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Happy Birthday to the greatest female artist in the world! - Cocobean (3 years ago)
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Ndagije Richard
Happy Birthday, Shakira. - Ndagije Richard (1 year ago)
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Join us to wish Shakira Ibrahim a Happy birthday Age gracefully - MBU (6 hours ago)
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Okech Christopher Anderson
Happy Birthday Shakira . Party eliwa awatuffu - Okech Christopher Anderson (8 hours ago)
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Black Eyed Peas, Shakira, David Guetta - DON\'T YOU WORRY ! happy birthday to mi - ことぶきはじめ (1 day ago)
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G princess tiana’s pr manager
HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHAKIRA - G princess tiana’s pr manager (1 day ago)
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The Perry Center
Today we celebrate Shakira, one of our early learning teachers at Tender Hearts! Happy Birthday to an all-around wo - The Perry Center (3 days ago)
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Classic Movie Rev
Happy Birthday to Shakira Caine born 2/23/1947 - Classic Movie Rev (5 days ago)
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Lolipoop Oop
Sotong Indonesia Run BTS jungkook Pembubaran sabrina carpenter GOT7 Shakira Lamaran WEB - Lolipoop Oop (1 week ago)
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the queen of hits happy birthday - ‎‏َ (1 week ago)
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Sports Lens
Happy birthday, ! Have a great day! - Sports Lens (1 week ago)
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Happy birthday Shakira! Check out the pop star\'s fitness secrets - NewsBytes - popstar.megazine (1 week ago)
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It\'s Fire Tiger
Happy Birthday to Shakira - It\'s Fire Tiger (1 week ago)
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Jam Williams-Thomas
Happy 50th birthday to the best mum in the world (We need to work on that message handle) You d - Jam Williams-Thomas (1 week ago)
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gramiur jimenez
Hey , SHAKIRA CAN YOU SAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! To me also , my is in 6 days... Love you Sha!!! - gramiur jimenez (1 week ago)
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Md Osman
Happy Birthday shakira - Md Osman (1 week ago)
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Happy birthday Karol G!! - CheapNsalE (1 week ago)
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Yustin yared Rodríguez oliva
Happy birthday - Yustin yared Rodríguez oliva (1 week ago)
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Joseph Peragine
Felicidades Gracias Muchas Bendiciones Happy Birthday - Joseph Peragine (1 week ago)
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Happy birthday - Marlene (1 week ago)
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Elizabeth Trujillo
Happy birthday - Elizabeth Trujillo (1 week ago)
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Rosa Portillo
Happy birthday Bichota en espera de la colaboración juntas - Rosa Portillo (1 week ago)
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please can you message my best friend happy birthday, he adores you and your music and it would ma - smolhangrynugget (1 week ago)
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Happy 10th Birthday Ladybird Shakira - amanda♥️ (1 week ago)
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andy kill
HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAROL G shakira - andy kill (1 week ago)
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Julissa Viverito
Happy birthday BB - Julissa Viverito (1 week ago)
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Karol G Cloud
HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAROL G - Karol G Cloud (2 weeks ago)
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September 12, 1977
Happy birthday gorgeous kiss - September 12, 1977 (2 weeks ago)
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Happy Birthday - RGCKOS (2 weeks ago)
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY QUEEN KAROL G - ᭢ꪖᡶꪖꪶỉꪖ (2 weeks ago)
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I love you , gracias por saludar a nuestra niña HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAROL G - GTEAM ARGENTINA (2 weeks ago)
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Seva Trendza
Happy birthday - Seva Trendza (2 weeks ago)
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Happy birthday te admiramos y te apoyamos eres una dura y bienvenida a la lista reducida de artistas feme - carladirty (2 weeks ago)
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Happy Belated Birthday Shirka you out perform J Lo last year Super Bowl game. Rhianna you GO G - Raymond (2 weeks ago)
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Shakira Chow
Happy birthday - Shakira Chow (2 weeks ago)
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#1 jay fan
Happy birthday shakira - #1 jay fan (2 weeks ago)
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Happy Birthday - Cam Ortona (MET DANIEL SEAVEY) (2 weeks ago)
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Intisar Mughal
All hot people were born in February. Ask and Happy birthday - Intisar Mughal (2 weeks ago)
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Carolina Lupita . Zero .
Feliz cumpleaños a la Mujer Más hermosa y Talentosa de Todos Los Tiempos . . Happy bday to the Most beauti - Carolina Lupita . Zero . (2 weeks ago)
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Letterbox Gifts
Is it your Birthday this month? Happy Birthday - You\'re in good company! Also celebrating in February is Jennifer A - Letterbox Gifts (2 weeks ago)
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Ana Sztajnszrajber
Happy Birthday, Shakira! 2023 via OMG love it! - Ana Sztajnszrajber (2 weeks ago)
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Ely Zavala
Happy birthday Milan!!! Bendiciones infinitas - Ely Zavala (3 weeks ago)
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Geraldine Rivera Castillo
Hobii happy birthday aaaaasashhh feliz cumpleaños hobii Corea del Sur - Geraldine Rivera Castillo (3 weeks ago)
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Amandeep Sharma
Happy Dancing She was a Indian - Amandeep Sharma (3 weeks ago)
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Carlos Jose\'
Happy Birthday, sweetie, I\'m so proud of you. - Carlos Jose\' (3 weeks ago)
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Menka Sharma
Wish you a very Happy Birthday Shakira... - Menka Sharma (3 weeks ago)
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devyani rathore
Happy birthday shakira Lots of love and happiness to u - devyani rathore (3 weeks ago)
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CUMPLEAÑOS DE SHAKIRA Shakira Singing Happy Birthday 2023 via - SONIA JJ (3 weeks ago)
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cardinal jiggy
Happy Birthday Shakira! - cardinal jiggy (3 weeks ago)
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o tal do henrique ✨
Happy birthday - o tal do henrique ✨ (3 weeks ago)

