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Randall McQuate
My favorite actress and a great human being - Randall McQuate (1 year ago)
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Randall L Mcquate
Great fan , you are the classiest actress I have seen . God bless ! - Randall L Mcquate (2 years ago)
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Randall L Mcquate
You are a beautiful person inside and out best wishes ❤️ - Randall L Mcquate (2 years ago)
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Brooke Parker
Happy Birthday to the lovely Stana Katic! - Brooke Parker (3 weeks ago)
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peter gibney
Happy Birthday Stana Katic - peter gibney (3 weeks ago)
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Leggy Celebs
Happy Birthday to Stana Katic - Leggy Celebs (3 weeks ago)
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Matthew Coburn
Happy Birthday Stana Katic. - Matthew Coburn (3 weeks ago)
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Spectacular. That\'s her. Happy birthday Stana Katic. - anadxof (3 weeks ago)
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Stana Katic is 45 today! Happy Birthday! - Celebs (3 weeks ago)
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Calvin Naito
Today, April 26, is the of Stana Katic, actress. She was born in Hamilton, ON, Canada, in 1978. Happy b - Calvin Naito (3 weeks ago)
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McGuoirk 22
Happy Birthday to the very Beautiful and Talented Stana Katic Hope she has a great 1 GOD BLESS ! - McGuoirk 22 (3 weeks ago)
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Today In History
April 26 - Happy bday: Caroll Burnett 90, Duane Eddy 85, Roger Taylor[Duran Duran] 63, Joan Chen 62, Melania Trump - Today In History (3 weeks ago)
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Purple Radio Athens
Happy Birthday to actress Stana Katic (26 April 1978). - Purple Radio Athens (3 weeks ago)
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Birgit Ratgeber
- Birgit Ratgeber (3 weeks ago)
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cal loves mpi | STANA DAY
Happy birthday to the one and only stana katic - cal loves mpi | STANA DAY (3 weeks ago)
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Zino Fanosteli
Happy birthday to magnificent Stana Kati .... - Zino Fanosteli (3 weeks ago)
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Ellie B
Happy Birthday to the wonderfully adorkable Stana Katic. May you continue to carry these with you; to always: be c - Ellie B (3 weeks ago)
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Paty. ☕️ | STANA DAY
Happy Birthday, Stana Kati , you beautiful human being. May the comfort, peace and love you bring to so many people - Paty. ☕️ | STANA DAY (3 weeks ago)
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HAPPY INTERNATIONAL STANA KATI DAY if you know me well enough, you know i don t have the patience to make any e - c ✈️ STANA DAY (3 weeks ago)
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tanja ♡ stana day
Happy 45th birthday stana katic, my favorite farmer (and actress), a wonderful mother and an inspiration to so many - tanja ♡ stana day (3 weeks ago)
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m✨️|| heeae era
Happy birthday Stana Katic - m✨️|| heeae era (3 weeks ago)
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- Boomerang 1/3 - it s officially midnight here so happy birthday to the one and only Stana Katic!! + - Emma • STANA KATIC DAY (3 weeks ago)
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lucy :) STANA DAY!!
Happy birthday to my biggest inspiration and the woman who makes every day better just by existing. happy birthday - lucy :) STANA DAY!! (3 weeks ago)
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Nathanaëlle HUBERT
I wish Happy birthday to my favorite actress on this 26/04/2023 for Stana Katic I wish the Best for her life and - Nathanaëlle HUBERT (3 weeks ago)
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David Woodsmall
Happy Birthday Stana Katic (April 26) :) - David Woodsmall (3 weeks ago)
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Ivana Baquero
Happy birthday!! - Ivana Baquero (12 months ago)
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY APRIL 26th; NFL Cole Beasley,33; Actress Jordana Brewster,42; Comedienne Carol Burnett,89; Actor Jas - BRONX POET (2 weeks ago)
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Leon Stoner
Happy Birthday Stana katic. I have watched Castle for 25 years , at least. Love your show. I grew u - Leon Stoner (3 weeks ago)
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Tracy Casement
Happy Birthday to you Stana Katic. I absolutely love everything you ve done. I can t wait to see what you do next!!! - Tracy Casement (3 weeks ago)
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Happy birthday stana<33 stana katic castle kate beckett caskett absentia emily emily byrne edit - swanskb (3 weeks ago)
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smilla ; saw MoM
HAPPY BIRTHDAY STANA KATIC - smilla ; saw MoM (3 weeks ago)
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smilla ; team witch
HAPPY BIRTHDAY STANA KATIC - smilla ; team witch (3 weeks ago)
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Good evening to all STANA KATIC the reason I joined message Today is his birthday Happy Birthday Stana - SAMARASGIANNIS (3 weeks ago)
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Solo Juan
Happy Birthday Stana Kati - Solo Juan (3 weeks ago)
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY STANA KATIC - cagla (3 weeks ago)
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Alex Aguilar
Happy birthday April 26 by +Marco Aurelio, +William Shakespeare (1564), +Diego Verdaguer, Melania Trum - Alex Aguilar (3 weeks ago)
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Dory Cervania
Happy happy bday to Stana Katic, wish u all the best, health, happiness, n everything ur heart desires. Cheers - Dory Cervania (3 weeks ago)
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Happy bday to the loml stana katic - paige (3 weeks ago)
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Miška ✨
Happy Birthday to my one and only queen Stana Katic hope you re having great time with your husband and your chickens - Miška ✨ (3 weeks ago)
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Happy birthday to Stana katic! thanks for blessing our lives with kate beckett. forever engraved in my heart. - ¶♭ (3 weeks ago)
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Ruth Waight
Happy birthday . An i - Ruth Waight (3 weeks ago)
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beth ❀ stana day
Love this woman so much!! happy birthday ex message user - beth ❀ stana day (3 weeks ago)
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ً❦ liss
Happy birthday stana katic!!! a sunshine in human form - ً❦ liss (3 weeks ago)
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kate beckett episodes
Happy birthday stana katic - kate beckett episodes (3 weeks ago)
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Happy Birthday to Stana Katic of a fun show which I was watching on last night. - Bob4USA (3 weeks ago)
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Patri ✨
¿Stana Katic acaba de cumplir 44 años? ¿CUARENTA Y CUATRO? En QUÉ momento. Happy birthday, reina!!!!! - Patri ✨ (3 weeks ago)
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Stana katic is a taurus and it just makes so much sense, happy birthday lovely - ray (3 weeks ago)
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bette\'s stir fry
Happy birthday, stana katic - bette\'s stir fry (3 weeks ago)
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Christopher Stried
Wishing a Happy Birthday to Stana Katic! :) - Christopher Stried (3 weeks ago)
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lucy :)
Happy birthday Stana Katic <3 i hope you have a great day and are doing well - lucy :) (3 weeks ago)

