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jeraldine chaney * Surprise in my shop ˚ʚ♡ɞ˚
Happy Birthday to the legend Sterling Sharpe! A true Packers hero who never failed to del - jeraldine chaney * Surprise in my shop ˚ʚ♡ɞ˚ (3 days ago)
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The Only Mark I know is Makers Mark
I named pir first born after him. the guy is a class act on and off the field! Happy Birthday Sterling Sharpe! - The Only Mark I know is Makers Mark (5 days ago)
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SportsCall Auburn
Here are today\'s Birthdays in Sports presented by Former Green Bay Packers wide receiver Sterli - SportsCall Auburn (6 days ago)
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First and Pen
Happy birthday Sterling Sharpe, one of the s regardless of the injury. When we started playing fantasy football - First and Pen (6 days ago)
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Willie Smith
Happy Birthday Sterling Sharpe! - Willie Smith (6 days ago)
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Whistle Blitz
People forget how DOMINANT Sterling Sharpe was. His 3 season totals from 1992-1994: 314 Receptions 3,854 R - Whistle Blitz (6 days ago)
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God bless your soul in jesus name Happy birthday. You were a problem an should be in hal - Prime (5 days ago)
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Gamecock Bourbon Society
Happy birthday to the great Sterling Sharpe - Gamecock Bourbon Society (6 days ago)
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I can remember when it was Sterling Sharpe or Jerry Rice! Those were the standards for wid - Blockone (6 days ago)
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Jordan Laws
Lots of people dont realize that Sterling Sharpe woulda been TOP 2 GREATEST REVEIVERS EVER. if not top 2, then - Jordan Laws (6 days ago)
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Kyle Kraft
Best receiver the Packers had in my opinion, tough and never really dropped the ball. Happy - Kyle Kraft (6 days ago)
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Tom O\'Hara
To me your brother should be in the Hall Of Fame one of the best that ever played the game - Tom O\'Hara (6 days ago)
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Montana Maxx88
Happy birthday Sterling sharpe - Montana Maxx88 (6 days ago)
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Brian Bellin
Happy birthday to one of my favorite Packers Sterling Sharpe!! Let s get him in the !! - Brian Bellin (6 days ago)
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Jim Miloch
Happy Birthday, Sterling Sharpe: 5X Pro Bowl 3X All-Pro 3X NFL Catch Leader 1X NFL Receiving Yards Leader 2X NFL R - Jim Miloch (6 days ago)
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Happy 57th Birthday to Sterling Sharpe! (1988 1994) Receptions = 595 Receiving yds = 8,134 TD = 65 - JVAN (6 days ago)
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Happy birthday Football Player Sterling Sharpe! Hope your birthday is just like you totally freaking awesome. - AllFamous.org (6 days ago)
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Gridiron Guru (Mark)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY STERLING SHARPE!!!! - Gridiron Guru (Mark) (1 week ago)
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April Showers
Happy 57th birthday Sterling Sharpe! Sterling was going to obliterate numerous NFL receiving records if not for his - April Showers (1 week ago)
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Peter Moylan
Happy birthday, Sterling Sharpe! You are the John Cazale of football. - Peter Moylan (1 week ago)
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Daron Brown
Happy Birthday Mr. Sterling Sharpe - Daron Brown (5 days ago)
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Datboibotb_ the 4.0.9 baby✳️
Happy birthday Sterling sharpe - Datboibotb_ the 4.0.9 baby✳️ (6 days ago)
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North Trenton
Happy Birthday to Warren Haynes, Richard Loe, John Pizzarelli, Rory Bremner, Peter Jackson, Iris Haussler, Marco Sc - North Trenton (6 days ago)
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Vizor Carolina
Happy Birthday to Sterling Sharpe! || - Vizor Carolina (6 days ago)
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Happy Birthday to Sterling Sharpe the 1st back-to-back 100 reception wide receiver in the NFL! - BetUS UNFILTERED (6 days ago)
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Kabongo Dibinga
That man belongs in the Hall of Fame!! Happy birthday Sterling Sharpe - Kabongo Dibinga (6 days ago)
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Club Shay Shay
Everybody wish Sterling Sharpe a Happy Birthday and go listen to his episode with Shannon here! - Club Shay Shay (6 days ago)
