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I know you from WWE Shawn I love you of all my heart you are my favorite wrestler. I love HHH too but I love you more. You are still sexy boy HBK. ( Sorry for mistakesthe I am from Czech Republic) - Bloodiemarry (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday to the modern day Shawn Michaels. I\'ve gotten to see you live twice. Once in Dallas w - Klondike (7 months ago)
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The Britney Spears of Punk Rock
Hey internet Shawn Michaels was born in July stop saying happy birthday to the goat either you re saying it on the - The Britney Spears of Punk Rock (7 months ago)
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Jerel Minter
Happy Birthday to who is a popular wrestler whose been in the since the 1990s, he helped create the p - Jerel Minter (8 months ago)
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EC3 [Not]
Happy birthday, Shawn Michaels. Wait. - EC3 [Not] (8 months ago)
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Francisco Rivera
Happy birthday to wwe.hall.of.famer.shawn.michaels - Francisco Rivera (8 months ago)
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Jonathan Polk
Happy Birthday Shawn Michaels! May The Lord bless you within the years to come. - Jonathan Polk (8 months ago)
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Kaialis J. Bennings
Happy Birthday to you Shawn Michaels and I hope you have an awesome Birthday Today. Love you more to - Kaialis J. Bennings (8 months ago)
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Happy Belated 54th Birthday To WWE Hall Of Famer Michael Shawn Hickenbottom Better Known As \"The Heartbreak Kid\" Sh - G M B (8 months ago)
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Happy Birthday! HBK Shawn Michaels. God bless! - RADZWORX Tees (8 months ago)
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Stefanie Llanos
Happy birthday Shawn Michaels - Stefanie Llanos (8 months ago)
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I know it\'s a bit late but Happy Birthday Shawn Michaels - AC (8 months ago)
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Helen M Stanislawski
Happy Belated Shawn Michaels and we share a Birthday yesterday was my Birthday too - Helen M Stanislawski (8 months ago)
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John Silva
Happy birthday Shawn Michaels - John Silva (8 months ago)
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Cruz M Santoyo
Happy birthday to Shawn Michaels. Love it when you appear on WWE. - Cruz M Santoyo (8 months ago)
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rosa abreu
happy birthday shawn michaels have gd one mate - rosa abreu (8 months ago)
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Jake with the Ob
Happy 54th Birthday to professional wrestler, actor, and television presenter, Shawn Michaels! - Jake with the Ob (8 months ago)
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Johnny Wrestling. | NOT @JohnnyGargano.
In honor of one of my childhood wrestling role models Shawn Michaels on his birthday this is the costumes I used to - Johnny Wrestling. | NOT @JohnnyGargano. (8 months ago)
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North Trenton (Teewhy Nyema)
Happy Birthday to Jon Oliva, Calvin Fish, Keith Sweat, Alvin Robertson, Martine St. Clair, Emilio Butragueno, Emily - North Trenton (Teewhy Nyema) (8 months ago)
birthday balloon
Happy 54th Birthday - [email protected] (8 months ago)
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Happy birthday to my favorite wrestler the heart break kid Shawn Michaels - IloveRomanReignsForever (8 months ago)
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Happy birthday wwe hall of fame Shawn Michaels we love you DX suck it - rashawn27 (8 months ago)
birthday balloon