46 years old (Born on April 26, 1978)

Canadian actress; She is famous from Castle.

Enjoys Soccer, Yoga, Karate, Baseball, Softball, Basketball, Horseback Riding, Swimming. Speaks fluent: English, Italian, French, Serbian, and Croatian. (stanakatic.com) In preparation for the film "Stiletto", Stana learned knifing techniques and Certified Navy Seal kills. (stanakatic.com) She is of Dalmatian heritage. Her family is from the Dalmatian Coast in present day Croatia. She is related to the stage actor Simo Katic from Split, Croatia. Speaks in accents of: British, Italian, South African, Spanish, Greek, Irish, Eastern European, French, Canadian, and New York. (stanakatic.com)

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A very Happy 37th Birthday to
Happy Birthday to the great costume designer
Wishing Stana Katic a happy birthday!  : Getty Images
Happy birthday stana katic
Happy birthday Stana Katic
Happy Birthday for the most wonderful costume designer & thank you for amazing job with
Happy birthday Thank you for being such an inspiration. I love you. Don\t ever change. I admire you.
Happy Birthday You continue to amaze us every year! We hope you have an amazing day.
Happy birthday to thank you for all moments waching with you in the heart
Happy 42nd Birthday to gorgeous Stana Katic
Happy birthday we all love you so much
Happy Birthday to the wonderful Voice of many characters including the Under Loved Talia Al Ghul! <3
Birthdays are a new start & a time to pursue new endeavors with new goals.
Happy Birthday Cheers!
Happy Birthday
  Happy Birthday.
Happy birthday stana katic!!! a sunshine in human form
HAPPY BIRTHDAY u are my fave person ever, i hope u have the greatest day u deserve everything i love u
I just want to say Happy Birthday to my ispiration from the bottom of my heart
Happy Birthday! Live, Love, Laugh and be Happy!
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to Stana Katic, she turns 40 today
Happy Birthday
Happy 19th birthday stana katic !
Happy Birthday,Stunning,Amazing and Talented !!From Russia with
Happy Birthday
  Happy Birthday Stana!
Wishing a happy birthday to the legend!
Happy birthday, stana katic
Happy birthday Stana Katic <3 i hope you have a great day and are doing well
  Happy Birthday, Richard Castle!
 HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, LITTLE SWEET UNICORN !  I love you so much you are my muse
Happy Birthday to the amazing   It has been a pleasure see you last year
 Happy Birthday Stana from You Have a good time in your day!!!
Happy Birthday
 Hi Stana, have a very happy birthday and hope you get lots of presents.
Happy birthday
Happy 37th Birthday to the most beautiful person in the world
Happy Birthday    you are sunshine so keep on shinning  we love you
HAPPY BIRTHDAY from Brazil. Big kiss.
Happy birthday, !  Hope you have a day that\s as fabulous as you are!!
Make a wish, and may all of your most wonderful dreams come true. Happy Birthday
 happy birthday from your fans in Italy! We love you so much Stana
 Happy Birthday
 Happy Birthday!
Wishing a year full of happiness, love, new adventures, and success! Happy birthday!
Happy Birthday to this amazing woman :)
Happy Birthday to the brightest shining star of my life
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday, Stana!
 This small pupper and I would like to wish you a very Happy Birthday with lots of treats!
It\s midnight here in Portugal so HAPPY BIRTHDAY STANA
Thanking God this amazing human being was born! Happy birthday, Have a fantastic day, wherever u are!
Happy birthday
Happy birthday to my angel
Happy birthday gros bisous de France
Happy Birthday to my inspiration, the queen of my heart 37 years of perfectness. We  you
Happy Birthday to the most perfect person in the whole world :)