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Happy birthday to former WR & legend Sterling Sharpe (56)! A 5x Pro Bowler & 3x 1st Team A - SBlueman (6 days ago)
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George Robinson
Happy Birthday to Sterling Sharpe. A fantastic player. Injuries, or the Sharpe brothers are both res - George Robinson (6 days ago)
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Stafford Beasley
Happy Birthday Sterling Sharpe!!!! - Stafford Beasley (6 days ago)
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NFL Stats
Happy birthday, Sterling Sharpe - NFL Stats (6 days ago)
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Happy Birthday to former Wide Receiver Sterling Sharpe from - TheInside_Blitz (6 days ago)
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Sterling Sharpe was in college when I was too young to - J.C. (6 days ago)
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Happy 56th Birthday To Sterling Sharpe . *5× Pro Bowl (1989, 1990, 1992 1994) *3× First-team All-Pro (1989, 1992, - TimeoutSPORTS__ (6 days ago)
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He only played 7 seasons due to injury, but made 5 Pro Bowls and led the NFL in receptions 3 times. Get this man in - Bovada (6 days ago)
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College Football Hall of Fame
Join us in wishing Sterling Sharpe, Happy Birthday!!! The 2014 inductee is regarded as the greatest receiv - College Football Hall of Fame (6 days ago)
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Giannis Igottapooptho
LOVE this. One of my favorite WRs growing up. Happy Birthday, Sterling Sharpe! - Giannis Igottapooptho (6 days ago)
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WOW! Happy birthday Sterling Sharpe! You both did your family proud!!! - karen (6 days ago)
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happy birthday to the greatest Sharpe by far!!!! happy birthday sterling Sharpe!!!! - RobertFuryRacer (6 days ago)
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Sterling sharpe would be top 5 receivers all time at minimum had he never suffered that deca sting neck injury and - buhrmee (6 days ago)
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Frederick Owens
Sterling Sharpe should be in the Hall of Fame. That is all! Happy Birthday! - Frederick Owens (6 days ago)
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Happy Birthday Sterling Sharpe!!! One of the best to ever do it. - wgerm (6 days ago)
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80s Football Cards
Happy Birthday 5x Pro Bowler & great Sterling Sharpe! From 1989-94, only Jerry Rice put up bigger number - 80s Football Cards (6 days ago)
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Nedra Brown
tell your brother Sterling Sharpe Happy Happy Birthday he s awesome & one of the greats his - Nedra Brown (6 days ago)
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The Hard Earned Yard
Happy 55th birthday to former WR, Sterling Sharpe! WR/RB 83- 87 7th pick in 88 - The Hard Earned Yard (6 days ago)
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Packman Stevens
Happy Birthday to an all time Packer great Sterling Sharpe. Sterling Sharpe played with the Packers from 1988 to 19 - Packman Stevens (6 days ago)
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The 1265 Archives
Happy Birthday to an all-time legend, Sterling Sharpe. Would have been a lock for the Hall of Fame if he didn\'t ge - The 1265 Archives (6 days ago)
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Country Roads Sports Talk
Happy Birthday to Randall Godfrey, Donnie Edwards, Sterling Sharpe, Bret Boone, Bert Blyleven, and Don Prudhomme!! - Country Roads Sports Talk (6 days ago)
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Daniel C. Mendez
Happy Birthday to Sterling Sharpe. dont let get you today!! - Daniel C. Mendez (6 days ago)
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Arrick Upton
Happy birthday to legend Sterling Sharpe - Arrick Upton (6 days ago)

59 years old (Born on April 06, 1965)

Five-time Pro Bowl wide receiver who played his entire professional career with the Green Bay Packers.

Sterling Sharpe's Best Moments

Happy birthday to the great Sterling Sharpe!
Happy Birthday to Sterling Sharpe! Honestly he could be considered the best ever if it wasn\t for his injury!
Happy birthday to one of the great receivers of all time, Sterling Sharpe   said it best.
Happy birthday to legend Sterling Sharpe
Happy 50th birthday today to former WR Sterling Sharpe
Happy Birthday to one of the most under appreciated WR in the NFL  Sterling Sharpe
Happy Birthday to Sterling Sharpe. dont let get you today!!
Happy birthday to the one and only Sterling Sharpe! ( Gotta put this guy in the hall someday
Happy Birthday to  legend
Happy Birthday, Sterling Sharpe!!!
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