47 years old (Born on February 02, 1977)

Colombian singer; She is famous from Latin American sensation.

Favourite flowers are sunflower and daisy. Her first tape was Donna Summers' Bad girls. Is a huge fan of Bollywood movies and music from India. She got in touch with Farah Khan, the most famous choreographer in India, and asked her if she could choreograph a dance for her performance at the 2006 MTV Video Awards. That night, her performance was the most memorable one as she sang and danced to 'Hips Don't Lie' in traditional Indian clothing. Fluent in Portuguese, Italian, and English, in addition to Spanish. Lists John Lennon as her #1 musical influence.

Shakira's Best Moments

Happy Birthday, Shakira! [The Inside/Outside Issue, November 2009]
Happy birthday felicidades en tu dia
A massive happy birthday to one of music\s truly global stars,
Happy Birthday
Happy 46th birthday to the legendary and iconic, shakira
Curiously, his partner Shakira also turns 45 years old today. Happy birthday to both!
Happy birthday to Gerard Piqué and his wife, Shakira! 

Here\s a little in their honor.
Happy birthday, Shakira! See photos that prove la Colombiana gets hotter with age
Happy 5th birthday to this little cutie aka twin of queen
Happy birthday shakira
Happy bday Milan!
Happy 40th birthday,
. celebrates her 41st today. Happy Birthday!
Happy 8th Birthday to Beyoncé and Shakira\s Beautiful Liar!
Happy Birthday to & Gerard Piqué! See their adorable family album:
 Happy Birthday
Happy birthday shakira
Happy Shakira\s birthday week, everybody!!
Happy Birthday to the most talented boy on earth. We love you Milan!
Happy birthday to the little prince  family is celebrating today.
Happy 6th birthday to second son Sasha!
Happy Birthday  & single released exactly a year ago.
Happy Birthday, Can\t wait to see you perform at the Super Bowl Halftime Show tonight!
Happy Birthday, Can\t wait to see her perform at the halftime show tonight with
Happy 46th Birthday to Shakira
Happy birthday, Shake those hips as you listen to some of her hits here!
Happy 42nd birthday
Happy 45th birthday to Shakira!
Happy Birthday to the very talented and beautiful World Music Awards Multiple Winner!
Happy birthday, ! Have a great day!
Happy Birthday to the beautiful Shakira
Happy Bday
 ily bb happy birthday here\s a pic of \"shakira\" walking a piglet through a grocery store
Hoy Milan Piqué Mebarak cumple 7 años  Feliz cumpleaños Milan   Happy Birthday Milan
Bizarrap wished Shakira a happy birthday on his Instagram story.