Michael Powell
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DX! DA HELL!? Happy Birthday Shawn Michaels. - Jim (8 months ago)
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Happy birthday to the best wrestler shawn michaels - Jayson3345 (8 months ago)
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Happy Birthday to The Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels! - Chupacabra (8 months ago)
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Happy birthday shawn michaels i hope u a wonderful HBK day - jessica (8 months ago)
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Melissa hanscom N DJ
Happy birthday to you Shawn Michaels - Melissa hanscom N DJ (8 months ago)
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- Jaime (8 months ago)
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Happy birthday to the one, the only, mr. Wrestlemania himself, Shawn Michaels. Hope you had a great day. - SCKCHCK (8 months ago)
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The Hip-Hop Homegirl
Happy birthday to the GOAT, Shawn Michaels! - The Hip-Hop Homegirl (8 months ago)
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Jeevat Singh
Happy birthday to the Heartbreak Kid... Shawn Michaels - Jeevat Singh (8 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Shawn Michaels ! Today is this legend\'s birthday. I have watched almost all of his matches on youtub - SM BRO (8 months ago)
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spacewoman reporter
HAPPY 54th BIRTHDAY to SHAWN MICHAELS!! Born Michael Shawn Hickenbottom, American professional wrestler, actor, and - spacewoman reporter (8 months ago)
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Happy 54th Birthday to Shawn Michaels, once a totally chaotic legend that walked, talked and acted like he was alre - Michael (8 months ago)
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SHAWN MICHAELS BIRTHDAY IS THE DAY BEFORE MINE WTF. happy birthday the heartbreak kid - Charlotte (8 months ago)
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Herve Hightower
Happy birthday to hbk shawn Michaels - Herve Hightower (8 months ago)
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Aaron P. Martin II
Happy Birthday To The Heartbreak Kid, Mr. WrestleMania & The Show Stopper Shawn Michaels - Aaron P. Martin II (8 months ago)
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Positively Charged Wrestling
Happy Birthday to WWE Hall of Famer, founding member of DeGeneration-X, and one of the greatest in ring performers - Positively Charged Wrestling (8 months ago)
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Can Urgancı
Happy Birthday The Legend Heartbreak Kid Sexy Boy Shawn Michaels !!!!!!!!!! Shawn Michaels - Sexy Boy ( WWE Shawn M - Can Urgancı (8 months ago)
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Chris Mclaren
Shawn michaels best moments (1994-2000) via Happy Birthday to one of the greatest - Chris Mclaren (8 months ago)
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Happy Birthday to the Showstopper,the Icon,The Main Event,Mr.Wrestlemania The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels. I - TheRingsideRoster.com (8 months ago)
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Joseph Sorensen
Happy birthday to The ShawnMichaels! Relive all of televised championship win - Joseph Sorensen (8 months ago)
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Jennifer Mcdonald
Happy 54th Birthday shawn Michaels - Jennifer Mcdonald (8 months ago)
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The Faction Show
Happy Birthday to 2-time Hall of Famer and the first Triple Crown Winner Shawn Michaels! With so MANY memorabl - The Faction Show (8 months ago)
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Chawan Bahd
Happy Birthday Shawn Michaels - Chawan Bahd (8 months ago)
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Nik Mason
Shawn Michaels Hall of Fame Speech was so good!! Happy 54th Birthday to Shawn Michaels \"The Heart Break Kid!!! The - Nik Mason (8 months ago)
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Kris 10
Happy 54th Birthday to G.O.A.T \"The Heartbreak Kid\" Shawn Michaels. I can\'t wait to see what you do at Raw Reunion - Kris 10 (8 months ago)
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reignslady71(Roman Empire ❤❤❤)
Happy Birthday to The Show Stopper The Heart break Kid Shawn Michaels hope you have a blessed one and may God bless - reignslady71(Roman Empire ❤❤❤) (8 months ago)

54 years old (Born on July 22, 1965)

Professional wrestler; He is famous from The Heartbreak Kid.

Cousin of NWA-TNA Wrestler, Michael Shane. Shane (now known as Matt Bentley) was also a graduate of the Shawn Michaels Wrestling Academy. Was first ever winner of WWE's "Grand slam" - Held every belt in WWE plus Royal Rumble - and revamped "World Heavyweight Championship" According to Shawn Michaels' former partner, Marty Jannetty, the reason they were stripped of the WWF Tag Team Titles in 1990, was due to an incident on a flight they caused. They were annoyed by a passenger who was complaining about all the wrestlers on the flight, so they put feces down down his back. The passenger kept saying when they landed he had a gun in his bag with six rounds and was going to shoot six wrestlers with them. It turned out the passenger did have a gun and was a member of a gang. He was arrested when they landed. That night at the show there was a scare that someone from his gang might cause trouble, so Michaels and Jannetty were stripped of their titles as a punishment. Trained current WWE Smackdown Star, Brian "Spanky" Kendrick Was the first wrestler to capture the WWF World, Intercontinental, Tag Team and European Championships. For winning these titles, He became known as the very first Grand Slam Champion.

