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Pete K
You\'re still my favorite. Happy Birthday !! - Pete K (10 months ago)
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Matthew Mucha
Happy birthday, Stan! Thanks for all the great music over the years. Keep on doing - Matthew Mucha (10 months ago)
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Adrian Oates
Well, happy birthday from me & the UK One day the planets will align & we\'ll meet again! - Adrian Oates (10 months ago)
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Saturday\'s Radio
Happy Birthday to Stan Ridgway, Mike McCready, Agnetha Faltskog, and Allan Clarke! Remembering Joe Meek, Dave Swarb - Saturday\'s Radio (10 months ago)
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Ocean 100
Happy Birthday to \'Wojo\' Max Gail(76), Wall of Voodoo\'s Stan Ridgway(65) & kidfromkidnplay (55) - Ocean 100 (10 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Stan Ridgway - C.Anomia (10 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Stanard Stan Ridgway (* 5. Apr - Bluesanne (10 months ago)
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Radio Hartlepool
Happy birthday who is 65 - Radio Hartlepool (10 months ago)
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Lazy Stardust
Happy Birthday Mr Stan Ridgway! The singer, musician songwriter, frontman founding member of cool new wave band W - Lazy Stardust (10 months ago)
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Schoolkids Records
Happy birthday,Stan Ridgway! - Schoolkids Records (10 months ago)
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North Trenton (Teewhy Nyema)
Happy Birthday to Frank Gaffney, Keiko Han, Tae Jin-Ah, Raleb Majadele, Ian Swales, Guy Bertrand, Peter Case, Moham - North Trenton (Teewhy Nyema) (1 year ago)
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Matthew Berger
Happy Birthday to a true original, America\'s \"noir balladeer\" I still think the brilliant \"Stormy S - Matthew Berger (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday to Stanard \"Stan\" Ridgway. (April 5, 1954) He is a , - InsideRock.News (1 year ago)
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Jennifer McKendrick
Happy Birthday multi-instrumentalist/ singer-songwriter/ film and television composer Stanard \"Stan\" Ridgway - Jennifer McKendrick (1 year ago)
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Tony mccormack
via Happy Birthday Stan Ridgway - Tony mccormack (1 year ago)
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Jeff K
Happy 64th birthday! Stan Ridgway - Jeff K (1 year ago)
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Patrick Monaghan
Happy Birthday ! - Patrick Monaghan (1 year ago)
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Richard Luck
Happy Birthday, Stan Ridgway! - Richard Luck (1 year ago)
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Freak Out!
Happy Birthday, Stan Ridgway\'s Grand Emporium - Freak Out! (1 year ago)
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Sabotage Times
Happy Birthday Stan Ridgway! - Sabotage Times (1 year ago)
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Chris Barrus
hey happy birthday! - Chris Barrus (2 years ago)
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Happy Birthday! - joshpincus (2 years ago)
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Happy birthday Mr Ridgway. Keep the good noise flowing! - megalon (2 years ago)
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Happy Birthday April 05, 2017 to: Nicholas Caldwell (The Whispers) & Stanard \"Stan\" Ridgway (Wall of Voodoo). - ThinkYouKnowMusic (2 years ago)
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North Trenton
Happy Birthday to Franklin Chang-Diaz, Mitch Pileggi, Frank Gaffney, Guy Bertrand, Peter Case, Stan Ridgway and Anthony Horowitz. - North Trenton (2 years ago)
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The Griffin Passant
Happy Birthday Stan Ridgway!!! - The Griffin Passant (2 years ago)
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bridget d. ginley
Happy birthday - bridget d. ginley (2 years ago)
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Monica Guerra
Happy birthday Ring Of Fire by Wall Of Voodoo - Monica Guerra (2 years ago)
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Steve Darnall
Happy birthday to and two songwriters who shaped my world. - Steve Darnall (2 years ago)
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Happy Birthday! - cecilia (2 years ago)
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Anne Billson
Happy birthday, Stan Ridgway! - and still making great music. This one is creepy. \"Valerie is Sleeping\" - Anne Billson (2 years ago)
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Pulp Librarian
And a very happy birthday to Stan Ridgway, 63 today! Can I get an for Camoflague: - Pulp Librarian (2 years ago)
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Happy Birthday Thanks for the years of cool yarns & great performances. Looking forward to more. Cheers! - Dave (2 years ago)
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Jim Dinan
Happy Birthday, - Jim Dinan (2 years ago)
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Shane W. Cadman
A big Happy Birthday to my friend Congrats on making it to 39. Hope you\'re making some great music today! - Shane W. Cadman (2 years ago)
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Sam Umland
Happy Birthday to the one and only - Sam Umland (2 years ago)
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Tor Danielsson
Happy birthday Mr. ! Now running this fav: - Tor Danielsson (2 years ago)
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Sam Holloway
Happy birthday to Now playing Camouflage on - check out his recent releases, too! - Sam Holloway (2 years ago)
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Roberto Giannini
Happy birthday Stan, from Italy - Roberto Giannini (2 years ago)
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Critical Nostalgia
Hey, happy birthday to pal and underrated writer Many happy returns to you! - Critical Nostalgia (2 years ago)
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Zero Fun Maxwell
Hey, happy birthday to pal and underrated writer Many happy returns to you! - Zero Fun Maxwell (2 years ago)
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E. Schuman
Hey happy birthday to the one and only - E. Schuman (2 years ago)
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Dred Scott
Happy birthday, Stan Ridgway! - Dred Scott (2 years ago)
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babyface fire
Happy Birthday to we need a Wall of Voodoo way more than a wall in Mexico. - babyface fire (2 years ago)
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Petra Haden
Happy Birthday Stan! - Petra Haden (2 years ago)
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Chris Neufeld
Happy Birthday to Stan Ridgway! - Chris Neufeld (2 years ago)
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Happy Birthday Stan. - Tikisurfking (2 years ago)
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Veronica Lloyd
birthday balloon

Happy birthday to Stan Ridgway ! - soundstoryUK (2 years ago)
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Happy Birthday Stan Ridgway. I was making my segue from college rock/alternative to chr/top 40 when he went solo,... - Rockfile (2 years ago)

65 years old (Born on April 05, 1954)

Singer, songwriter, and musician best remembered as the lead vocalist for a Los Angeles new wave band called Wall of Voodoo. He also released several solo albums, including Mosquitos and Partyball.

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Happy Birthday Stan Ridgway
Happy Birthday Stan Ridgway
Happy birthday Mr. ! Now running this fav:
Happy birthday to Stan Ridgway !
Happy birthday Stan, from Italy
 Happy Birthday!
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