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Alf Switzer..
I know, but it\'s that whining pair Nicks and Buckingham, who sound as though they\'re just about to slas - Alf Switzer.. (3 months ago)
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Dr. David Kurt
Happy birthday Happy blessed Friday - Dr. David Kurt (3 months ago)
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ًjessie CLAUI DAY
HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLAUIIII !! i love u so much thank you for being in my life and even though i hate ur li*m p*yen mem - ًjessie CLAUI DAY (3 months ago)
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reminder that if you want to be wished a happy birthday, don\'t become pips friend. SLASH J SLASH J - zerbo!! (3 months ago)
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hello, my sun and moon slash p HAHAHA advance happy birthday! - ًharu (3 months ago)
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Happy birthday to the best mom slash bestfriend thank you for taking care of me and for being my very first frien - timi (3 months ago)
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Unc Ray
Happy Birthday to our fav. County boy slash MMA Ko\'ing GreyGoose pounding McLaren driving cartwhee - Unc Ray (3 months ago)
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Happy Birthday to Eric Johnson! Here he is playing the infamous \"Joe Perry\" Les Paul Sunburst...yes he did own i - KipShots (3 months ago)
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Jesus Chrysler
Happy Birthday to Eric Johnson! Here he is playing the infamous \"Joe Perry\" Les Paul Sunburst. - Jesus Chrysler (3 months ago)
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Oh hey! Happy birthday! - Lenny (3 months ago)
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Ryan | Proud Rita Rossweisse main
all i can offer is a picture of my cat (slash joke) happy bday bill man - Ryan | Proud Rita Rossweisse main (3 months ago)
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van ✿
Happy birthday to my precious friend slash soulmate You deserve the whole world, I love you - van ✿ (3 months ago)
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My partner in crime slash soulmate, happy birthday! - Taehyun (3 months ago)
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Dufour patrick
hey Slash · 3 min Happy Birthday (8.12) iiii]; )\' - Dufour patrick (3 months ago)
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Slash Horror
Happy birthday Hueningkai - Slash Horror (3 months ago)
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Happy birthday to I\'m so proud of you, on your big day slash your birthday, you\'ve been through a lot. - El. (3 months ago)
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zee main dancer of stb
My best friend slash crush wished me a happy bday and she said ily do i cry or no - zee main dancer of stb (3 months ago)
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Princess Corrin (#62)
Happy birthday Cloud - Princess Corrin (#62) (3 months ago)
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Dragon Prince Corrin
Well, happy birthday to you, Cloud. Corrin tried his best to act all cool and collected to copy Clo - Dragon Prince Corrin (3 months ago)
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Happy 75 birthday Ian Anderson! I\'ll slash someone with a box cutter if they don[t like Aqualung either today on yo - stipestapp (3 months ago)
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Jon Rodgers
Happy Birthday Slash!! - Jon Rodgers (3 months ago)
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felix ⧗
Happy birthday rolo, another year passes, another grey hair on your head, another day closer to retirement, another - felix ⧗ (3 months ago)
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felix ⧗ tua s1
Happy birthday rolo, another year passes, another grey hair on your head, another day closer to retirement, another - felix ⧗ tua s1 (3 months ago)
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juno is SINGLE and LOVING IT
HAPPY BIRTHDAY COLE SLASH CUB!!! - juno is SINGLE and LOVING IT (3 months ago)
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jugular juno, private eye, psychologist
HAPPY BIRTHDAY COLE SLASH CUB!!! - jugular juno, private eye, psychologist (3 months ago)
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jugular juno, private eye
HAPPY BIRTHDAY COLE SLASH CUB!!! - jugular juno, private eye (3 months ago)
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Happy birthday to my pogi jowa slash bias wrecker ilysm - st (3 months ago)
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June⏳Slime come home
OMGGGGG HAPPY BIRTHDAY COLE SLASH CUB!!!! - June⏳Slime come home (3 months ago)
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Mo Cowan
Happy birthday to my one and only slash slash slash - Mo Cowan (3 months ago)
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mié ☔
Hehe, happy birthday author misoo (slash me ! xD) . - mié ☔ (3 months ago)
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thank you, ivan. i need you to hand over some of your height so my birthday can be happy - alphacat30 (3 months ago)
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Happy birthday fellow hobbit slash keychain slash angry smol bean! - tigerenzie (3 months ago)
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Kema Bae
Happy birthday, it s an honor to be working with you - Kema Bae (3 months ago)
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Rachel 3.0
Happy Birthday again Andrea :) we love you.. now Wen fren follow fren Rachel? Wen wen? - Rachel 3.0 (3 months ago)
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this was supposed to be a birthday gift but I didn\'t finish it in time :\'\') Happy belated birthday either wa - noodle.jpeg (3 months ago)
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Happy birthday to my best friend slash dance teacher since we\'re trainees, I\'m always grat - San (3 months ago)
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Happy birthday, Peanut. It s me, your favorite tito-slash-babysitter. - Hiro. (3 months ago)
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Happy birthday, Peanut. It s me, your favorite tito-slash-babysitter. - ☀️ GROOMSMAN, HIRO. (3 months ago)
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Sherri Reis
Happy Birthday. You are amazing!! - Sherri Reis (3 months ago)
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Kathleen Siegrist
kinda bummed, I sent you a birthday card and it got returned today- I guess the address I sent it to is no - Kathleen Siegrist (3 months ago)
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sttwt bakery!
: from : happy birthday effy!!!! i know we joke around a lot and i do hate you ( ) but i - sttwt bakery! (3 months ago)
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happy birthday to my fav baby girl slash milf - CHEN YU HOME-COMING (3 months ago)
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happy birthday to my fav baby girl slash milf - #1 YIBO SIMP (3 months ago)
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happy birthday to my fav baby girl slash milf - ♡。 (3 months ago)
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Merriest birthday to my future neighbor, Choi Ddaddu! Having you as leader slash best-drinking-friend have compleme - ؘ (3 months ago)
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Kazutora K. Nulong
With my girls celebrating the manoks\' birthday hahshaha HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GANDA RICS SLASH MANOK - Kazutora K. Nulong (3 months ago)
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Estefanía Cazessus
Happy Birthday!! - Estefanía Cazessus (3 months ago)
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harv. | yesh\'s day!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADRIIIIIIII SLASH MARGA - harv. | yesh\'s day! (3 months ago)
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Zoe Hirashima
Here\'s a Birthday Gift for I\'ve made Yesterday of me presenting his birthday cake to Mighty Slash. - Zoe Hirashima (3 months ago)