Shawn Michaels's Best Moments

Happy birthday to the one of the greatest, Shawn Michaels
Happy 52nd Birthday to the original GOAT Shawn Michaels.
Happy birthday to Shawn Michaels, here\s him making fun of Hulk Hogan
Happy 52nd Birthday to the Greatest of All Time \The Heartbreak Kid\ Shawn Michaels.
Happy birthday to the greatest wrestler of all time, Shawn Michaels.
Here s wishing a very happy 53rd birthday to The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels!
Happy birthday to Shawn Michaels, who turns 54 years old today
Happy 53rd birthday to Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels.
 Are always subject to change.  via
Happy birthday Shawn Michaels. I\ve still never forgiven you.
7/22 The Heart Break Kid.
Shawn Michaels

Happy Birthday to WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels who turns 53 today!
Happy birthday to the greatest and who is much better than Shawn Michaels ever was,
Happy Birthday to one of the greatest of all time, and one of my personal favorites Shawn Michaels
This Day in Wrestling History (July 22): Happy Birthday Shawn Michaels!
Happy Birthday to Shawn Michaels.
Happy Birthday to my favorite Superstar of all time. My inspiration for doin\ this, Shawn Michaels!
Happy Birthday to the legendary \"Heartbreak Kid\" Shawn Michaels who turns 52 today!
Happy Birthday, Shawn Michaels! Such a fantastic performer, a living legend. 

Keep breaking hearts, heartbreak kid.
Happy Birthday I hope you enjoy the best image I found when I googled Shawn Michaels Birthday!!!
Happy birthday to one of my favorite athletes of all time the heartbreak kid himself Shawn Michaels
Happy Birthday to the Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels!!!
Happy birthday Shawn michaels
Happy birthday to HOF HBK Shawn Michaels!
Happy Birthday to \"The Heartbreak Kid\" Shawn Michaels
 Happy birthday Shawn Michaels
Happy birthday to the GOAT, Shawn Michaels!
Happy birthday SHAWN MICHAELS!! My favorite wrestler of all time!!
Happy Birthday Shawn Michaels
Happy birthday to the greatest of all time, Shawn Michaels.
Happy 52nd Birthday To The Legendary Hall Of Famer Shawn Michaels.
 Happy birthday to who was and it\s the best wrestler of WWE history; Shawn Michaels. {HBK}
Shawn Michaels you have done amazing things in your Career, Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to the GOAT Shawn Michaels
Happy birthday to my favorite wrestler of all time, The Show Stoppah, Mr. Wrestlemania, Shawn Michaels
Happy Birthday to The Legendary Shawn Michaels
Happy birthday to one of my great idols, one of my heroes, one of the best; Shawn Michaels.
Happy birthday to Shawn Michaels
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the Legendary \Heart Break Kid\ Shawn Michaels.
Happy Birthday to the legend known as Shawn Michaels
Happy birthday to Shawn Michaels the goat.
Happy 52nd Birthday to \"The Heartbreak Kid\" Shawn Michaels!
I wish happy birthday super star Shawn Michaels
CagesideSeats This Day in Wrestling History (July 22): Happy Birthday Shawn Michaels!
This Day in Wrestling History (July 22): Happy Birthday Shawn Michaels!
Triple H Wishes Shawn Michaels Happy Birthday, Naomi - Glowing Title (Photo), Aiden English On UUDD
 Happy Birthday Shane... errr I mean Shawn Michaels   any wages hope U had a great Day
Happy Birthday Shawn Michaels!! 

