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Mike Garry
Happy birthday Seamus Heaney. Read one of his poems today. Try the bailer Voices like his never die. - Mike Garry (6 months ago)
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phoenix rising
Happy Birthday Seamus. - phoenix rising (6 months ago)
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\"How long were they approaching down my road, as if they owned them\" I don\'t know if he has ever been to Pakistan b - ar (6 months ago)
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Simon Ua Muireadhaigh
Happy birthday - Seamus Heaney - - Simon Ua Muireadhaigh (6 months ago)
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Carol Drinkwater
No such thing as innocent bystanding. Happy Birthday, Seamus Heaney, sir. - Carol Drinkwater (6 months ago)
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hastha (taylor\'s version)
Happy seamus heaney\'s birthday - hastha (taylor\'s version) (6 months ago)
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Cameron Black
Happy 82nd Birthday Seamus Heaney. We should keep our feet on the ground to signify that nothing is beneath us, - Cameron Black (6 months ago)
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According to McGee
Seamus Heaney is the gadgey. Read some of his poetry as soon as you can. \'Blackberry Picking\' is a great place to s - According to McGee (6 months ago)
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CCU Creative Writing
Happy birthday, Samuel Beckett, Eudora Welty, and Seamus Heaney! - CCU Creative Writing (6 months ago)
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James M Carlisle
Lovely Margaret Happy heavenly 82nd birthday Seamus Heaney - James M Carlisle (6 months ago)
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Mary Durkan
If you have the words, there s always a chance that you ll find the way. Happy (heavenly) 82nd birthday to Seamu - Mary Durkan (6 months ago)
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Sheila Phelan
Happy 15th Birthday, Seamus. Was he named for Seamus Heaney, whose birthday was also April 1 - Sheila Phelan (6 months ago)
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TFI Local Link Longford Westmeath Roscommon
Happy Birthday Happy Birthday Seamus Heaney; I love this poem its no wonder it was one of selected 5 - TFI Local Link Longford Westmeath Roscommon (6 months ago)
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Writers\' Week
Happy birthday Seamus Heaney - Writers\' Week (6 months ago)
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VihaanVikas JignaThakkarSharma
Happy Birthday Seamus Heaney !! - VihaanVikas JignaThakkarSharma (6 months ago)
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His hips are the ridge / and purse of a mussel, / his spine an eel arrested / under a glisten of mud. Happy birthd - PoetryOutLoud (6 months ago)
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Seamus Heaney\'s writing has always been important to me. Working at the incredible was one of the - Lesley (6 months ago)
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Maya C. Popa
Happy Birthday to Seamus Heaney, a wonder of a writer. \"Human beings suffer, they torture one another, they get hu - Maya C. Popa (6 months ago)
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Courtney Brach
Happy birthday, Seamus Heaney and Samuel Beckett! - Courtney Brach (6 months ago)
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Happy Birthday and Thank You Seamus Heaney. - Fred (6 months ago)
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Happy birthday indeed. It was a privilege to have the great Seamus Heaney as my poetry lecturer If we w - JOHN NICOLSON MP (6 months ago)
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Faber Books
Happy birthday, Seamus Heaney! - Faber Books (6 months ago)
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Casey Bottono BA (Hons), MA
Seamus Heaney\'s poetry made me fall in love with the art form. Happy Birthday to one of the greatest. - Casey Bottono BA (Hons), MA (6 months ago)
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Osman İşçi
Happy birthday Seamus Heaney - Osman İşçi (6 months ago)
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Bayou Magazine
Happy Birthday to Irish poet and 1995 Nobel Prize in Literature winner Seamus Heaney. 1939-2013 - Bayou Magazine (6 months ago)
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Grace Sampson
The wee balloons are on my page, as I happen to be turning twenty two today. the simple joys of wee balloons !!! al - Grace Sampson (6 months ago)
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Brenda M. ✨
