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ha your funny how bout no i will do it later
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Wala ako sa pic hulaan niyo na lang kung sino mga yan HAHAHAHA wala lang happy lang ako makita sila nagu-usap slash - Ψ (6 hours ago)
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Happy Birthday Jamie, hack and slash your way through that cake if you\'re having one. - HotelHorror (7 hours ago)
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Happy birthday to my best friend slash lover (and happy girlfriends day, too). May prosperity lies ahead your journ - DINO (7 hours ago)
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Like this is not the regina george slash heathers clique u think it is reveluvs are actually kinda sad and nobody o - styx (10 hours ago)
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Ayaan is extremely excited for birth
Anyways my birthday is literally in 23 hours and if you don t say happy birthday to me on August 2, 2021 there will - Ayaan is extremely excited for birth (12 hours ago)
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Ari Gray (\'idabAni_gyagyup)
Happy Birthday, dood - Ari Gray (\'idabAni_gyagyup) (14 hours ago)
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David Krogh
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! - David Krogh (20 hours ago)
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Gordon Gapp
Happy birthday - Gordon Gapp (20 hours ago)
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Jess Nico
Happy Birthday! - Jess Nico (20 hours ago)
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Vision Hockey - Proud Reps of Verbero
Happy Bday - Vision Hockey - Proud Reps of Verbero (21 hours ago)
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Jim Ed Compton
Happy Birthday John 5 from the guy playing in the bar next door to your gig at Bottleneck, Lawrence, KS 201 - Jim Ed Compton (21 hours ago)
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All about that cake
Happy Birthday fam! - All about that cake (22 hours ago)
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Gertie P Kingston
Happy Birthday!!!! - Gertie P Kingston (23 hours ago)
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Buck Stark
Happy birthday!!! - Buck Stark (1 day ago)
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Happy Birthday mutant!!!! - EVIL CHROMATIC (1 day ago)
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kari swigart
Happy 50th birthday Enjoy your CLOWN & - kari swigart (1 day ago)
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kinan, on the way!
Happy birthday to STAYC\'s proud main vocal slash mochi, ssini! may your days be filled with nothing but love and ha - kinan, on the way! (1 day ago)
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Joe Bob Briggs
Happy Birthday! - Joe Bob Briggs (1 day ago)
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Jim Albrecht
Happy Birthday! I\'ll be hitting 50 in September! - Jim Albrecht (1 day ago)
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Darcy T. Mailgrrrl
Happy Birthday! - Darcy T. Mailgrrrl (1 day ago)
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hyun ♡
Happy 3rd birthday to the best slash worst ever fandom in kpop!! don\'t forget our promise to skz \"stay until the l - hyun ♡ (1 day ago)
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Justin ⚔️Warrior Of Light⚔️ Diaz
Happy birthday! - Justin ⚔️Warrior Of Light⚔️ Diaz (1 day ago)
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Happy Birthday, dude! Hope you get to spend it watching some - DougoftheDead (1 day ago)
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Bill Dunn Jr
Happy Birthday - Bill Dunn Jr (1 day ago)
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Happy birthday!! - schmarm (1 day ago)
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ًshay :
OMG HIII IMY MORE,,, happy bday slash get well soon din pala - ًshay : (1 day ago)
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Eric - GenX Monster Kid/Music Freak
Happy birthday man. Welcome to the cool 50s! - Eric - GenX Monster Kid/Music Freak (1 day ago)
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John Brennan
Happy birthday! - John Brennan (1 day ago)
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asha ☔️
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASH SLASH KYA - asha ☔️ (1 day ago)
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, Happy Belated Birthday SLASH - シバイケ☆ミカ (1 day ago)
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Beatriz Flores
Happy belated birthday my love - Beatriz Flores (1 day ago)
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Happy birthday to - slingslash (1 day ago)
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Aaron Schiffman
Happy Birthday to one of the greatest guitarists of all time - Aaron Schiffman (2 days ago)
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casper / wilardo !
OIYA HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY message USER WILBUR SLASH SEVEN !!!! LOVE U LOTS BOSSMAN !! \\o/ /p - casper / wilardo ! (2 days ago)
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Happy birthday to an amazing human slash genius - Maryellen (2 days ago)
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Melissa R.
Happy Birthday & Celebrate well Keep playing guitar i heard it helps you stay young . You Rock Slash . - Melissa R. (2 days ago)
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happiest birthday to one of my greatest supporter slash virtual girlfriend! sehat sehat terus ya ayang.. - jeje (3 days ago)
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To my fave lawyer slash faney, may you find d courage to seek love and never give up as love will find its way to y - Jrealm (3 days ago)
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lin hiscott
Happy Birthday Slash - lin hiscott (3 days ago)
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Akatsuki 公式アカウント
Slash Gift 2021 7 29 11:00 K-1 30 Happy 30th Birthday - Akatsuki 公式アカウント (3 days ago)
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Slash Gift(スラッシュギフト)
K-1 30 Happy 30th Birthday COLLECTION S - Slash Gift(スラッシュギフト) (3 days ago)
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Blackie Sleaze
Happy Birthday!! Mine was yesterday!! - Blackie Sleaze (3 days ago)
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Gypsy Rose
Better late than never. When I was 1st on message,I stayed up for 2xnights n 2xdays straight,celebrating Bda - Gypsy Rose (4 days ago)
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SSJW Gogeta
Happy birthday! But also, please still slash my throat - SSJW Gogeta (4 days ago)
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this is she
It s my baby cousins birthday, everyone say happy birthdays or I will throat slash you - this is she (4 days ago)
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Hi! slash jellyace slash jellyfish slash happy pill slash marupowkpowk slash cutie slash bb^^ luv u - °marj | #R1PTHATJUGJUGEY (4 days ago)
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UN EDIT CROTO COMO EL happy birthday slash POR DIOS - joss. (4 days ago)
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Brett Hunter
C - Brett Hunter (4 days ago)
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Fer Ce
Happy birthday! - Fer Ce (4 days ago)