Edit made by me
Happy 52nd Birthday to The Show Stopper himself... the Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels!!
A very good happy birthday video to Triple H from NXT, Shawn Michaels
A very good happy birthday video to Triple H from NXT, Shawn Michaels
Happy Birthday to the Greatest Wrestler of All Time, Shawn Michaels !
Happy Birthday Shawn Michaels.
Happy birthday to professional wrestler and actor, Shawn Michaels
  Yes Happy Birthday To One Of The All Time Greats HBK Shawn Michaels
Happy birthday to the Heartbreak Kid, The Showstopper : 
Shawn Michaels!!
Happy Birthday to my favourite wrestler of all time Shawn Michaels
Happy Birthday Shawn Michaels :)
Happy birthday Shawn Michaels 
The Goat.
Happy birthday shawn Michaels
 // Happy Birthday to the Heart Break Kid Shawn Michaels who turns 53 Years old today
Happy Birthday Shawn Michaels!
Happy Birthday to HBK Shawn Michaels! My all time favorite wrestler
Happy birthday to the hbk Shawn Michaels
Happy Birthday To The Heart Break Kid Shawn Michaels
Happy Birthday to Shawn Michaels!
Happy birthday to my favorite wrestler of all time and my childhood hero, Shawn Michaels.
Still one of the greatest ever! Happy birthday to Shawn Michaels, \"The Heartbreak Kid.\" Pic, PRPhotos
Happy Birthday Shawn Michaels: Here are 10 Interesting Facts About Heartbreak Kid
Happy Birthday to one of my Favorite Wrestlers a man I consider to be in the Top Tier the Legend HBK Shawn Michaels
 happy birthday Shawn Michaels!
Happy birthday to Shawn Michaels! Oh, and also He s cool too.
  Happy birthday Shawn Michaels
Happy Birthday to The Heart Break Kid Shawn Michaels!
Happy 54th Birthday shawn Michaels
Happy Birthday To The Heartbreak Kid, Mr. WrestleMania & The Show Stopper Shawn Michaels
Happy birthday to the Heartbreak Kid... Shawn Michaels
 Happy birthday to the  best wrestler shawn michaels
 Happy birthday to my favorite wrestler the heart break kid Shawn Michaels
Happy 54th Birthday to professional wrestler, actor, and television presenter, Shawn Michaels!
Shawn Michaels
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Fun Facts About Shawn Michaels

