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The Lyle L Harris
Now hold on there SHAGGY!!! All I have to say is HAPPY BIRTHDAY a - The Lyle L Harris (2 weeks ago)
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ChiefsAholic ™️
Ayyyy Happy Birthday Shaggy!!!!!! - ChiefsAholic ™️ (2 weeks ago)
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Joe Summers
Ayyooo happy birthday Shaggy Shane!!!! Hope all is well with you and the family - Joe Summers (2 weeks ago)
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Happy birthday shaggy - وَدق (2 weeks ago)
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Happy birthday shaggy !! i love you!! - شَجَن (2 weeks ago)
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Happy birthday shaggy love u<3 - Rue (2 weeks ago)
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Happy birthday big shaggy - George MORAYO (2 weeks ago)
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Jake with the Ob
Happy 34th Birthday to Zena Grey! The actress who played Natalie Brandston in Snow Day, Megan in Max Keeble s Big M - Jake with the Ob (2 weeks ago)
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Olúwayomí OLÁNREWÁJÚ Odùsínà
Happy birthday Shaggy - Olúwayomí OLÁNREWÁJÚ Odùsínà (3 weeks ago)
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ROFL Gandhi -2.0
Happy Birthday to the man who inspired Shaggy \'s hit \"It wasn\'t me\" - ROFL Gandhi -2.0 (3 weeks ago)
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Master ッ
happy bday shaggy - Master ッ (3 weeks ago)
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AK Wolf
Happy birthday to you murishid shaggy - AK Wolf (4 weeks ago)
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AK Bhatti
Happy birthday to you murishid shaggy - AK Bhatti (4 weeks ago)
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Lee Stephens
Happy birthday - Lee Stephens (4 weeks ago)
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Happy birthday Dr shaggy - خیال (4 weeks ago)
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Greg Chandler
Happy birthday Sarah! From me and my non-message broadcast partner who could double as Shaggy from S - Greg Chandler (4 weeks ago)
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happy birthday - shaggybigfoot.algo (4 weeks ago)
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Happy Birthday - Sha99y (1 month ago)
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Happy Birthday \"ViKING \" - __AB__KNIGHT__________________________ (1 month ago)
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Chad Wixom
A few years ago I was contacted by a friend who asked a favor to record some voices for a little girl named Aurora - Chad Wixom (1 month ago)
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Happy bday my shaggy bro - Resendence (1 month ago)
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Lone Wolf
Greatest shaggy in the world on 21 today sheeshhhhh Happy bday - Lone Wolf (1 month ago)
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Pretty Ghoul
kiroz: KUROSAKI ICHIGO for happy birthday, Rai! It was the end of this scene when it hit me. I - Pretty Ghoul (1 month ago)
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happy birthday to the cool shaggy gf U HAVE 1 FREE WISH! GOOO - notewinter33 (1 month ago)
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Brandi McMullen
Happy birthday to your brother and my friend Wendy and happy Halloween and my friend William is S - Brandi McMullen (1 month ago)
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Caribbean Heritage S
Happy Birthday Shaggy!!! - Caribbean Heritage S (1 month ago)
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happy birthday!! - AWKN Shaggy_SZN (1 month ago)
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Travis Bohanan
Happy birthday! - Travis Bohanan (1 month ago)
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Nicholas Masaba
WISHING SHAGGY A HAPPY 54TH BIRTHDAY . The singer, songwriter, actor and philanthropist. - Nicholas Masaba (1 month ago)
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Happy birthday brooo more wins - DikemBe (1 month ago)
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Hala @Mma
Happy birthday to my shaggy. I love you Angel. Be blessed always - Hala @Mma (1 month ago)
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Susan Madingi
Happy birthday to you shaggy - Susan Madingi (1 month ago)
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Black Information Network
Happy Birthday and - Black Information Network (1 month ago)
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Ishaan Tiwari
Happy Birthday to Shaggy!! - Ishaan Tiwari (1 month ago)
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JAM\'N 94.5
Happy Birthday Shaggy!! Watch The Classic (Video) \'Bombastic\' Here! - JAM\'N 94.5 (1 month ago)