56 years old (Born on July 23, 1965)

musician; He is famous from Guns N` Roses.

Before Guns N` Roses, was in a band called Road Crew with future GNR bandmates Duff McKagan and Steven Adler. Has not spoken to former bandmate W. Axl Rose since 1996. They communicated their song selection for the 1999 Guns N` Roses live album "Live Era" only through intermediaries. His father is Anthony Hudson, album cover designer for Geffen Records, including Joni Mitchell`s "Court and Spark". Velvet Revolver was named after The Velvet Underground and their feelings that they were at a point where they were revolving around the world as opposed to the world revolving around them. His favorite book is "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" by Hunter S. Thompson.

Slash's Best Moments

Happy Fkn Birthday
Happy 56th Birthday to Slash born this day in Hampstead, London, United Kingdom.
Happy Birthday Slash (56) July 23rd, 1965.
To one of our OG oppas slash boyfriends, Happy Birthday, Gong Yoo!
Happy birthday to the most amazing man in the world, thank you for existing. Will love you forever.
Happy 54th birthday to the one and only
Happy 56th Birthday iiii]; )\
Happy birthday to one of the greatest guitarist of all time; Slash - 52 today.
Happy birthday Slash
Born July 23, 1965
    Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday my bro slash husby
Half man, half beast;
Happy Fn birthday
Happy Birthday!!      Thx!:)  Joreon Schortsenmeijer
 Reckless Life
from G N\ R Lies
by Guns N\ Roses