\"feliz cumple   \"
. wishes Shakira a happy birthday on Instagram!
Join us to wish Shakira Ibrahim a Happy birthday  Age gracefully
Happy Birthday
. A very happy birthday to you and by Goal\s cartoonist
Happy 20th Birthday !!
ICYMI: Happy Birthday Shakira: 5 Of The Crossover Queen s Best Dance Videos
Happy 41st Birthday Shakira
Happy birthday to Gerrard Pique and his wife Shakira, I wish you long life and more clean sheets
45 years ago Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll was born
Happy Birthday Shakira!!!
Happy Birthday,      !
Shakira Leo ametimiza 45 

Happy birthday, tell us your favorite song from her

Happy birthday Shakira, Shakira!!!
Happy birthday to my forever favorite
Happy birthday to you ever Young queen
Happy Birthday & !
Happy birthday, Gerard Piqué & Shakira!

Now that\s relationship goals.
Happy birthday to singer Shakira! We can\t wait to see her perform in the Super Bowl Half-Time Show.
Happy birthday Milan and mummy too
Happy birthday legend
Happy birthday Tune in to at 10 PM!
She sang the official song of the 2010 World Cup.

He won it. 

Happy Birthday and
Happy Birthday to one of the people that never let me give up on my dream! MUCHO AMOR
Happy birthday to this rad chick who sings shakira with me and absolutely kills it
Happy Birthday Shakira:  She is Queen of Latin Music
Happy birthday to the Queen of Latin music.
Love you shaki
Happy birthday to Shakira\s first baby
Happy almost birthday shakira
Happy Birthday, We love you
  HAPPY BIRTHDAY   SHAKIRA   2 2          =                   44    (   ;)
Happy Birthday to Shakira     Who is 44yo today
Happy Birthday Shak
Happy Birthday Shakira!
They share everything together, including their birthday! Happy Birthday to Shakira (38) & Gerard Piqué (28)!
Happy birthday
Happy birthday to my favorite Aquarius (with Shakira)
Happy Birthday Shakira...
Happy 40th Birthday Shakira!

Yes we said 40. We can\t believe it either.
Happy Birthday Shakira
Happy Birthday !! I\m in silver but you\re in gold!
Happy birthday miss Shakira cosa nation is thriving tonight because of you eat up
Happy birthday to Shakira  We can\t wait for tonight\s performance!
Happy Birthday to my idolos  Daddy Geri and Mommy Shakira
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday 
Wishing The Queen of Latin Music a very Happy Birthday.
The Church of the Forgiving Eagle would like to wish Ms Shakira a very very happy birthday.
Happy birthday, shakira
Happy birthday to both of them
Gerard and Shakira
Happy Birthday to We hope it s a fabulous one!
Happy Birthday WELCOME to 40
  happy bday
Happy Birthday to our favorite hip-shaker,
Happy birthday to **extremely voice** Shakira,
Happy birthday to Pique and Shakira One of the most famous couple in footballing world
Happy Birthday to both CHRISTIE BRINKLEY & SHAKIRA
Hips -- and calendars -- don\t lie! Happy birthday, Shakira!
Happy Birthday Shakira
Beautiful Shakira  Happy Birthday
Happy birthday to the Talented and icon Shakira 45 !
Always My Favorite Singer  Always Remember Waka Waka Happy Birthday to Queen Shakira
Happy birthday to this lovely couple  Wish you both long life and prosperity

