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David Segal Drums
Happy belated Birthday to Sergio Mendes . Here s Mas que Nada! - David Segal Drums (5 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Sergio Mendes! 60s Karaoke TONIGHT til 1:45 at Les & Doreen\'s, 1301 E Susquehanna, Fishtown! Or choo - SingYourLifeKaraoke (5 months ago)
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Bob Ricciotti
Happy Birthday Sergio Mendes | Jazz on the Tube - Bob Ricciotti (5 months ago)
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Frank Malfitano
CLASSIC LP OF THE DAY: Happy 78th Birthday to talented Brazilian pianist/composer/arranger Sergio Mendes, here s hi - Frank Malfitano (5 months ago)
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Craft Recordings
Happy birthday to His instantly recognizable mix of bossa nova, samba and pop has come to define Bra - Craft Recordings (5 months ago)
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Happy birthday Sergio Mendes; this is his Latin jazzy rendition originally done by the Beatles - BackNDaDay (5 months ago)
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Brooklyn Daily Eagle
Wish a happy birthday to Sergio Mendes, Tina Louise and Damian Lewis! - Brooklyn Daily Eagle (5 months ago)
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Marta G. Bressi
Happy Birthday Sergio Mendes February 11, 1941 - Marta G. Bressi (5 months ago)
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Matthias Kirsch
Happy Birthday Sergio Mendes! - Matthias Kirsch (5 months ago)
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Quiet Storm
Happy birthday to the timeless Sergio Mendes. Still going strong after nearly sixty years of success. Here with Bra - Quiet Storm (5 months ago)
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Lorraine King
Happy 78th birthday to Brazilian musician Sérgio Mendes - Lorraine King (5 months ago)
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The Current
Happy Birthday, Sergio Mendes. - The Current (5 months ago)
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Ocean 100
Happy Birthday to DianeFranklin80 (57), Sergio Mendes(78) & Mr. Belvedere\'s Brice Beckham(43) - Ocean 100 (5 months ago)
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Scott Owens
Happy Birthday To: Eva Gabor, 1919 (d. 1995); Leslie Nielsen, 1926 (d. 2010); Tina Louise, 1934; Gene Vincent, 1935 - Scott Owens (5 months ago)
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78 SERGIO MENDES Happy Birthday - まりも (5 months ago)
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RVM [Radio.Video.Music]
Mr.Sérgio Santos Mendes is 77. Happy Birthday Sir. >>HIS BEST OF >> - RVM [Radio.Video.Music] (5 months ago)
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Soulbar Stone
Happy Birthday Sérgio Mendes 1941 2 11 78 D\'Angelo 1974 2 11 45 - Soulbar Stone (5 months ago)
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Melanie VaughanSmith
Happy birthday today to Dennis Skinner (87), Mary Quant (85), Sergio Mendes (77), Catherine Hickland (63), Sheryl C - Melanie VaughanSmith (5 months ago)
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Franklin Mount
Happy Birthday Sérgio Mendes, born on this day in 1941. - Franklin Mount (5 months ago)
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末永徹 保守リベラル・中道・左派共闘連携
Happy Birthday , Sergio Mendes - 末永徹 保守リベラル・中道・左派共闘連携 (5 months ago)
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rokube (龍ノ口の石井)
Feb.11 Sérgio Mendes, Happy Birthday! 2 11 (78) The Look of Love fr\" Loo - rokube (龍ノ口の石井) (5 months ago)
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Sherrie Morris
Happy Birthday (February 12th) to Sergio Mendes, who composed and arranged this beautiful song, and can be heard... - Sherrie Morris (1 year ago)
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sergio Mendes & Brasil \'66 - Mas que nada - English subtitles via - RUI M S CARVALHO (1 year ago)
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Happy 77th birthday to Brazilian musician Sergio Mendes! - KFYR AM 550 (1 year ago)
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North Trenton (Teewhy Nyema)
Happy Birthday to Mick Staton (d. 2014), Sergio Mendes, Otis Clay (d. 2016), Joselito, Serge Lama, Alan Rubin (d. 2 - North Trenton (Teewhy Nyema) (1 year ago)
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Behind The Grooves
Born on this day: February 11, 1941 - Brazilian jazz pianist and bandleader Sergio Mendes (born Sergio Santos Mende - Behind The Grooves (1 year ago)
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Psychedelic Baby Mag
Happy Birthday Sérgio Mendes - Psychedelic Baby Mag (1 year ago)