Happy Birthday, Slash
      072121. Belated happy birthday po sa aking pamangkin slash inaanak na si Aniah! (
Happy Fuckin Birthday
 Happy Birthday Jamie, hack and slash your way through that cake if you\re having one.
Happy Birthday !!!
Happy birthday couz slash bestfriend love u!
Happy Birthday
Happy fucking birthday
   Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday !!
I wish you all the happiness, love and success you deserve !!
Happy Birthday to Slash.
 Happy Birthday to the one and only
Happy Birthday \Slash\
Band: Guns N\ Roses
Age: 53
Happy 34th bday to my all time favorite album!! The reason I became a guitar player
Happy birthday to this queen slash pp\s mummy
Happy Birthday Slash!
Happy birthday to the \"Sultan of Slash\" himself, WES CRAVEN!
Thanks for the nightmares:
Happy Bday
 Happy Birthday Slash               ~Guns N\ Roses Don\t Cry
Because of who you are,,, I can be everything I am. Happy birthday.
Happy Birthday Mr.Slash
Happy birthday SLASH!
(July 23, 1965)
Happy Birthday,
Happy 56th birthday Slash!
Happy Birthday Slash
Happy Birthday ! Thanks for being our reason to rock!
Happy 16th birthday to Paramore\s first  album slash my fave
                       ,          Happy Belated  Birthday SLASH
   Happy birthday!
    Happy Birthday, dood
Happy 52nd Birthday to
Happy Birthday )\
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday, !!!
Happy birthday 52, Slash.
                                                           Happy Birthday,SLASH
Happy f\n  52nd birthday !!
Happy Birthday See all of our channels featuring music and much more at
Happy Birthday, Slash.
Happy Birthday to the one and only Slash!
Happy Birthday, Slash!
My guitar hero!! Happy birthday !!
Happy birthday
Happy fucking birthday
Happy Birthday to my idol and menthor...  iiii]; )\
  Dzie dobry i happy birthday Slash
Happy Birthday ! 54 ans aujourd\hui
Happy Birthday mr Gunner Chris Forever in Us
Happy Birthday, Slash. I love you.
Happy Birthday we all love u
 Happy birthday hyung slash Louvre\s mommy. Godspeed!
Slash back at 5th Market during Snakepit days in 93. Happy Birthday
  Happy Birthday Slash
I missed Slash\s birthday. Happy happy to one of my fave musicians. 

Slash w/ his mom Ola Hudson.
Happy birthday karl jacobs, twitch dot tv slash karljacobs!! ty for being so awesome and making me happy :D
Happy Birthday
                                                       Happy Birthday iiii]; )\
Happy birthday       Slither (Official Video)
Happy Birthday my love
Happy birthday SLASH!
(July 23, 1965)
Happy birthday, ! Born on July 23rd 1965 !
Happy 56th Birthday to
Happy birthday have a great day!
Happy birthday to my favorite and best guitarist
Happy birthday    credit Meegan
Happy Birthday to Guns N Roses guitarist Slash (July 23, 1965)
Happy 56th Birthday to No word on the age of the top hat yet.
Happy birthday Slash!!
Literally the best guy in rock history. happy birthday slash <3
Happy birthday
Happy bday
Morning, happy belated birthday
Happy Birthday & Celebrate well Keep playing guitar i heard it helps you stay young . You Rock Slash .
 Happy birthday!
    Happy Birthday
    Happy birthday!!
    Happy Birthday fam!
Happy Birthday Keep rockin\   cheers!
Happy Birthday, Slash!
Happy birthday Slash!
Happy birthday Slash
Happy fucking birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to one of the best guitarists ever!
Happy Birthday Slash many years of life and come Back to Portugal  Rock in Rio 2018
 happy birthday slash the best guitarist of the world
 Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday, Slash!!!!
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Mr. !!! Continue to inspire millions of people!
52 and you look younger than ever. You rock! Happy Birthday, Boss!
Happy birthday to the dude who made me wanna play guitar SLASH
Happy Birthday to this legend
So close no matter how far. Happy Birthday iiii];)\
Happy Birthday
 Happy Birthday!! Slash! Last live in Japan was so wonderful!!
Happy birthday, You sexy bastard
Happy Birthday .Have a good one.
Happy birthday to the man who motivated me to play guitar!
Happy Birthday to the man that not need introduction, half beast, half men ...
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday The best guitar player on the world
Happy Birthday Mr. Saul Hudson
Happy Birthday to my hero, the GOAT,
 happy bday guitar nero
Happy BDay
Happy birthday to !
Happy Birthday Thanks for the lifetime of amazing art and I\ll see you 8/11 in W-S, NC!
Happy Birthday !
Happy F\n Birthday
Happy bday S l a s h
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Slash!
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday thank you for sharing your talent with us
Hey! happy birthday from Paraguay  can you say JA\UMINA!!... SALUD!!
Happy birthday brotha Slash.
Feliz Cumpleaños Happy Birthday eres increíble, you are amazing.
Happy birthday Looking forward to seeing you October 22!
Happy fucking Birthday , Boss
Happy birthday to the person I admire a lot I love you so much
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday :\))
Happy Birthday !
Happy Birthday to one of my favorite guitarists.
  Happy Birthday!! Have a great day!!
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday to the most influential woman in my life (Mom)  &
Happy birthday to NCT\s leader slash my first bias( ), Lee Taeyong iloveu sm
 happy birthday
 Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday Slash!
Happy Birthday to my brother, !! Keep on amazing us with your music ... you re blessed, man! Love you!
  Happy birthday
 Happy birthday to Slash!
Happy Birthday to the man that have ROCKED  my world since 1988!
Happy birthday to the most wonderful person I\ve ever met! we love you!
Happy fuckin birthday, legend!
 Happy lovely Birthday
Happy birthday to my idol !
Happy bday
 happy birthday the great slash, with the best wishes every day, much more rock, to rock
Happy birthday !!!
Happy Birthday Slash
July 23, 1965
Ehi ma oggi è compleanno di questo figone so Happy BDay Slash
Happy birthday !!!
Blowing a birthday to Slash as a friend only (don\t get too jealous Axl Rose). Happy Birthday Slash
Happy birthday SLASH 
July 23, 1965