Feliz cumpleaños
Happy birthday x   Month
Happy birthday Shakira!
Happy birthday to goat-voiced goddess You make turning 40 look pretty perfect.
Happy birthday Quinnnnnn I miss your shakira hips! I hope you have a great birthday, I love you Jesus
Happy birthday Shakira
Happy birthday
 and gave us the show of a lifetime  Wishing you a very Happy Birthday
  Happy Birthday to the one and only Goddess!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ONE OF MY BEST FRIENDS ON THE PLANET! please come home soon bc no one else jams to shakira w/ me
I\m the last person, but HAPPY 1 8 TH BIRTHDAY SHAKIRA. we love you so much and hope you had a fabulous day
Happy birthday
Happy 29th Birthday Riri!!
Happy birthday shakira and piqué
Happy birthday to the legendary groundbreaking revolutionary iconic woman that is Shakira
And also a very happy birthday to Shakira
Happy belated birthday to our Latin queen
Happy birthday to the cutest couple, Piqué and Shakira!

te amo reina gracias por tu música y por existir, feliz cumple
Happy Birthday Shakira.
Happy birthday to the queen, Shakira!
Happy Birthday,
Happy Birthday
Apparently texts are in again! So here s mine: Happy Birthday to the very talented
Happy birthday true legend
Happy birthday to my favourite Shakira   h
Happy 45th birthday today to
Wishing you a Very Happy Birthday   Have Fun have a Blast Lots of Love   Shakira Shakira
 Happy Birthday Shakira!
Happy 46th Birthday
Happy Birthday,
Happy Birthday,
An article about and in the \"HELLO\" magazine, UK. // Happy one month birthday Sasha!
Happy birthday 5 of the crossover queen s best dance videos
Happy 40th birthday,
Happy Birthday, - we hope you have a wonderful day!
Happy birthday to One of the greatest and most iconic singers of our generation!
Happy 42nd birthday to this Colombian queen,
Happy Birthday Birthday wishes. I wish ur good health.
Happy Birthday to my wife
Abrazos virtuales a la bella que hoy cumple un año más de vida.       Happy birthday to you!
Anyways happy birthday shakira
Happy Birthday Shakira
Happy Birthday Shakira
Happy Birthday to Shakira\s bestie!
Happy birthday shakira
Happy heavenly birthday Shakira, My beautiful sister and friend you re so so so missed and loved.
Happy Birthday May Allah (SWT) Bless you! You after giving us treats :)
Happy 45th Birthday
Seguir amándote es inevitable
happy birthday Shak!
 Happy beautiful birthday to the icon.
Happy birthday shakira
Happy birthday  Which is your favourite track by this talented artist?
20 years ago, Shakira s Whenever Wherever became a massive hit!

Happy birthday, !!!
 Once again Happy Birthday Shakira
Loads of love & happiness
 Happy birthday Shakira
Happy Birthday Shakira
Colombian singer Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll AKA celebrate her 46th birthday.

Happy birthday and
 & Happy birthday <3
It is 2/2 already in Japan.
Happy Birthday !! Te quiero!
Happy birthday to new mum who turns 38 today, less than a week after giving birth to son Sasha!
Happy Birthday Her is just one of the many reasons why we love her!
 Happy Birthday! Love You <3
 38th birthday,
Well Happy Birthday to my baby girl, Shakira.
Chloe>Beyonce>Shakira>Britney Spears > Mariah Carey
Happy Birthday Miss you gorgeous    lol @ this night
Happy Birthday and
Happy Birthday dan
Can\t believe Shakira\s had two kids and is turning 40 today...
Happy birthday Mariana! Thanks for all the shakira singing and food adventuring nights we\ve had I love you!
Happy Bday Sasha
Happy birthday shakira !!!!!!
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday to singer/actress
JK I\m sun grrrrl. Happy bday to me and !
HaPpy BiRthdAy u botH
PiquE nd SHakirA
A memorabilia piece to wish Happy Birthday to
Happy Birthday !!!
 Feliz Aniversário / Feliz cumpleaños / Happy Birthday!!!   & (02.02)
 ARE YOU READY FOR THE SLAYAGE that is    Happy Birthday Shak!
It\s Sunday AND Birthday! Happy Birthday girl!
Happy birthday You made us proud  Amazing half time show for the
Happy birthday to the weather  To help you celebrate Rob, please enjoy 11 seconds of Shakira.
A very Happy Birthday today to singer and songwriter Shakira
Happy birthday day Colombian singer
Happy birthday Shakira
Happy 45th birthday to Colombian singer
Happy Birthday to the Epic Angel
Happy Birthday Mr & Mrs Pique.
           Happy Birthday
Happy birthday to this happy family and Pique
Happy Birthday Shakira
shakira the voice 0
Shakira full body 2
shakira dancing 3
shakira and pique 4
shakira album 5
shakira the voice 6
Shakira sexy 7
shakira baby 8
shakira the voice 9
shakira 2013 10
Shakira sexy 11