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Solo Juan
Happy Birthday Shaggy - Solo Juan (1 month ago)
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Happy 54th Birthday to - CeeGee (1 month ago)
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The Bridge 99 FM
Let s wish Mr. Bombastic a Happy birthday! Share with us your favorite Shaggy song! - The Bridge 99 FM (1 month ago)
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Paul Gray
Happy Birthday SHAGGY (Orville Richard Burrell), 1993 UK No.1 single \'Oh Carolina\', 2001 UK & US No.1 single \'It - Paul Gray (1 month ago)
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Marc Lodge
Happy Birthday to the Dancehall DJ Shaggy - Marc Lodge (1 month ago)
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Happy Birthday to Jamaica s Grammy Award winning reggae music superstar Shaggy!! - sean (1 month ago)
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Happy birthday to the one and only, Shaggy. - NOakland (1 month ago)
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Black Vibes
Happy Birthday - Black Vibes (1 month ago)
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Happy 54th birthday to Shaggy! - Emerald_FM (1 month ago)
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Happy birthday What\'s your favourite Shaggy song? - Groovemag_Intl (1 month ago)
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Black Kudos
Happy birthday to Shaggy. - Black Kudos (1 month ago)
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john slotkin
Happy birthday Bobby Seale 86 Christopher Lloyd 84 Derek Jacobi 84 Tony Roberts 83 Jeff Goldblum 70 Bill Condon 67 - john slotkin (1 month ago)
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Tran Khuong
Happy 54th Birthday Shaggy - Tran Khuong (1 month ago)
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Happy Birthday Shaggy (* 22. Oktober 1968 als Orville Richard Burrell in Kingston) ist ein jamaikanischer Reggae- - Bluesanne (1 month ago)
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Jasmine Sheikh
Angel! Happy birthday - Jasmine Sheikh (1 month ago)

55 years old (Born on October 22, 1968)

Reggae singe and former U.S. Marine; He is famous from Mr Bombastic.

Shaggy's Best Moments

Happy Birthday Shaggy 2 Dope!
Happy Birthday to this psychopath mother fucker Shaggy 2 Dope ( of
   Happy Birthday to    Many happy returns mate. Love from
Happy birthday to this shaggy haired fucker
Happy birthday to singer If your bday goes missing,
Happy birthday !no matter how much u lift, ull always be 75lb, baggy Browns hoodie&long shaggy hair kid
Happy birthday shaggy     sorry semalam heret kau balik blok hehe
 Happy Birthday
Blow your cake out.
Happy 18th bday to bro-est bro in the bruniverse. From kindergarten to now you\ll always be the scooby to my shaggy.
Happy birthday shaggy
A very happy birthday to Mr BoomBastic himself Shaggy! born this day in 1968!
Happy Birthday Shaggy
Happy Birthday to and the many different characters he has... (shaggy, scooby, shrek, donkey, stewie.. etc.)
Scooby and Shaggy stalked me to tell me Happy Birthday, goals achieved
Happy birthday shaggy have a good one you fu\qin guy sesh later
Happy birthday shaggy
Happy birthday shaggy
Let\s wish aka \"Mr. Boombastic\" a blessed Happy 51st Birthday
Happy birthday!!
My baby boy is 7 today. Happy Birthday Shaggy
 Happy birthday shaggy
Happy birthday to one of the coolest homies around more fun times to come dawg!
Happy birthday shaggy bad boy
 Happy Birthday big sexy
Happy birthday mate have a blast shaggy
 happy birthday shaggy
Happy birthday to one of my closest friends, we go way back hope you have a good one, love you
  Happy birthday to Breezy Covergirl look like shaggy from Scooby doo
Happy 18th bday to my brother shaggy
Happy Birthday Shaggy! Try to stay away from them trees now!
Happy birthday to one of my best buds ! Can t believe you re only 20 lol
Happy Birthday to Shaggy and boxer Deontay Wilder!!
Bday boy is 24! HBD to my cute, rockin, no longer shaggy husband!!!!       and happy first bball season, coach
Happy birthday to my boys, Shaggy and Scooby
Happy Birthday Shaggy
Happy Birthday (aka Shaggy) Nawa\y masolve mo na ang pinakamalaking mystery -- siya.
Happy birthday Shaggy. I\m not far behind you! Hope you have a blast. Love you bubba  drink lots of fluids
I wanna wish a happy happy birthday to my lil gremlin
Happy birthday my sweet angel, hope 47 treats you well @ shaggy
Happy birthday sweet boy! Thanks for being the Shaggy to my Velma. You\re one of my favorite people.
Happy Birthday to my boy Get em wet Shaggy
 awwww happy birthday in advance - it\s also Shaggy\s birthday if you didn\t already know
Happy birthday Shaggy,born Orville Richard Burrell on 22nd October 1968 Kingston Jamaica.
Happy 129th Birthday Nintendo!!
 Angel by Shaggy

Happy Birthday !!
        Happy birthday!!