57 years old (Born on July 23, 1965)

musician; He is famous from Guns N` Roses.

Before Guns N` Roses, was in a band called Road Crew with future GNR bandmates Duff McKagan and Steven Adler. Has not spoken to former bandmate W. Axl Rose since 1996. They communicated their song selection for the 1999 Guns N` Roses live album "Live Era" only through intermediaries. His father is Anthony Hudson, album cover designer for Geffen Records, including Joni Mitchell`s "Court and Spark". Velvet Revolver was named after The Velvet Underground and their feelings that they were at a point where they were revolving around the world as opposed to the world revolving around them. His favorite book is "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" by Hunter S. Thompson.

Slash's Best Moments

Happy Birthday to - the man who has inspired so many of us to pick up a guitar!
Happy 56th Birthday to Slash born this day in Hampstead, London, United Kingdom.
To one of our OG oppas slash boyfriends, Happy Birthday, Gong Yoo!
Happy Birthday to Slash, born on this day in 1965.
Happy Birthday to this amazing human slash genius, Andy fvckng Samberg
Happy birthday to the gay cowboys slash mafia anthem
Happy birthday to the most amazing man in the world, thank you for existing. Will love you forever.
Happy 54th birthday to the one and only
Happy 56th Birthday iiii]; )\
Happy Birthday Scarface 2 John Herbert and Slash

4 July 1964
Happy birthday Slash
Born July 23, 1965
Half man, half beast;
Happy Fn birthday
Happy birthday. Thank you.
 Reckless Life
from G N\ R Lies
by Guns N\ Roses

Happy Birthday, Slash
Happy birthday to Slash from Guns N Roses, who turns 57 years old today.
Happy Birthday Slash (57) July 23rd, 1965.
Happy 57th birthday to slash, born on this day in 1965 <3
Happy birthday Slash
57 years old
Happy Fuckin Birthday
Happy birthday, one and only, Slash
Happy Birthday
Happy fucking birthday
Happy birthday Slash
Hoy le cantamos cumpleaños al gran Slash Happy Birthday Saul
Happy Birthday to the incredibly awesome
Happy Birthday \Slash\
Band: Guns N\ Roses
Age: 53
Happy 34th bday to my all time favorite album!! The reason I became a guitar player
Happy birthday to this queen slash pp\s mummy
 Happy birthday Tanjiro  May your sword slash the Demons who is in your way.
Happy Birthday Slash Gie Knaeps
Happy birthday to the one and only guitar king,
Happy birthday to the \"Sultan of Slash\" himself, WES CRAVEN!
Thanks for the nightmares:
Happy Bday
Because of who you are,,, I can be everything I am. Happy birthday.
Happy birthday SLASH!
(July 23, 1965)
Happy Birthday,
Happy 56th birthday Slash!
   Happy birthday!
 Happy 57th Birthday!                                  (born July 23, 1965)
* 23.7.1965