Fun Facts About Shakira

Natural haircolour is black.
She was attached to play Mimi in a television mini series based on the Broadway musical Rent, with Neil Patrick Harris as Mark Cohen, Wilson Cruz as Angel, and Rikki Lee Travolta as Roger Davis, but the rights were pulled in order for Chris Columbus to make a film adaptation using much of the original Broadway cast.
Named her album "Laundry Service" because when she is in love she feels "clean and fresh"
Shakira is Arabic for "grateful" or "full of grace."
Was featured as #15 in Maxim Magazine's "Hot 100 of 2002" supplement. (2002)
Her album 'Fijacion Oral Vol.1' is #1 on the Billboard Latin Albums Chart in September 2005.
Her recording of "La Tortura" was a #1 hit in many countries, most of them in Europe.
Her father is of Lebanese and Macedonian ancestry and her mother is of Spanish and Italian ancestry.
She likes chocolate.
Hates to wear jewelry.
She learned her distinctive hip-shaking belly-dance moves from her Lebanese grandmother so she can stay true to her middle eastern roots
Hips Don't Lie instantly soared to the top of the charts in many countries and has been at the very top for many months. It has won countless awards and is currently being performed all over the world along with Wyclef Jean.
Lost her suitcase with all her songs from Donde Estan Los Ladrones in an airport in Bogota Colombia. This happened a couple of months before she walked into the recording studio to begin on that album.
Mattel put out several Barbie dolls inspired by Shakira and her look.
Ranked #33 on VH1's 100 Sexiest Artists.
While promoting Pies Descalzos, she returned to Barranquilla in 1997 for a huge homecoming concert, the first one since becoming a star. Tragedy struck that night when the venue failed to control the 50,000 fans rushing in to see their star. Two people ended up being trampled to death, and this deeply affected her.
Ranked #38 on the Maxim magazine Hot 100 of 2007 list.
Sport - likes to play tennis and swimming.
She loves to eat corozos, a little Colombian fruit that is sweet-sour.
Best concert she ever saw - Depeche Mode.
When she was two years old her oldest half-brother died in an accident while he was riding a motorcycle and a drunk man hit him with his car.
Her cousin is fashion designer and Miss Colombia 2006 Valerie Dominguez Tarud
Is the youngest of eight siblings.
Ranked as #76 in FHM's "100 Sexiest Women in the World 2005" special supplement. (2005)
Has perfect pitch (the ability to recognize any note upon hearing it or sing any note without prior to hearing it)
Named #20 in FHM magazine's "100 Sexiest Women in the World 2006" supplement. (2006).
Has homes in the Bahamas and Miami
Steven Spielberg offered her the role of Elena Montero in The Mask of Zorro (1998) back when he was originally in talks to direct it. But, she turned the offer down because she felt that not only was she a bad actress, but her English wasn't good enough.
The first English song she wrote was Objection, from the album Laundry Service.
Her manager for Latin America, Patricia Tellez, the woman who helped her go from being local artist to Grammy-winning global artist, died of a heart attack in Bogota on 17 August 2004.
She has 8 older half siblings from her father`s previous marriage.
Ranked #9 in Stuff magazine's "102 Sexiest Women in the World" (2002).

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