I so love this woman.... Happy Birthday to my fav .... you are my heart!!!
 Happy Birthday Stana! Hope you have an awesome day!
Happy Birthday, Stana Katic !
Happy birthday to the most beautiful woman
 Happy birthday, Stana Katic!
You are magical, incredible.
Sun over your head!
Happy birthday my love
Happy Birthday to the biggest, most lovable goofball of as all. Sending a thousand loveballs to
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Happy Birthday to my platonic Love !!!
\"When someone accuses you of being childish , take it as a compliment.\" Happy birthday to
 Happy Birthday Stana baby! Swing high, swing low, swing anywhere you wanna go! ;) much love! xx
 Happy Birthday Julie  have a great day and a Fabulous celebration   A big hug
  Wishing this sweet, talented, inspiring, loving woman a very happy birthday
Happy Birthday Hope 39 brings you even more love, happiness and success!   Your a good soul
 Happy Birthday my Idol. Love you. Bless you!
Happy birthday to the lovely and extraordinary actress   have a great day!
Dear Happy birthday! May all your dreams and wishes come true.
Happy birthday to this dork! tanti auguri
 happy birthday    gros bisous
Happy Birthday Stana! Enjoy it a lot, best wishes to you! Xoxo SK.es Team
Happy birthday Stana Katic
Here s a long-distance Happy Birthday to you from Japan.    Wishing you many, many more happiness!!
Happy birthday to this dork! you are a ray of a sunshine on a cloudy day
 happy birthday idoll Love you so much have an incredible  day
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Happy Birthday Wishing you Love, Health & Happiness!
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 Happy birthday Stana. Have a fabulous day. Big hug and kiss.
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Happy birthday I wish you all the best. You inspire me everyday. I love you so much
 Happy birthday Stana!
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Te deseo lo mejor del mundo.
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It\s already the 26th here in Italy, so BUON COMPLEANNO happy birthday!
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 so it\s 26 already in Israel, wishing u Happy Birthday, health and happiness
Happy birthday to one of my favorite people i don t talk about enough
Happy Birthday to Stana Katic   About:
 Happy Birthday Beautiful. Hugs from South Africa ps. Painted this for you xx
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God Bless You! Happy Birthday
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Happy 40th Birthday to Jordana Brewster and 42nd Birthday to Stana Katic
Happy 40th Birthday to Jordana Brewster and 42nd Birthday to Stana Katic
Wishing a very happy birthday to my favorite nerd! Happy birthday
Happy Birthday Have a wonderful day angel
Happy birthday to the woman who made me realize i was attracted to girls aka stana katic
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Two of my Queens celebrate bdays today!!!
Happy Birthday. Feliz cumpleaños
 happy birthday have great Day Stana
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 happy birthday to this amazing queen! You make my life so much better! All the love
Happy Birthday to you Stana Katic. I absolutely love everything you ve done. I can t wait to see what you do next!!!
Stana Katic is 45 today! Happy Birthday!
 happy birthday to me!! NEVER LEAVING MY BED
" Wishing a very happy birthday to everyones favorite detective, Happy Belated B-day <3
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  costar and colleague? Oh come on!!!   happy bday
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      Happy 1st Birthday Stana to the cat!
To the EXTRAORDINARY   Happy Bday  Enjoy your Special day, hope you are surrounded by loved ones!