Happy Birthday, Hope you have a beautiful day! Thank you so much for the music and for your infinite kinde - Brenda M. ✨ (7 months ago)
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Persephone Tulon
Happy Birthday. Did you know our has a fondness for Seamus Heaney? - Persephone Tulon (7 months ago)
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Kate Lonsdale
To be first on the road, Up with the ground-mists and pheasants. To be older and grateful. --Seamus Heaney Happy B - Kate Lonsdale (1 year ago)
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Seamus Heaney Centre
Happy 100th birthday Edwin Morgan. Some of our lecturers recall him reading at the Seamus Heaney Centre, many moons - Seamus Heaney Centre (1 year ago)
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Ryan Hannigan
Happy birthday from our Ewok and Wookie love child Seamus Heaney - Ryan Hannigan (1 year ago)
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紀伊國屋書店洋書部 Kinokuniya
4 Happy belated birthday to Samuel Beckett and Seamus Hean - 紀伊國屋書店洋書部 Kinokuniya (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday, Seamus Heaney! - TheMSMaven (1 year ago)
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Clare LoCoco
A very special Happy Birthday to my favorite Irishman, Seamus Heaney, a poet whose prolific body of work is a sure - Clare LoCoco (1 year ago)
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Kevin Mitchell Jones
The way we are living, timorous or bold, will have been our life. Happy birthday, Seamus Heaney! - Kevin Mitchell Jones (1 year ago)
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Elizabeth Moura
Happy Birthday to two Irish giants, Samuel Beckett and Seamus Heaney. - Elizabeth Moura (1 year ago)
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Norah Murphy
Happy birthday seamus heaney and an excuse to put this perfect poem in every corner of the Internet - Norah Murphy (1 year ago)
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Lewis Goodall
Happy everyone. It s also Seamus Heaney s birthday (would have been his 81st). Here s the title poem - Lewis Goodall (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday to Seamus Heaney An ode to gin and the woman with whom one enjoys the elixir. - Kai (1 year ago)
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Yes! Absolutely love this poem. Talked about it this past fall, connecting it to my late grandmother, work she did - TCD (1 year ago)
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Happy birthday to one of the most famous Irish poets of the 20th c., Seamus Heaney! Learn more about him (and read - Religion&Literature (1 year ago)
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Alina Stefanescu
Happy birthday to Seamus Heaney whose ghost remains ageless today. - Alina Stefanescu (1 year ago)
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Lynsey Murdoch
Happy Birthday Seamus Heaney... this quote below is in reference to writing but, man, couldn t it be applied to lif - Lynsey Murdoch (1 year ago)
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The Fussy Librarian
Happy birthday to Samuel Beckett and Seamus Heaney, born in 1906 and 1939, respectively. More bookish bi - The Fussy Librarian (1 year ago)
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leonie cornelius
\"If we winter this one out, we can summer anywhere\" Happy Birthday Seamus Heaney - leonie cornelius (1 year ago)
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The small bird chirp-chirruped: yellow neb, a note-spurt. Blackbird over Lagan water. Clumps of yellow whin-burst! - ¿ (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday Seamus Heaney - 81 years ago. Love, Innisfree. - PoetsOnline.org (1 year ago)
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Arion Press
Happy 81st birthday, Seamus Heaney (4.13.1939 8.30.2013). The Irish Nobel Laureate\'s last book of poetry was Stone - Arion Press (1 year ago)
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Happy birthday to Samuel Beckett and Seamus Heaney. Imagine the pair of them sharing a slice of cake. - TristramFaneSaunders (1 year ago)
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Juliann Hall
Happy Birthday Seamus Heaney. - Juliann Hall (1 year ago)

82 years old (Born on April 13, 1939)

Northern Irish-born author and poet who won the 1995 Nobel Prize in Literature. His best known works include Death of a Naturalist (1966), a modern translation of Beowulf (1999), and Field Work (1979).

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Happy Birthday to Irish poet and 1995 Nobel Prize in Literature winner Seamus Heaney. 1939-2013
Happy Birthday Seamus Heaney !!
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