Help us wish a happy 52nd to a living legend Comment your favorite song(s) below
Happy Birthday to one of my great pals shaggy aka trace
Happy 27th birthday to my first love. Won me over with gap teeth and shaggy hair.   I love you
Happy Birthday Shaggy! Hope 18 treats you well and lay off the cigs please
Happy birthday to our cranky, shaggy ball of goodness Adopted this day 2 yrs ago.
Well you\re an old man now that you\re 20 so I hope it\s a good one! Happy birthday Brett!
Happy birthday to my A1 since day 1 nigga shaggy p ! Enjoy your day my nigga fuck some hoes today
Happy   We Are Forever Greatful For The line!
 happy birthday to my Shaggy !!!  have a good one!! Can\t wait for this weekend
Happy birthday to my boy shaggy, have a good one
Happy birthday to the scooby to my shaggy i love you WAY too much thank you for being my best friend       loml
Happy Birthday to World Music Awards Multiple Winner
Happy Birthday to my nephew and lil DJ in training DJ Shaggy.
 happy birthday wee shaggy have a good one my man
Happy 4th birthday to Shaggy!
Happy birthday 
Happy Birthday to our new Minister Shaggy. Have a trippy day!!
HAPPY 17th BIRTHDAY TO THE SHAGGY TO MY SCOOBY.  imy love. Come home soon.
 HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHAGGY!! I made this for you hahahaha!
Happy Birthday,
Happy Birthday SHAGGY! ANGEL
Happy birthday Jones15 shaggy
Happy Birthday Shaggy aka Hope your day goes perfectly.
Happy birthday shaggy remember it wasn\t me
Happy birthday Shaggy. One of my closest friends, hope it was 10 on the lit scale
Happy 25th Birthday to my beloved friend Cody Oliver aka Shaggy. You are missed and loved. Rest in Peace my dear.
Happy Birthday Shaggy! 
It wasn\t me
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday!! I\m so happy I got to play one last season with you, love you shaggy have a great day!!
Happy bday shaggy!!!
Happy birthday shaggy ilysm
Happy birthday shaggy we go way back bro  hope you have a good one my man
Happy early Birthday Shaggy !!                                         Present for you from Japan
Happy birthday
 Happy Birthday Shaggy!  Birthday\s sure beat the alternative !
 Happy Birthday shaggy boy, hope you have a belter son!
 Happy birthday shaggy xx
 Happy birthday mr shaggy
 happy birthday to the sexiest mustache man OCE
Happy Birthday
Let\s wish aka \"Mr. Boombastic\" a blessed Happy 51st Birthday
Before I forget happy birthday
 // Happy Birthday - Shaggy
Happy birthday to Reggae star Shaggy! Pic by
Today we celebrate - Shaggy turns 52!!! Happy birthday!!!
Happy 52nd Birthday to Jamaican musical icon, Shaggy!
Happy birthday buddy
Happy Birthday to the Southwest Strangla himself, Shaggy 2 Dope of C ya in 2 weeks
     Happy Birthday He Is 53 Today!
Happy birthday to multi Grammy-Award winning, reggae sensation, Shaggy, born on this date, October 22, 1968.
Happy Birthday To    Bio:
Happy Birthday to Jamaica s Grammy Award winning reggae music  superstar Shaggy!!
 Happy Birthday Shaggy

The singer, songwriter, actor and philanthropist.
Todays is Shaggy 2 Dope from happy birthday fam
 Happy birthday, Shaggy the clown! Whoop whoop! MCL!
Happy Birthday to Shaggy, who turns 46 today!
Happy 46th Birthday, Shaggy.
A BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY S/O,to the Best styled, greatest Reggae Artist & relaxed Human i ever met,,SHAGGY
 Happy birthday Mr Lover Lover Thanks for a good music!   We love you!<3
Happy Birthday to reggae singer and rapper Orville Richard Burrell (born Oct. 22, 1968), better known as Shaggy.
Happy 46th birthday, Orville Richard Burrell, better known as Shaggy  "It Wasnt Me"
Happy Birthday to "Mr. Bombastic" himself, Shaggy!
Happy Birthday from Organic Soul Reggae singer and rapper, Shaggy is 46
Happy birthday Shaggy. Born Oct 22, 1968 (Age 46) ..is a Jamaican-American reggae fusion singer and deejay
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Shaggy (
Shaggy Happy birthday
Happy birthday shaggy faggy have a gr8 day  ily xxxx
 happy birthday shaggy TURN UP
Happy 1st Birthday Shaggy Boo Boo!!!
 happy birthday shaggy !!!