Please come to Japan again
This is the day ! Happy Birthday ! Hope you have a great one ! ; )
  Happy birthday Slash! You will always be a legend
Happy birthday !!
Feliz cumpleaños Slash.
happy Birthday mis fotos
 Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday               God Bless You
Happy Birthday !
Happy Birthday !
Happy Birthday    Have an amazing Birthday you absolute fuckin legend!!
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday to my glasses-lover slash cat in disguise wonwoo !!!!
Happy bday slash thanks for throwing that guitar pick at me in 2019 x
Happy birthday Slash
  Happy Birthday Slash!!!
 Happy Birthday!
 happy birthday sweetie your hot party like thers no 2MORROW YOUR NUM 1
 Happy Birthday to Cash-Have fun!
 HAPPY BIRTHDAY OLIVE AHHH    here is a drawing as a present <3 slash parasocial
 Slash on ! Happy birthday man !
Happy birthday to the world s foremost lead guitarist-slash-astrophysicist
Happy birthday to this babie slash final boss slash flatass trashykawa
Happy birthday another Sherlock Holmes slash Doctor Strange.
Happy birthday Appetite for destruction
Happy Birthday  Slash
Happy Birthday Slash (56) July 23nd, 1965
Happy birthday fuckin best guitarist in the world
Happy Birthday dejar
slash 80s 0
Slash sexy 1
Slash body 3
Slash exclusive 4

Fun Facts About Slash

Auditioned for the heavy metal band Poison.
On the show "Kid Notorious" (2003), he plays himself, the voice of reason, next-door neighbor and good friend of Robert Evans (Kid Notorious). In real life, he actually is the next-door neighbor and good friend of Evans (although he says he is hardly the voice of reason).
1998: Left Guns N' Roses in 1996 after numerous failed attempts at co-existing with longtime bandmate W. Axl Rose.
Left Guns N` Roses in 1996 after numerous failed attempts at co-existing with longtime bandmate W. Axl Rose.
He attended Beverly Hills High School with Lenny Kravitz in the early 1980s, but did not graduate.
Slash plays on first single The Hunter on Paul Rodgers` Tribute To Muddy Waters album
His influences are Jeff Beck, AC/DC, T-Rex, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Muddy Waters and B.B. King. (Metal Edge magazines July 1988.)
His pulse once stopped after a drug overdose at a hotel. Doctors were able to revive him with a shot of adrenaline into his chest.
Guitarist for the heavy-metal band Guns N' Roses.
Mother is clothing designer Ola Hudson. Her work includes costumes for David Bowie in The Man Who Fell to Earth (1976) and The Pointer Sisters.
1/22/90: Created controversy after giving a profanity-laden acceptance speech at the American Music Awards.
July 2001: Voted the West Midlands` best guitarist in Total Guitar Magazine`s poll of the greatest British guitarists.
Of Nigerian and English descent.
Released two albums with his new band, Slash`s Snakepit.
Wife Perla gave birth to a 9 lbs 4 oz baby boy, London Emilio Hudson, on August 28, 2002, and to an 8 lbs 13 oz baby boy, Cash Anthony Hudson, on June 23, 2004.
Has recorded with British heavy metal band Motu00f6rhead, American singer and longtime friend Lenny Kravitz and Michael Jackson.
Attended middle and high school with longtime Guns N` Roses bandmate Steven Adler.

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