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So today it was Sean Kelly\'s birthday. I just realised that now... I had the pleasure to meet him a couple of time - Claudio (10 months ago)
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Happy birthday Cyclist Sean Kelly! Happy birthday! Your life is just about to pick up speed and blast off into the - AllFamous.org (10 months ago)
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the menace
GCN , happy birthday to Sean Kelly, eat some cake, - the menace (10 months ago)
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Danny Kelly
Happy birthday, legend Sean Kelly. - Danny Kelly (10 months ago)
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Alberta Sports Hall of Fame
Happy Birthday Sean Kelly! Kelly played for the 1989 & 1990 Calgary Colts Jr. Football Team. - Alberta Sports Hall of Fame (10 months ago)
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James Mac Cárthaigh
Re-Cycle: When Sean Kelly\'s perfect Poggio plunge won his second Milan-San Remo via - James Mac Cárthaigh (1 year ago)
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32 days until Happy birthday to my bestie (met him once) Sean Kelly - Englishtifosi (1 year ago)
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Nick Bell
Happy Birthday Sean Kelly The toughest man in the toughest sport. - Nick Bell (1 year ago)
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joyce ball
Looks really beautiful, oh and Happy Birthday Sean Kelly, have a great day with lots of cake - joyce ball (1 year ago)
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY SEAN KELLY - nerosunero (1 year ago)
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colm watson
wish Sean Kelly on air a happy Birthday from all the Boys in VC Glendale Belfast look forward to gettin - colm watson (1 year ago)
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The happy birthday sean kelly joke on GCN was funny the first time but 5 minutes of predicting him to win the stage is a bit far - Roarz (1 year ago)
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Monte Zoncolan. The Giro starts here. Expect more mangled pronunciation by Rob Hatch and Sean Kelly to use the expr - RijdenUK (1 year ago)
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Paula Abreu Marques
- Paula Abreu Marques (1 year ago)
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Seàn Hogan
Happy birthday Bob Dylan. And Sean Kelly. - Seàn Hogan (2 years ago)
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Ride Wild
Happy Birthday to Irish Cycling Legend and friend of all of us at Sean Kelly. A true Irish sporting legen - Ride Wild (3 years ago)
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Wild Atlantic Etape
Happy Birthday to Irish Cycling Legend and friend of Sean Kelly. The word legend is used far to - Wild Atlantic Etape (3 years ago)
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Bring My Bike - International Bike Transfers
Happy Birthday to Irish cycling Legend and friend of Bring My Bike Sean Kelly. - Bring My Bike - International Bike Transfers (3 years ago)
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Miroir du Cyclisme
1984: Sean Kelly has won almost everything. Almost ! Happy 63th Birthday Monsieur Sean Kelly MC 1984 - Miroir du Cyclisme (3 years ago)
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Paul Ashman Cycling
So today it s the third legend in a week to celebrate their special day and today it s a Happy Birthday to the Iris - Paul Ashman Cycling (3 years ago)
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Graham Watson
It\'s time to wish \"Happy Birthday\" to Sean Kelly..! - Graham Watson (3 years ago)
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Keith Edwards
I think im right in saying its Sean Kelly,s birthday today .So happy birthday Sean. - Keith Edwards (3 years ago)
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Gavin Duffy
Happy 63rd Birthday Sean Kelly, Born 1956 in Carrick-on-Suir, Co. Tipperary. Sean was ranked world numbe - Gavin Duffy (3 years ago)
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SEAN KELLY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! thanks for making everything we do so much fun (in stem and on the courts ) miss you b - Jenna (4 years ago)
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Capo Velo
Happy Birthday to Irish Cycling Legend John James Sean Kelly - Capo Velo (4 years ago)
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Happy Birthday Sean Kelly! - IrishSportives.ie (4 years ago)
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John Collins
Happy Birthday to Sean Kelly! - John Collins (4 years ago)
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Greg Stiles
Remessageed Le Tour de France ( 62 years old today : happy Birthday, ! Il a 62 ans aujourd\' - Greg Stiles (4 years ago)
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humberto maia
62 years old today : happy Birthday, ! Il a 62 ans aujourd\'hui : bon anniversaire Sean Kelly ! 1982 19 - humberto maia (4 years ago)
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7 times in a row, will anybody ever come close to that ? Happy birthday Sean Kelly ! 7 fois d\'affilée, quelq - Paris-Nice (4 years ago)
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62 years old today : happy Birthday, SeanKellyCC ! Il a 62 ans aujourd\'hui : bon anniversaire Sean Kelly ! - CycleBot (4 years ago)
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Le Tour de France
62 years old today : happy Birthday, ! Il a 62 ans aujourd\'hui : bon anniversaire Sean Kelly ! - Le Tour de France (4 years ago)
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Happy Birthday to Jo Joyner, Sean Kelly, Alfred Molina, Jim Broadbent, Eric Cantona & Priscilla Presley - maddie (4 years ago)
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Can either or wish Sean Kelly happy birthday - - Mike (4 years ago)
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Celebrity Birthdays
Happy Birthday Sean Kelly - Celebrity Birthdays (5 years ago)
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Ciclismo Feliz cumpleaños / Happy Birthday Sean Kelly (24-05-1956) Lo ha \"chivado\" en Eurosport ;) - DeportesConHistoria (5 years ago)
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The answer is yes, it is. Also, I see today is the birthday of an Irish guy named Sean Kelly so, e - Alejandro (5 years ago)
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European Movement
Happy birthday Sean Kelly MEP - Lá breithe shona duit. Know your MEP? Sean Kelly is MEP for Ireland South. - European Movement (5 years ago)

66 years old (Born on May 24, 1956)

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Happy birthday, legend Sean Kelly.
Happy Birthday Sean Kelly    The toughest man in the toughest sport.
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