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Lefty\'s Records
Happy Birthday to Tina Louise (Gilligan\'s Island), the late Gene Vincent & Sergio Mendes - Lefty\'s Records (1 year ago)
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Smooth Jazz Magazine
Happy Birthday Sergio Mendes - Smooth Jazz Magazine (1 year ago)
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Miss Rosen
Happy Birthday Sergio Mendes ~*~ - Miss Rosen (1 year ago)
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Happy birthday Sergio Mendes - john (1 year ago)
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Gerald I Cheves
Happy Birthday Sergio Mendes & Brasil 66 - Mas que nada (introduced by Eartha Kitt / Something Specia - Gerald I Cheves (1 year ago)
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Arşivimden Mikrofona
Happy birthday Sergio Mendes... Born on this day in 1941. - Arşivimden Mikrofona (1 year ago)
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CloudJazz SmoothJazz
Happy Birthday Sergio Mendes! Hoy cumple 77 años una de las grandes personalidades de la música brasileña: Sergio - CloudJazz SmoothJazz (1 year ago)
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The Jazz Labels
Happy 77th birthday to king Sergio Mendes - The Jazz Labels (1 year ago)
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February 11th - Happy 77th birthday to Sérgio Mendes! Here\'s Sérgio with Brasil \'66! - WPEN-StationoftheStars (1 year ago)
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jun wonder
happy birthday. Gerry Goffin & Kelly Rowland & Sheryl Crow & DEREK SHULMAN & Sergio Mendes & Otis Clay & D\'ANGELO - jun wonder (1 year ago)
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North Trenton
Happy Birthday to Paul Bocuse, John Surtees, Burt Reynolds, Sergio Mendes, Joselito, Serge Lama, Pierre Curzi and Derek Shulman. - North Trenton (2 years ago)
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Chris Neufeld
Happy Birthday to Sergio Mendes! - Chris Neufeld (2 years ago)
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Música Retro
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Happy Birthday Sérgio Santos Mendes! The Very Best of Sergio Mendes via - ShugsMom2 (2 years ago)
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uDiscover Music
Happy Birthday one of the most successful Brazilian artists of all time - uDiscover Music (2 years ago)
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David Roberson
Happy Birthday 2/11: Conrad Janis (Mork & Mindy) - 89, Tina Louise (Gilligan\'s Island) - 83, Sergio Mendes - 76. - David Roberson (2 years ago)
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Kendra Edwin
happy birthday Sergio mendes - Kendra Edwin (2 years ago)
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Vintage Los Angeles
*now playing* Happy birthday Sergio Mendes - Vintage Los Angeles (2 years ago)
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Edgar J. Jansen
Happy Birthday Sergio Mendes! Sergio Mendes & Brasil \'66 - Mas que nada - English subtitles via - Edgar J. Jansen (2 years ago)
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Saturday\'s Radio
Happy Birthday to Sergio Mendes and Sheryl Crow! Remembering Gene Vincent, Bobby Boris Pickett, and Gerry Goffin. - Saturday\'s Radio (2 years ago)
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VVN Music
Happy Birthday Sergio Mendes (76), H.R. (61), Sheryl Crow (55), D\'Angelo (43), Brandy (38), Kelly Rowland (36) - VVN Music (2 years ago)
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Deny Fear
Happy birthday to Sérgio Mendes Mas que nada, with Brasil \'66 - Deny Fear (2 years ago)
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ryan fonz
Sergio Mendes Let\'s Give A LMTT via Happy Birthday to Sergio Mendes, Let\'s Give A Little More This Time. - ryan fonz (2 years ago)

78 years old (Born on February 11, 1941)

Sergio Mendes & Brazil '66

Sergio Mendes's Best Moments

Happy  Birthday , Sergio Mendes
Happy Birthday to Sergio Mendes of Sergio Mendes & Brasil 66.  from
Happy Birthday one of the most successful Brazilian artists of all time
Happy Birthday, Sergio Mendes.
Happy birthday Sergio Mendes...
Born on this day in 1941.
Happy Birthday to Tina Louise (Gilligan\s Island), the late Gene Vincent & Sergio Mendes
Happy Birthday Sérgio Mendes
Happy Birthday  Sérgio Mendes
1941 2 11                      78  D\Angelo
1974 2 11                 45
                  78         SERGIO  MENDES  Happy Birthday
Happy 78th birthday to Brazilian musician Sérgio Mendes
sergio mendes 2013 0
sergio mendes album covers 1
sergio mendes album 2
sergio mendes never gonna let you go 3

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