After his four year absence from the ring with a back injury, his match as Summerslam 2002 was supposed to be his last farewell, however because of the success of the match, Vince McMahon busting his chops, and how his body reacted to it he has decided to continue wrestling to prove to himself and to fellow wrestlers that he can still be the 'Showstopper'. Shawn has also mentioned that he will continue wrestling as long as he is physically able to.
Former member of D-Generation X.
He and Marty Jannetty never held the WWF Tag Team Titles. They won the titles from the Hart Foundation in 1990, but the decision was soon overturned, and the title change was never recorded.
Beat Bret Hart for both his first and last WWF Championships, until his return in 2002, where he defeated 5 other men for the title
Won the first ever 60-minute "Iron Man Match" against Bret Hart at Wrestlemania XII.
Long-time friends are Kevin Nash, Triple H (a.k.a. Paul Levesque), Scott Hall, and Sean Waltman.
Former member of the NWO (New World Order) along with former WWE superstars Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, and X-Pac.
Member of the infamous 'Clique' with Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Triple H, and X-Pac.
At the 1998 Royal Rumble, battled the Undertaker in a casket match for the WWF title. During the match, HE took a back bump off the casket that would ultimately lead to his retirement. He was kept 'out of action' until Wrestlemania 14, where he would wrestle his last match for close to 4 years.
Was introduced to his wife, former WCW Nitro girl Whisper, by his friend Rich Minzer, who works at the Gold's Gym in Venice, California. Whisper's co-workers, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall, who are also friends of Michaels, had no idea the two were dating.
As of 2007, holds the record for second most number of Wrestlemania wrestling appearances, having wrestled at 14. Undertaker holds the most with 15.
Son of Col. Richard Hickenbottom
Opened the Shawn Michaels Wrestling Academy in his hometown of San Antonio, Texas.
At WrestleMania 22, he defeated Mr. McMahon in a No Holds Barred Match
First became interested in Pro Wrestling at age 12 when he began watching it on television. Later on he practiced wrestling moves on his friends in their swimming pool.
One of the few wrestlers to never jump over to WCW. Has been with the WWF/WWE for 17 years.
Former AWA World Tag Team Champion.
As of June 2003 he is one of only two people to have held the RAW World Title. He defeated his best friend Triple H for the title in November 2002. One month later Triple H defeated Shawn to reclaim the title he had held since it was formed in September 2002. Since December 2002 Triple H still holds the title.
Wrestled his first match in over 4 years at WWE Summerslam at Nassau Colliseum, New York on Sunday August 25 2002. He defeated Triple H by pin-fall in a non-sanctioned match. After the match Michaels was attacked by the sore loser. Triple H hit Michaels in the lower back and in the back of the head with a sledgehammer
When Michaels was a tag team wrestler, superstars would line up outside of WWF/WWE Owner Vince McMahon's office to speak to him, and eventually be cut by wrestlers like Hulk Hogan. One day, Michaels decided to skip the line and enter his office, only to tell Vince how he worked hard and wanted to know what he had do to make it to the next level. Vince McMahon replied "You just did it." This eventually lead to Michaels having a successful singles career.
One of the 100 greatest wrestlers of the 20th century. (as determined by Inside Wresting)
on 15 December 2002 Shawn Michaels will defend the World Heavyweight Title against his best friend Triple H (Michael Levesque) at the WWE Armageddon PPV. The match will be a special 2 out of 3 falls match, where the first fall will be held under Street Fight rules similar to their Summerslam match, the second fall will take place inside a steel cage and the third fall will be a Ladder Match. Triple H has competed in a similar match to this before winning it by beating Austin 2-1 after winning the last two falls. Shawn Michaels has only wrestled three matches in the last four years and in one night will compete in three brutal matches which will test how well his back has healed since the surgery he underwent in 1998.
Previous Managers: Chyna, Diesel, Jose Lothario, Jenny McCarthy, Roddy Piper, "Ravishing" Rick Rude, Sensational Sherri, Sycho Sid, Triple H, Luna Vachon.
Is the son of a retired Air Force Colonel
Concern was raised about his health in 2003 when fans and friends noticed a series of dark skin splotches on his upper body. It turns out that they were simply freckles caused by extensive tanning that hadn't developed until recently.
Is a devout Christian and his merchandise usually contains religious messages.
Has beaten the odds by defeating five other wrestlers to win the RAW brand World Championship in the elimination chamber at Survivor Series [17 November 2002]
Since becoming a Christian, Shawn Michaels will no longer use profanity or sexual innuendos, which he often used before.