Happy birthday Mr.Slash
Happy birthday SLASH!
(July 23, 1965)
 Happy Birthday To A Rock God.
Happy Birthday
Zum Glück hat zur Gitarre gegriffen. Heute wird der 57 und wir sagen Happy Birthday.
Happy Birthday Slash
Happy birthday Slash iii]; )\
I\m a day late, but Happy Birthday
Happy F N birthday to the legendary Slash photos 23 Nov 2016 Concert Medellín Colombia
 Happy Birthday
   Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!
Happy Birthday to the one and only Slash!
Happy Birthday, Slash!
My guitar hero!! Happy birthday !!
Happy birthday
Happy fucking birthday
  Dzie dobry i happy birthday Slash
Happy Birthday ! 54 ans aujourd\hui
Happy Birthday, Slash. I love you.
Happy Birthday we all love u
 Happy birthday hyung slash Louvre\s mommy. Godspeed!
I missed Slash\s birthday. Happy happy to one of my fave musicians. 

Slash w/ his mom Ola Hudson.
                                                       Happy Birthday iiii]; )\
Happy Birthday my love
Happy birthday SLASH!
(July 23, 1965)
Happy birthday have a great day!
Happy birthday    credit Meegan
Happy Birthday to Guns N Roses guitarist Slash (July 23, 1965)
Happy 56th Birthday to No word on the age of the top hat yet.
Happy birthday Slash!!
Literally the best guy in rock history. happy birthday slash <3
Morning, happy belated birthday
Happy Birthday & Celebrate well Keep playing guitar i heard it helps you stay young . You Rock Slash .
 Happy birthday!
    Happy Birthday
    Happy birthday!!
Slash jay, happy birthday to my favorite funny man charlie slimecicle :]]
 Slash and Boo-Boo send Barney very happy birthday wishes!!
 Happy birthday buddy??
Happy Birthday to aka The Voices of Donatello & Slash from
Happy Birthday Appetite For Destruction
Happy 57th Birthday, Slash
(né Saul Hudson)
   Happy birthday slash.
Happy birthday Slash
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday
A Happy Birthday to the marvellous
 Happy birthday
Happy birthday to this bloke! 
Have a fabulous day, lots of love.
Happy birthday to the one and only Slash!
Happy Birthday ! Have an amazing day and party \til your face melts!
 Happy birthday!
 Happy Birthday,
   Happy birthday!
Happy bday S l a s h
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Slash!
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday :\))
Happy Birthday !
Happy Birthday to one of my favorite guitarists.
  Happy Birthday!! Have a great day!!
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday to the most influential woman in my life (Mom)  &
Happy birthday to NCT\s leader slash my first bias( ), Lee Taeyong iloveu sm
 happy birthday
 Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday Slash!
Happy Birthday to my brother, !! Keep on amazing us with your music ... you re blessed, man! Love you!
  Happy birthday
 Happy birthday to Slash!
Happy Birthday to the man that have ROCKED  my world since 1988!
Happy birthday to the most wonderful person I\ve ever met! we love you!
Happy fuckin birthday, legend!
 Happy lovely Birthday
Happy birthday to my idol !
Happy bday
 happy birthday the great slash, with the best wishes every day, much more rock, to rock
Happy birthday !!!
Happy birthday !!
Feliz cumpleaños Slash.
happy Birthday mis fotos
 Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday               God Bless You
Happy Birthday !
Happy birthday to my glasses-lover slash cat in disguise wonwoo !!!!
 Slash on ! Happy birthday man !
Happy birthday to this babie slash final boss slash flatass trashykawa
Happy birthday Appetite for destruction
Saul Hudson (Slash)
(Guns N\ Roses)
July 23, 1965.
 happy birthday Slash