Happy Birthday Shaggy 2 Dope! Thank you for 16 years of inspiration. Much MN love!
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday Shaggy, you handsome halfwit! :)
Happy Birthday Shaggy! was born \Orville Richard Burrell\ on 22nd October 1968.
Happy birthday Or illegal Richard Burwell a.k.a Shaggy! What\s your fave Shaggy track?
Happy birthday to Pop Singer Shaggy who turns 48 years old today
HAPPY BDAY What 3 Shaggy tunes should we play @ 3?
It\s with
Happy birthday, Shaggy! Remember when he rocked w/ @ the Holiday Jam?:
Happy Birthday to We hope you have a wonderful day
Happy birthday to Mr Boombastic Shaggy!
 lets wish a BIG S.Fla Happy Birthday!! Mr. It Wasn\t Me celebrates his 47th today
Happy birthday
Happy birthday shaggy! Miss ya bud
Happy 2nd Birthday to Scooby and Shaggy!!
 happy birthday cuz,shaggy,shunty have a good en x
  Happy birthday Shaggy!!
Happy birthday shaggy
Happy Birthday to the one & only Mr Boombastic Shaggy
 -- Happy Birthday, Shaggy!
Happy 49th Birthday     To REGGAE SINGER
Happy Birthday Shaggy
Happy Birthday Shaggy ,
 Happy Birthday Orville Richard Burrell CD A.K.A Shaggy, a Jamaican singer-songwriter and DJ.
Happy Birthday to Shaggy who turns 49 today!
Happy Birthday Shaggy!!!
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday Shaggy! Hope you had a great 22nd ya old bastard, much luv brotha
Happy Birthday Shaggy
Happy birthday to reggae artist, Shaggy.
\Girl, you\re my angel, you\re my darling angel\ Happy Birthday Shaggy
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday Shaggy
Today in Music History: Happy 50th Birthday, Shaggy.
Happy Birthday to the greatest, a generational talent, Shaggy.
Happy 50th birthday to Shaggy today!
October 22:Happy 51st birthday to singer-songwriter,Shaggy(\"It Wasn\t Me\")
Happy Birthday Shaggy!
Listen to Belly Ring by Mika Singh & Shaggy here:
Aujourd\hui, Shaggy fête ses 51 ans. Happy birthday
Happy Birthday To Shaggy.. and who else? Is it your birthday today also?
Happy birthday
Happy birthday to His hits include Oh Carolina, It Wasn\t Me, Angel, Boombastic and many more!
The Indiana Pizza Club wishes a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to legendary singer Shaggy!
Wishing a happy 51st birthday to Mr. Boombastic,
Shaggy - Boombastic (Official Music Video)  via Happy Birthday Shaggy
 birthday It s wasn t me.       .
Happy Birthday.
Me @ my brother who is 22 this year, happy birthday irl shaggy lookalike
Happy birthday Shaggy
Let\s wish Shaggy a happy birthday today!
Happy Birthday, Shaggy!
Happy Blazin\ Hot Birthday to Bobby Seale and Shaggy
Help me wish a happy 52nd birthday to a living legend Comment your favorite song(s) by Shaggy below
Help us wish a happy 52nd to a living legend Comment your favorite song(s) below
Wishing a happy birthday to the one and only Shaggy,  Sir!
Happy birthday   IG: Fb:
Happy Birthday To Shaggy  -
 Happy Birthday, Shaggy!
Happy Birthday Shaggy!
   Happy Birthday for yesterday Shaggy
 Happy Birthday Shaggy!
 Happy 5th Birthday Shaggy! I hope you got lots of treats and cuddles today.
  , Happy Birthday, Shaggy! Have fun and eat cake!
Happy Birthday to Mr. Boombastick!
Happy Birthday to Jamaican reggae musician, singer, deejay, and actor, Shaggy (October 22, 1968).
Happy 53rd birthday to Jamaican singer-songwriter, Shaggy.
     Happy Birthday He Is 53 Today!
Happy birthday    &   .
Happy birthday to artist
 Happy 53rd Birthday Shaggy!!!
Happy Birthday to legendary reggae musician Shaggy!
Happy birthday to Shaggy!
Happy birthday to shaggy , who turns 53 today!
Happy 53rd birthday to Shaggy today!
     Happy Birthday He Is 53 Today!
Happy 53rd birthday to Shaggy!   How many of y all still remember the It Wasn t Me CLASSIC?!   : Getty Images
  Playlist for 10/22/2021 Happy Birthday Shaggy!
     Happy Birthday He Is 53 Today!
Happy Birthday Shaggy.
From the team ar  the station with the edge.
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