happy Birthday Scott Walker (January 9, 1943). Enjoy his Scott 3 album.
Happy Birthday Scott Walker X
Happy 75th birthday to the only Scott Walker that matters
Happy birthday to the only Scott Walker I recognize.
 happy birthday for Scott Walker tomorrow
Happy Birthday Scott Walker   Farmer in the City
Scott Walker (Noel Scott Engel / The Walker Brothers) 
Birth 1943.1.9 Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Scott Walker!

Scott Walker - Montague Terrace (in blue)
Scott Walker, 1966

Happy Birthday Scott
Happy Birthday to the good Scott Walker. Please don\t die.
Happy Birthday Scott Walker
Spanning decades, genres and conventions.
Many happy returns
Happy Birthday to Scott Walker & Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin
Happy 76th birthday to the only scott walker that matters
Happy birthday.  Jimmy Page
& Joan Baez
& Kenny Clarke
& Scott Walker
& Crystal Gayle
Happy 74th birthday to Scott Walker - musical hero of Voice from another world.
Happy birthday, Scott Walker.
From lounge crooning to avant garde, Scott Walker owns whatever he does. Happy Birthday to a misunderstood artist.
Happy birthday Scott Walker Thanks
Happy birthday, Scott Walker
The genus that is Scott Walker. Happy birthday. x
Happy 75th birthday to the master, the endless talent, the voice. Have a wonderful day, Scott Walker and thank you.
Happy birthday, Scott Walker!
Happy Birthday Scott Walker!
Happy birthday Read our classic, comprehensive feature on the legend:
Scott Walker (Noel Scott Engel) in 1943 
Happy Birthday,Scott!
Happy Birthday to this legend, Scott Walker.
Happy birthday, Scott Walker
Happy Birthday Scott Walker.
Happy Birthday to Scott Walker. Pic from Fab 208, Dec 1967
Happy birthday Scott Walker!
scott walker wisconsin 0
scott walker singer 1
governor scott walker 2
governor scott walker 3

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