My dog\s name is Slash too. Happy birthday Slash.
Happy 56th birthday to the guitarist of Guns N\ Roses, Slash
Happy birthday Slash   #
Happy birthday
Happy birthday
Happy birthday to the greatest : !!!!]; )\
Happy birthday Slash
 Happy birthday to you and your twins (link for book in bio!!)
Happy birthday   love u
Happy Birthday to guitarist Slash!
Happy Bday Mr
  Happy Birthday Slash
  Happy birthday   Hope you guys can still make it Down Under in November
  Happy Birthday & God Bless Always
Happy birthday to
Happy birthday Slash!
Happy Birthday
Happy F n birthday
Happy birthday to one of the best to ever do it with a guitar...
 happy Birthday
Happy Bday
Happy Birthday !
Happy Birthday Slash  .
Gotta wish one of my heroes a happy birthday
. Happy Birthday! [ : for
Happy 56th Birthday to Slash!!
-2012, Wiltern Theater, Los Angeles.
   Happy 56th birthday
Happy Birthday
  HAPPY BIRTHDAY Slash! Hope your day rocks!!
 Happy Birthday!! Mine was yesterday!!
 Happy birthday Andy Samberg slash love of my life
Happy 40th Birthday have a great day slash week.
Happy Birthday to an amazing actress slash detective slash genius
Happy birthday android 18 slash Erika, I love you. Mabuhay ka hangga\t gusto mo.
Happy birthday to the hottest salaryman slash jujutsu ever
Happy birthday to the best group therapy slash cult slash family <3
Happy birthday SLASH (57)!
  Happy birthday!
Happy birthday to my fav guitarist
Happy birthday SLASH!
(July 23, 1965)
Happy Birthday Slash
Happy Birthday (I\m sorry, I am a few hours early)
Happy Birthday !
Happy Birthday
E hoje é o dia da lenda

Happy birthday to the one and only,
Happy 57th Birthday
 Happy Bday!
Just picking it back up here
Happy Birthday
   Happy Birthday, Slash!
Happy Birthday to who is today 57. What\s your favourite song?
Happy birthday    Play for us as long as long as possible
Happy B-Day
Happy birthday Slash  I look forward to you visiting Japan again.
Happy Birthday !!!!! Have a good day....
Happy Birthday to an original old school cool, Slash! Born today, in 1965. Rock on!
 Happy Birthday SLASH
Happy birthday Slash iiii ]; )\
slash 80s 0
Slash sexy 1
Slash body 3
Slash exclusive 4

Fun Facts About Slash

Auditioned for the heavy metal band Poison.
On the show "Kid Notorious" (2003), he plays himself, the voice of reason, next-door neighbor and good friend of Robert Evans (Kid Notorious). In real life, he actually is the next-door neighbor and good friend of Evans (although he says he is hardly the voice of reason).
1998: Left Guns N' Roses in 1996 after numerous failed attempts at co-existing with longtime bandmate W. Axl Rose.
Left Guns N` Roses in 1996 after numerous failed attempts at co-existing with longtime bandmate W. Axl Rose.
He attended Beverly Hills High School with Lenny Kravitz in the early 1980s, but did not graduate.
Slash plays on first single The Hunter on Paul Rodgers` Tribute To Muddy Waters album
His influences are Jeff Beck, AC/DC, T-Rex, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Muddy Waters and B.B. King. (Metal Edge magazines July 1988.)
His pulse once stopped after a drug overdose at a hotel. Doctors were able to revive him with a shot of adrenaline into his chest.
Guitarist for the heavy-metal band Guns N' Roses.
Mother is clothing designer Ola Hudson. Her work includes costumes for David Bowie in The Man Who Fell to Earth (1976) and The Pointer Sisters.
1/22/90: Created controversy after giving a profanity-laden acceptance speech at the American Music Awards.
July 2001: Voted the West Midlands` best guitarist in Total Guitar Magazine`s poll of the greatest British guitarists.
Of Nigerian and English descent.
Released two albums with his new band, Slash`s Snakepit.
Wife Perla gave birth to a 9 lbs 4 oz baby boy, London Emilio Hudson, on August 28, 2002, and to an 8 lbs 13 oz baby boy, Cash Anthony Hudson, on June 23, 2004.
Has recorded with British heavy metal band Motu00f6rhead, American singer and longtime friend Lenny Kravitz and Michael Jackson.
Attended middle and high school with longtime Guns N` Roses bandmate Steven Adler.

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