Happy birthday                  Joyeux Anniversaire
Love Always
00.04AM. Sunday. April 26th. 2015.
Happy Birthday !!

Enjoy the day w ice cream *v*
Happy Birthday from France <3 Have a nice day !! 
Hug <3
 ssstttt I know you\re \radio-silent\. So I\m whispering: happy birthday (The Netherlands 00:00)
Happy birthday  ily 26 avril
 Stana wishes to be a very special day, I love you forever, whatever choice you make. Happy Birthday <3
Happy birthday to the sweetie I really hope you have a nice day! Lots of Spanish kisses from Brussels!<3
  Happy Birthday Queen   I love you
A very happy bday to this incredible unstoppable woman. I can\t express in words how much I admire you.
Happy Birthday \" To the extraordinary KB and all my friends at the 12th\"
Happy birthday baby
 - Happy Birthday to the lady who makes my Mondays something to look forward to!
 A very Happy Birthday to you
Enjoy what the future brings 
The picture  is a sunrise in Canada for U
 I just wanted to take the time to wish you a very happy birthday. I hope you have a wonder full day.
Happy birthday to my diva, my idol ! I can\t explain my love for you, you changed my life for better
Happy Birthday
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 happy birthday,i leave you a picture of beautiful Argentina,i hope you get back some day.Enjoy your day
Happy  Birthday My Love ! That you to be very happy, you deserve all the best in the world
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday thank you for being part of my life.
Happy birthday my love!
Happy birthday to the beautiful Stana Katic via /r/Celebs
Happy Birthday Lot of kisses from Portugal
Happy Birthday to the wonderful and delightful
Today is the day where my inspiration come to this world and made the difference! Happy Bday, babe.
Happy Birthday to the wonderful detective Beckett have a nice day beauty you are awesome
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Happy Birthday to the beautiful, Inspiring I hope you have a wonderful day because you deserve it.
Happy birthday to my baby ! I can\t believe you\re 37, I love you
Happy Birthday, May ur creative spirit soar greater heights & depths free as a bird! U R LOVED ALWAYS!
 Happy Birthday my Queen
Happy Birthday to the most caring, giving and talented walking container of blood and water.
Happy Birthday to the most amazing person in my life   I hope you have fun today girl
Happy Birthday Stana I hope you have the best day ever!!
 happy birthday I love you
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Happy Birthday to May god always blesses you & give you health & be prosper Xx, K
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Happy Birthday to the most beautiful and talented woman queen She\s also one of my role model
Happy birthday <3  Love you to the moon and back. Always.
 Happy BDay Stana   I wish U all the best. May your Day be filled with love & happiness
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 Happy Bday !  bon anniversaire : )  best wishes from France : )
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Happy Birthday
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Fun Facts About Stana Katic

Has an Alto-Mezzo Soprano singing voice.
Is a citizen of both The United States of American and of Canada (stanakatic.com)

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