He is the first superstar in WWF to enter at No: 1 position in a Royal Rumble match and go on to win the match, in 1995. The second superstar was Chris Benoit in 2004. HBK would later face Benoit and Triple H for the World Heaveyweight Championship at Wrestlemania XX.
Along with Triple H (Paul Levesque) he reformed D-generation-X in June, 2006.
Second child, a girl named Cheyenne Michelle Hickenbottom, born August 19th 2004.
Was involved in the infamous double cross of WWF Champion Bret "The Hitman" Hart at the Survivor Series in 97. Michaels conspired with Vince McMahon and referee Earl Hebner, (later added to the list of conspirators are Triple H and Shane McMahon), to screw Bret Hart out of the WWF Championship because Hart didn't want to lose it in Montreal. He later admitted to his role in "stealing from one of the boys" and apologized for his actions. However, Hart continues to badmouth Triple H and Shawn Michaels
Notable Title Wins Include: Texas All-Star Texas Tag Team titles w/Paul Diamond; Central States Tag Team titles w/Marty Jannetty; AWA Tag Team Titles w/Marty Jannetty; WWF Tag Team Titles (3); WWF Intercontinental Title (2); WWF Royal Rumble (2); WWF Heavyweight Title (3); WWF European Title; WWE World Heavyweight title
Although they never wrestled each other or competed in the same companies, Michaels is very good friends with former WCW World Champion, Sting (Steve Borden).
On January 6, 2000 he and Rebecca Curci aka former Nitro Girl Whisper had their first child, Cameron Kade Hickenbottom, who weighed 7 pounds 3 ounces.
Is the youngest of 4 children (Sister Shari, brothers Scott and Randy) His mother had hoped that he would be a girl.
Was called by Vince McMahon and brought to the Raw show in March of 2001. He attempted to make a return to the WWF programming. McMahon and Michaels fought over the fact that Michaels was under the influence of something and was shipped home to Texas.
Scored a 750 on his high school SAT's
In High School, Shawn Michaels and his friend Kenny Kent put on a 30 minute wrestling match at their school talent show and won second place. Michaels notes that it is hard to compete against cheerleaders in talent shows.
Served as The Commissioner of the WWE From November of 1998 until June of 2000.
He was born at Randalph Air Force Base in Scottsdale, Arizona; due to his father's career in the Air Force, his family moved several times when he was still a young child, these places included England, Iowa, Maryland and several cities in Texas before settling in San Antonio when Shawn was a young teen.
In 2004, Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty patched things up. Michaels actually baptized Jannetty, when Jannetty became a Christian.
Shawn Michaels entrance theme "Sexy Boy" was written by "The Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart and James Johnston. It was originally sung by Michael's former manager, Sherri Martel. However, when Michaels turned heel, he decided to sing it himself.
Has headlined 4 Wrestlemanias, 1995 against Kevin Nash, 1996 against Bret Hart, 1998 against Steve Austin, and 2004 against Triple H & Chris Benoit.
Trained former WWE Superstar Brian "Spanky" Kendrick.
Posed for a Playgirl magazine.
Was in several Matches of the Year as voted by Pro Wrestling Illustrated. 1993 Royal Rumble, 1994 Wrestlemania 10 against Scott Hall, 1995 Wrestlemania 11 against Kevin Nash, and 1996 Wrestlemania 12 against Bret Hart
Is a Licenced and Ordained Penecostial Minister
Beat Bret Hart for his first WWF Championship at Wrestlemania, Sid Justice for his second, and was handed his third reign as WWF Champion after McMahon gave him the belt at Survivor Series 97.
In 1995, Shawn was out with Sean Waltmen and Davey Boy Smith in Syracuse, New York. Some guys told the 3 to follow them, so they did and were led into a club. Michaels has no memory of what happened, but people told him he was bombed. He went outside to wait for Waltmen and Smith, but was attacked by several guys. Michaels woke up in a hospital room and was told by then WWF wrestlers Sunny and Chris Candido that he arrived at their hotel room. Vince McMahon wasn`t pleased with Michaels and had him drop the Intercontinental Title to Dean "Shane" Douglas.
Professional wrestler.
His theme song is one of the most popular WWF/WWE theme songs of all time, next to Hulk Hogan's 'Real American'.
He made history when he became the first ever grand slam champion.
When Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty were teaming up as the Rockers, they were one of the few tag teams to do double team moves through out the entire matches they wrestled. Often times they were refered to as Tag Team Specialists. Their efforts had an impact on many of the great wrestling tag teams today who use great double team moves.
Trained current WWE Raw Superstar, Lance Cade
He is ambidextrous, and uses his right hand to draw and color and his left hand to write.
In 2003, wrestled his first WrestleMania match in 5 years at WrestleMania 19 against Chris Jericho. His last WrestleMania match was at WrestleMania 14 against "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.

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